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There’s nothing like a river rafting experience and Rafting American is considered one of the best. It’s a different feeling altogether.

If you happen to enjoy white-water river rafting then you should visit South America’s celebrated rafting destinations, as they will certainly impress you and benumb your senses. Considered one of the best international rafting destinations South America is known for its adventurous sports.

Chile has one of the best rafting settings in South America and the most enviable as well. It boasts of scenic locales and lush green forests all around. Such is the setting that you are sure to remember it for a long time to come, even after going back to your mundane routines, and if pocket permits, you will surely give it another try.

Rafting in South America helps to unwind yourself and come out of the daily monotony. Some of the most cherished landscape can be viewed around the Futaleufu river of Chile. It is a paradise for the men and women who love to go rafting, as the river is situated directly below snow capped peaks thus being a class of its own. It also boasts of class III and class IV rapids thus hurling a strong challenge to the rafters.

Chile has some amazing luxurious accommodation for the people who come for these adventure sports and they get to experience different cuisines from around the globe thus making this trip worth remembering. Apart from this South America home to many wildlife species and stunning flora and fauna is sure to enthrall you. Furthermore, the organizers provide you with guides who are also highly skilled when it comes to handling rafts in the turbulent river.

Going to South America and experiencing Rafting American at the Futaleufu River in Chile can surely be considered once in a life time opportunity.

Tom Lee has been contributing to leading American River Touring Association for the past 10 years. He’s also an accredited researcher on the subject for leading research institutes in the US. Thus rafting american is indeed one of its kind. The trail, the lodges, the ambience, the flora and fauna all add up to its beauty and grandeur.

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Christmas is fast approaching and we’ll all be turning our attention to some time of work spent with friends and family, gifts and, of course, the traditional Christmas dinner. But why be traditional this year? Instead, why not give your Christmas dinner a theme? And there can be no better theme than an American one!

Why American? Well, it’s not so radically different a meal as to the one we enjoy in the UK that it will put off your relatives but it’s still different enough to make this year a memorable one! American food is, after all, extremely diverse so you can be as different as you like.

First of all, the traditional mainstay of a UK dinner is turkey, but as Americans have this for Thanksgiving in November, it is usually replaced by a ham, goose or roast beef, so pick one of these instead. Ham is particularly delicious and can be prepared in a number of ways – honey glazed, boiled or baked for example.

If you prefer a goose then that’s just fine too and can be served with stuffing while beef is also good and very tasty with horseradish sauce.

If you have guests from a particular area of the States then you could try to cook something up for them. For example, in Virginia they enjoy oysters and ham pie.

On the side are the usual roast vegetables such as carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli, potatoes – mashed and roasted – and condiments such as mustard and the aforementioned horseradish. However, you can make it more American by using squash, yams and sweet potatoes. All served with a plentiful amount of gravy, of course.

Dessert in the UK is obviously a Christmas cake, Yule log or delicious Christmas pudding and they also enjoy this in the US, but you could also go for pumpkin pie, carrot cake, apple or gooseberry pie or even coconut cake or sweet potato pie if you want the Southern feel.

In addition to the main meal, just like in the UK, American sweets are commonly eaten on and around Christmas Day so stock up on American candy like Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and even Twinkies for people to eat when they feel like.

Finally, you’ll need something to drink. For the adults beer and wine is traditional in the UK and US (champagne to celebrate too of course!), but for the kids you could think about buying Kool Aid, Welch’s Grape Soda or Minute Maid lemonade.

Adults could also enjoy traditional American root beer like A&W, Mug or Barq’s. And if you need a pick me up or boost of energy after a heavy meal or a night on the ale then how about some Mountain Dew?

It doesn’t take much to give your Christmas an American feel and make it one to remember so give it a go.

Michael Richards is writing on behalf of American Soda, importers of American food, American sweets and American drinks.

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Painting is one of the most interesting forms of art. It depicts life in vivid colors and speaks so much about oneself, the painter’s aspirations, his surroundings, and his nation. It has become a tool not only for personal expression but most importantly, a tool for preserving good memories of history’s most significant people and events.

Below are some of the highlights in America’s painting history. Let’s take a look at how painting developed in America and some of the best American painters who in one way or another marked a lasting imprint in the history of American art.

Early Years

The puritan values of early English settlers in North America were so severe that they shunned all sorts of luxury including artistic expressions such as painting, a flourishing art in Europe especially in England. Beginning to settle in a strange land was very hard for these new settlers so they busied themselves with only the most essential things.

However, there were already some portraits noted during the early years of their settlement. These paintings were done by painters who identified themselves as “limners.” They were the earliest known American painters. They were naturally artistic as they only trained themselves by going from one place to another to paint portraits of common folks. Training in an art school was contrary to their strict Puritan way of life.

Growth of American Art

Apparently, early Americans’ interest in painting grew bigger that several years later after having established their life in America, American painters began to go to England to study.

Although early American painters were highly influenced by artistic styles already developed in Europe, as years passed by they began to create their own style in painting. In 19th century in particular, notable difference between paintings of American painters and those of their European counterparts began to show up. This distinctive American style was not only shown by American painters but as well as other American artists, especially in the field of architecture.

Diversity in painting styles of American painters was also promoted by the country’s big geographical size. American painters from each region showed variations in their works. Moreover, there were differences in the works of American painters living in the cities and those of American painters living in rural areas.

National Academy of Design

The National Academy of Design, formed in 1825, was an honorary association of American artists, including American painters. Today it is now called The National Academy, which is also a museum and a school for fine arts.

Society of American Artists

First members of the Society of American Artists include American painters Robert Swain Gifford, an American landscape painter; John Henry Twachtman, most popular impressionist landscape painter in his time; John LaFarge who was also famous for his stained glass windows and writings; and Albert Pinkham Ryder, famous for his seascapes. These American painters left the National Academy of Design and formed their own association because the first failed to meet their needs as artists.

Ten American Painters

Due to the Society of American Artists’ rising commercialism, ten significant American painters resigned from the association and were know as the “Ten American Painters.” Among them were John Henry Twachtman, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Edmund Charles Tarbell, and Frank Weston Benson. The group was identified as impressionists.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in arts and humanities. For more information regarding American Painters please drop by at
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American Hero is a fun theme for young boys celebrating their birthday of special occasion.Party games are an important part of any party so include fun, active games young boys, and girls, will enjoy participating in.

American Hero Balloon War. For parties taking place outside what better game is there then an old fashion water balloon fight. Give the players 15-20 water balloons each and let them have some fun. Organize the game by splitting the party guests into two or more teams. Set up boundaries for the players along with obstacles to hide behind. Add different colored food coloring to the water balloons with a different color for each team.

Air Force Paper Airplanes: Prior to the game starting hand each guest a piece of paper and tell them to eat make a paper airplane. Create a game in which the player who can throw their paper airplane the furthest is the winner. To make the game more interesting an airplane landing area can be designed out of paper or wood. The player who can land of come the closest to landing their paper airplane is the winner.

Obstacle Course: The obstacle course should be designed specifically to the ages of the guests therefore creating a lot of fun for the party.

Pin the Medals on the American Heroes: This game is like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but using a poster or picture of an soldier. Have a target area on the standees for the players to aim for. The player who can come the closest to pinning the medal in the target area is the winner. This game can be made more challenging by having the players pin mutiple medals on the poster during one turn. Use different military standees from all faction of the military branches – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, police, and fire department.

American Hero Printables: This great activity sheets are perfect for an American Hero party. Hand out printables of crossword puzzles, word searches, trivia questions, and color pages for the party guests to do during the party and to take home.

American Hero Party Supplies and Invitations can easily add a great deal to an American Hero party and the addition of fun party games will make the party even more special. Most young boys will love an American Hero party theme because it gives them the opportunity to act the part of real-life American Heroes.

Mrs. Party… Gail Leino gives her two cents worth on fun ideas for fashion and entertaining, parties, games, events, and activities. Plus, she creatively provides information on party favors, party planning freebies, activities and party supplies. Use her ideas for an awesome celebration. Plus, theme music and movie song lists adding a special touch to any celebration.

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Identified with glamour, fame & fashion, Hollywood flourishes in the hearts of millions as “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. It needs no introduction among American movie & music lovers and fans of Hollywood celebrities. Technically, it is a district located at Los Angeles, California, United States, and it’s the metonym of American cinema. It has world’s best movie studios integrated with modern and advance technology that facilitates best of action, cinematography, editing, background, effects, and other elements that endows American movies with a cutting edge. It is a full-fledged and financially enriched industry, which originated at around 1850s. Down the line, this industry has made various revolutionizing land marks and proliferated as one of the greatest and stable cinema industries in the world. At present, it is like a buzz word, whose updates and events make news in every leading dailies and websites.

Insight to the Hollywood Entertainment Elements

Entertainment is just like glued up word with Hollywood. The elements of this industry, whether it’s a new released movie or some celeb story or a current event, always serve as a source of entertainment. American movies have a large audience not just in America or western countries but also in the eastern countries. These movies are dubbed by other film industries in their own language. Further, many of its movies are taken as inspiration by other film industries. Likewise, Hollywood TV soaps are also quite popular around the word. Just like the movies, even the TV serials are made to cater all the genres like teen programs, family serials, sci-fi, action thrillers, fantasy, etc. Apart from the audio-video programs, the celebrities of this industry are also a promising source of entertainment for the larger audience. Audience loves to know about their real life updates, their affairs, their positive and negative publicity, background, interest, achievements and others. These celebrities are like the fashionistas, trending style statements into the popular culture. Further, entertainment slumber from Hollywood is its yearly events like Academy Awards Ceremony, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Grauman’s Theater Footprint Ceremonies, Movie Premier, Star Ceremonies on the Walk of Fame, etc. Fans eagerly wait to see the telecast of these events on TV; some even try to get into these events, if tickets are available.

Current Entertainment Updates from Hollywood

Encompassing all the entertainment updates of this industry is hard to project in such a limited space, as there is a new update every second. However, its annual events are much talked among the audience. For the year 2012, the remaining events are as follows:
* AFI Fest (November): Its Los Angeles’ longest-running film festival.
* DWP Light Festival (December): Celebrated at The Griffith Park section as a symbol of holiday cheer by displaying impressive light.
* Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade (December): Decorated boats circle the main channel and compete for prizes before a grand finale fireworks display.

Further, the preparation for the mega event “Hollywood Walk of Fame” is also picking up. It is an internationally recognized icon. It includes 24 induction ceremonies annually, which are broadcasted around the world.

Article Source:

Roger Juan has vast experiences in articles and blogs writing. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and specialized in writing articles about Hollywood Entertainment and Hollywood Attractions etc.
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The original beginning of the popular game of basketball has always been open to debate. Possibly missionaries in China invented it or the game could have just evolved from other ball orientated games. In the late 19th Century basketball had many similarities to team handball. Team handball required two teams of seven players to attempt to score by trying to throw a ball into a goal on the ground.

Around 1891 a Canadian minister working as one of the staff in a college for young professionals began to develop the sport of basketball. He was wondering what indoor sporting activity the students could practice to keep themselves fit and healthy in the wintertime. After researching various indoor sports that were around at the time suitable for a gymnasium he came to the conclusion he would be better off devising his own sporting activity.

He gathered together two peach baskets and wrote down a few basic rules. The peach baskets were nailed 10 feet high on opposite ends of the gym and he used sacks for nets. The students originally played with soccer balls and had to poke the ball out of the peach basket every time the ball went in.

On January 20th 1892 the players walked out onto court for the first official basketball game. The game was played in a YMCA gym on a court that was half the size of a regular modern day basketball court. Women also began to play the sport in the same year, as the sport was gaining popularity. As the early years went by the game rules were changed and refined into modern day rules. Initially the YMCA popularised the game of basketball but as it became more popular it attracted more rowdy crowds and occasional rough behaviour from the players, so it was slightly discouraged from the missions.

A brown ball was later used to replace the longstanding soccer ball. It was not until the 1950s that an orange ball was introduced to the game. This was designed with more bounce, and an increased visibility to the players and spectators. The game was now becoming very popular with its enthusiastic supporters. The art of dribbling the ball was then introduced, almost as a by-product of having an extra bouncy ball. Today basketball can be added to the list of games played world wide. It is also a game invented by North Americans, and to many an integral part of American culture.

For more information on the history of basketball and sports and leisure activities go to
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Walnut flooring is quite common in United States. This delectable mosaic of dark purple streaks and chocolaty swirls is found in tantalizing and marble-like patterns across most living space of the country. American Walnut is known by various names including Virginia Walnut, Canaletto, black walnut, and black hickory nut. This is a domestic hardwood growing throughout the eastern part of United States. American Walnut thrives under direct sunlight and grows especially near streams, as it can dig the roots deep into the rich and moist soil.

It is the only naturally dark hardwood growing in North America. American Walnut flooring is known for its sophistication and thus, it is one of the most sought after floor options for many. This rich purplish-brown hardwood is particularly valued for its wavy grain pattern.

American Walnut flooring also offers various flooring options. Apart from the aforementioned patterns, there is the combination of wavy and straight grain patterns that is quite popular. In fact, all these Walnut flooring options offer an air of dignity with a touch of delightful frivolity. Better yet, this domestic hardwood provides a luminous shine when you polish them, making your room a luxurious retreat to eyes.

American Walnut flooring is known to be sturdy and reliable surface and is an ideal flooring option. It is both strong and shock resistant, thanks to the exceptional dimensional stability of Walnut flooring. In fact, Walnut flooring offers both strength and workability, allowing you to be creative with your flooring. And being strong, Walnut flooring can easily handle daily stresses of life. This domestic hardwood has a moderate density, making manipulation and installation of American Walnut flooring easy and effortless. Moreover, stains and preservatives can easily permeate this coffee-toned wood flooring. In fact, it does not require any stain because of its exquisite natural beauty. American Walnut flooring releases a sweet aroma while you work on it. Despite its soft qualities, this Walnut flooring is resistant to scratching and decay.

American Walnut flooring stands apart from the other popular flooring options available in the market including bamboo flooring. Though this type of flooring also offers strength, bamboo is often prematurely harvested. As a result, bamboo flooring may lose its supposed benefit of durability and strength. Bamboo flooring also contains formaldehyde, which poses serious health concerns. Another popular option is engineered flooring. However, they have certain negative aspects that American Walnut Flooring steers clear of. You can hardly refinish an engineered floor as it comes with a thin veneer. This also reduces the life span of the flooring, resulting in increased flooring cost in long-term.

Many wrongly believe that carpet can be an alternative of American Walnut flooring, as the installation cost of the later is a little pricey. The benefits of carpet are that it traps heat or cold and insulate your room from sound, resulting in a reduced power bill. However, it is difficult to keep them clean from dust, bugs, dirt and germs. They also become stained easily and carpets lock smell in. Cleaning them will incur a lot of expense in future. Also, you will have to replace carpets after some time. American Walnut Flooring, on the other hand is free from such drawbacks. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all the factors while selecting your flooring option, rather than just looking at the initial installation cost.

Thus, American Walnut flooring is an ideal blend of structural reliability and visual satisfaction, making it a highly desired flooring option across the country.

Urbane Living are Amreican Walnut Flooring specialists and offer a comprehensive range of stunning Walnut Flooring and Wood Flooring. Visit urbane Living and place your order today.

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It is highly likely that most American girls have had or have played with the American Girl at some point in their lives. It’s a doll that has been loved and acclaimed since the first catalog came out circa 1986. An American Girl doll store could not help but be a hit in any city, as a store completely devoted to this awesome doll family and all facets of American Girl doll life.

Although we wish there were more, you will find nine locations for American Girl doll stores in the states with headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin. Their retail stores are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City and recently, Kansas City. These stores present the full range of American Girl dolls with all the clothing and accessories any young doll lover could ever wish for! All of this adds up to fantastic shopping! Each store has a range of services and offerings however, which we think you will find delightful!

The first store we will discuss is the Atlanta store, which is located at:

North Point Mall 1202 North Point Circle Alpharetta, GA 30022 Telephone: 1-888-777-0010

They are normally open:

* Store: o Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. o Sat: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. o Sun: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. * Bistro Dining Room: o Mon-Fri: 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. o Sat: 9 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. o Sun: 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Beginning Monday, January 3, 2011, hours will change to:

* Store: o Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. o Friday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. o Saturday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. o Sunday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. * Bistro: o No changes

Store hours are subject to change without notice, so call to be sure and also remember that holiday schedules will vary.

Parking is convenient and a great American Doll adventure is pretty well guaranteed!

At the Atlanta store, along with the fun shopping you will enjoy what is called the “Atlanta Experiences” which include Dining, Doll Hair Salon, Parties and Special Events. Call for details!

If you have a reason to be in or near Atlanta, and have a child who loves this famous American icon, set up a day of fun, at this store for a fantastic experience!

If this Atlanta store is not doable for you, don’t forget their charming American Girl dollsite online – simply go to and enjoy shopping in your own home!

Ms. Walsh has been selling American Girl Doll Clothes and American Girl Doll Accessories for many decades. Her top quality products are the best value online.

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North American culture is historical rich and mixture of variety. North American culture has influenced a variety of nation’s culture along with its own continent too. North America is made of 3 nation Canada, the United States of America (US) and Mexico, but from culture point of view it much more influenced by Canada and United States and both country culture is basically western but highly influenced by African, Asian and also with Native American.

North America has itself unique social and cultural characteristics for example music, arts, traditions, food style, cuisine, gesture and etiquette. It includes a variety of advanced culture and traditions. Cultural influenced shows mainly in festivals, all type of structure and in landscape design too.

Below is the detail of American and Canadian culture that is actually North American Culture:-

1. Americans are by nature independent, freedom lover, and practical, while Canadians by nature friendly, peace lover and also they tend to be individualism.

2. Americans follow in give and take. It is not considered polite for one person to talk long time without listening others. The concept of individualism and equality is popular in America rarely they prefer any maid, cook or servants, each and every one do their work and expects others do as well. Men are not superior over woman.

3. Americans does not have their own specific culture, religious belief, tradition and birth death all are choice of individual private matters. They are always feel proud over native rich and varied country like other people in the world they are also same. They are generally straight forward and open with own voice but they listen others too. Individual freedom, respect are treasure for this country, they respect, gender, age, religion physical disabled person they are open in nature and people become friends very easy you will find them travel lover and even love to know the world culture and tradition through visit. They always prefer to handshake or hug while meeting with anyone first time, their first name is also very clear, not like other countries names.

4. Meeting with new friends and make new friends is an important part of their life, they follow be polite, be true and sorry, please thank you is keep an important part in their life; they love if people feel gratitude and appreciation to others whom love. Drinking is allowed all who are above 21.Coffee culture is also famous in this country and popular over all age.

5. Thanksgiving keeps very important place in society, and government specially give leave on that day to celebrate all people. Each and every year it celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada along with similar in other country too. Thanksgiving in North American country especially within United States and Canada has its own historical origin religious, cultural traditions.
You can join any popular networking websites or groups too to know better countries and culture and can gain or explore your knowledge.

Peoples Attitude provides facility to connect people through multiple groups. Meet and connect with peoples all around the world through Peoples Attitude to share about your traditions, different countries and culture. You can also join social networking groups to connect with people all over the world. If you want to know about North American Culture then you can join the group to enhance your knowledge.
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Whether your preferred entertainment and leisure is in front of a big screen TV or taking a relaxing country stroll, both present the opportunity to stick your head in the sand. While we are busy having fun, there are those applying themselves to creating a lifestyle for us that suits them.

At this time, the drug makers or Pharma companies are reflecting a reduction in consumer advertising of some 8%, reducing the figure to some $ 4.4 billion in 2008, and proportionately less in 2009.

That’s the kind of money that is spent to make sure when you have a headache, the sniffles, or a ‘mozzie’ bite, you without a doubt know what to purchase at the drug store, or what to ask your doctor to prescribe. As a part of ‘fitting in’, or being part of the consensus, it is of utmost importance to know the latest catch phrase or slogan.

What is noticeable is how many people allow it become part of their vernacular. Along with the TV schedule, it becomes the means by which many structure their lives and their activities.

Maybe the structure of our lives should be defined by the erosion of the Constitution, and the increasing appearance of the real ‘Big Brother’.


On June 26, 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson announced Citizenship Day and Constitution Week in urging the people of the United States to renew their relationship with the Constitution. The goal was to have people rededicate themselves about the Constitution and the ‘still certain guarantee of the basic rights of the American people…’

In that same month and year, Gene Roddenberry presented a pilot episode to the NPR network of ‘Star Trek’ for appraisal. As far as entertainment and leisure, ‘Star Trek’ has come and gone, in manner of speaking, and so has, in many respects, the Constitution, and the basic rights and liberty of the American people.

However, there are still ‘Klingons’ on this planet right now, and they are power hungry for domination of the Earth.


In the entertainment and leisure industries, many milestones are remembered by their fans, much better than the NSA’s wiretapping approval in 2001. Although the National Security Agency (NSA) cannot officially listen to communications of American citizens in the USA, the British equivalent can, and they exchange information.

With the natural outrage of the public after the events of 9/11, the Patriot Act was a simple matter to be passed into legislation. The Act increases a law enforcement agency’s ability to search telephone and e-mail communications, to search and gain access to medical, financial, and other records; it opens the door wide to gathering foreign intelligence inside the United States.

While we were watching famous acts, like Prince performing on American Idol, there were other acts eroding our personal freedom and liberty.


While the entertainment and leisure industries distract us, the Constitution is constantly under attack, and the Patriot Act continues to allow abuse of our basic human and civil rights. While you’re focusing on your big screen TV system, the criminal global elite is busy passing laws that are leading America down a path to the tyranny of a one world state.

Surveillance is in place, with satellite monitoring networks covering the globe, while we live in an economy where the Federal Reserve is privately owned and pays dividends from the wealth and soul of our nation. Since the inception of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA), the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) has emerged, with the foundation of the North American Union (NAU) to come.

With the superhighway of the NAU being built, genetically modified (GM) food can be transported to any supermarket shelves on the continent. All of this and more happens while we obsess over such life-changing events like Janet Jackson’s mammary exposure during her halftime performance.

Do you enjoy entertainment and leisure? What if the basic rights were taken away? Always seek the truth!