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Did you know that disease begins at your mouth because of the choices made in your brain? I am sad to say that most Americans make very poor choices. But what else would we Americans do as we have never been educated properly in how our body works? Specifically, how we digest and assimilate nutrients from our food. The majority of Americans, their physicians, and even nutritionists have not got a clue as to what happens to food when it moves into your body.

This year I sat down to eat a 4th of July barbecue supper with some friends by the swimming pool; there were 3 women and 3 men. I am an observer of people and I couldn’t help watching them because I am a naturopath and nutritionist. I watched these people eat nutritionally poor food. If this sounds a little superior, well I am sorry but not too sorry. Sorry, that I not only observed them but now I am writing about what I saw and some of what they said. During the conversation here is what I gathered about their health and the effect of their diet. One woman (sitting across from me with her date) who was suffering from a headache revealed that she had had gastric bypass surgery for obesity. The man she was with was obese and also borderline diabetic plus he was noticing signs of chronic fatigue. The hostess and my date had had her gallbladder removed years ago and now she suffered from thyroid problems and frequent earaches and headaches. The man to my right had a headache and recurring acid reflux, he was also working on an ulcer and could feel that a kidney stone had moved to his bladder which was bothering him at the time; he was also on an antidepressant drug. The woman on my left was not too bad she was only on an antidepressant. This dinner and what I observed really caused me to pause and reflect on how these people are a reflection of the health of the United States.

What was wrong with the food? They were eating barbecued steak, white bread, corn on the cob, with some cooked vegetables and a tossed salad. Before I had cancer I would have said that that was a very excellent meal with lots of nutrition. Well now I know better, that meal was a total disaster. Here is why. The steak was cooked; once you cook any food over 118 degrees Fahrenheit you destroy all the enzymes in it, plus most nutritional value. Then am I saying you should eat meat raw? If you want to gain its full nutritional value, yes you should eat meat raw just like all carnivores and omnivores do. You prepare the meat as you would sushi. Then you will get most of the full nutritional value of the meat. Now the white bread which as common knowledge everyone knows is almost completely worthless. As for the corn on the cob and the cooked vegetables, well, as I said before “cooked food is worthless nutritionally.” Tossed salad, now we’ve got something that is loaded with nutrition, except hardly anyone ate enough to provide ample nutrition to offset the other foods they ate.

What facts do I have that back-up my statement that “the majority of the meal I described is worthless?” I have two very good examples. One, the people who sat at that table with me and their level of health which is a true reflection of the health of American’s across the USA. The other example is also very real proof. You cannot put refined or cooked food including meat into a composter because it will just rot not compost. The reason this happens is because the food is dead there is no life or nutritional value in cooked food.

Folks, this is the truth. American food is making Americans sick and no one thinks anything of it. People in America better wake up because doctors, the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry are not going to change the way you eat for you. They are going to treat you with drugs and operate on you so you can continue to eat poor food, get sicker, take more drugs and have more operations. Because this is how the average American eats, my advice is; do not allow yourself to be average.

I would like you to see how the body really works so that you can make an educated decision for yourself. Below, we are just going to follow food as it goes through the digestion tract starting at your mouth. As we make this trip I will point out some violations of digestion that cause the disease problems these people are suffering from.

We Start At The Mouth:

Food is chewed in the mouth and saliva is mixed with the food. This saliva is made up of mucus that serves as a lubricant, an alkaline electrolyte solution that moistens the food; amylase, an enzyme that initiates the digestion of starch; lingual lipase, an enzyme that begins the digestion of fat; and protease, which digests protein.

Most carbohydrates are broken down in the mouth by the process of chewing the food that hopefully had its own viable enzymes to be mixed with the enzymes mentioned above. This is an important point because it is where disease begins.

Why are Enzymes so Important:

Without enzymes we could not digest food, could not breath, could not think; enzymes sustain our life. There are hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies that use enzymes as a catalyst. Without enzymes these reactions would move too slowly to sustain life. The food we eat contains enzymes that assist our digestive processes when we eat that particular food. When you see food decomposing (a banana turning brown) it is the work of the enzymes contained in the food plus those that are brought to the food by insects or airborne spores.

Enzymes in our bodies are divided into two groups and created by our cells: digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. There are three types of digestive enzymes amylase, protease and lipase. Amylase, found in saliva, pancreatic and intestinal juices; works great for digesting starches and carbohydrates and may be useful for people with gluten sensitivities. Protease, found in stomach, pancreatic and intestinal juices; helps digest proteins and may be helpful for people with food allergies. Lipase, found in stomach and pancreatic juices also enters the body via the food we eat; digests fats, helping to maintain correct gall bladder function.

Metabolic enzymes catalyze chemical reactions within the cells of the body providing us with energy production and detoxification. These enzymes run all the body’s organs, tissues and cells. They build the body from proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The main areas we need to concern ourselves with are digestive enzymes. We produce less of these enzymes as we get older, plus cooking (over 118 degrees F), pasteurization and irradiation destroy enzymes that come to us in our foods. This is why it is so important that we eat a diet that contains 75% fruit and vegetables (the majority of these should be raw) and about 25% high protein meat, dairy, and whole grain products.

You can also find digestive enzyme complex products that contain a combination of enzymes, herbs, and probiotics that help improve the digestive processes, and can help you get full nutritional value from the food you eat.

Paul Blake is a doctor of herbal medicine and a master herbalist. He used naturopathic medicine to treat his own case of cancer eighteen years ago. Visit Paul’s website on Herbal Remedies, Natural Healing Herbs for more interesting information on improving your health, or find more information about digestive enzymes and food enzymes .

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What are you going to do on vacation this year? Mountain biking can make for a wonderful vacation. You can really explore America by mountain biking. Tours of scenic routes are available through many companies. These tours often come with accommodations. Athletic couples will really appreciate these relaxing but active vacations.

Amazing mountain biking trails can be found in each and every region in the country. Look beyond the major mountain ranges. Mountain bikers will enjoy the adventure of any hilly, scenic, rough trail.

The Pacific Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast states provide some of the best mountain biking areas. Try a trip to North Carolina and see what you find!

The American West Region is known for mountain biking trails, but you don’t need to stop there! The Southwest area has many popular trails as well!

The Piney Canyon Road in Arizona, South Boundary Trail in New Mexico, and Flume Trail in Nevada are some of the best trails in the Southwest.

Each of these trails is at least 20 miles long and has a reputation for being a challenging ride. Piney Canyon is the longest. It has over 50 miles of exciting terrain. But don’t worry, you don’t have to ride the entire trail.

Some of my personal favorites are in the Pacific Northwest. Surveyor’s Ridge in Oregon, Mount Tamalpais in California, and the Methow Trail System in Washington are both beautiful and relaxing while offering a challenging workout.

Mountain biking is a great sport and can make for an even better vacation. Both challenging and relaxing, it is a great vacation for couples, families, or groups. You’ll create life-long memories as you challenge both your mind and your body. Gather a group of family members, neighbors or old friends and set out on an adventure you’ll never forget! You may just decide to make this an annual tradition with your loved ones!

This writer also regularly shares knowledge on subjects like left handed baseball gloves and baseball training equipment.

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You probably know people who have booked luxury vacations to places like Europe, Hawaii and the Caribbean at bargain prices. So how do they do it? They don’t travel during high season. You can save more than $ 1500 by not traveling during the summer, spring break season or Christmas. Unfortunately, there are a lot of travelers who are forced to travel in this season because it is the only time they can get off of work, school or other important commitments. Here are a few tips to keep you from losing your money…or your mind!

Avoid Traveling In June, July and August

Not surprisingly, these three months are the top travel months for luxury vacations. The kids are out of school, the weather is great and your work is giving you some needed R & R. But most countries in the world have vacation and school breaks during this time, so people all over the world want to get away. Airlines and hotels know this and charge outrageous prices for their seats and rooms. It is especially expensive in Europe, as Europeans have great weather and school breaks, and are willing to pay a premium to stay where they want. If there is any way for you to travel at a different time, do so. Putting your vacation off until September and October can easily save you thousands of dollars. Even May and April are cheaper than June and July.

Don’t Travel Internationally

If you can only take your luxury travel vacation during high season, stay closer to home. There are probably more luxury deals available to travelers who maybe choose Las Vegas instead of the Dominican Republic, and Miami instead of Mexico. Your domestic flights will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than if you were to fly to other countries. Plus, hotels, cruise lines and travel agents have a number of local deals available to people interested in traveling within the states. From Hawaii to Alaska, there are a lot of exotic and adventurous things to see and experience here in the good old USA.

Budget Accordingly

If you are traveling in high season, don’t expect to pay low season prices on luxury vacations. The prices you will find might be the highest you have ever seen because you had previously considered traveling during low season. Be ready to pay up to $ 1,500 per person for international air in coach class. Expect three star resorts and hotels in tourist areas to charge five star prices, and luxury hotels and resorts to go through the roof. One good suggestion is to book early to try to take advantage of early booking discounts.

Even luxury world cruises that begin in peak season are more expensive and more difficult to find availability. If you want to travel in high season, the key is to be flexible. Consider different dates, different destinations and different costs. Visit for more luxury travel cruise informations. Book early and take advantage of early booking incentives. With these suggestions, you can get the best prices available for high season travel.

Virginia Morgan is an expert travel writer for AMT American Express Travel . The Internet’s premier resource for American Express Cruises. Offering great deals to customers since 1996.
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Those of us who live in the States are lucky. We have one of the best National Park systems in the world. We also have fast, efficient Interstates that will take you close enough to most of them that you don’t have to worry about off-roading in your RV!

But what makes those parks so great is really the breathtaking natural beauty that is preserved there. Every place in the world has its unique sights to see, but you just can’t beat standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon watching the sun go down.

Here is a brief introduction to 3 of America’s oldest and still best national parks, Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Yellowstone National Park – Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming

Yellowstone is the first, and many consider the greatest National Park in the United States. It’s a wonderland of spouting geysers, unique rock formations and other leftover evidence of a massive volcanic explosion over 600,000 years ago.

Don’t worry, it’s all cooled off now. At Yellowstone, you can see the world’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful. Early settlers thought it was a noxious spew from hell itself, but nowadays we know it’s just a geothermal process, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

Yellowstone has a reputation for being crowded, and it’s true that it’s a popular destination. If you really want to see the park, park your motor home and hike off the beaten path. Yellowstone has lots of great hiking trails, more than enough for everybody to enjoy without crowding each other. There are plenty of day hikes with spectacular views.

Yellowstone has at least 12 different campgrounds, and they’re all first come, first served. Before you go, you’ll want to call ahead and see about fire restrictions. If you’re with the family and you want to stick to some luxurious digs, there are KOA’s and other commercial campgrounds just outside the park with more modern conveniences where you can park your motor home or RV.

Yosemite National Park – Eastern California

Yosemite is another one of the oldest national parks in the United States. The wilderness of Yosemite represents all kinds of terrain, including meadows, valleys, mountains and great forests, and it’s not too far from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Probably the most amazing thing about Yosemite is the waterfalls. It has more waterfalls than any other single place on earth. Steep cliffs of granite abound, and from certain points in the valley you can see seven or eight big ones at once. It may be tempting, but don’t try swimming in the pools, because the force of the water can knock you senseless.

Yosemite also boasts one of the biggest forests of sequoias in the world. These ancient trees stand tall, their tips pushing way up into the sky, like the California Redwoods.

There are 13 campgrounds in Yosemite National Park, and some of them accept camping cars, trailers, motor homes and RV’s. If you plan on heading to Yosemite, it’s best to call ahead and make a reservation. In the summer months, the campgrounds fill up quick.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park – The North Carolina and Tennessee Border

If you like the outdoors, Great Smoky has it all. There are more hiking trails than probably any other area in the US, as well as great fishing and camping. Compared to the parks out west, you’ll see lots more wildlife and plants. Also unlike the west, the weather is mild and there’s plenty of humidity to keep you from dehydrating.

Another reason to head for the Smokies is to experience real, authentic Appalachian mountain culture. There’s mountain music, storytellers, and all kinds of family fun.

Great Smoky is also a great place for RV drivers, because there are lots of auto tours. The park boasts roads where you can see great views, old historic buildings and vast forests as far as the eye can see.

Of course, this is just a basic introduction. You have to see these parks to believe them. These are definitely three places you want to hit at least sometime in your life.

See the States coast to coast in your home on wheels. Your family motor home lets you travel in style. Visit Bankston Motor Homes,, to search for your next motor home or come by and visit with us at any of our five locations.
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It has long been customary to mark holidays with flowers, either as decorations or as gifts. However, there are some occasions for which the pairing of flower and holiday has more significance than many know.

Most of us realize that Valentine’s Day is an chance to express love with flowers. It is the biggest season for florists, who plan all year for the extravaganza that demands roses in particular but also all sorts of spring blooms. Today many just buy red roses and send red heart-shaped boxes of candy because they are so available. However, the red rose has long been used to signify deep passion, an emotion that goes far beyond friendship or familial love.

However, Memorial Day has its very beginnings in a floral story. An American man was so touched by watching women take flowers to the graves of Civil War soldiers, placing a single blossom on every resting place of the fallen, that he went to the nation’s capital with the idea of a national day of remembrance. Called Decoration Day at first and designated the 30th of May, the day now honors the dead of every American war and is set for the last Monday in May. Poppies also symbolize remembrance for North Americans, taken from the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Easter is marked with floral bouquets in churches and on festive tables spread for the annual feast at the end of Lent. White Easter lilies represent purity, and all the spring cultivated and wild blossoms celebrate the renewal of life and the end of winter. May Day is another time when baskets of blooms hung on the door hark back to pagan festivals that also marked the end of the harsh and dangerous winter months and the beginning of new growth and plenty.

The Victorian age revived the older languages of flowers that had been part of oriental and Greek and Roman cultures. Specific types were chosen for the message they sent, with red and orange meaning passion, yellow denoting jealousy, white innocence, pink youthful beauty, and lavender the beginnings of love or a tribute to the grace of mature femininity. Rue denoted regret, and the name has come to mean the emotion as well as the wildflower.

There are many legends that have grown up around the beauty of flowering plants. The poinsettia is said to have been an unobtrusive weed until presented on the altar to honor the birth of Christ, when the humble offering blossomed into exotic beauty. Knowing this makes the showy bracts, with long-lasting holiday colors, even more suitable for the season.

All holidays are good reasons to celebrate with floral arrangements. Going home for the holidays? Take a bouquet or a flowering plant as a hostess gift. Celebrate spring with daffodils and tulips, Independence Day with bright floral and ribbon creations, the reasons for thanksgiving with radiant fall asters and dahlias, and the winter holidays with vibrant poinsettias and exotic orchids.

Flower and holiday traditions go together all through history, as blooming plants stir human emotions.

Be prepared to celebrate the upcoming holiday by looking for high quality London florists.
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Understanding that you are attempting to become a entire superstar isn’t always simple. Hoping to drag yourself from total oblivion and make it huge as a performer is among the hardest elements of the music business, and American Idol has given a huge number of people with a method to attempt to obtain their ultimate goals. Knowing that it’s difficult to break into the music business leads lots of would-be singers to try auditioning. The issue is it is extremely vital that you learn how to properly audition for that series, without appearing like you’re a complete beginner.

The first thing ought to always be deciding on an appropriate song. This does not necessarily mean you should go out and become familiar with a completely new type of singing. You need something that is comfortable for you, music that you enjoy and appreciate and a style that you can actually sing well. For example, some singers aren’t capable of doing low tones as well; you should make sure the song fits your vocal range correctly before committing to sing it throughout the audition.

One more critical tip is ensuring you dress correctly. Even though you certainly do not want to arrive looking absolutely tedious and also plain you also do not want to look like the nut which was let out during the night for Hallow’s eve either. If you have ever watched American Idol, you have no doubt realized that those who dress incredibly strange are very seldom going to Hollywood. The mere appearance of the outfit is usually enough to distract the judges from their actual singing skills and will ensure that you possess a short lived singing profession also.

Finding and choosing the quantity of make-up and jewelry to wear as well is also crucial. Even though most males are not likely to wear makeup there is a rather large number of people who start looking towards some form of facial makeup for the sheer reason for helping them stand out during their audition. This will rarely be accepted by the judges. Most of times you will actually wind up crossed out of the audition with the judges before you decide to ever open your mouth. Once again this is because of you’re making an extremely resounding impression before ever singing and this typically is not a good impression.

When it comes to selecting the sound and planning for for the audition, you need to frequently look for a good vocal coach to help you. The money spent on a vocal coach will be well worth the expense since an expert will be aiding you to get ready. Many people auditioning for The American Idol show falsely believe that they are stars just the way they are. While this may be true for a small number of people who audition the majority of those who audition at the very least need a bit of preparation to get ready to audition. Using a good vocal coach will ensure you get the best preparation possible and ensure an expert approach.

One final suggestion is to really pay attention to the thoughts and opinions of others who are around you before actually going to audition. American Idol is really looking for the top singers in the United States; they do not want somebody that sounds just like everyone else. You need to find out where your strengths lie in singing, and what your weakness is. Lessening your weakness and maximizing your potential is critical to the success that you need. When you’re totally unsure about how exactly you sound without music singing, it is time to find out before you go to audition.

Time you spend planning for your audition is going to be vital and combined with an expert overall look, frame of mind and fun personality you’ll make the powerful good impression on the Idol judges that’s required to actually win The American Idol show, as opposed to winding up the laughing stock from the auditions. Putting enough time in for a proper strategy will probably pay off ultimately, and you are guaranteed to reap the benefit with regards to creative feedback from the Idol judges.

When you find yourself thinking of download the film legal things to consider about mp3 film songs free download probably should not become your only worry.

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Kaput means bushed, done in, which is the current slang for Europe’s summer backpackers. So, when your child goes off to Europe with just a backpack on hand, do not worry. Backpacker travel insurance is available.

For one thing, this is all more acceptable in the US. In European cities girls carrying packs are a common sight. The people most likely to notice are other backpackers and many Italian and Spanish men to whom the pack itself is irrelevant.

Quite a few years have gone by in Europe trying to makes backpacks a contemporary need for people. It is very difficult to obtain information on the amount of backpackers who visit the city. There was a rise in the young people traveling to Europe this summer than last summer. Uncovering how many carrying backpack kids come to this city is as indefinable as trying to figure out where they are going. Based on an East Coast retailer, there was a 100 percent improvement in their sales this year of backpacks thanks to the many travelers to Europe.

The only goal of the backpacking youth is to hang loose all summer. So your tent leaked in Copenhagen and your sleeping bag got soaked? Oh well, roll it up and drip all the way to Amsterdam.

Specified in a best selling American guidebook, is this attitude of being relaxed. That book talks about the affairs on hitchhiking in each country and offers hints to people like tearing the pages of the book. Pages can inhabit space and the mindset that devoted travelers have is to pack as light as they can carrying only those that they need most.

A favorite tale that is shared many times is that of the couple from Canada who had to mail 14 pounds of clothes home. Canadians never travel without their red maple leaf flag embroidered on their bags. To them, it is not flattering to be noted as an American. Not a lot of American flags follow their citizen around, but on some instances what somehow resembles a flag is seen on their packs.

If throwing nationalism is the agenda for the American youth, their actions are to no avail as there are a lot of US influences everywhere. Aside from the backpacks they carry, travelers also wear the same thing and those are jeans. Each person will always find the right fit and design they want in jeans.

The are not a lot of backpackers who travel together, most prefer to be alone or with someone. Pick up someone here, split off there, move sometimes, stay put at others. Not a lot of backpackers are wanderers. Many continue sending letters home. Just an advise though, as much as you are on a tight budget, travel insurance might end up saving you way more than you can imagine in such spontaneous trips as backpacking.

Browse more travel insurnace and cover articles at backpackers insurance. Learn more about best travel insurance and the wider subject of travel insurnace and cover.

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Nowadays, those days are gone when camping only meant sleeping in the tent. The other alternatives that can be used in this particular context are RV, commercial campgrounds and varieties of options. When the camping takes place in a correct way, they are able to give us a complete satisfaction of mind.

Here is a blueprint and a few tips for picking one that gives you all the modern advantages, without the traditional hassles. The basic purposes of a tent are to provide privacy and protection from the elements – wind, rain and (to some degree) cold. Any sturdy tent will satisfy the first, but to keep weather out requires more.

Windy conditions, common in wilderness areas where most campsites are found, can put a hurting on a tent. But thanks to modern materials, nylon fabric tents supported by fiberglass or aluminum poles are up to the job. There are four basic types of tents, the A-frame tent, the dome tent, the cabin tent, and the geodesic tent.

Among these four types of tents, the tent named as A- frame is the most popular. This particular style of tent was first used by the boy scouts who worked in America. This particular tent has two poles which forms a shape of triangle at either end.

In these types of tents you will find a central pole that is helpful in creating a ridge in the tent. The walls of these particular types of tents are constructed in steep angles and they are made of such size that a person can easily get accommodated in it. You can use different kinds of wires for keeping the tents fixed.

The dome tent is ranked as second among the different types of tents available in the market. This is the most popular type of tent used in the country known as US. These tents are made of different configurations. The common configuration that is found in these tents is those that are available with two jointed poles.

The author has a passion for making tents. He even excelled in the art of making designer tents. To see all his designs please go to the sites couple tent and kelty teton 2 two person tent .
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The arts of the early settlers of this country so accurately portray the condition of the people, their lives, and their struggle for the establishment of a stable government that a study of their social conditions allows us to imagine the forms of the various household furnishings with which they surrounded themselves. It should be well understood in advance that the industrial products of the American colonies should be classed as among the “provincial” groups of art.

In all sections of the country, the first efforts of the pioneer were to place a roof over his head and to establish means of sustenance. These attainments were far more important than luxury or even comfort, and it was not until over a century had passed that any true level of sophistication occurred in art development in this country that could in any sense be compared to that of the contemporary production in Western Europe.

Our arts followed the consecutive development of the provincial arts of all countries. The forms and materials used in the furnishings and decorations of the homes of the upper classes in the Capitals were slow to be adopted by those living in the remote districts, popularization taking sometimes twenty-five to fifty years. The country craftsman was less competent, details of ornamentation were usually more crudely formed and local materials were employed as a substitute for the rarer or more costly ones that found their way from distant lands into the great centers of wealth.

It is difficult to trace a comprehensive and consecutive development of the arts in America for the reason that in the early days our coasts were settled by emigrants of varying backgrounds, each of whom introduced a different cultural influence. While the predominating characteristics of “Colonial” art are English, we also find in their respective localities, Dutch, French, Scandinavian, Spanish, and German elements. Fully realizing that they will never have an immense influence outside of our own country, their interest to us is nevertheless supreme and their popularity reflects credit upon the taste of our people.

The term “Colonial” while actually covering the form of government of this country until the Declaration of Independence in 1776, is often loosely applied to all American art products through the eighteenth century. For convenience, the divisions of American art may be grouped as follows:

Early American From 1007 in Virginia and 1520 in Massachusetts until about 1740, characterized by crudity in design and the use of local materials.

Middle Period of Georgian Influence 1740-1790: Characterized by more accurate reproduction of European originals and particularly by the use of mahogany under the Chippendale influence. An example is their plinth blocks (

Late Period/Early Republican and Empire1790-1880: Influence of the French Directoire and Empire periods and of Classic concepts from the Pompeiian and Greek.

There was a distinct difference between the type of immigrants who went to New England and those who settled in the Southern colonies. The Northern settlers were primarily of the yeomanry of England who left the home country during the unhappy political conditions of the reign of James 1 and Charles I. Most of them were Puritans who had suffered religious persecution from both Catholic and Church of England parties.

Those who went to Virginia were of the “cavalier” class and distinct adherents to royalty in the Cromwellian conflict. They had been appointed to establish settlements on this side of the water, and they were composed very largely of the nobility and wealthier classes who had been accustomed to greater leisure and to the usual credentials of culture.

They brought with them part of the wealth that had been theirs in England, and from an early date, established an import trade which included the articles of comfort and luxury which the New Englander could not afford. This resulted in a benefit to the local craftsman of New England, creating a market for his product and the beginnings of American industrial art.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in home improvement, interior design, and their history. For the highest standard in the hardwood moulding industry, please visit
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Are you interested in booking a whitewater rafting trip, but are unsure about how the details work? If you have some questions on your mind, you are probably not alone. Once you begin to understand what the trip involves, how safe it is, and where your money goes, your questions will quickly be answered and your mind will be put at ease as you realize the value of this extremely affordable vacation option. Here is some information to help you get started.

Let’s start with the basics. What is whitewater rafting? It is the maneuvering of a vessel down a river. Rafting implies the vessel is a coast guard approved raft (which we will get to in a bit). This raft can be maneuvered in a variety of ways – by one person with large oars rigged to the raft, with a group of people holding individual paddles and led by a guide calling paddle instructions (most common) or in a combination referred to as an oar-paddle combination with the oarsman in the rear compartment of the raft acting as both the major power and the guide calling instructions.

Rivers are exactly that – flowing water from some elevation working its way towards some body of water. Most rivers are given a class-rating for rafting. This helps individuals to determine the intensity of the ride. Most rivers are graded on a scale of I to VI. A I is near-flat water with little current, and class VI is un-runnable in a raft. This classification can pertain to any body of water from Niagara Falls to a trickle of a stream paralleling a highway, and is specific to the sport of rafting (for example, kayaks can maneuver in some places where rafts cannot). For the average rafter, class II to IV is doable, and class III is the proverbial “sweet spot.” This is why the South Fork of the American River in Northern California is such a popular river. Its class III rating offers fun adventures for most everyone. The average user can be a family, a youth group, a seven-year-old child, or an active elderly person.

A whitewater rafting trip typically includes a professional guide. These individuals, both male and female, make their living guiding whitewater rafting trips, and may even chase summer around the globe in order to maintain their profession. Many of the guides are international, so don’t be surprised to hear an Australian or Canadian accent! Regardless of their nationality, these guides are professional – they know how to read and navigate the river you are on, and are used to individuals of all levels of fitness and experience. Just be sure to tip your guide at the end of your trip if you are happy with your experience – this is an extremely common practice in the rafting world.

Naturally, your trip will include a whitewater raft – a strong, durable boat specifically designed for the purpose of rafting down a river. The two primary materials in the raft are Hypalon (a rubber-based product) and Urethan/PVC (made of plastic). These materials are strong enough that the raft can navigate over rocks, around waves, and can take several years of people stepping in and out of it before it needs to be retired. The biggest kryptonite to rafts is sand, which wears holes into the seams of the raft and causes it to leak. This is problematic, as rafts typically cost close to $ 5,000.

Before entering the raft, you will receive a paddle (unless you are in an oar-rigged raft), so that you can help power the raft down the river. The paddles are nearly six feet in length, and are comprised of an aluminum shaft, a plastic coating, and a durable plastic blade.

Another important component of your rafting trip is getting fitted with a class V Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD). The vests float individuals of all shapes and sizes, and are the most buoyant, high-quality PFDs that exist.

Helmets are becoming common practice in the whitewater rafting world as well. While the designed may vary, all rafting helmets have several attributes in common – they are designed for getting wet, are lightweight, and are a GOOD IDEA. In many other countries, helmets are a must and not an option, and outfitters in the U.S. are catching on as well, especially those that employ an international staff. When you choose your rafting provider, be sure that they require helmets, as this is the safest way to raft by far.

Certain outfitters, including the vast majority of those on the American River, offer a gourmet-style deli lunch that is actually served during the trip, right on the river! Food options may vary but generally include two or three bread choices, lettuce tomato, avocado, sprouts, onions, two meats, two cheeses, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter and jelly, chips, fruit, cookies and water.

For those who go on overnight trips, campsites are paid for, and all meals are prepared and served by the staff. The full trip includes two days of rafting, two lunches, a breakfast and a dinner.

Typically, whitewater rafting costs approximately $ 100 per person, per day. Considering what is included – a professional guide, all necessary equipment, full immersion into a river canyon and whitewater rapids, quality meals and lifelong memories -the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Still not convinced? Consider a trip to Disneyland. You walk into the park and are required to guide yourself. Your meals are far from included – and are often overpriced. The rivers and canyons in the park are not natural, but rather, man-made. And of course, the price ends up being tremendously higher without experiencing something natural and majestic. Oftentimes, we have a certain perceived value that may or may not be accurate. It is our hope that this article has answered any questions you may have had about the sport and has encouraged you to try whitewater rafting yourself!

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