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The 231st celebration of the Declaration of Independence is upon us, and America is ready to celebrate! Fire up the grill and break out your hot dogs and hamburgers, because the 4th of July is just around the corner.

Although our nation’s real independence began at the end of the Revolutionary War on September 3rd in 1783 and President John Adams originally thought Americans would be celebrating a different day- July 2nd – as a commemoration of our country’s freedom, Americans still look to the 4th to celebrate the birthday of America.

July 2nd was the day when Adams and the rest of his colleagues signed the Declaration of Independence, while the 4th was simply the day Americans accepted the document. Although correct in assuming the day would be “solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shows, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more,” Adams simply missed the mark by 48 hours.

And, indeed the 4th is celebrated with much festivity, but also with a sense of historical recognition. Since 1776, the 4th of July has been a day of spectacle and prominence, with every year bringing a new event. A list of 13 historical events that occurred on this historic day has been compiled by James R. Heintze ( but here are a few of the most prominent events:

1. 1777 The first 4th of July celebration containing 13 guns (each representing a colony) fired once in the morning and once as evening fell in Bristol, Rhode Island. Bristol now claims to hold the oldest 4th of July celebration, giving it the nickname “America’s most patriotic town.”

2. 1778 General George Washington marked the 2nd anniversary with double rations of rum for his soldiers and an order to put “green boughs” in their hats.

3. 1791 The first record of the 4th being called “Independence Day” and George Washington’s only 4th of July address in Lancaster, PA .

4. 1804 The first celebration of Independence Day west of the Mississippi at Independence Creek, celebrated by Lewis and Clark.

5. 1826 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only two men to sign the Declaration of Independence and become President, both die on July 4th of this year; also the 50th anniversary of the United States.

6. 1870 Congress makes July 4th a national, but unpaid, holiday for all federal employees.

7. 1872 Calvin Coolidge, 30th president, is born.

8. 1884 The Statue of Liberty is formally presented to the United States.

9. 1916 Four immigrants are said to have been arguing who among them was most patriotic on this 4th of July. The four decided to settle the dispute with a hot dog eating contest, thus sparking Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held annually on the 4th in Coney Island.

10. 1959 The very first Pepsi 400 held; this event is hosted by NASCAR every 4th of July or the Saturday of 4th of July weekend.

11. 1997 The U.S. Pathfinder lands on Mars.

12. 1999 112 people all born on the 4th from 1900 through 1999 gather in Philadelphia in front of Independence Hall for a “Photo of the Century.”

13. 2006 The first space shuttle to launch on Independence Day becomes Discovery at 2:37:55pm EDT.

Such historical events only add to the fun of Fourth of July celebrations; but food is what makes the 4th special for many Americans. Over the last year, 68 million Americans were said to have participated in a barbeque, many of which occur during the Fourth of July weekend. In this past year, Americans are said to have celebrated so much that 150 million hot dogs were consumed. That leaves one hot dog for every two people; everyone will have to share!

Americans don’t just stop the celebration with food; they have to add some “boom” to signify the day as well. Last year $ 211 million worth of fireworks were purchased in the United States with the bulk being used on Independence Day. The majority of fireworks didn’t come from America, however; most ($ 201.9 million worth) came from China.

One of the largest fireworks displays on the 4th also comes from abroad: Windsor, Ontario hosts a large firework display over the Detroit River every Fourth of July. This celebration is held in order to commemorate both America’s Independence and Canada Day, which marks the formation of the nation ofCanada on July 1st 1867.

America still holds its own places of patriotic pride, as shown by the multitude of places within the United States with patriotic names. For example, at least thirty cities include “liberty” in their names, such as Liberty, MO and Iowa’s Libertyville, North Liberty, West Liberty and New Liberty. The United States also is home to thirty-two “Eagles,” eleven
“Independences,” five “Freedoms,” and even a “Patriot” (residing in Indiana).

Americans also show their pride is through the display of the American flag, a symbol of justice and freedom. The same Americans flying the flag may not know these eight interesting facts about their flag(

1. The version of a flag with 13 alternating red and white stripes and a blue square containing thirteen white starts was adopted on June 14, 1777 by the Marine Committee of the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, PA.

2. Francis Hopkins of New Jersey designed the flag (and also signed the Declaration of Independence) as well as helping to design the Great Seal of the United States.

3. The “Betsy Ross Flag” refers to a flag containing thirteen stars arranged in a circle.

4. The number of stars on the flag represents the number of current states in the union and thus has been changed multiple times over the years.

5. President Eisenhower set the proportions of the flag with an Executive Order of the President on August 21, 1959. According to this the proportions of the flag are as follows: hoist (width) of flag:1.0, fly (length) of flag:1.9, hoist (width) of union (the blue square containing the stars): 0.5385, fly (length) of union:0.76, width of each stripe:0.0769, diameter of each star: 0.0616.

6. According to the United States code Title 36, Chapter 10 Patriotic Customs, the flag should be displayed only from sunrise to sunset and during good weather.

7. All schools, court houses and main administration buildings for all public institutions should have an American flag close by.

8. Flags should also be hoisted briskly and lower ceremoniously.

Learning such historical and practical information about our country and its Fourth of July traditions adds significance to this holiday. Additional information on Independence Day, flag history and fun facts on U.S. holidays can be found at such sites as the United States Census Bureau ( Wikipedia at ( Another great site for finding 30 million articles on hundreds of topics is AccessMyLibrary ( This site grants access to articles that are frequently updated and are free to all users, courtesy of your local library.

Charlotte Beulow is a contributing writer for Access My Library. is a service of Thomson Gale. Best known for its accurate and authoritative reference content as well as its intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, the company creates and maintains more than 600 databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks and in microform. Visit Access My Library
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In America and quite a few Western countries food has turn into entertainment. We look forward to a night out at our favorite restaurant where we will eat and drink a lot more than we have to have to sustain our bodies. (Wait – is that what food is supposed to be for?) We eat to celebrate with pals, and from time to time we eat just to have something to do. For these factors, Westerners aren’t the healthiest people today within the world. When compared to nations with distinct diets and lifestyles, we don’t stack up with regards to fitness and dietary well being.

The American diet plan generally consists of substantial amounts of bread and carbohydrates, high fat, high sugar and tiny amounts of healthy vegetables. Realistically, how many Americans do you know that prefer fresh vegetables to greasy french fries or steamed fish to a greasy cheeseburger? These foods may possibly be delicious but they are not ideal as everyday meals.

In contrast to the American diet plan is the typical Asian diet plan. Japanese and Chinese traditional foods are incredibly diverse from the normal Western meal. Needless to say, availability of food, climate, and tradition are the reason that their diet is the way it’s, but we may possibly have the ability to pick up some fantastic diet recommendations from these men and women. Natural weight reduction is about more than just “dieting.” A way of life alter may be required.

In most Asian diet plans there is a minimal quantity of fat. The fat that’s consumed is from cooking with vegetable oil. They typically eat plenty of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Protein is mostly consumed in the form of nuts, seeds and legumes. The meat that’s eaten is low fat like steamed fish instead of the high fat red meat that Americans generally consume. Inside the Asian diet plan, dairy products are kept to a minimum too. They get far more vitamin D from green vegetables than from milk.

This diet plan leads to considerably lower risks of heart illness, high cholesterol and diabetes which are big problems associated with Western diets. So, even for those who don’t need to have to lose weight, you might wish to take into account some of these lifestyle modifications for your well being. It certainly would be excellent to see rates of these preventable illnesses decline.

Observing the consuming habits of other cultures can be a approach to teach ourselves some valuable lessons. Life is not all about food. Just ask the folks that eat only when hungry and decide on foods that truly provide their bodies with the nutrients that it requirements to perform properly.

Want to find out more about natural weight loss, then visit Colin Winston Aldridge’s site on how to choose the best good diet for your needs.

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For most travellers, USA is a destination a la carte. Yet, people do not book United States vacation packages easily. Several people do not want to explore the chilling cities of USA. Some of the international travellers to USA will need winter wear during summers too. So, there are some hottest cities in USA. The weather is warm and cities are alive with passion and fun till wee hours. Here are cities to consider for your USA tour packages.

This is a major city in southern part of USA. But, in spite of its inherent glamorous life, architecture, parks, islands and exquisite skyline, Miami is not a common destination for most of the United States vacation packages. But, when you travel to USA to enjoy its nightlife, adventure sports and event culture, there is none better than Miami. Since Florida clocks in the highest temperatures with the most fascinating travel experiences, you can consider other travel destinations like Orlando, Key West, & Tampa too.

This capital of Hawaii is a 365-days a year travel destination with its perfect tropical ambiance. You can explore several unique local leisure experiences and the local Aloha culture. Umpteen numbers of outdoor adventure sports, multi-cultural lifestyle and scenic landscape make it a delightful travel destination in USA. Beaches, parks, mountains, falls and valleys create a great journey without missing the shopping culture; an irreplaceable part of culture. In addition to Honolulu, you can also consider some other hot and sizzling tropical destinations in Hawaii such as Oahu, Waikiki, Maui, etc.

The Hottest Place to Avoid:
You may want to visit the hottest spots in your travel to USA. You must check them out too. But, there is one place you want to avoid. This is the hottest spot in the world. The Death Valley has been consequently hottest place in world. It has clocked in the highest temperatures, which are more than African countries too. So, dive into these hip and happening places wholeheartedly. But, avoid the place in spite of its “hot” status.

So, pack your summer clothes and visit these hot and happening places in USA in your travel itinerary without missing a single beat of American spirit of freedom and passion. This is the ideal way to enjoy travel to USA without entering the chilled zone, which is part of most of the United States vacation packages. You can book a customised USA travel itinerary where you will be truly comfortable and enjoy the true beauty of this country at the same time.

Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is an ardent photographer and finds best deals on United States vacation packages to pursue his passion. He recently enjoyed travelling to USA and his albums are replete with brilliant pictures of this tour.
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So, you’re planning an outing with the family this summer and you’ve chosen to tour some of the best national parks the United States and Canada have to offer. However, you cringe at the thought of the crowds you are about to encounter and the accompanying lack of privacy. Don’t despair. If solitude is your thing, these six parks may just be the answer:

1. Arches National Park. Not as well-known as its sister parks, Bryce Canyon and Zion, this southern Utah beauty boasts endless sandstone arches. Hiking is a favorite activity at Arches because of the landscape. Be sure to check out Landscape Arch, the largest in the park, as well as Delicate Arch.

2. Badlands National Park. What makes this park so unique has to be the terrain. At one point, you’ll notice the grassy prairies. Yet not far away, you see numerous canyons and buttes. There’s no shortage of wildlife to see, as you’re sure to spot bison, bighorn sheep, coyotes, and rabbits, among others.

3. Big Bend. Located on more than 800,000 acres of west Texas land, Big Bend was named for the enormous bend in the Rio Grande River. Speaking of which, if you visit, you’ll want to raft the river for an experience no amusement park thrill ride can match. This is the perfect place for water enthusiasts, who can canoe and kayak in addition to the rafting experience.

4. Biscayne. Primarily accessible by boat only, Biscayne National Park is located about 20+ miles from Miami as part of a coral reef. Anyone with a love of marine life will feel right at home viewing the many varieties of fish, turtles, stingrays and more in the crystal clear waters. Many of the keys that make up the park are perfect for fishing, camping, and hiking.

5. Cape Breton Highlands. Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cape Breton was once home to Alexander Graham Bell. The uniqueness of Cape Breton is its accessibility all year long, whether its frolicking on the beach in summer, skiing in winter, or hiking in the fall. The many hiking trails offer stunning views of the coastline, the plateaus, and the wonderfully green highlands.

6. Congaree. South Carolina’s Congaree National Park is among the newest of parks, earning its status in 2003. The park boasts the largest floodplain forest in North America. More than 70 tree species adorn the landscape housing numerous animals that can be viewed from literally anywhere in the park.

If checking out some of North America’s national parks sounds like the ticket this summer but crowds do not, you can’t go wrong with any of the above-named destinations. You’re likely to discover a whole new world (or world’s) you never knew existed.

CJ Lomez is an avid camper who operates a very successful camping website. Visit today and discover a number of valuable tips and camping-related articles everything from choosing the correct tent to information on state park campgrounds. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced camper, you’ll find everything you need.
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The line between food and medicine has blurred considerably in the last two decades. Today our grocery aisles are flooded with foods that promise health benefits beyond their basic nutritional value. These benefits range from memory lapses cured by herbs, to digestive disturbances cured by beneficial bacteria (probiotics), to heart attacks prevented by plant sterols. In between there are thousands of products that claim to promote health or prevent disease.

The market for these so-called “functional foods” has become one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Already a multi-billion dollar industry, experts predict annual growth rates of 7% or higher for the functional food market, but no one dares predict how far this new wave may carry us. The red wine “pill” has already been developed, and some researchers already foresee the day of edible vaccines.

While the trend is certainly good for the health of processed food manufacturers, environmentalists and health policy experts worry that as the clamor for functional additives provide a slippery slope for more genetically modified foods. Nutritionists and scientists also see hazards for the consumer that may outweigh the benefits. Chief among them is simple safety.

Regulatory authorities around the world tend to be years behind the companies introducing these products. Our own FDA requires nutrition facts only for those substances with FDA daily values, such as vitamin A or calcium. Amounts of ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acid and probiotics are not regulated, so consumers can’t know how much they should be ingesting, but manufacturers are not required to disclose how much or little they are putting in their foods.

Another concern is the possibility of overdose, or hyper-vitaminosis. The combination of taking multivitamins and also consuming fortified nutrition bars, health drinks and cereals may be too much of a good thing. Vitamin A, for example, is required at low doses, but may be toxic at levels only 10 times those required to prevent deficiencies.

Studies have suggested that long-term intake of a diet high in vitamin A may promote the development of osteoporotic hip fractures in women.

(1) The Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has also warned about consuming too much folic acid from food. The HSPH doesn’t suggest we give up our daily multivitamin-multimineral supplement, but that we avoid heavily fortified foods that deliver a full day’s dose–or sometimes more–of folic acid.

(2) The most basic concern, however, is that these new prescription foods might encourage consumers to switch from a diverse, healthy diet to a basically unhealthy one – with an increasing reliance on functional: additives or modifications. The front package claim, “Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals,” on products like breakfast cereal and drinks can be a powerful distraction from the fact that these products often contain high amounts of sugar. While enriched or fortified foods can make significant contribution to nutrient intakes, they do not have the same nutritional benefits as the whole foods for which they substitute. The whole food will always be superior.

1. Feskanich D, S.V.W.W.C.C.G.A., Vitamin a intake and hip fractures among postmenopausal women. JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2002. 287(1): p. 47-54. 2. Keep the Multi, Skip the Heavily Fortified Foods. The Nutrition Source 2012 July 28, 2012 Available from:

Dr. Baldasare lives in Orlando, FL with his beautiful wife and three children. Over the last fifteen years he has helped over 12,000 people get healthy by educating and motivating them to make better choices. He is a frequent guest speaker at the University of Central Florida and Wellness seminars. He is the author of the The Great American Food Fight.
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When you are selecting sofas for your living room or lounge, you frequently have different factors to consider than when choosing a bedroom set or dining room suite of furniture. That is because a sofa is often a stand-alone piece, and you have to take the other lounge furniture into consideration when making your choice of style, color and finish.

When purchasing a sofa, therefore, you have first to decide whether or not it is important that the sofa matches the rest of your living room furniture – or at least blends in with it. Before pursuing this argument further let’s discuss one or two examples of sofas available online.

Choosing Living Room Sofas: Examples

One furniture company offers an 88 inch long 3-cushion reclining sofa in brown leather. This sofa is a fabulous recliner and likely has a fabulous price tag to go with it, although that is not what we are discussing right now. This looks like it would fit in well in any living room in any typical American home – if there is such a thing. But is it? If you had already furnished your living room in black leather, would you feel happy with a new brown fabric sofa?

Probably not! The same firm as above offers another sofa that you can purchase online. This sofa is 5 ft 8 in wide, and this too has three cushions, but not in leather this time. This item is beautifully upholstered in a fabulous white fabric. It might be that white is not a practical color, particularly with pets or young children using it.

However, this would offer the perfect contrast to your black leather furniture, and certainly more suitable than the expensive brown leather recliner. Two or three chairs and sofas in black leather flanking a beautiful dazzling white (for now) sofa would look pretty impressive, and many might even adopt this style after reading this!

What is being said here is that when you are selecting living room sofas you must be able to match your choice with your existing decor and furnishings. People purchase dining room sets and sets of bedroom furniture, but not living room sets as such. So be aware of that fact, especially when you have to buy a new chair or sofa for your living room.

Comfort and Style

We have yet to mention comfort, and it is debatable when discussing living room furniture whether style or comfort is the more important. Comfort will generally be first, although style will also be prominent in your mind making this a difficult choice to make. You often have to visit a showroom to try a couch by sitting on it, although many do successfully purchase sofas online.

Sofas are available in a very wide range of fabrics, styles, colors and designs and you are sure to find a finishing material that meets your needs. However, you cannot make that decision until you have settler on the design of living room sofa you want – or even if you want one at all now that you understand the options available to you.

Would a sectional unit look good in an otherwise bare corner between a cocktail table on one side and a display unit or bookcase on the other? Sectionals are useful in that you can arrange them as you wish, and you can also change the way they are put together from time to time. We have already mentioned recliners that are worth their weight in gold in the evening, particularly if you do hard manual work or are on your feet most of the day.

Maybe a loveseat would be appropriate – if you are a single guy looking for something more intimate to offer than two single chairs. This is just a small sofa for two (the tighter the fit the better!). The word ‘sofa’ can be use with reference to a number of other options, but you get the general drift. It is probably a fact that once you made up your mind to purchase a living room sofa, you have already decided in advance what style and color of upholstery you want.

Size is Important

A sofa can take up a fair bit of room in a lounge, so you should make sure you have the room to accommodate your choice. Your eye might be caught by a wonderful 88 inch reclining sofa in the showroom, or you might even be impressed by its photograph in an online store on your computer screen, but what if you paid for it, had it delivered an it suddenly looked a lot bigger in your living room than in that massive showroom. 88 inches is 7 ft 4 in, and that is long – then you have to add on the space needed each side of it.

In practice, that will take up almost 12 feet, or 4 yards, after installation when you take the necessary traffic space around it. Four long paces, so make sure you have that available in your living room – many end up buying sofas far too large for their living rooms.

When choosing Living Room Sofas visit the Woodstock Furniture Outlet in Atlanta, Georgia. You will find wide range of Atlanta Furniture to help you design your living room with matching sofas and accessories.
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There are times when we think of having a great vacation away from all the busy life at work. We want to have a quiet moment for ourselves or with the family far from the busy traffic and noise of car horns in the city. With this great desire, you can explore the natural wonders the world has to offer. The beautiful scenery it provides relaxes the soul and relieves you from all the stress.

Mississippi, which is in the southern portion of United States, is an area that can offer great places for someone like you who would love to relax and enjoy the life outdoors. It is gifted with natural scenery where you will be able to have fun even when alone, when with your whole family and some of your closest friends. The following are the places in the states especially when you plan your vacation in the wild.

The Tunica River Park is one of the top tourist destinations of the state. It allows you to appreciate its ecotourism. In this area, you can do a lot of things. Sightseeing and cruising along the river are just few of the possible things that you can enjoy doing. When you plan this great vacation, you must not fail to bring your small fry stun gun because you can never tell what you will encounter when going out into the wild.

The Museum Petrified Forest is another place to experience the beauty of nature. For a nature lover like you, camping within the area would be a great idea. Either with your RV or tent, you can stay at designated areas. At the spot where you are resting, you will be able to have a great view of the place. There are different formations of tree remains. Aside from that, there are also different exhibits which you will enjoy.

Moreover, you can have a picture of the largest seashore in America which is the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Its amazing waters, marshes and sands are very appealing to the eyes. You must not fail to bring your camera so that you will be able to capture every breathtaking moments of this natural wonder. Aside from your camera, the cell phone stun would be a great addition for your safety especially when traveling or hopping from one tourist spot to another.

Lastly, the Tishomingo State Park is a great place for a fun outdoor adventure. You can do water activities such as kayaking, boating, canoeing, and tubing along the creek. Aside from that, you can also follow the trails for biking, hiking and rock climbing. These are truly great moments that you can enjoy doing with your family and your friends who will be with you for the whole outdoor trip.

These are the places that you can check out when you want to explore the natural wonders in the state of Mississippi. You will be able to relax as much as you can and experience what it feels like to discover the beauty of nature.

Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and a Tae Kwon Do black belt and a father of two. He is the co-founder of which provides a good variety of Self Defense Products and TASER for personal protection. To learn more on how these products can save your life, please visit

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The existence of Condit Dam has been a blink of time in the history of the White Salmon watershed.

Since time immemorial, the White Salmon River has originated from the southwestern slope of Mount Adams. The White Salmon River, was named for the white salmon. White salmon spawned here, the salmon eggs grew and went towards the ocean. They grew more and then they returned.

In those days, salmon were in abundance. Many tribal members would gather along the banks to fish from the rocks or river. The unique rainfall pattern in this area wet on the west side, dry on the east side produced a remarkable variety of foods and medicines that cause the White Salmon to be an important food gathering center for tribal members. People would gather here to hunt, fish, and gather berries and hazelnuts. Even today, the trained tribal eye can detect places where our elders fished, hunted, made baskets, and stored food.

On the confluence of the White Salmon and Columbia Rivers, there is a village that is central to some of our oral traditions. The mouth of the White Salmon is also a traditional trading area that our elders refer to as namnit. At the end of the fall salmon run, houses and drying sheds would have been visible along both banks of the White Salmon River.

Change began when nearly a century ago, when 125-foot high Condit Dam was constructed on the White Salmon River to provide cheap electricity in a region hungry for industrial development. The decision to block the White Salmon River for hydropower came at a price; the abundant salmon, steelhead, and lamprey that once returned there were lost. Also lost were the tribal fisheries and cultural activities that are inseparable from the presence of these foods. All life is intertwined.

Yesterday, the removal of the Condit Dam was begun a happy day for tribal members, the salmon, and for the White Salmon River itself. Fourteen years have passed since PacifiCorp, the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) co-sponsored the first engineering study that suggested dam removal could be a cost-effective option. From here, the Yakama Nation and CRITFC engaged in negotiations that led to an agreement to consider dam removal. This initial agreement served as the foundation for further negotiations with an array of agencies and environmental organizations and PacifiCorp’s eventual decision to remove the dam.

The second-largest dam to be removed for fish passage in the United States, Condit Dam’s removal represents more than crumbling concrete. Working in partnership will once again allow us all to witness the salmon’s cycle of life which nourishes the watershed and our people.

As children, we learned the importance of water. Water is the foundation of all living things it is the first food to be placed at our ceremonial table. As adults, we learned that when we fix the water and restore the land to its historical conditions we restore resources around it.

One restoration and partnership example began twenty years ago when the Bonneville Power Administration assisted us with the purchase of a wheat field. When we applied the teachings of water-first to restoration, this resulted in the return of our traditional foods and medicine. After a seventy year absence, the wapato (potato) returned without seeds and without planting.

The removal of Condit Dam will be the first step in restoration for the White Salmon River ecosystem. For the first time in nearly 100 years, salmon and steelhead will be able to return to their ancestral spawning grounds above the dam, countless miles of habitat will be reopened, and lamprey will be given a much needed refuge. The wetlands and meadows that have provided traditional foods and medicines for our people can begin the healing process.

Our elders say the White Salmon basin, xwáshxway’pum (blue jay country), was a paradise. Recently, one of our elders chose to be buried here next to his father, xwáshxway (blue jay). Even though his family has inherited land along the White Salmon River, this decision came as a surprise to the younger generation. After dam construction began, there was a loss of resources which resulted in a gradual decline in the use of the basin. Now, we know that this elder had the foresight to lead a path for future generations and those not yet born.

After 100 years, the river is being returned to the salmon and the Yakama people. We have been taught that when we fix the water the traditional foods will follow. When we fix the White Salmon River; salmon, steelhead, and lamprey will follow. Our tribal members will be there to greet them because íchi tímani tiichám iwa niimi. This land is a part of us.

Emily Washines

I am Yakama/Cree/Skokomish, and am the Restoration and Remediation Coordinator for the Yakama Nation Fisheries Program, I have a Master of Public Administration from the Evergreen State College, and is a former Miss National Congress of American Indians.

Native American News

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Every year countless individuals from all around the country rush out to audition for American Idol. The results are generally intended to offer the chance for everybody within the nation to vote for the contestant that they feel is best for the title of American Idol. What in fact takes place normally resembles more of a piranha assaulting everybody and much less comparable to a excellent pleasant discussion or tournament. To be able to basically win the contest it is extremely necessary to find out how to really create a wonderful impression, not merely on the idol judges but also on the audiences as well.

For the majority of contestants it is not generally an enormous deal to be frustrated towards the end. Simply a single contestant can actually win the show, therefore arriving in 4th place is typically great enough. Nevertheless, if you’re determined that you want to go further than ever before, and you genuinely desire to win it’s essential that you take a moment to really study how to win. Once you’ve a few important concerns in place you’ll be well on your way to the number one finish that you want so badly, without losing an eye on what’s essential.

Your very first and greatest vital tip is to often make sure that you are unique. Maybe you have watched the show and observed performances only to forget them a few minutes later? You without doubt have seen numerous entertainers like this, and if you are out to win, you don’t want to be this performer. This doesn’t suggest that you have to hurry out and color your locks hot pink, put on massive shades and sing with a strange voice. Rather it does mean you ought to connect towards the viewers, make sure they are focused on you and what you might be singing. Should you merely walk out, look terrified and sing for a few minutes you will be swiftly ignored. Should you emerge with a track you adore, and have lots of fun you’ll produce a significantly better impact on the crowd and be a lot easier to remember.

Though we’re discussing impacts, keep in mind the way you appear is an enormous influence on the audience. If you go for the Sanjaya look with a massive pony hawk, you aren’t likely to be taken really serious for being a musician. Alternatively you are most likely to be regarded the joke of the show. If you would like to be taken seriously, you should have fun with it, without the need of appearing to be much like the class clown trying to sing. This is extremely critical since far too many contestants shift from having fun to looking clownish with their routines.

One last recommendation is always to observe the ballad songs. Yes they’re lovely and might be really popular, however the sluggish tempo of the track likewise causes it to be significantly easier to become forgotten the moment you walk off stage. If people are viewing recaps of the show and can’t recall what you sang, then it is surely time for you to change your song choices. You will need a tune which will connect the audience and get them moving. An audience that’s moving while you sing is much more likely to truly keep in mind you, instead of the tender soulful ballad that they forgot about almost immediately after you were finished singing.

Article by Joseph, working in a church supplies store that sells church bulletin covers and church candles.

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When choosing living room furniture sets, quality should come before price. However, if you are on a tight budget, as many of us are, you should try to get the best you possibly can within the constraints of your budget. It is generally better to purchase fewer items of higher quality, than more items of lower quality.

That is because it is false economy to purchase too cheaply. Well made solid wood furniture will last longer and need fewer repairs, this being particularly true of the upholstered furniture that can comprise a significant proportion of living room furniture sets. Examples of these are sofas, armchairs and recliners.

This makes sense when you consider that a large part of your waking life will be spent in your living room. This is where you relax after a day at work, watch TV, listen to music and talk to the kids. Not only does your living room furniture have to be comfortable, but it must also be hard-wearing. The use to which it is generally put is one of the reasons for the large range of living room furniture available from companies such as Southwood, Sherrill and Stickley.

Design Your Own Furniture with The Custom Shoppe

Sherrill furniture is very popular, as is the service offered by The Custom Shoppe where you can design your own living room furniture sets and choose your preferred woods. You will naturally pay for such a bespoke service, but the point is that it exists and is there for you if you want it. So how do you choose? What factors should you consider when deciding on the best living room furniture for your home?

A lot depends on the size of your living room. If you are short of space then a sectional sofa is likely better, because you can then use a corner of the room to connect two longer pieces of sofa by means of a wedge. That is making the best use of the space available to you, and avoids cluttering up a small room with large pieces of furniture in the middle of the floor.

Quality Rather than Price

Also, buy the best quality you can with the budget you are working to. This is where living room furniture sets will pay, because sets are often more economical than purchasing the items individually. You can purchase living room furniture sets comprising two sofas and a connecting corner piece, or a sofa and two lounge or arm chairs. If you have children, a sofa in a hard wearing fabric might be better initially than leather.

Leather can be stained with paints and inks, whereas fabric coverings can be cleaned much easier than genuine leather. Leave the leather until the kids have grown up. If you have no children, then you can purchase sets comprising stylish glass tables along with a pair of leather-covered hardwood sofas. Many people like a smoked or even black glass central table with a pair of oak or glass side tables.

Think Before You Look

Before making your decision and simply purchasing something that catches your eye, you should first decide what theme you would like for your room: a modern, antique or traditional colonial style for example? Then check out what is available online in the form of living room furniture sets that match your theme. Make sure your set is cheaper than buying the items individually – that is usually the case, and sometimes you may be able to haggle and negotiate a lower price.

Look around the different ranges offered by some of the better-known manufacturers, such as Stickley Furniture, Sherrill Furniture, Southwood and American Craftsman. If you have the money, check out The Custom Shoppe for what they can do for you with your budget. They can custom-design furniture to meet your needs, though the prices are naturally higher than the standard ranges.

Think of the Children

Make sure you purchase solid furniture that isn’t going to break or become unstable through hard use, and the fabrics you choose are sensible and easily cleaned – also easily repaired if you have young children or pets. Do not purchase cheap just because you can buy more – it’s better to have one well-made high quality sofa than two made of matchwood and plastic.

Compare the prices offered by the various furniture manufacturers, and then come to a decision. Make sure that what you purchase is suitable for the design and size of your room. A common error is to buy pieces that are too large and bulky for your living room – that’s a waste of money and will not do your room justice. You don’t want to pack your room full of furniture, just with what you need.

Choose the best living room furniture sets that meet your needs and your budget, and make the most of the cash you have available to spend. Get the style right, the size right, the color right and the price right, and you will have fabulous living room furniture that will last as long as you need it to.

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