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There are many traveling ventures that one can take in their life. They can visit China, Italy, Ireland or wherever their hearts desire. Many don’t even realize it but if they desired to visit the Antarctic, this is also a venture that they can have.

There are special cruises available for Australia that makes the seven day trip to the Antarctic. Now, seven days on the open sea just to get to your final destination is a big commitment. Then you travel across the ice and see some of the original camps from the early explorers of the Continent. It can range anywhere from ten to forty thousand dollars for the trip, but for those people who want to see the Antarctic it is a trip of a lifetime.

Only a few hundred people a year get to see the spectacular sites of the eastern side of the Continent. There are other trips available from the South American side to the Antarctic Peninsula, which is a little bit easier of a trip. Either way, you get an adventure of a lifetime and you get to see things that most people never get to.

With so many great destinations around the world, it can be hard to pick where to go first. For football fans, the best time of year is just around the corner. The NFL playoffs are headed our way and there are plenty of great cities on the list of competing teams. Now is the time to get your tickets to visit theses great places. Arizona is playing this weekend and the beautiful city of Phoenix Arizona is an awesome place for a weekend trip. The city is a well known travel destination and is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions and things to do.

Another city that is a fun destination is Dallas, Texas. The Big D is a popular tourist destination and boasts some of the best night life and family attractions in the state of Texas. The New York Jets are traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio this coming weekend. Cincinnati is a great city, but maybe the summer time would be a better time to visit. It is extremely cold there and during the winter can be a bit harsh unless you just love the cold weather. The last game played this weekend will be in New England and will be a cold affair. Boston is a great city and is a perfect place to visit. There are so many historical and cultural sites that it is a city that should be on any ones list.

You can find cheap airfares are good deals on When you travel for the holidays, getting a cheap flight can really make the entire visit better.

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If you are into camping, then Camping World is a store that you would be familiar with. If you are not, then you are missing out big time. Simply put, camping World is in our opinion the world’s best and largest camping store. Camping World is privately owned with its head office based in Kentucky and boasts a chain of 70 stores right around the US and has a commanding presence online as well. They claim that they are the biggest trader of parts for RVS and who could argue with them. If camping is your thing, then you owe it to yourself to visit one of their stores. People from all over the US have reported that once they have been to one of the Camping World stores, they usually do not have to go anywhere else as the store meets all their shopping requirements for camping.

The Beginning

The first Camping World store opened for business in 1966 at Beech Bend Park. A very popular camping site at the time, it was also used as an amusement park. David Garvin, who was the son of the original owner, took a gamble by opening the store fully stocked with camping equipment and other general camping gears. The store was an instant success and with David Garvin’s strong marketing skills, the store began to grow each and every year. Finally in 1997 Camping World was bought over by its current owners, Affinity Group Inc.

Camping World Today

Camping World today has a huge presence both online and offline and has also become one of America’s biggest if not the biggest supplier of camping equipment. If you would like to make your purchase online, take a quick cyber visit to their website. You will find every product related to camping each listed under their respective category.

Everybody that loves camping has his or her own individual story to tell. Choosing camping equipment is also a somewhat personal exercise and no matter what you have planned, you can probably do with all the suggestions and help from the friendly staff at Camping World to make you camping experience even more special. Even if you were planning your very first camping trip, the wealth of camping knowledge from everyone at Camping World would surely be great help to any novice.

Outdoors Section

Camping World also has an outdoors section where several different products for your RV can be found. RV steps, mats, ladders, chains and every other piece of equipment that is RV related right down to flotation devices can be found in that section. They also cater for your pet by stocking different pet carriers. You name it they have it.

Camping Accessories

If any item is camping based or to be used outdoors, then Camping World will have it. If you are planning to build a campfire, then Camping World has got the items to make that happen for you. If you were worried that you will be bitten to bits by insects then you would be able to choose from a wide range of insect repellents. You name it they stock it. It also goes without saying that you will find your multitude of tents to choose from, countless shades of all shapes and sizes, first aid kits and even wireless weather stations. All you need to do is find a perfect camping spot and pay a visit to Camping World and let one of their friendly staff assist you.

Happy camping

Looking for good camping equipment can be hard if you are planning your first camping trip. Fortunately the folks at Camping World have been in the camping game since 1966 and will be too happy to offer you the right advice.

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Few holiday experiences can match the sheer delightfulness of living on a riverboat and slowly travelling down the waters, as time goes by. This is especially true in Mississippi cruises.

When deciding on a Mississippi cruise, you have a series of different alternatives. Besides the obvious ones, such as length and itinerary, you should also spare a thought to whether you want a historical or themed trip, and on if you prefer spending time in towns and cities, or in the unspoilt countryside.

A historical voyage on an old paddle boat can be a great experience, accompanied as it is by the showbiz entertainment of olden times. A historically-themed trip will take you to the prominent cities of the area, such as New Orleans, and will let you taste traditional cuisine, such as highbrow Louisiana Creole fare.

There are several paddleboats plying the Mississippi, but the most well-known ones for cruises are the Mississippi Queen, the delta Queen and the American Queen.

The alternative to a “back to olden times” cruise is a trip focussing on specific subjects, such as the area’s vibrant music tradition, or Civil War battle sites.

You can participate in bluegrass celebrations. You can experience the region’s Native American culture. Battle sites from the Civil War abound on Mississippi cruises.

On almost all cruises, helpful guides will be available to brief you about the sights and make sure that you will enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s cruises are available for the whole family, and these are great ways to enjoy during the holidays with your loved ones while someone else cooks for you!

A voyage in spring, with flowers in bloom and a great variety of fresh fish and fruit on the cruise ship’s menu, will feel very different than a trip in another season. Springtime is a great moment to visit the Mississippi with a loving someone, but also with a group of friends.

Mississippi cruises are truly a fantastic way to explore a great and glorious part of the United States. Whatever your specific tastes and inclinations, you can be assured that you will find a cruise that will feel right for you. has the answers to all the questions that you were afraid to ask about Mississippi cruises! Check out the site to make sure that you are in the know about Mississippi travels.

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Idaho is an attractive state in United States of America in the Pacific Northwest region of the country. The largest city and the capital of this beautiful American state is Boise. Like various other states and cities of America, Idaho also has many RV campgrounds which give excellent vacation amenities to the tourists. Idaho has a pleasant climate, crystal clear lakes and the most beautiful sunsets.

The eastern region of Idaho boasts of various amazing camping sites which include Conant Creek Crossing, Ashton Inn & RV Park, Valley View RV Park and many others which are also very well known. The Conant Creek Crossing is a camping ground which is sited down water has many trails known as old buffalo trails, running along which were used by the Indians. At this place you can find something for every one from fishing for trout, camping under the stars to excellent amenities and cordial staff members.

The Valley View RV Park has various lakes and streams which provide great adventure to fish lovers. Whether you love boating, hiking or nature watching, everything is available at this place.

The north region of Idaho has various parks and campgrounds such as Tamarack RV Park, Swift water Motel & RV Park, Blue Lake RV Resort and Blue Anchor RV Park. The Blue Lake RV resort is a wooded RV resort which has facilities like a Casino, Golf Course and other leisure activities. Tamarack RV Park is conveniently situated within beautiful tall pines, which makes it the most beautiful camping area in the neighborhood. Near to this place you can also find a shopping center, dining area, and entertainment facilities.

In the Southwestern region of Idaho, you can easily locate campsites such as Downata Hot Springs, Aura Soma Lava RV Park an many other enjoyable campsites. Downata Hot Springs is an attractive RV park which has rooms that include theatre, large screen projector and twin sofa sleepers. Another RV park known as the Aura Soma Lava RV Park has various rooms, aroma massages, gifts and other services for the visitors.

Well, above is a description of the various campgrounds in Idaho. Idaho is a wonderful state which has an agreeable climate, stunning sceneries and incredible sunsets. I am sure camping is Idaho would be a very pleasant experience for your family as well as friends.

Read more about RV campgrounds directory. Going to Idaho? Know all Idaho RV Parks
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Creator. Artist. Visionary. Tom Ford. Whatever he may be developing, from sophisticated Tom Ford glasses and glasses to an award-winning film, the American designer simply leaves an imprint of unmistakeable style, elegance and top quality.

Born in Austin Texas, Tom Ford learned interior architecture at Parsons The New School for Design. The designer at first worked for Cathy Hardwick and Perry Ellis. Feeling that his innovative genius had been stifled by the conventions of American traditions, he relocated to Europe in 1990 where he landed a position at Gucci being a designer for their women’s line. Sooner or later, he was promoted as Design Director in 1992 and also as Creative Director of the fashion house in 1994. With the purchase of Yves Saint Laurent and YSL Beaute by the Gucci Group in 2000, Ford was made Creative Director for both divisions.

Tom Ford is attributed for transforming around the fortunes of the Gucci Group, raising the sales from 230 million dollars when he took over as the creative director in 1994 to about 3 billion dollars in 2003.

In 2005, Ford announced the creation of his personal label, establishing his flagship store in New York City two years later.

Ford counts Madonna, Bianca Jagger and Trudie Styler as fans. As a proof of the caliber of his design ideas, he has gotten quite a few distinctions from award-giving bodies including the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Elle Style Awards and Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s National Design Award. He has also been named Designer of the year by GQ USA and Best Designer by TIME Magazine.

But what sets Tom Ford aside from his competitors? Could it possibly be his indefatigable drive? Or is it his uncanny power to notice the pulse of the general public, the capability develop a luxury item which both critics and customers will swoon over?

Tom Ford glasses epitomise the designer’s design and style philosophy: making high-class eye products and giving unmatched service to consumers, whether worn to read or other general tasks, are an optical accessory and should serve that objective and not call focus on themselves. Ford’s prescription glasses are cautiously designed to match the skin tone of the wearer that is primarily the reason why the majority of the eyewear’s frames and lenses are available in shades of gold, bronze, cream, blush and brown. Ford is also fond of using classical shapes, giving an up to date style to these designs as his personal mark.

In order to ensure that Tom Ford glasses and varifocals are of the best quality, the manufacturer has joined together with the Marcolin Group that is viewed as one of the leading eyewear producers around the world.

Creator. Artist. Visionary. Tom Ford. Whatever he might be creating, from fashionable Tom Ford glasses and spectacles to an award-winning film, the American designer simply leaves an imprint of unmistakeable style, glamour and luxury.

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Natural foods are a much healthier way of eating foods than is eating cooked foods.

On the ladder of evolution, cooking foods is a new conception.The initial documented use of fire by people was thought to be for making tools as opposed to for the purposes of cooking. It dates back to 400,000 BCE.In North America, the first person credited with the start of the uncooked food diet was Sylvester Graham (1794- 1851).

Graham was a 19th century advocate for a nutritious lifestyle. Graham wrote a book called “Lectures on the Science of Human Life.”Through the centuries there were lots of 19th and early 20th century American citizens who were firm believers in the uncooked food diet (or in some cases semi-raw diets). Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the creator of Kellogg cereal and several say, peanut butter) lived from 1852 to 1943. This well known doctor lived mainly on apples and nuts.Dr. James Caleb Jackson (1814-1895) was recognized to serve mostly uncooked foods and lightly cooked foods of a vegetarian nature at his spa called Our Home.

At the turn of the century, Bernarr MacFadden (1868-1955), the CEO of one of the greatest publishing empires in the United States lived on a diet of raw foods. Herbert Shelton (1895-1984) is credited with systemizing raw foods into Natural Hygiene over a span of 50 years- from the 1920s to the 1970s- and was himself a proponent of raw foods.

Several German natural foodists who made their home in Southern California at the turn of the 19th century played a role in creating the modern uncooked food movement in the United States.

These German-American luminaries incorporated such names as Arnold Ehret, an author of many books on uncooked foods and fasting, and Dr.

Carl Schultz, a pioneer in the field of naturopathic medicine. Another German effect was the fruitarian farmer and philosopher Bill Pester.What was thought to be the second wave of raw foodism came about thanks to the efforts of Vera, John Richter and Hermann Sexauer.In 1917 Vera and John Richter opened the first natural food restaurant in the usa. They called it Euthropheon (which means “good nourishment” in Greek).

In 1917 Vera and John Richter opened the first raw food restaurant in the United States. They called it Euthropheon (which means “good nourishment” in Greek). This restaurant remained in business for 25 years and provided a great deal of education to its clients about raw foods.Hermann Sexauer, a vegan raw foodist opened the first health food store in Santa Barbara, California. The year was 1934. Thus began the start of the raw food movement which continues to remain strong today.

Jenni Snook is a fun loving, caring, and passionate expert who is driven to empower success in her company and that of her clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from Personal Development and Natural Health to Advertising, Education, and Training. Living Raw Foods and Raw Food Health are her passions as you will see at Raw Food Genie

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When we think of the Southwest most of us think of desert, cactus and wide open space. When we decorate for Southwestern flavor, it is the colors of the Southwest that become important. The colors of nature abound in the Southwest. Blending into nature’s palette are the colors and design associated with the Native Americans indigenous to this area.

Before you assault the task of redoing your living room to a Southwestern motif, you need to decide what colors you would like to employ. Do you want neutral colored walls the color of the desert sands or would you prefer the rich hue of turquoise? The traditional decorator colors for the Southwest are shades of yellow, orange, red and green. It is easy to see the colors of the vibrant sunrise and sunset seen over the desert landscape in the colors of the Southwest. Even in the midst of the desert plants thrive. Green is the color of life in the desert. So, as you can see, the four main colors are highly significant to the Southwest and important for inclusion in your Southwest decor.

If you are sort of scared of color and want to stay more neutral with just a hint of color then go ahead and paint your walls an off white or at least a light tan. Bring the color scheme in with the pillows on the furniture, window treatments, and even picture frames. Mix a few neutral pillows in with the mix and you’ll create a great scheme of color.

If your walls are painted in bright colors, your couch and chairs should be of more subdued, perhaps even neutral tones to break up the cacophony of color. In this situation wood is a very good choice to complement the bright colors; dark woods are especially good for setting a Southwest scene. For accent pieces, ivory and turquoise is perfect with bright colors.

Native American decor is one way to really make the rooms style stand out. Many decide to purchase a wonderful woven area rug and place it on the wall as a focal point rather than on the floor where it could potentially become dirty. Carved wood pieces are another great idea to tie into your theme.

The area rug can be the last or the first item to place in the room. If you already have a theme and you have to search for a rug afterwards you’ll at least know what themed colors you’re looking for. If you need a bit of help in the beginning, try starting with a wonderful area rug. This will give you the kick start into a great design.

There is no more comfortable, welcoming living room that one with a Southwest flavor.

To get all the latest tips, tricks, and tactics that Home Designers use, be sure to take a look at the Dynamic Rugs Piazza.
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In your search for metropolitan new homes, you deserve no less than your full money’s worth. You should take care to make the right choices with the help of new home builders in Sugar Land, TX or elsewhere. This way, you will have made a great investment worth potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in property, a result which you will never regret.

If you think you can only make a good purchase after having considered all of your options, you may want to consider attending open house meetings which your prospective neighborhoods may hold fairly regularly. By remaining a non-resident of Sugar Land new homes, you are still welcome to keep up with the neighborhoods’ fun upcoming events to which everyone is invited. You can do this by visiting the respective websites and reading regular newsletters.

Leisurely activities among Houston’s top places to live in America include soccer, football, baseball, golf, fishing, kayaking, and swimming. As you remain with the neighborhood of your choice and it continues to undergo development for these types of activities in coming years, you may find that these are by no means all of your options if you are looking for great ways to have fun.

You can look to these and much more for stress relief if you commute between the suburbs and the inner city (or plan to in the near future) to work hard at your job while under the pressure of the city’s hustle and bustle.

The top places to live in America are not limited to just the Houston area; you may also search in Missouri City or in Montgomery and Fort Bend Counties. If you are searching for quality schools nearby for elementary through college education, Sugar Land may be one of your best bets. You have at your disposal both public and private education, and it is also likely that you can find special day care centers if needed.

Do not let the grand opportunity pass you by to consult with new home builders in this city or other suburbs. It may be coming to you only once in your lifetime, and you owe yourself a break. If you want the utmost privacy in your home, you may want to look into gated communities.

Finally, there may be a variety of homes you can choose from such as townhomes or patio homes. It is ultimately up to you to see which Houston new homes you know you will find satisfactory.

When you bring together outstanding home builders, exemplary Fort Bend schools, century-old trees and tons of recreational amenities, you’ve got Sienna Plantation. Visit for more information.

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According to the United States Census Bureau, 40 million Americans move each year. There are no hard statistics on the number of businesses that relocate, but there is a growing trend towards businesses relocating outside of major metropolitan areas to cut costs for themselves and their employees.

There are five main reasons why companies decide to relocate, according to economic development researchers. They are: access to a quality labor pool, the need to upgrade facilities or equipment, the need to reach new markets, the wish to lower costs and overhead and finally, quality of life issues.

It is this last item that affects employees most directly. Cost of living has a large impact on the quality of life for the average American. For example, the cost of living in Springfield, Missouri is estimated to be just 60% of the national average. Compare that to a large metropolitan area like Miami where it costs 113% more that the national average. Larger cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles are almost off the map compared to the national average.

Quality of life isn’t just about money, either. Commuting time and costs in larger metropolitan areas can seriously affect the mood and morale of workers as well as lead to lower productivity over time. The cost of housing can also affect the ability of companies to attract and retain quality employees. For example, some employers in Palm Beach County, Florida, where the median home price is over $ 450,000 have had trouble recently in recruiting employees from out of state.

However, when businesses consider relocating to less expensive, less congested areas of the country they have to consider access to a quality labor pool. There are many cities in the Midwest and South that are large enough to support a corporate headquarters, but often do not have the highly trained workforce that is required. Community colleges and local workforce development agencies are working to correct this imbalance but it may be many years before skilled labor is available in many of those places.

There are certain cities that have thrived due to their combination of both high quality of life and available skilled workforce including Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX; Orlando, FL; and Nashua, NH. These cities continue to grown economically while larger cities such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles continue to lose businesses to either the suburbs or smaller cities.

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Business World Now , Real Estate Central, and Business Buzz
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The Stickley John Widdicomb furniture collection is not only beautifully crafted, but steeped in English and American traditions. It is used in embassies and stately homes worldwide, and is famed not only for the quality of craftsmanship involved in its construction, but also for its unique designs and use of beautiful veneers and hand-painted motifs.

George Widdicomb left England in 1845 for New York, where he set up a cabinet store in Syracuse. He left Syracuse in 1857, and headed for Grand Rapids, Michigan. There he started up another cabinet shop along with several other carpenters. His experience of making fine English furniture paid off, because his style rapidly became popular in an area of America that was more used to the pioneering style of furniture.

His products were a breath of fresh air, and his business rapidly grew. John Widdicomb was George’s fourth son, and he inherited his father’s ability to create the most beautiful pieces of furniture from local wood as well as from Mahogany from Haiti and Mexico. John set up his own business across the street from his father, producing wooden mantelpieces and other forms of interior woodwork

The Dean of Furniture Design

John’s nephew, Ralph Widdicombe, joined him as a designer, and eventually became known as the Dean of furniture design. They were to work together for 53 years until John retired in 1951. The company continued in business until May, 2002, when the Grand Rapids plant was closed and the assets purchased by L. & J.G. Stickley.

It now operates as a division of Stickley in Manlius, New York. John Widdicomb furniture is still available as a collection marketed by Stickley, offering a large number of reproduction pieces of French, English, Italian and Russian design in addition to a selection of furniture in the American art Moderne style. John Widdicomb furniture is hand-made to a very high quality and produced in limited quantities.

The John Widdicomb Furniture Collection offered by Stickley furniture is suitable for any period home or public building seeking high quality reproduction furniture. The inlay work and parquetry are magnificent, using a number of wood veneers and a high grade of mahogany.

The Russian cabinets look fabulous, offering an insight into how the Russian nobles and royal family furnished their castles and palaces. With antique back mirrors, touch-controlled lighting and adjustable glass shelves, this is a beautiful piece of reproduction furniture that would grace any home and is available in single, double or triple (126 inch) widths. Alternative plain wooden or off-white moiré backs are offered,

Dining Tables and Chairs

The 68 inch long Russian table is made in the Catherine II style, topped with matched walnut veneers and with a frame of inlaid ebony. Alternatively, you might choose a 78 inch long Georgian dining table, topped with Circassian walnut and satinwood inlays. The table lies on two mahogany pedestals, intricately turned and resting on reeded sabre legs.

You have a choice of chairs to go with it, with and without arms. One example is a beautiful Queen Anne baroque side chair with finely curved cabriole legs. Another is the Georgian lyre back side chair, with square tapered legs. You might prefer a Russian chair to go with the Russian table, the John Widdicomb Russian side chair with tapered legs. Each of these three chairs is upholstered, and covered with a brocade or fabric appropriate to the period.

The John Widdicomb furniture collection offered by Stickley furniture provides a wonderful choice of occasional tables and chairs, credenzas and other cabinets, and a total of 34 possible stained, lacquered, marbled or painted finishes and many of the Widdicomb piece are available in a choice of sizes and trims.

The Saracenic Occasional Table

One particularly attractive occasional table is the 26 inch diameter Saracenic circular table. Standing 29.5 inches high, the design of this table was inspired by an Indian textile pattern of the 15th century. It offers a number of patterns radiating out from the center. These are inlaid in a number of attractive woods, namely satinwood, Indian rosewood and ebony, and there is also some teak and decorated faux ivory. The top is supported by five sabre legs joined by an arched centered stretcher. You need to see this to appreciate its great beauty which is redolent of ancient India.

The John Widdicomb furniture collection is offered by L. & J.G. Stickley, of Manlius New York. If you have a need for reproduction furniture, John Widdicomb furniture is just one of the reproduction collections that Stickley offers. Every piece is carefully and lovingly hand-made, and the new St. Croix collection enables you to furnish your home in the old colonial Caribbean style.

Irrespective of what style you are trying to recreate in your home, you will find what you want in the Stickley furniture range. The John Widdicomb furniture collection is particularly useful for those seeking to create the old Russian and French imperial ages, or if you prefer it, the Georgian period of English and American history.

If you are looking for furniture in the old French or Russian Imperial style, then the John Widdicomb Furniture collection offered by L. & J.G. Stickley will meet your needs. This range is available to view on the Patterson Atlanta Furniture Ga website.

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