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When planning your vacation, if you have decided on Mexico, but want to stay in a smaller city, try Puerto Vallarta. A port city, yet also one with former agriculture as its biggest means of income, some of the reminders of that long gone era are still there. There are still the cobblestone streets in the main area of town, chickens in the streets as are commonly seen all over Mexico, there are locals who are quite friendly and welcoming, the area is close to the ocean as well as the mountains, and there is a flood of visiting people from all over the world almost year round. Puerto Vallarta is truly a popular gay travel vacation city.

There are a variety of fun filled ways to spend your days and nights in Puerto Vallarta. Some gay travelers rent bicycles and work on keeping their leg muscles strong as they bike along the Cuale River. There is sunbathing, sunsets, walking upon miles of white beaches, whale watching on Banderas Bay, horseback riding, and if you are up for a nightlife, there are dance clubs, which are also gay friendly with drag queen shows and in Mexico, the American dollar is worth almost twice as much as the Peso. This means your dollar goes a lot further, making for a very affordable vacation.

Puerto Vallarta is known as a gay friendly city and also boasts five star hotels for all its vacationers. Add in the artistic and magnificent scenery, cozy, quaint, little houses and you’ll understand why visitors come to Puerto Vallarta from not only the United States, Canada and British Columbia, but other countries as well. Because gay travel has increased with the need for more gay friendly vacation destinations, Mexico has become a favorite among all gays, especially in Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. In the latter, if you love art and music, vivid sunsets, amazing sunrises, biking along trails or long strips of sandy white beaches, an exciting night life with over eighteen clubs to choose from, then Puerto Vallarta will quickly become one of your favorite vacation spots for years to come.

There also is Acapulco. Acapulco is famous for its beautiful stretches of white beach, warm, aqua colored ocean, to the comfortable and exotic hotels and home like villas. If you would rather stay in a condominium, those are available to rent also. For an exciting night life, there are gay bars and nightclubs where you and your partner can dance the night away.

Acapulco receives gay tourists from all over the United States and other countries because they cater to gays, making Acapulco an attractive destination. Some of the favorite gay clubs you won’t want to miss are Moons, a fantastic dance club; Club Savage, if you wish to saunter on over to the drag queen performances; Demas, another dance club with loud music, and the place to listen to Latina and American music, is at Cabare Tito beach. Fortunately, Acapulco realizes that their tourism relies on gays vacationing in safety and spending money, so Acapulco makes gay travel more attractive, safer, and more popular every year.

There is even a gay beach in Acapulco called Playa Condesa where partiers frequent, and is also known for its jet ski rentals and para sailing. A little further down are restaurants and a bar, all gay friendly. If you simply want to soak up some sun or sit in the shade, a vendor will be along to rent you an umbrella, chair, and sell you cool refreshing drinks. Gay travel to this beach is the highest in Mexico.

Casa Condesa situated on a hill from the beach, is a very popular gay guesthouse run by gay managers. Gay travelers who have stayed there haven’t wanted to leave Acapulco because the atmosphere is so friendly and safe. When you feel safe, you can relax and have fun. In fact, some felt such a wonderment in Acapulco, they have come back to live permanently.

Still, even if you are going for a vacation only, and you want a friendly, affordable, gay travel destination where you are sure to have fun, privacy when you desire, and acquire many new friends, relax, and enjoy your stay, because you will never regret traveling to Acapulco.

Howie Holben has traveled throughout the world for more than 30 years. He owns and runs Spirit Journeys, a spiritual gay adventure travel organization. You can find more gay tours articles at
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Visit in some of the whole world’s paramount hotels

Just on the Las Vegas Strip are you able to discover 18 of the 25 biggest resorts in the whole world. Las Vegas is the international resort city par excellence. All the enjoyment district is inside these giants constructed to give the best of luxuries to ladies and men. Visit Las Vegas and spend a night in any of these hotel giants

Playing with several chips in a casino

Las Vegas is, in addition, the city. Casinos and the town’s attractions are the finest in the world. Wager you likely are not able to make a great fortune although it will be fun trying like many of those in this city. But we cannot pass up the chance to gamble a couple of dollars on any or roulette of the thousands of games that exist in the casinos. In case you ‘re fortunate, maybe it is possible to win a enough to appreciate much more in the casinos where they are able to get several dollars, although where fortunes are lost. Do not stop visiting with Las Vegas’ casinos. You could be awaited by a fortune!

the Strip

Certainly one of the most significant avenues in the world. Few roads in the globe bring so many hotels, casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, as in the Strip. The street where you’ll find 18 of the 25 greatest resorts in the whole world. Walk this way for over 4 miles is an experience that is unforgettable. Each of the hotels that are big is a fantastic monument that can leave us with memories of a great trip and an open mouth. And in case you’ve the chance to remain in one of them, the encounter will not be incomplete. The Strip unites the essence to allow it to be a world-wide appeal.

Fremont Street Experience

Certainly one of the greatest shows in town, if you appreciate the older variant of Las Vegas. Fremont Street is the one around which the good old days are revisited. A show that can not miss.

Free shows

Not everything in Las Vegas revolves around money. Included in the Fremont Street Experience, also we will find at street performances throughout the year. The Fountains of Bellagio, the Mirage Volcano and the Sirens of Treasure Island are some of the activities that we’ll find free in Vegas, and with which you may enjoy for free. Also, the Circus Circus hotel at the entrance of the Strip, offers shows that are free to enthuse notably younger family.


The night never sleeps in Vegas, a city of infamous nightlife, which lost in the music and the bash is not as difficult as asking at each. Several of the finest clubs in the city are Xs in Encore; Tao at the Venetian hotel; Hakasan or Jet in the Mirage hotel.

See the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

A must visit will be to the Grand Canyon, although it is going to take 4 hours to reach this nature reserve that is beautiful, if we spend more than a weekend in Vegas. If we can manage it, it’s best that we hire among the travel agencies that offer tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas you may tour the canyon by helicopter and perform sports experiences in a natural environment that is unique globally. Google search for some of those companies that offer adventure tours to the Grand Canyon.

See Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam

Certainly one of the most important engineering works of the last century, the Hoover Dam has a dizzying dimensions of 380 meters long and 220 meters high. Assembled in the 30 s of 20th century, the Hoover Dam is one of the biggest in the world and its construction gave rise another visit also required because, given the extent of 640 square kilometers, is the biggest artificial lake America. In this lake, also we can make a variety of canoeing, adventure sports such as diving or riding watercraft.

The greatest point of the complete city . At a cost of $ 18, value really worth updating to this tower, where we also find attractions (complete day costs $ 34, and worth it) as a roller coaster or a shuttle. See the site for advice and booking: stratospherehotel

Getting married in Las Vegas

We will have no difficulty locating a chapel nearly 24 hours a day. The wedding business in Vegas is one of the most important in town, which, while not transferring just as much money as the gaming itself that is famous and so well-known as this. Who has not dreamed of tying the knot in Las Vegas?

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Bullfighting is a traditional sight seen all over Spain, Portugal, southern France and even some Latin American countries. Generally the rules are that there’s one bull in the ring with a flamboyantly dressed bullfighter, known in Barcelona as the torero, whose aim is to avoid injury throughout the ritual by using intricate dance-like movements. Some call it a sport whilst others regard it as a fine art. Seen as a source of entertainment for centuries, in some countries the bull is killed as the finale and in recent years it has become a controversial issue, particularly in Barcelona.

Bullfighting, or la lidia as it’s known locally, is all about showmanship and basically is a dance with death, the torero, (you might be more familiar with the term matador), has to use all his skills and moves to ensure he avoids the horns of the mighty bull, one wrong move and it could all be over for him. As well as baiting the bull he also has to keep the attention of the audience and make the event exciting and thrilling for them.

A sport that dates back to the Roman Empire where different forms of bull baiting were practised for fun its history in Spain stretches back to 1387, talk to anyone living here and they’re sure to have an opinion about it. If you’re interested in finding out more about the sport or would just like to explore the city itself then look online for apartments to rent.

In 2004 the city council passed a symbolic vote to ban bullfighting, due to be enforced in January 1, 2012, which was received in different ways by the locals. Supporters argue that it is an essential part of their culture and traditions and view it as a form of art that can be compared to music, sculpture and painting. On the other side of the fence are the animal rights advocates who see it as a blood sport that causes unnecessary suffering to the bulls and has had its heyday, (each year in Spain alone there are over 24,000 bulls killed in the bullring). Not alone in their opposition, they are supported in their cause by nationalists who state it is a Spanish tradition, not Castilian, and are keen to ban it as an added way to identify themselves as seperate from the rest of the mainland.

Catalonians are fiercely proud of their ethnicity and have their own official language, although Spanish is widely spoken, and their own customs and traditions. Whilst much of the region is still very much in touch with their identity, there is a real mix of Spanish and Catalonians living in Barcelona due to a mass of internal migration in the 50’s and 60’s.

It’s expected that other regions will soon follow suit which is good news for the bulls but will also mean the loss of thousands of jobs and the government having to pay some kind of compensation to bull breeders.

These days whilst it’s still possible to see bullfighting events in some parts of the region, numbers are said to be declining and the crowd are mostly made up of tourists who are keen and curious to see the drama of the fights, and life-long dedicated fans who still view it as an artistic event. However, as this is an issue that already attracts a lot of negative criticism particularly from international tourists, it seems likely that in the future the number of tourists attending bullfights will drop thus bringing about its natural end as organizers find the events to no longer be cost-effective. There are already rumours going around about the future of the Placa de Braus Monumental Bullring, the main ring in the city, and how it would make a great location for a flea market.

To see the wonders of Barcelona the most economical accommodation is to rent an apartment in the city centre or one of the nearby districts. Prices are lowest if you book on the internet with a choice that ranges from basic studio apartments to luxury living.

Mathieu Quintart writes articles for CocoonBarcelona, a vendor of vacation and holiday accommodation in Barcelona. CocoonBarcelona visits and inspects each apartment for rent to make sure the descriptions of the listed apartments in Barcelona are truthful.

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Before long, after his success of the super model trains, Josh came out with a new gauge, and this was a average three rail O gauge. He had speedily visualize the need for a train that would be more adjustable to home sizes and could generate off the electrical energy. Thats exactly what this gauge provided and is nonetheless a very favored model nowadays.

Other train producers were quickly becoming acknowledged as well. For example the in 1907, the American Flyer joined the industry. Owned by two friends, William Coleman and William Hafner. They had decided they needed to try out with keeping costs down in the lithography field. They tried several tin type materials but the quality was bad, so they were not best-selling. In Reality, it was this firm that originally started producing clockwork trains.

Eventually the partnership came to an end and Hafner went on his own manufacturing the American flyer electric train set. In the first place, he went with the O gauge, but shortly went into the basic gauge that Lionel had set.

Merely before the oncoming of the war, Hafner sold the American flyer in 1938. And the new possessor was A C Gilbert. Once the war started out, every last model train making had to end. Every last the attention had to be put on the war. Prior to this though Gilbert had switched the gauge from HO to O. And Then in 1946, the S gauge was presented. The Lionel Organisation had the superior bound in the industry and Gilbert was unable to compete. He could not keep up with the mass production and the price of Lionels. Gilbert stopped production in 1966 and exactly after this; Lionel took over the ownership of the American Flyer.

The love for model trains goes on today and will no doubt preserve to do so for many years to come. There will never be a toy in the industry that can take the place of the favourited trains in people’s heart.

Learn how to repair lionel trains the easy way? Master toy train repair and discover the easy way to restore your model toy trains with LionelManuals today. Visit the official site to download free catalogs.

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The Global Food Betaine market was estimated to be USD billion in 2015 and expected to reach USD billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecasted period 2016-2020. Betaine is an amino acid also known as trimethylglycine that has shown potential benefits for fighting heart disease, improving blood composition and helping promote muscle gain and fat loss. It can be prepared synthetically or from sugar beet molasses and extensively used in food and personal care products.

Growing potential for Betaine in food and feed industry is the chief contributor for the growth of the market. The raising demand for natural Betaine in various food products like cereal- based and confectionaries is further fueling the market. Growing popularity among consumers regarding the numerous nutritional benefits of Betaine and Multi-functional usages in food and personal care are other major drivers. However, Excessive usage can lead to allergies and may cause many side effects to human health and increasing raw material price are hindering the market growth.

The market is segmented into by type, by form and by application. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into Natural and synthetic Betaine. Synthetic betaine is the largest segment however, natural betaine is expected to be the fastest growing in the forecasted years due to increasing health consciousness among consumers and awareness on the adverse effects of synthetic betaine. On the basis of form it is classified into cocamidopropyl Betaine, betaine anhydrous, betaine monohydrate, Betaine Hydrochloride and others. among those Betaine Hydrochloride is expected to be the fastest growing due its organic in nature and numerous health benefits to human health. Further, segmented on the basis of applications such as beverages, confectionary, cereal products, dairy, nutritional supplements etc. the major applications can be seen in nutritional supplements due to its numerous health benefits and it is also accepted as anti-stressing agent and found to improve athletic performance.

North America is the major market for Betaine due to raising demand of health drinks and followed by Europe. In Europe, various food regulatory bodies have accepted the consumption of Betaine. Therefore, growing applications in food industry is driving the Betaine market in Europe. However, Asia pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market owing to raising demand for sports drinks and dietary supplements followed by North America.

The major players in the market are BASF SE , Associated British Food plc., E. I. Du Pont de Nemours , American Crystal Sugar Company , Solvay S.A, Nutreco N.V., Kao Corporation, Amino GmbH, Sunwin Chemicals, Weifang Sunwin Chemicals Co. Ltd, Stepan Company. The major companies are focusing in sports and dietary supplements industry in order to gain the competitive edge.

Mordor Intelligence understands the need of unique information requirement in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, helping you gain the edge over your competition. To download this report visit Global Food Betaine Market

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Identity Thief could acquire a license with your n?m? and accumulate tickets in your business name. You ?ould findthemselv?? with ? warrant issued for that arrest, becoming identity thieves do never pay fines due n?r turn up f?r court t?plead their transgression.

Relationships created by online are generally ver? dangerous b??au?e the percentages ?f honest or decent individualsonline ?r? lower th?n dishonest people. Most peoples who in order to be create rapport v?? online h?v? ? dark side?f th??r character. So t?k? decision wisely. Use ??x senses a?so?iat?d w?th intelligence to protect them.

But th?? story ??n’t about this man. It’s ab?ut th? m??t embarrassing moment (to m? recollection) ?? ?n underage buyer.Just ?? I d?n’t obtain the ??rt?cular establishment in hot water, we ar? going to call the bar I went to make sure you. MissLilly’s, and Miss Lilly’s wa? a country style saloon in the suburban areas. At the time I got working a good intern to enjoya radio station, s? Utilised signing u? people on your prize drawing wh?n actually gorgeous guy walked up, wh?m I recognizedfor a remote broadcast w? d?d from th? Windsor Heights fire station. He wa? ? fire fighter, ?u?t American Fake ID out there for overnight on city.

Below always be the alcohol age laws while they pertain to the state of Texas, in s?m? ID-checking tips to trap an?fake ?n?? that end u? ?n both ?our hands. This way, y?u ensure th?t n??th?r you nor ??ur firm is caught serving alcohol toa minor, coupled with liquor license (and your job!) w?ll remain intact.

More across the story for the American-Iranian reporter arrested as the spy in Iran on Saturday. We suppose SenatorHillary Clinton wants Iranians officials to re-examine ?nd re-evaluate the?r case ag??nst Milliseconds. Roxana Saberi.Will ?ne voice be able to dig up th?s woman out of h?r 8-year prison sentence? We’ll h?ve t? ?e? weight loss news rollsin.

It’s good. It’s fantastic. It’s fierce, ?nd ?t’s free. Experience the flowing, mystical dance of the waters in the Bellagio.Around 1000 jet fountains spray water as tall as 460 feet in atmosphere and it’s all synchronized to some of belly tunest? ev?r rock th? population. Add colored lights, fog machines, along w?th several ?ther lighting tricks ?nd thi? round timeshow provides improvement over som? belonging to the featured dance attractions that pay to discover.

I guess Antwon “Skills” Taylor ?r Antwon Tanner fr?m One Tree Hill and th? movie, Coach Carter h?s pleaded innocentto the american Fake ID scam h?’s b?en accused of.

It forces y?u t? be wond?r them, if th?r?’s anything secure ?n living. Your properties ?nd appliances can be stolen,your identity could be stolen too. No, is the answer. There i? noth?ng secure in this world, save f?r probably, y?ur dignitywhi?h can merely b? taken from you seeking all?w some people to.

Although this ID looks totally fake, amazingly it’s actually legitimate! But putting up a fake profile to others in chat settings is epidemice-commerce. One can only imagine the pain in South Bend yesterday.

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Everyone plays with Legos from adults to kids so this will be an adventure that you and your children will really enjoy. Carlsbad, California is home to Legoland. This is where you and your family get to see giant Lego sculptures and enjoy various rides and attractions.

As the only amusement park of its kind in the United States, LegoLand offers more than 15,000 Lego creations made from more than 35 million interlocking bricks. Within the park you’ll find thrilling rides, restaurants, gift shops, and much more. There are also several themed locations, including the Land Of Adventure, Knights Kingdom and the Pharaoh’s Revenge.

One fun ride children often enjoy is the Volvo Driving School. Your kids will get a chance to take a driving “test” and receive a driver’s license of their very own. Get the card laminated and purchase a lanyard for wearing so they can show off their driving expertise. There are two tracks, so even little ones can participate.

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. Lost Kingdom is waiting for you to ride through. This ancient temple is the scene for treasures which you need to find and the bad guys made of Lego need to be taken care of with your laser gun. In other parts of the park, kids can ride a Lego horse and enjoy a jousting tournament or wear themselves out climbing the rope climbs at The Hideaways.

For any kid who ever dreamed of living on the high seas, check out the Pirate Shores. Sail on the Splash Battle fleet and soak other riders with this attraction’s many water cannons. Smaller children will enjoy a place called Swabbie’s Deck, as it’s a great place to get cooled off without worrying about going overboard.

One of the cool things that everyone will enjoy is Mini Land USA. This is a reproduction of different aspects of the U. S. and it is made entirely of Legos. Besides famous American sites, keep your eyes open for the funny things going on within the scenes, like a Lego man being arrested. Finding the hidden secrets is part of the adventure.

Competitions between families is another aspect of the park as well as 3-D and 4-D racing and the world of sorcerers and knights.

Lots of extra events and attractions are being added to celebrate Legoland’s recent 10th anniversary. Highlights include a fireworks show every Saturday during the summer of 2009 and the 2009 Master Model Builder Competition, where you can take your love of Legos just a little farther.

This is a building contest that will allow you to enter your own artistic work. The judges will choose a winner each month and those winners will attend the final build off. Monthly winners also receive four tickets to visit Legoland again.

Even those people who aren’t big fans of Legos will enjoy this park, though the park is especially geared toward kids twelve and younger. It’s small enough to explore in one day, with parking close to the entrance and access just off a major freeway.

Learn more about the fun you can have at Legoland California and find Legoland discount tickets.
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Continental Airlines is based in Houston, Texas, with hubs in Newark, New Jersey and Cleveland, Ohio as well. Continental Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the United States and flies to destinations in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Continental offers more than 6,000 daily departures, serving hundreds of national and international destinations. The airline employees almost 83,000 workers.

Continental, along with Northwest, Delta, Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, and Alitalia, is currently a member of the SkyTeam alliance. In October, 2009, however, Continental will discontinue its membership in SkyTeam to join the Star Alliance. Membership in Star Alliance will allow Continental to cooperate more closely with United, with which it has been in merger discussions since 2006. Coordinating with Star Alliance, however, is currently a higher priority for Continental than merging with United.

The Continental frequent flyer program is OnePass. Member earn valuable miles on all Continental flights, as well as when they travel on Aero Republica, Copa, or any other SkyTeam carrier (Star Alliance after October 2009). Frequent flyers can earn and use their miles on Continental or any other carrier in its alliance.

Continental Airlines was founded in 1931 as Varney Speed Lines. The company name was changed to Continental Airlines in 1937. The airline was originally based in El Paso, Texas and offered service to New Mexico, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Continental Airlines is a pioneer in the lower airline fare movement, first introducing the economy fare in 1962. It offered its first flights to Europe in 1985.

Continental Airlines was also the first American airline to hire an African-American pilot, in 1963, as well as the first U.S. carrier successfully to fly through bankruptcy.

Continental recently conducted another first with the demonstration of the first biofuel-powered flight of a commercial airline in the United States. The flight was powered by a special fuel blend derived from algae and jatropha plants. Continental plans to continue working and experimenting with biofuels. This is part of Continental?s efforts to reduce the airline?s impact on the environment. Continental also offers a program that gives passengers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions per flight for a fee of two additional dollars per ticket. The money is used to plant trees in reforestation areas. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Continental for their efforts.

Continental Airlines operates a fleet that consists entirely of Boeing aircraft: Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 777. The airline plans to add the Boeing Dreamliner 787 to its fleet in a couple of years. Continental signed an exclusive agreement with Boeing in the late 1990, but the European Union forced the contracts to be voided when Boeing acquired rival McDonnell Douglas in 1997. However, the agreement has continued since then.

Continental has struggled financially over the past few years, like most United States airlines. The airline reported losing millions of dollars in 2008 due to increased fuel costs and airline pilot retirement expenses.

Tom Martens is the content syndication coordinator for South Arica?s leading Flight comparison & Booking portal, which includes Continental Airlines amongst others.
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Florida Keys is a set of over 800 islands and islets positioned off the southern coast of Florida in the United States of America. Florida and the Florida Keys have long been known as great holiday destinations for those tourists looking to escape for a bit of sunshine. However, it is important to understand that the Florida Keys have a lot more to offer than just sunbathing.

Key West, in the Florida Keys, is an island that holds just over 32% of the whole Florida Keys’ population. As such, it can tend to be like most other cities in America, being surrounded with large shopping malls and traffic jams. Most people fly into Key West as their initial point of arrival in order to visit the Florida Keys and it is well worth taking a night or two to explore the area. From here, you can start to explore some of the Keys’ more remote and exotic sights.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was the first undersea park created in the United States of America. It stretches across to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to protect 178 square nautical miles of mangrove swamps and coral reefs. In fact, the coral reef at the park is the only living coral reef left around the coast of mainland USA.

A visit to the park is a great way to feel connected with the nature and beauty in which the Keys has to offer, as is staying in the park’s camping ground, which has a varied range of water based activities to enjoy. This includes snorkelling, scuba and glass-bottomed boat tours that run daily and allow you to see the park in all its beauty in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

Visiting the Bahia Honda State Park is another wonderful means of connecting with the beauty of the Florida Keys. The crisp, white beaches offers a wonderful opportunity to soak up the sunshine should you feel like taking the time to relax in the heat, which in addition gives access to another coastline worthy of exploring on your visit. Hiring a kayak to survey the area is also the perfect activity for getting the heart pumping whilst being able to kick back and relax every so often.

No doubt you’ll travel along the Overseas Highway to visit all these treasure trove sights of the Florida Keys and whilst not a natural wonder, the Overseas Highway itself is something of a tourist attraction; a 127 mile-long road bridge connecting the upper, middle and lower keys. At some points on the highway it has been said to almost feel like you are connecting with nature, this is because you are driving along a road that seemingly stretches out into the wide, blue expanse of sea ahead.

If the opportunity should arise then holidays in the Florida Keys can be a fantastic break away from the rat race where you can re-connect with nature and enjoy the unspoilt splendour of this archipelago.

The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.
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Justine John DYIKUK
The home is the citadel of all civilizations. It is common place to hear people saying about a child that is misbehaving: “He or she lacks home training.” On the social front, the home has been described as the live-wire of society, the living-cell or nucleus of society. On the religious or ecclesiastical plain, it is seen as the domestic church. Educationally, it is the first school one attends in life. It is central to any society, primitive or civilized. Whether the home is a house owned by its occupants or a rented apartment, the idea is those who make it up and stand for one another. It is not a building (house) that makes a home but its members and the values they uphold.
We must acknowledge that the basic constituents of a typical home are; father, mother and children. Be it nuclear (mostly European/American) or extended (mostly African), a home provides a relaxed atmosphere. It is here that God gives us life, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, nieces and nephews. In either case, families make up kindreds, clans, villages and eventually towns. As the basic cell of society, members of almost every family enjoy social stratification with roles, duties and functions carried out by everyone in unity and love.
God extends his creative ability to parents to continue his pro-creative plan of sustaining and continuing the human race. With His procreative plan in place, parents ought to by the calling of natural law, fulfill certain obligations to their children. The scripture is clear on parental responsibility: “Be their ideal; let them follow the way you teach and live; be a pattern for them in your love, your faith, and your clean thought (1 Tim. 4:12). St. Thomas Aquinas outlines duties and responsibilities of parents towards their children – they are; feeding, clothing, shelter and education.
Feeding or nutrition is a right endowed on all living beings by the law of nature. Even lower animals cannot but neglect this important function of sustaining their young. Aquinas argues that since children did not ask their parents to give birth to them, it is incumbent on the latter to nourish their children in love. Little wonder, the World Health Organization (WHO) under the auspices of United Nations Child Care Foundation (UNICEF) have often made a case for exclusive breastfeeding. The necessary ingredients that form the brain and makes for intellectual development are gotten from mothers’ breast-milk; no milk, even cow-milk can perfectly substitute for this.
A devilish contemporary behavior by some young mothers who would not want to be old or their physic wane as a result of exclusive-breast-feeding should be condemned in totality. A child that is well breast-fed would in no time begin to gain those natural instincts and developments required of every normal human being and before you know it, he/she develops to a full-fledged male or female. With exclusive breast-feeding in view, proper balanced diet is needed for the growth of a normal child. Where parents fail to provide these, diseases like kwashiorkor or malnutrition will definitely set in and the consequences are child mortality or children who will turn out to be misfits to society.
Genesis 2 tells us that after the fall, God made fig leaves for Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness. This underscores the importance of clothing as an integral part of human life. The angelic Doctor says, parents have the all-important role of clothing their children. It is not uncommon to find children roaming our streets naked or half-naked, bare-footed or exposed to the harsh climate without proper cloths on. It is the God-given responsibility of parents to provide good and decent clothing for their children. It is heart-rending to see some parents wearing skimpy cloths and encouraging their children from childhood to wear same. Where parents as guides and models fail in their responsibility as good Christian parents of providing good and decent culture of clothing for their children, the society would be worse for it.
Since it is the natural right of every child to have good accommodation, parents must not fail in fulfilling this obligation. There was a day I saw our Dog relocating her babies, carrying each with her mouth, because rain falling where she gave birth to them and I thought within me; ‘if an animal can provide a secure place for her young, what more of humans?’ As a Priest, I have had the course of visiting some villages and what you see in terms of children’s living condition is an eyesore. In some homes, children lie on grass, floor or bare ground and during the rainy season, they have to wake up in the middle of the night and shift from one place to another dodging from leaking roofs; a scene reminiscent of J. P Clarke’s poem Night rain.
The question I have often asked is, if children are exposed to harsh living conditions as described above how would learning be easy, how would they grow up with a sense of good esteem or self-worth? Again, ask a couple of Nigerians reasons for the fallout of good living conditions and the answer you are likely to get is, bribery and corruption or bad leadership. The point being made here is that a child that is restless due to poor living conditions will in the long run leave home and become a problem to society. The almajiri, agboros, pick-pockets, street beggars and political thugs may be heirs of this menace!
Key to all this is education (both religious and civic). A man begins to learn as soon as he comes out of his mother’s womb. The first cry of the child at birth is indicative of learning. Yes, the child notices he or she is in a new environment. This cry, is just a first step, in the right direction of future leaning for the child. St. Thomas holds that parents have the obligation to give their children both religious and civic education.
Religious education is the first learnt at home. The scripture says, “Direct your children while they are young enough to learn. If you don’t, you are helping them to destroy themselves” (Prov. 19:18). On this I always like to remind parents that in the house, the father is like a priest and the mother, a nun. From birth, they have to ensure they take the child to Church for baptism (catholic parents) and subsequently dedication and catechism classes for First Holy Communion and confirmation. It is the parents for instance that would teach the child how to make the sign of the cross. They are the ones to show him or her the way to the Church and give the child money for offering thus inculcating in their children the virtue of Christian charity or generosity. The scriptures say, train a child in the way of the Lord and when he grows, he will not depart from it (Proverbs). Jesus said, allow the little ones to come to me for to such belong the kingdom of God.
There are times when one parent seems to show he or she likes the child more and so hides the child’s ill from the other partner. It should be noted that “disciplinary directives must be firm, understandable and consistent. Effective discipline requires that both parents take a firm stand on orders given. It was Napoleon the great leader of France who said, the greatest need of France is more Christian homes where children will be trained.
Close to religious education is civic education. It is part of the obligation of every citizen of each state to contribute to the growth and survival of society. It is incumbent on parents to send their children to school, Aquinas says. Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Denying them civic education is denying them a future. How do we to have doctors, engineers, architects, priests, soldiers, the police, journalists, accountants and other professionals if parents fail to provide their children the opportunity of schooling? Many have argued that our educational system is decaying but I dare to say half bread is better than none. Governments and parents have the all important roles of providing good schools with qualified teachers and conducive environment to adequately prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.
Basic hygiene which includes good sanitary condition is required for healthy living. This includes bathing, brushing, washing clothes, good toilets/lavatories and living in well ventilated environments. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children enjoy good hygiene for healthy growth and vitality. Sometimes, children are left without bathe for many days; sometimes they scavenge rubbish for left-overs, pick cook food that falls on the ground and straight to mouth. Worse still, some children could be seen eating with dirty and unwashed hands – eating unwashed fruits like mango or oranges are other unhygienic practice we notice around us. At times when you visit some homes and you are served drinking water, the sight of the cup alone would terrify you. Using muddy water for bathe and cooking purposes is another unhygienic ritual in some rural homes. Children are weak and vulnerable as such, parents ought to protect them from unhygienic practices. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine!
The ongoing fight against six-killer diseases is a pointer to the seriousness government and parents ought to pay as regards child health care or infant mortality. Since children are a gift from God, no sane person would like to waste such a precious gift. Children have the right to basic health care system of which routine immunization against killer diseases must not be taken lightly. If infant mortality rate is reduced to the beeriest minimum, society would be the better for it. Taking a keen interest in our children’s health by pediatricians, other health-care personnel and parents is of paramount importance. A healthy child creates a robust youth and a vibrant youth is no doubt, a leader of tomorrow.
Children are precious in the eyes of God and their guardian angels are constantly keeping watch over them. They constitute brothers and sisters and are the icing on the family cake. Children are supposed to be collaborators with their parents in providing an enabling environment of peace, friendship, support and love at home. It is a product of natural law for parents to love their children and for children to not only love their parents back but to respect and carry out their wishes. Children must be seen helping and supporting their parents in every way to make the home that desired haven we all want it to be.
Every family has a tradition though these traditions differ from family one family to another. Some of these traditions include; waking up early and going round to greet everyone, praying together in the morning and evening, not staying out late (in the night), meeting at the end or beginning of the year; others include, learning what it means to love, smile and be contented. It is at home that we equally gain knowledge of the basics of life and values like; respect, greeting, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, prayer and the ways of God. Whether it is hunger or crying, it is at home we first express these natural instincts. Governments must compliment parent’s roles of ensuring that citizens of every country enjoy good family up-bringing, sound education and adequate housing. The natural milk of life is drawn on the home-front; it is this milk that sustains one for the whole of life. No where touches our heads and hearts like our natural abodes – as such, the home makes or mars you!

Fr. Justine John DYIKUK, a Catholic Priest and Public Affairs Commentator writes from Bauchi.

Fr. Justine John DYIKUK, is a Catholic Priest and Public Affairs Commentator; he writes from Bauchi, Nigeria where he is currently ministering.