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Because of China’s zoophobia, the Western World would never have heard about Shar Peis if not for the diligent efforts of Hong Kong businessman Matgo Law. Shar Peis became victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Along with many other Chinese traditions and art forms, Shar Peis were outlawed and mostly destroyed. Matgo Law managed to rescue some and get them spirited away to Western countries. He started exporting Shar Peis in 1973. By the 1980’s, there was a craze for Shar Peis, which led to much indiscriminate breeding.

Many reliable Shar Pei information sources have come to the conclusion that the dogs sent to America were particularly inferior. These dogs are thought to have inherited several health problems (such as skin disorders and inverted eyelids) and had some nasty tempers to boot. But they are the only gene pool of Shar Peis available. They will always be a rare breed and need experienced, confident, physically strong owners.

It is thought that Shar Peis were bred to be strong all purpose farm dogs. They were to have a fierce appearance, could work all day and guard both master and property from man or beast. It is unknown when the emphasis on wrinkles developed. This was most likely when Shar Peis became star performers in another field – the dog-fighting pit. Wrinkles and loose skin meant another dog couldn’t get a good grip and, even if they did, the loose skin could help protect vital organs. Even today, Shar Peis are not great around other dogs.

Sadly, the dog-fighting pit is responsible for the development of many breeds especially bulldog types being developed in England about the same time Shar Peis were being honed to their current look in China. Unlike Shar Peis, the bully breeds in England (including the Old English Bulldog and the much-maligned Staffordshire Bull Terrier) were selected to be aggressive with other dogs but be eager to please any person.

North American and European breeders of the Shar Pei breed are now learning from their mistakes, as has the American buying public. Shar Peis were dropped like hot potatoes in the 1990’s, which lead to the rise of many Shar Pei rescues in many states. Because of their temper and their large size, they are not found in puppy mills as they once were. Shar Peis are now bred for an improved disposition, as well as for their looks.

The future for the Shar Pei looks grim to those who love to see things unchanged. There’s just not enough of a gene pool in order to assure the future of this unique dog breed. Considering some of the problems many have discovered with keeping Shar Peis, perhaps that’s for the best. Shar Peis are prone to many health problems. The most worrisome (and painful) is inverted eyelids, where the eyelashes constantly rub against the eyeballs. This can be cured with an expensive operation.

For more information on the Chinese Crested or a complete list of dog breeds visit this Dog Behaviour website.

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As a parent, I get tired of much of what is passed off as “family entertainment”, the idea seeming to be that for it to be acceptable for the whole family, there should be no language, nothing suggestive, and nothing more violent than opening a can of Pringles. At the end of the day, what you end up with is product that goes out of its way to be simultaneously inoffensive as the day is long and about as interesting as a five pound bag of fertilizer.

The movie list that follows are movies which I find to be perfect family viewing: good, fun, encouraging, uplifting stories with likeable characters. However, I cannot promise that they have no language or violence, etc. So we will now proceed with a more unusual twist on the family viewing theme.

SAVANNAH SMILES (1982) – a charming story of a seven year old girl named Savannah who, tired of being ignored by her jet set parents, runs away from home (hiding in a car driven by two escaped convicts, of course). Over the course of the next few days, the convicts experience a major change of heart, choosing to look after and take care of the child even when their own freedom is threatened. A beautiful story, well told, but with some cases of language and crude behavior.

HOOSIERS (1986) – Gene Hackman plays a coach with a checkered past who trains a small town Indiana high school basketball team and makes them a top contender for the championship. Hackman is in top form, as is Dennis Hopper as the town drunk and father of one of the players. Excellent production values set against the backdrop of the Midwest in the 40’s highlight this wonderfully inspiring story.

THE BLIND SIDE (2009) – the semi-bio pic of football player Michael Oher, a homeless boy who becomes an NFL first round draft pick thanks to a caring woman and her family. A perfect overcoming-all-odds story, and far more inspiring than the insipid FACING THE GIANTS or other more “family friendly” fare.

FINDING NEMO (2003) – Arguably Pixar’s finest moment, this is the story of a young clownfish who is stolen from his coral reef home, and his father’s journey to rescue him. The sacrificial love of a father for his son is touching, even if it is punctuated by a perfectly cast Ellen DeGeneres as forgetful Dory.

THE LION KING (1994) – the last major hurrah for traditional animation before CGI took over, this film is not to be missed. Great performances by Matthew Broderick and James Earl Jones highlight this tale of an heir to the lion kingdom finding his way back home following the untimely death of his father. The film was criticized heavily for the word SEX allegedly appearing in a cloud of dust (it actually spells SFX, the name of one of the companies involved in the production of the film). If you stop chasing demons that aren’t there, you’ll see what a rewarding two hours this film can be.

STAR WARS TRILOGY (1977-1983) – Forget the prequels, the originals are when the magic happened. Before Special Editions, before CGI, this was the defining of a generation’s new mythology. What other thirty five year old movie still ha kids running around neighborhoods using sticks for lightsabers? Gather your children and get lost in that galaxy long ago and far away.

BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) – yes, it is quintessential 80s, but it’s also one heck of a movie. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are in rare form in this time traveling romp with drama, comedy, 50’s dance party, and sci-fi cheese. Oh, and the music is pretty good, too. Look for 80s rocker Huey Lewis as a teacher complaining about the music being too loud.

APOLLO 13 (1995) – You know it’s a good movie when you know the ending and are still on the edge of your seat. Director Ron Howard captures the event of the third moon landing mission with remarkable clarity, the special effects don’t look dated (remarkable for any film over ten years old), and the characterizations are all spot on, especially Bill Paxton as astronaut Fred Haise and Ed Harris as Mission Control Flight Director Gene Krantz. If you want to feel good as an American again, this is the movie.

COCOON (1985) – Ron Howard’s other notable feat was this sci-fi drama about a bunch of geriatrics discovering an otherworldly fountain of youth. Not many directors are willing to make a movie where the main cast are all over 60 (except for Wilford Brimley, who was in his 50’s when the movie was made; he’s just always looked old!). The story line is a bit convoluted, which means you have to pay attention or you may not quite get it (just listen any time Brian Dennehy is talking and you’ll be fine). Not exactly E.T. but in many ways a much better film.

MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS (1995) – Richard Dreyfuss’ last great role before his career imploded (KRIPPENDORF’S TRIBE, anyone?), this follows a man’s thirty year journey as a high school music teacher, starting out as a “fall back” job which he hates and ultimately becoming his passion. Yes, it borders on melodrama at times, but the overall ride is quite satisfying. I’m surprised Dreyfuss didn’t win for Best Actor that year. Certainly worth watching as an encouragement for anybody who desires to do great things, or wonders if they have in fact made a difference.

FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF (1986) – The pride of high school teens everywhere in the mid 80s, John Hughes masterpiece about “one man’s struggle to take it easy” is still good for a laugh today. For my money, Matthew Broderick as Ferris is constantly upstaged by Alan Ruck as his best friend Cameron, and the whole film is an exercise in over the top excess. I mean, nobody has a run of luck that good, and I certainly don’t encourage my kids to emulate the behavior, but it is a funny two hours.

Okay, there are my suggestions…..maybe not exactly “wholesome family entertainment”, but if I may say so, “wholesome family entertainment” makes me want to barf. These are films you can watch with your kids and everybody have a good time.

Now pass the popcorn….

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Women can do almost anything to stay slim. To drop these extra pounds many programs are designed from time to time. An American celebrity trainer has recently created a nutritional regime. The baby food diet results in dropping a few pounds easily. It is quite simple and it incorporates bland and mushy child food.

The outcome of the procedure

This schedule when taken as an alternative therapy to lose weight will help in reduced intake of calories. It often enables us to remove the heavy snacks and meals from our daily regime. It is extremely nourishing, low in sugar and salt and is free of preservatives. However, it falls short of requisite fats and fibers and hence it has to be substantiated with normal diet also.

Baby food is full of nutrients, low in fats, sugar and salt and most importantly is free of preservatives. However, at the same time it lacks iron, vitamin C, fiber and carbohydrates. As long as one picks up the right kind of eatables that has enough calories and nutrients, follows a proper pattern of eating and has them as snacks or replaces a meal or two in the whole day, it is safe to be followed. However, do not forget to supplement your diet with nutritious things like fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.

Results of the program

One of the major reasons that this regime gives results is because it comes in small jars and packets. This helps a person to control the amount being eaten without much effort. The storage is easy and they can be easily carried because of their size.

Challenges to overcome

The biggest problem is that one feels hungry over a period of time due to insufficient meals. Lack of salts and sugar makes it tasteless. Lesser amount of fibers leads to deficiency of roughage and hence digestion problem may occur. The small containers may persuade one to eat more and hence add up to more calories. This leads to the failure of schedule and hence addition of weight. The lack of spices and easily edible food does not give satisfaction in small quantities and may lead to loss of motivation.

If one chooses to live with these small packs, and have proper meals in between, this diet meets all requirements of the body. It also helps in calorie and weight control in the body. To include necessary fats and acids, olive oil, nuts and fish can be added.

Make your own dishes at home with variety of fruits and vegetables. One can store them and eat when required. Always consult you nutritionist before starting any diet program. Along with this regime, eat at least one adult meal in a day.

The baby food diet results may lead to slow and gradual addition to your weight. It is good for people who want to discard extra fats in quick time. The film stars often prefer it before any movie or public appearance. This diet coupled with exercises and requisite rest is a sure way to a happy and healthy life.

Get more information about how you can achieve your weight loss goals more easily when you read the baby food diet results information available now. You can more effectively lose weight and maintain greater health with the baby food diet.

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Furniture is an important part of any home. When picking furniture the first thing to consider is the style. Some people enjoy a more modern take on furniture while others are looking for something more traditional or homey. Choosing the right furniture can be hard because style and color is not always the only consideration. Cost and quality are also important factors. Since furniture is an important investment finding the right brand is important to the life and quality of the furniture. The following brands offer high quality furniture at reasonable prices.

Zuo Modern

Zuo Modern is a top furniture brand offering unique and contemporary, modern designs. Zuo uses interesting new shapes and textures creating the most fresh and exciting furniture pieces. There contemporary pieces brighten up any room and create a state of the art space for the customer. Zuo Modern uses new materials and creative design to create the most cutting edge and stylish furniture.

Diamond Sofa

Diamond Sofa is trendy furniture brand with a unique urban twist. Their furniture designs are both stylish and modern and popular for their one of a kind design. Diamond Sofa offers innovative designs and fresh ideas to consumers looking for an elegant but current look. If you are looking for an American brand and relevant, modern Diamond Sofa is the brand for you.


Jofran is a contemporary designer creating fabulous furniture for the living room, dining, room, and for entertaining. This modern and traditional furniture designer is focused on high quality, current designs to enhance any room in the house. The remarkable pieces provided by Jofran are both fashionable and affordable applying innovative design to create a one of a kind furniture pieces.

Allan Copley Designs

Allan Copley Designs is a modern designer of beautiful wood and metal furniture elevating the appearance of any room. The furniture is created by award-winning designers and will compliment any room. Customers looking for elegant, stylish furniture with a modern twist will be pleased with the high quality product they receive from Allan Copley Designs. The furniture designs at Allan Copley offers up to date trendy home d├ęcor but they also offer eco friendly styles to support efforts to preserve the environment.

Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan Bassett is a bedroom furniture designer providing long lasting, beautifully crafted wood furniture. The environmentally friendly company builds sustainable furniture that will make any bedroom special. This high end, high quality wood furniture will transform your bedroom and capture your style. Customers of Vaughan Bassett receive well crafted furniture meeting the customer’s bedroom design needs. Vaughan Bassett is American made furniture that is both affordable and stylish.


Coaster Fine Furniture is a distributor of fine furniture at a great value. The furniture offered by Coaster is elegant, trendy and original. Each piece of furniture from Coaster is beautifully made and of impeccable quality. There is always something for every customer with the casual, traditional and contemporary designs. The wide selections of excellent products from Coaster are available at Bezow. Bezow offers customers the most original and modern pieces of furniture to jazz up any room.

For the highest quality furniture go to Bezow and buy furniture from Coaster a well known fine furnishing company.
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People don’t perceive things the same way, so you’ll have to come and experience New York City for yourself! Don’t limit yourself to just pictures and stories. Use this guide to help you get the most out of New York in the least out of time!
Making the most of New York City will require you to be ready to take on an action filled time and wear good walking shoes and warm and comfortable clothing. A great way to start off your visit is by going with family or friends. That way, you’ll be able to share the experience with someone and your different aspects of it. Maybe argue on which attraction was better just for laughs?
Where do you want to go? Read about the following landmarks to learn more about the most popular attractions in New York City. It’s breath-taking architectural exterior will sweep you in for a great surprise!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest decorated gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the United States, seating about 2,200 people. It is located on 5th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets. It has been recognized throughout its history as a center of Catholic life, and each year over 3 million people visit the cathedral.

History: Archbishop John Hughes began the Cathedral in 1858 to replace the original St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cornerstone was laid in August of that year, and, after suspending work during the years of Civil War (1861-1865), John Cardinal McCloskey, the first American Cardinal, continued in 1865, opening the doors in May, 1879. Today, it is used as a parish church in New York.

Facts about St. Patrick’s Cathedral:
The Windows were made by renowned artists in Chartres, France; Birmingham, England and Boston Massachusetts. The great rose window is acknowledged to be the finest work crafted by Charles Connick, the 20th century genius in stained glass window design.
* The exterior length is about 405 feet; the width is 274 feet.
* The towers rise 330 feet from street level.
* The architect was James Renwick, an American. The Lady Chapel was designed by another American, Charles Mathews.
* The St. Michael and St. Louis altar was designed by Tiffany and Company. The St. Elizabeth altar was designed by Paolo Medici of Rome.
* The Archbishops of New York are buried in a crypt under the high altar. Their honorary hats, called galeros, hang from the ceiling above their tombs.
* The Stations of the Cross are works of art which won first prize at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.
* The Pieta is three times larger than the Pieta in St. Peter’s, Rome.
* The Cathedral has three organs.
* The baldachin over the main altar is solid bronze.

Grand Central Terminal
As you approach 42nd Street and Park Avenue from downtown, you’ll be facing this triumphant facade featuring a fifty foot pediment with statues of Hercules, Minerva and Mercury surrounding a thirteen foot clock. This was designed by architect Whitney Warren in 1913.
This terminal is also the setting to several popular movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s classic North by Northwest, in which a man is mistaken for a government agent and pursued across the country by a gang of spies; The Fisher King, where the terminal was spectacularly done into a ballroom; and 1978’s Superman features some very cool scenes set in villain Lex Luthor’s fantastic subterranean lair under Grand Central Terminal.

Central Park
Central Park is one of those places that make New York such a great place to live or visit. The huge park, 843 acres large, is located in the center of Manhattan, between 5th & 8th Av. and 59th and 110th St. Its design is an example for city parks around the world. The park boasts several lakes, theaters, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, baseball fields, many playgrounds and other facilities. It is also home to the Central Park Zoo and the Metropolitan museum of Art.
Central Park is a welcome oasis in the urban madness. It is beautiful and mysterious in its own unique way, like us. It has life and personality, built upon the imagination of its architects, neighboring residents, and visitors. Frederic Law Olmstead, one of the many architects in the competition of 1857 to organize a design for Central Park, goal was to create a place where people could relax and meditate. He saw the park as a kind of social experiment where people from both upper and lower classes would meet, which was a radical idea at the time, and now people from around the world.
Winding pedestrian roads and bicycle trails are separated from main roads and the numerous of trees ensures the city’s buildings are hidden from within the park. The park environment changes colors during the seasons and weather and are still full of life year-round. Some of the most exciting art exhibitions take place this park, like the most recent, Gates project (February 12-28, 2005), by famous artist Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude. He created a trail of sculptures, weighing up to more than a ton each, which stretched 23 miles.

Empire State Building
The lean, perpendicular design of the Empire State Building makes a strong statement among the smaller Manhattan buildings and eclipses the ground below. This 103 floor building can be seen from almost anywhere in New York and parts of the tri-state area and appears heavenly behind a larger-than-life bill-board. It emerges like a silhouette even on the stormiest of days.

History: The 1931 landmark was the result of a competition between the head of the Chrysler Corporation and General Motors to see who could build the tallest building. GM won. The construction began on January 22, 1930 by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates.

The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York, situated at 350 Fifth Ave. It is both a New York City and National Historic Landmark. There are 1,860 from street level to 102nd floor, but you can take an elevator up to the top.
This is such a great place to bring the family – and an especially amazing place to witness the wonder in a child’s eyes when he gazes 360 degrees from horizon to horizon above the city. Get a bird’s eye view with the scopes.
The beautiful lights that grace the top of The Empire State building are energy efficient as well as awe inspiring. The lights change colors and are colorfully planned for special occasions. In fact, as a Tourism attraction, the view from afar can be as exciting as the view from the top! Just make sure to go when the sky is clear. Make sure you catch the last elevator at 11:15 PM or else you’re stuck racing down the stairs!

Facts about the Empire State Building:
* Metro Networks monitor the busy traffic in the metro area from high atop the Empire State Building Tower.
* The lightning rod on the Tower is struck more than 100 times per year.
* It only took only one year and 45 days to build.
* Fantasizing about getting married at the top of the Empire State Building? You can do it. Every Valentine’s Day, a select group of couples get hitched here.
You might become hungry after all the stair climbing (and that’s why you have on your best walking shoes). So on the way up or down, there are restaurants and pizzerias and ice cream parlous on the floor in the 5th Avenue Lobby. ATM machines are located in the Lobby, Newsstands, Walgreen’s, and near the elevator.

Times Square
Times Square is a known for visual performing arts, long chains of star restaurants, great shopping centers, technological advances, annual outdoor festivities and New Year celebrations! This is a popular attraction to people all around the world. The Times Square Alliance works constantly to improve the quality of public space in Times Square. The Alliance strives to reinforce the area’s authentic and historic character and creatively express Times Square’s unique qualities to your best satisfaction.

“Nowhere else can you find such a diversity of chefs and cuisine from all around the world as you can in Times Square, and it is this that makes dining out in Times Square such an adventure.” – Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins

One of New York City’s most popular annual outdoor food festivals, A Taste of Times Square, presented by the Times Square Alliance, is your opportunity to sample “tastes” delicious signature dishes from Times Square’s top restaurants. You will be able to enjoy classic New York street performers, catch top-notch local entertainment on three stages, and show off your hottest dance moves all evening.

How will you get there?
So, you have just completed reading all about these great places, but how will you get there? The best way to travel is in comfort and style. There’s no need to go on an hour’s search for a parking space. You’ll probably forget where you parked at the end of the day. Rent a limo bus for as many people, 14 people at most, for maximum enjoyment. The advantages are you will save money on both parking and gas and time, one of the most valuable things when traveling. Time is your key to having for chances to spend with the family or friends.
Taking a bus is also recommended. Buy a Metro Card for a one day unlimited bus fare. Just take a seat aboard an air-conditioned bus, your escape from the heat, and they’ll do the moving for you! It’s much cheaper than paying $ 4 for 9/10 of a gallon. You would contributing to the city by reducing traffic and you’ll be able to get to where you want to get and not worry about getting lost because the driver will take you back to your original destination. You’re in safe hands and company.
Since you’re saving money, what can you do with extra cash? Hey, stop by a gift shop. Gift shops are everywhere! You can’t miss them!
You’ve got the ups on what’s new and cheaper, but equal in quality. You know where to go to find an ATM, in case you’re low on cash. Put on your happy face and make sure you don’t forget your best walking shoes because you’re all set to sight-see! No more “I read about this place…” because you’ve seen them all.

For more about New York City sightseeing and travel, please visit US Coachways at

Kurt Clark is a freelance writer, as well as CEO of Kurt Clark, Inc, a web development & internet marketing firm. Read more at:

Research:, a provider of charter bus travel throughout the United States.

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Washington D.C. offers a wealth of opportunities to those who want to experience a huge amount of American history in a single destination. It’s possible to spend the night in the same hotel that Martin Luther King Jr. slept in the night before his famous “I Have a Dream” speech during the 1963 March on Washington, then wake up the next morning and take a short walk to the Washington Monument.

Each hotel you can choose from has a special opportunity that comes along with it. For example, the Willard Intercontinental of the Hay-Adams offers clear, beautiful views of the White House. The Downtown and Capitol Hill hotels, on the other hand, are just a short walk from the National Mall. Each of these hotels are booked by world leaders and diplomats during their visits to the U.S., and are also just a short distance from the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress, and many other monuments, museums, and attractions.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel specifically is near the Jefferson Memorial, though a bit farther from downtown. On the other hand, you can stay close to the night life by booking a room in any of the hotels in Dupont Circle.

But even to stay in Washington D.C., there no need to break the bank: although there are certainly some beautiful hotels throughout the city, there are also other hotels and motels in the city that are more budget-friendly. A majority of these hotels are on Connecticut Avenue, and are very close to the National Zoo and the National Cathedral. Also, these hotels are very close to shopping and dining options.

Parking should be a big consideration when you’re selecting a hotel in Washington D.C. Although some of the hotels outside the downtown area will cost less to reserve, you need to remember that driving in to see the museums and other attractions will cost you quite a bit in parking fees. A good idea is to select a hotel near the attractions you’re most interested in, so that you won’t have to worry over parking.

To save money on your trip to Washington D.C., keep an eye out for package deals and online discounts to help reduce the price of your hotel. Although in many locations you can save quite a bit of money by traveling in the off-season, D.C. doesn’t have a regular off-season, and hotel prices are the same all year. Do bear in mind, however, that as with most destinations, summer is somewhat busier.

If you are looking for Cheap Hotel Rates or other travel savings or information, visit Chris website. He is published all over the net providing travel information to consumers.

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Today, it is common for families to vacation together with family members of all ages. Grandparents often join in on the fun, going along on a summer family vacation with their children and grandchildren. This makes it important to select a destination that everyone will enjoy.

Many vacation destinations cater to one age group over other age groups. For example, Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, caters to adults while Orlando promotes itself as the perfect destination for families with young children. The most important thing to keep in mind when traveling with a group of different ages is to select a vacation destination that appeals to everyone.

Many families are opting for vacations near home because of high gas prices and other economic concerns. When planning New Jersey vacations, consider the following destinations that have a little something for everyone.

Head For New Jersey Amusement Parks

New Jersey amusement parks are known for having the most thrilling roller coasters and rides in America. If roller coasters are your thing, try the Medusa, a floorless roller coaster at Six Flags. The Medusa’s 61 mph speed and 132-foot drop packs a punch. If that’s not enough excitement for you, try the Nitro with its 80 mph speed and 215-foot drop.

Morey’s Piers, located in Wildwood, is one of the most favorite New Jersey amusement parks. This park boasts over 100 rides that include some of the craziest roller coasters around, like The Great Nor’Easter and the wooden roller coaster, The Great White. There is plenty of fun for young children on the kiddy coasters and everyone can enjoy a stroll down the carnival boardwalk where they can eat cotton candy and soft pretzels and have a blast playing games.

For wholesome family fun near Pennsylvania, and only 60 miles west of New York City, stop by The Land of Make Believe. Featuring heart pumping thrill-rides, roller coasters, and water slides, The Land of Make Believe also offers Santa’s Village and a family picnic area for those less thrill seeking family members.

Most New Jersey amusement parks have plenty of activities for families of all ages, making them perfect for family New Jersey vacations.

The Jersey Shore

Stretching along the Atlantic Ocean, the Jersey Shore is 127 miles of fun. You will find New Jersey amusement parks along the Jersey Shore and you can also head to the casinos or walk the boardwalk of Atlantic City.

While casinos and thrill rides are great fun, there is more to New Jersey vacations. Many people prefer to relax and witness the natural wonders of New Jersey. Along the seashore, quaint towns like Sandy Hook and Cape May Pointe offer activities like water sports, sun bathing, kayaking, and tours of historic lighthouses.

History And New Jersey Vacations

Most people don’t realize that with its location near New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey has seen a lot of American history. This provides families with New Jersey vacations and a road trip through history, including the revolutionary war reenactments that take place year round.

For more history, families can visit many small towns along the Jersey Shore to see The Statue of Liberty, to visit Thomas Edison’s laboratory, or to take a look at how people lived hundreds of years ago.

When vacationing with the whole family, it is important to make sure your destination has a little something for family members of every age. New Jersey vacations that include the Jersey Shore, historical attractions, and New Jersey amusement parks all have activities that your family members will enjoy.

Dakota Bressler is an avid traveler and writer for Morey’s Piers, one of the largest New Jersey amusement parks . Their website provides useful information about park rides, hotels and other attractions in the Wildwood area for families planning New Jersey vacations.

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