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The great American antiques traditions of free men and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness came out of ancient Persia long before it hit the beaches of Greece. Oh really? Really. The civilzation and democracy of our western civilization came out of Persia as a blossoming of decency in kings who need not be kind but were. Long before Greece. More directly straight onto the beaches of Persia from the beaches of Africa. The Bible tells me so. And so now does science. But they are evil so we close our ears and our eyes.

When gentle civilization and consideration of the other hit the beaches of ancient Greece the earth surely trembled and God unknown to them sure surely pleased. They gave primitive names as Zeus and Mars who all at least had a specific job to perform, which they did well. Need a lighting strike in the mountains. Call Zeus. Coming! Sparta getting antsy and hasn’t had a great battle since last auumn? Drums for Mars. When there is a certain order to your life do your resist reason than exlplains otherwise.

Often you assist release their head from their body, quickly or slowly. The gods will deermine. Like bloody horsesnipe they do. People do. In your daily life at the bottom of the statue as the birds make play with your new hairdo we decide. Move. Somewhere for you is a nearby or more distant Athens on a hill. Sparta too. Philosphers and soldiers. Athens as Bambi and Sparta the neighborhood Big Bad Wolf. Everybody happy? Yes but we listen in the night winds for howling stirring sounds. Sigh.

Was it ever thus? Yes. Will it ever be? Sigh. you decide. I decide. We all decide. So we know the devil. I once had his golden face point his machine gun at me while I was on his side of the wall. If you can imagine, it reminds you of the purpose of your vital organs, and you sense to obey is be wise and quiet and put your head down for heavens sake and stop making eye contact, your bride quietly whispers. So you then understand why he is so violently shoving his machine gun in your face. You are the only fool on this long line of windows who is gawking at him.

All others have their heads down, I notice as I look around our steel wheel coffin buggy. Look away! So, understanding, naturally, I swing my head back to face him, afraid I mayhave missed something, which I find is not the case. Now I seem to have aroused him s I notice his nostils flare, his eyes gleam with a more frenzied sense of urgency. How long would I remain a free man in Iran today? It is to laugh. Off we go to prison comrade you do not look right. Some time within that day the train bumped, and then, bumping, bumped us into Disney east after Hell by the Beast.

It was utterly transfixing in October 1961 to pass from Esst Germany going east into West Berlin through their western, but at this moment, our far eastern German entry in to the forbidden planet of freedom. West Berlin. Clash and divdes forever? So we thought. Thank God solved now next serious issues else where. Back there then, the train – we – begin to move and my personal man Genghis seemed utterly deflated. Now losing interest he radiant his fnal blast of enrgetic hatred in his disappointed glance acknowledged that our moment was gone. Forever? Nein. Nyet. Velcome to West Moscow. Ich Bin Nein Berliner.

What a new Berlin. When you put the east and west together, you get way more than two together. It becomes a three star civilization just like that. All it takes its the right civilized values, mix in hope, bomb the kids with chocolates till their moms cry, and soon all are hands bonded and forward we go. And Gott in His Himmel smilens. I know, I saw when the sun dared shine.Thank God it really shines on us each with equal love which we tend to forget. Time, gentlemen, please. Let’s try it again from where we began. Peace.

The nuclear message we feel comforted by is the international sign language of the high seas. The letter D is a long flag down and up. An N has two flags with both side mast down. I only learned that. Disarm. Nuclear. Indeed? Not yet. But one day perhaps could we ever feel so assured. Who started this any way? Oh right the fear of God. Actually, Hitler. He died too soon so we bombed Tojo. Enough. Please God that may have been necessary. It should never be again. Let us all pray together. No nuclear. In Deed.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at
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Even with so many marvelous home entertainment options such as home theatres and gaming units that current engineering has delivered us lately, there’s nothing better than spending a night out with your family or friends actively taking part in the event. Traveling to a neighboring theatre to view a cinema could be relaxing, yet it’s akin to enjoying a cinema at home on a full-size LCD connected with lavish home theaters that are at present available in every house. Night clubs and bars could be extremely high decibel and not too great a spot to bring your children or enjoy a delightful night with friends. Hence, what are different alternatives that are at your disposal?

One alternative that is fast becoming more popular for good reason is the comedy club. Not surprisingly, comedy clubs have been available for quite a while, but the latest generation offers more choice, bigger names, as well as superior venues to offer a very personal setting to really show off the stand-up comedy skills. Next, just feel the lamps dim, keeping the stage illuminated by one single focus lamp. Only one barstool is placed off in the centre of the stage together with a mike stand. The audience holds back quietly when a performer walks on to the stage, wave hands, and talks something in the microphone. Everybody else bursts with laughter.

Stand-up comedy is one of the best and most adored fun solutions across the world. Stand-up comedy in America, seen its earliest roots in many prevalent customs, particularly vaudeville comedy shows of the late 1800s, minstrel shows, and the like. A large number of renowned comedians for example Bob Hope and Jack Benny began their career with vaudeville acts of the earlier last century. But current stand-up like we see it of late had its start during the mid twentieth century in small folk music clubs in New York and San Francisco. Nevertheless, it was not until the seventies that stand-up comedians became leading stars.

Perhaps the finest of all times comedy acts ever Saturday Night Live, launched in 1975 is contributing factor for beginning the career of countless stand-up comedians. Stand-up comedy happens to be a part of American tradition and comedians all through the country shall continue to make families laugh into the future. Nowadays, comedy clubs provide skilled comedians on Saturdays and Sundays who’ve made a name in the area or which are on the national tour and many of them hold an open-mic evening for one or two times in the week thus you will be able to see the newest, upcoming comedians from that state.

Stand-up comedy is a form of entertainment that perhaps a fairly refined home entertainment solutions aren’t able to fight with. Being a member of a smaller, passionate audience for you to feel that friendship when the comedian performs is an amazing feeling. Enjoying a great dinner earlier than or after a live comedy show, creates an extensive night out that is definitely special and one-of-a-kind which finds you laughing and keen for more. Like the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine” and everybody enjoy seeing a great comedian perform and have an evening of laughs and fun.

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Someone once wrote that food is God’s love made edible. No wonder why food is always linked with nurturing love and relationships. Many women claim that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while lots of men know that roses should always be accompanied with chocolates. And both parties agree that a date is not complete without a romantic dinner for two.
But now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, what actually are these kinds of “God’s love made edible” that must be present along with those red roses, the candlesticks and a bottle of wine?
You’d be surprised to find out that Thai food is actually on the top of the list of food choices for lovers on a Valentine’s Day date. Year by year it has been slowly gaining a reputation as the new food of love and is now the choice of the majority of American couples having their first date, thanks to its variety of spicy dishes and sensual mixture of ingredients that are considered aphrodisiacs – which means, they’ve been long proven to aid in stimulating passion and romantic desires. That is why they are sought after by couples not only during the month of hearts, but in any other romantic events as well.
Thai food ingredients such as cardamom, garlic, galangal, ginger, basil, lemongrass, and asparagus are all aphrodisiacs. These key spices are key elements that make Thai dishes taste uniquely delectable.
So, are you looking forward to a better Valentines than last year? How about making things more exciting by customising the occasion? Like, getting your hands at work with the preparation of that romantic dinner perhaps? And how about adding Thai food to your list of menu? It will be a lot more memorable if you do it yourself instead of dining out or ordering from a restaurant.
Here are some of the best Thai dishes that you might want to try out on this Valentine’s Day date:
Thai Green Curry with Chicken
As one of the famous Thai curries, it is almost always present in any Thai occasion. It has a hint of spiciness, but not unpleasantly so and has a rich wholesome flavour to satisfy the inner soul!
Chicken and Galangal Soup with Coconut Milk
This is a very fast and easy dish to prepare and can be served as the main course, too. The key romantic ingredient is the galangal which is a popular tonic with lime juice and also a digestive aid.

Thai Red Curry with Roasted Duck
This is a medium spicy curry that has a rich flavour and contains kaffir lime leaves, sweet basil and coconut milk all of which act as a tonic for the body and induce a feeling of calm excitement.
Spicy Oyster Salad
If you are a seafood lover, then this is your dish! It has the galangal, lemongrass and lime juice as a tonic, the garlic and chillies for taste and the tamarind shoots to add the sour note to the dish based on another proven aphrodisiac, oysters!
Now you have an idea on how to make that once a year Valentine’s dinner to be a lot more romantic and exciting! Try it, and make that special someone of yours fall in love with you all over again.

Happy month of hearts!

by: flamedenise

Had worked in the oil industry around the world including in Thailand where I was introduced to Thai cuisine.

Learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes and prepare menus that will taste delicious and astonish your friends. Visit Now!

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Christmas day following my high school graduation, I was mischievously eager to announce to my family that I was moving to California. Born and raised in Texas, as my family had been for generations, I was certain that this would be a great surprise to everyone! I imagined my mother crying, my grandmother questioning, my father lecturing, my sisters perplexing and of course my little brother rejoicing – (I can’t pick on him from 1600 miles away!)

I practiced my announcement, prepared my rebuttals and strutted resolutely into the dining room. I waited patiently for the perfect moment – after the napkins were on the plates but before the turkey could have a chance to take over. I stood up, asked for everyone’s attention and announced, “I have auditioned and been accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and I am moving to California to become a professional actress.” Anticipating their shock, I braced myself for the inevitable, whirly confrontation. My plan did not prepare me for this —

“Congratulations!” they said, ” We always knew you’d be moving to California one day.” I was dumbfounded! “What? What do you mean you always knew ? Why didn’t anyone tell me? How come I’m the last to know?”

It is not uncommon for others to recognize our life purpose or aspects of our life’s path even before we do. As a success coach, I work with individuals who are ordinarily very successful and who have lead generally rewarding lives and yet – they want more. Clients seek my support because they want to live even more fulfilling and on purpose, super focused lives – and quite frequently that includes supporting them in discovering their life purpose.

I’ve been on both sides of this equation and notice that until one is ready and willing to acknowledge and appreciate their gifts, talents and strengths – living that ultimate existence may seem too precarious and too prodigious to pursue. Sometimes we’re even afraid of our own power and potential!

It seemed that everyone but me had already accepted and expected my life purpose to include living in California and pursuing an acting career. I couldn’t admit it at the time but I suppose deep down, I knew too. I simply didn’t have the confidence to listen to that little voice inside my heart that everyone else seemed to hear so clearly. “What if I don’t make it? What if I’m not pretty enough or good enough? What if I fail and have to crawl home with my tail between my legs?”

Of course the imagined fears are always much more debilitating than reality and I for one have allowed those fears to run my life on more than one occasion. However, I’ve learned that we can choose to face those fears and then cleanse and erase them with a good positive brainwashing. I often coach clients to use a direct vocal denial, a strong, centered prayer and affirmation and of course the decision to choose to have unwavering faith in the perfection of all things.

The words we speak and the thoughts we entertain are either the air that feeds or the water that extinguishes the flames of our dreams. Choose wisely and you can create a more conscious, deliberate life – a life in harmony with the song that your soul sings – a life in harmony with your life’s purpose.

In Truth, our life purpose is always calling us – it’s that little whisper we perceive when we have an important decision to make. It’s that little intuitive inkling that says “yes” when others around us are saying “no.” It’s that loud emptiness that we feel when we know we’ve made a choice to marry or to take a job for all the wrong reasons. Our life purpose is unfolding and guiding us whether we realize it or not.

My acceptance into the Academy was not coincidence or the luck of the draw but the logical culmination of all that I had desired for so very long. Circumstances and events fell like dominoes. I recall choosing on my SAT test, which colleges I wanted to attend and the only one I marked, was A.A.D.A. I remember seeing a TV special on the school and by happenstance I recall reading an article about Robert Redford – who graduated from the Academy. Then I remember my girlfriend calling to tell me auditions were being held on Christmas Eve! For as long as I could remember, I had imagined myself as a successful performer – entertaining audiences, making people laugh and expressing myself vividly in larger than life acting opportunities.

Looking back it’s easy to recognize that every meaningful event happened not by chance but by Divine intervention. Every event in our lives will ALWAYS be the logical culmination of all that we have desired, dwelled upon and thought about prior to the event. In Book 3 of Neale Donald Walsh’s series, Conversations with God , he writes, ” Everything that occurs –everything that has occurred, is occurring, and ever will occur — is the outward physical manifestation of your innermost thoughts, choices, ideas and determinations regarding Who You Are and Who You Choose To Be .”

If you have ever thought to yourself – I feel like something’s missing – I’m supposed to be doing something different with my life. Then you’ve felt the burning sensation that begins in the pit of your stomach and continues progressing until it flames over and over in your mind – what is it that’s calling me? I know I have a purpose but I’m not sure what it is! Then a well-meaning friend says, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” It vibrates in your heart – you want to believe in that philosophy but all of our lives we’ve been taught “you have to work hard to get ahead and you can’t get something for nothing.”

It sounds as if one could simply say, “okay – I love to sleep all day and play pinochle all night and somehow the abundance that is rightfully mine will just flow to me effortlessly.” That is just too far fetched for most of us to swallow, so we resign ourselves to our status quo and repress and cope with that gnawing, aching, slow burning knowing that there’s got to be something more!

However, it doesn’t demand much to move towards that path – it simply requires a willingness to ask for guidance and then the willingness to trust the process. When I set out for California, I was certain I would be a famous actress. Five years, 6 apartments, two fiances, 4 jobs, two businesses and a bunny into the shaky state and I realized that I didn’t want to act. I didn’t take direction well and I refused to take off my clothes or speak offensive language or any number of other things. I had far too many restrictions on what I would and would not do to be successful (at least in my mind at the time.) “Yikes! Now what? Why did I come here if I wasn’t supposed to be an actress?” I fought my fears and disappointments for a stretch before I finally realized that my gift was in speaking, coaching and uplifting others.

Now, I know that everything I learned through my theatrical training was precisely what I required to create the confidence and unshakable foundation that supports my current speaking career. That is what I mean by Divine intervention. I had no way of knowing that my “calling” was to come later and that first I had to educate and prepare myself. I am so very thankful now – the process and the path were perfect regardless of whether I was able to see it at the time.

In the book Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, they write, ” Do not try to figure out what to do with your life by looking at the world and asking, “What can I do for the world?” Look at yourself and ask, “what do I want to do that I love to do? What attracts me? What excites me? What are the issues I am working on in my life? What can I get enthusiastic about doing? “”

You may begin living your life’s purpose, your purpose in life, by dreaming about, fantasizing about and immersing yourself in the process of unveiling, discovering and exploring the circumstances and experiences that bring joy to your life. By surrounding yourself with your desires – what you want to achieve, what you enjoy, what uplifts you, what inspires you, what gives you the greatest sense of purpose and satisfaction you will be living in alignment with the substance that can attract and unfold your Divine path. By being open to guidance and asking God (or the Universe) to reveal your highest path you will be guided accordingly.

Living the song that our soul sings, finding your life purpose, means harmonizing with our natural inheritance of abundance and peacefully flowing with the exquisite orchestration of life. As we choose to live consciously, we not only uplift ourselves but we also inspire others to find their path and we heal our planet as well. Joy is contagious – may you infect as many people as possible along your path.

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The Norfolk Terrier is a loving, hardy and active little dog that makes a great pet. They can easily be kept in an apartment as long as she is afforded frequent long walks. A properly fenced in back yard with provisions for a digging dog would be the ideal exercise situation. She was bred to be a hunter and ratter so she should be socialized with small pets very early on. She is generally very good with older, considerate children. As a reminder, never leave a child unsupervised with a puppy or dog. She makes a great watch dog but can tend to be a barker if left outdoors with nothing to do for long periods of time.,

*Approximate Adult Size. The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the Norfolk Terrier is 10 to 10.25 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and 11 to 12 pounds.

*Special Health Considerations. Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the Norfolk Terrier is no exception. Although considered a very hardy breed, be on the look out for dry skin if kept indoors, genetic eye disorders, back problems and heart murmurs. This disease list is an informative guideline only. Other diseases may also be significant threats, please contact your veterinarian for a complete list.

She should visit the veterinarian several times in the first year for shots, boosters and check up. Then, as an adult, she should visit the veterinarian yearly for shots and check up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should visit the veterinarian twice a year for check ups and shots. Remember; avoid feeding your dog sweets.

*Grooming. The Norfolk Terrier has a silky, feathered medium length coat that sheds lightly. She should be bathed once a month or so. She should be brushed regularly. Brushing will help her maintain a clean and healthy coat, avoid mats and help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with her.

Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the front feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

*Life Span. The Norfolk Terrier can live between 12 and 14 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.

*History. The Norfolk Terrier come from Great Britain where they hunted vermin. They were first registered by the American Kennel Association in 1936.

Some Registries:
*Norwich & Norfolk Terrier Club
*UKC United Kennel Club
*NKC National Kennel Club
*CKC Continental Kennel Club
*APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
*AKC American Kennel Club
*FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
*NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
*KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
*ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
*ACR = American Canine Registry

Litter Size: Around 3 Norfolk Terrier puppies

Category: Terrier

Terms To Describe: Friendly, fearless, loyal, active, affectionate, intelligent

Good watch dog.
A very personable dog with personality.
They like horses.

Poor guard dog.
She is a digger.
She will leave on an adventure.
She can be a barker.
Should be under control when walked.

*Other Names Known By: Cantab Terrier, Jones Terrier, Trumpington Terrier

*Every dog is an individual so not everything in this information may be correct for your dog. This information is meant as a good faith guideline only.

Mitch Endick is a short article writer, editor and website developer for the popular pet site is a pet information site with free pet ads, dog classifieds, and puppy for sale info. also offers information on cats, fish, reptiles, birds, ferrets, rabbits, mice and even pet bugs.

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Common procedures for treating infertility in the past have included artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer and reproductive assistance and sperm extraction techniques. Additional options and choices for parents include newer technologies, several of which include forms of assisted reproduction, known as ART, including IVF (in vitro fertilization) and PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), assisted zona hatching (AZH) and autologous endometrial coculture (AEC) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
Fertility Tourism.
Widespread research and the developing of a variety of treatments for infertile couples have encouraged across-border travel for affordable and effective fertility treatments, specially for Americans. Intrauterine insemination in the U.S. may cost between $ 300 an $ 800 per make an attempt, while in vitro fertilization techniques average $ 8,000 and $ 12,000 per attempt, in addition to medications to induce ovulation, which may cost over $ 2,000.

Infertility treatment abroad has grown in popularity, affordability and effectiveness in recent years, with facilities throughout Europe, South America and Southeast Asia offering a variety of infertility treatments to couples.

Argentina, South America is known for cutting edge technologies in fertility treatments, as is India. Newcomers to medical tourism in the fertility field, though through no lack of experience or credentials include facilities in Turkey and Jordan. Assisted reproduction fertility treatment facilities in Mexico have also grown clientele lists.

For example, Jinemed Hospital, located in Istanbul, Turkey, provides a variety of IVF, ICSI, PGD, IVM and ovarian cortex freezing treatments and technologies, with nearly two decades of experience in the field. Fertility Argentina, also known as CEGYR, located in Buenos Aires, also offers certified and accredited care in ART (assisted reproduction technology).

Effective and Affordable Care
Couples traveling to foreign destinations for fertility treatments may save between 25% and 75% of costs of procedures in the United States and Britain. Couples from around the world, including the U.S., South America, Western Europe and Africa are traveling abroad for fertility treatments.

The number of Americans alone expected to travel abroad for fertility treatments and other aspects of health care is expected to double in 2010 and coming years. In the United States, many insurance companies only cover infertility diagnosis, but not treatments.

Couples traveling to central European, African, or Asian and South American destinations often pay less than half the cost of the procedure in the U.S. or Britain, with costs also including air fare, accommodations, laboratory tests, and full staff support.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the medical tourism industry is expected to grow financially to upwards of $ 40 billion in 2010, with more than six million Americans seeking specialized medical care and infertility treatments abroad, growing medical tourism revenue upwards of $ 4.4 billion by 2012.

Internet Resources, such as PlacidWay, an International Medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, seeks to offer reliable, up to date, and ample resources for couples seeking certified and accredited fertility clinic facilities around the globe.

Couples are urged to research affordable and high quality and effective care before giving up on their goal of conceiving, considering the possibility of traveling abroad to make their dreams a reality. Medical fertility treatments and clinics abroad are available, affordable, effective, and obtainable for couples around the globe struggling with infertility.

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Located within the San Luis vale of southern Colorado, Alamosa is that the region’s hub for touristy. The city is full of things-to-do and is a perfect location for a sporting vacation with family and friends. From the nice Sand Dunes park and Reserve to stunning Rio Grande stream creating the way through a high desert vale encircled by putting mountains, it offers a variety of stirring natural wonders.

The best thanks to explore these Alamosa native attractions are to drive right down to stunning locations on your own. Most of those attractions are simply a couple of miles from the city space and are simply accessible. It is a scenic city that also bears the previous world charm whereas progressing towards changing into a developed town.

Great Sand Dunes are the best mountains of sand in North America and supply an exceptionally stunning sight. The sector encompasses thirty sq. miles with variety of sand dunes. And therefore the tallest ridge stands as high as 750 feet. It’s a tremendous sight that’s not solely stunning however conjointly provides you with lots of picnicking, camping, driving, horse-back riding and hiking opportunities.

Zapata Falls is another beautiful attraction between Alamosa and therefore the nice Sand Dunes Park. Draw close this three.5 mile jarring gravel road and walk uphill for a couple of minutes to truly see the falls. You’ll pop out your books and if you do not mind obtaining wet. It’s pleasant to take a seat close and knowledge the showers.

Want to require a stream engine ride? Do not miss your chance to ride through the exciting mountain valleys and La Vita departs this world the Rio Grande Scenic railroad during an external-combustion engine train. It causes you to feel as if you’ve got gone back to 60s and were riding during a train. If you wish inhabitancy, you’ll merely drive to true pine Flats campsite close to the nice Sand Dunes monument.

Alamosa may be an excellent place to get pleasure from a sporting vacation. To form the foremost of it slow, it is vital to search out AN accommodation close to the road a hundred and sixty. There are varieties of Cheap Motel Rooms Alamosa Colorado that supply all doable basic necessities that are needed to measure well. Most of the court properties are restored to supply good accommodations to travelers. So, in spite of whether or not you’re traveling with family or friends, you’ll get smart building rooms inside your budget.

Spending vacation in Alamosa does not need to be harsh on your pocket. However, you may have to be compelled to create advanced bookings. Throughout season, the hotels are usually totally set-aside. It is usually higher to book your accommodation before your visit. If you are traveling during a cluster, check that to enkindle discounts. You will lay aside to twenty % on your bill.

Moreover, it’s suggested to form a radical analysis before booking AN accommodation. Though the state of affairs has modified and you’ll realize smart hotels in Alamosa however not all are value considering. So, check that to go to their websites and check the services and amenities they provide.

In this article author writes about Valley Motel Alamosa. There are a large number of budget Cheap hotels in Alamosa Colorado. However, not all are worth considering. Ensure to make a research and book a hotel that best meets your needs. Visits: