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The 20th century music world has seen the entry of light and easy listening music with African-American jazz music. Originating in southern USA, jazz music is a combination of African and European music traditions. It puts together the use of blue notes, improvisation, syncopation and swing notes.

Jazz music was first used in reference to music from Chicago early in the 20th century. It has evolved in several other subgenres such as New Orleans Dixieland, big band-style swing, bebop, Afro-Cuban jazz, Brazilian jazz, jazz-rock fusion, and the more recent acid jazz.

The realm of jazz music was and still is predominantly associated with the American black community. These black musicians transitioning from banjos and tambourines learned to play European instruments such as the violin. Black slaves from early America used to sing and play music as a form of spiritual or ritualistic hymns.

After emancipation, employment opportunities for black slaves were very limited as segregation laws were still in force. Most of these black slaves found themselves in the entertainment industry as piano players and instrumentalists. They became low-cost entertainers as minstrels, vaudeville players, piano bar players, and marching band members. Soon, this kind of jazz music called Ragtime Jazz spread from the southern USA to other areas in the western and northern cities in USA.

Ragtime jazz became very popular in the early part of the century. Musician Jelly Roll Morton published the first ever jazz arrangement in print in 1915 with the title Jelly Roll Blues. This printed arrangement brought forth a new breed of musicians playing ragtime. Ragtime music moved on from red-light district bars and vaudeville shows to major concert locations such as the Carnegie Hall.

The first jazz record was recorded in 1913 by Society Orchestra, the first black group to come out with a record. Another group that came up with their very own jazz music recording is the “Original Dixieland Jazz Band”. Other bands followed suit, releasing jazz music recordings starting in 1917. In 1922, the most famous blues singer of the decade, Bessie Smith, also released her first recording. Also in the 1920s, Jelly Roll Morton played with the New Orleans Rhythm Kings and made history as the first mixed-race recording collaboration. Big bands like those of Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington and Earl Hines played the more prominent venues and paved the way for the development of big-band-style swing jazz.

Louis Armstrong, a trumpeter, band leader and singer, came to be known as the Ambassador of Jazz, what with his early innovations in jazz music. Swing music is considered to be popular dance music and is played from printed musical arrangements. Then came the bebop which focuses more on small groups and simple arrangements.

Throughout the years jazz music has always been preferred music genre among those who enjoy light and easy listening. There are radio stations that play only jazz music. Jazz music can be heard most everywhere hotel lounges, salons, concert halls, wedding receptions, Jazz music is perhaps also the most unique form of music as there are no two jazz music performances are ever the same.

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Vancouver has been compared to Manhattan, and called “the North American sibling” by The New York Times. While the Daily Telegraph has described Vancouver as a city unlike any other. USA Today has this to say about Vancouver “It is the supermodel of North American cities”. With so many accolades, no one would want to miss out on a visit to Vancouver, especially when the booking of Vancouver flights is so easy to do online.

Vancouver is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A sparkling ocean, beautiful foliage, majestic mountains and rainforests all contribute to Vancouver’s charm. The Canadian people are friendly and welcoming. The city is kept clean and personal safety is assured – day and night. Also described as a ‘liquid’ or ‘tomorrow’ city, Vancouver is said to be equal parts of England, France, China, India and the Pacific. The city has a multicultural population and excellent infrastructure. Vancouver’s International Airport has been rated as a ‘top North American airport’ which provides easy access from all over the world.

On a visit to Vancouver you can enjoy gourmet meals and lively entertainment. Sports, theatre and outdoor activities cater to those interested in the same. For shoppers, there is world class shopping available; and Vancouver’s popular sights and attractions are a tourist’s delight. In 2010 Vancouver was selected by The International Olympic Committee to host the XXI Winter Games. With its accessibility, beauty, premium services and activities, Vancouver was the perfect choice. The heart of downtown Vancouver is 30 minutes from the ski slopes in winter. During the summer months, the beautiful beaches and seaside promenades draw the crowds. Though Vancouver does experience a rain-prone climate, the disposition of the city is always ‘sunny’. The mild Northwest Pacific climate proves a great draw for tourists and the great food, nightlife and other activities ensure that Vancouver flights see regular bookings.

Winter sports are a popular activity in Vancouver. The city has easy access to the Canadian Rockies, Victoria, Vancouver Island and Whistler Resort. You can enjoy water and land sports the whole year round. People who wish to go on a cruise to Alaska between May and October have to board the ship in Vancouver. The tourist business in Vancouver is well known for its superior service and value. Hotels, restaurants and businesses are keen to provide the best on both the products and service fronts. Vancouver residents go out of their way to help visitors, and with the Canadian Dollar being so advantageous with regard to the exchange rate, you can be assured of getting value for your money.

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In 1872, a seller named Walter Scott cut windows into a little secured wagon and stopped it before a neighborhood daily paper office in Providence, R.I. Sitting on a case inside, he sold sandwiches with pies and espresso to columnists and pressmen working late. “You can follow this entire industry to him,” says Richard J. S. Gutman, creator of the excellent study “American Diner: Then & Now” and chief of the culinary expressions historical center at Johnson & Wales University.
“Lunch wagons,” as nourishment trucks were then known, soon spread. In the late 1880s, a previous lunch-counter kid named Thomas H. Buckley, situated in Worcester, Mass., began fabricating his own. They came in diverse models: One was known as the Owl; another was the White House Cafe. Numerous had hued windows and other uproarious decorations, and also sinks, iceboxes and cooking stoves. In 1892, he presented the Tile Wagon — with silver carriage lights and metal spittoons, fortified glass mirrors and fine mosaics. Only 20 years into their history, nourishment trucks were at that point getting to be favor.
The lunch truck would later lose its wheels, transforming first into a stationary feasting auto in the mid 1900s and after that the cutting edge burger joint. Accordingly, today’s sustenance trucks plunge all the more straightforwardly from the providing food vehicles that became prevalent after World War II, says John Gaber, a teacher of open strategy at the University of Arkansas. As suburbia developed in size and extension, development laborers, nursery workers and other home servicemen required dinners in spots where eateries were rare. “Cockroach mentor” distributing trucks, the kind with glossy aluminum sides, filled that market specialty.
The latest blast in gourmet trucks started around six years prior. A couple of L.A.- based business visionaries, Mark Manguera and Caroline Shin, alongside the gourmet expert Roy Choi, were among the first to get national consideration. They put Korean-style meat in Mexican tacos and utilized online networking to manufacture a fan base for their Kogi Korean BBQ truck. (It has 122,000 adherents on Twitter.)
Generally as in Providence 140 years prior, Gutman says, nourishment truck administrators attempt to keep their costs low while separating themselves with a mark dish. “Shellfish were a major vender in a number of these old wagons,” he says, “and you had things like sheep’s tongues as well.

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Charitable contributions in the United States have become increasingly popular. Peak contribution hits during the holiday season. While the majority of charities legitimately solicit donations, scam artists are on the rise. Here are some tips on how to avoid charity scams.

Charitable contributions have accounted for at least 2% of the GDP during the last four decades. As of 2001, more than 80% of charitable contributions came from individuals and not companies.

In 2005, Americans willingly gave $ 1.3 million for tsunami relief as well at $ 2.2 billion for hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. The same amount of contributions were collected shortly following the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

Charities market to Americans in a variety of ways. However some are more affective than others. During a twelve month period from 2002-2003, 42% of charitable donations received came as a result of direct mailings. Workplace campaigns came in second with 33% and face-to-face requests 32%. Over the phone requests yielded 23% of donations and 14% gave due to TV advertisements. Online requests seemed the least affective with only 3% of donations coming from this venue.

The peak season for charitable contributions occurs during the holidays. This year, over a million and a half non-profit organizations will solicit donations.
According to Charity Navigator, a non-profit organization that evaluates charities, nearly half of the charitable contributions made each year come in the weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of charity scams has also risen in the last few years. Here are a few tips to avoid charitable misgivings:

Always give contributions by check, not cash, and never make checks payable to individuals, only to organizations.

Keep a record of all your donations.

Authenticate out all organization to which you donate with the Better Business Bureau and your local charity registration office.

Make sure direct mailings identify the charity while clearly defining the program. Appeals that pull at heartstrings but say nothing of the charity should be regarded as suspicious.

Always confirm the charity’s name and address, whether or not the contribution is tax deductible, if the charity is licensed by the local authorities and how much of your contribution goes to support the organization’s expenses (this should be no more than half).

When making your charitable contribution, you may want to take a look at and their list of charities ranked by charitable contribution. These charities use very small amounts of their contributions to run their organization, usually less than 10%. The list can also be sorted by total contribution amount, fund raising efficiency, and donor dependency.

Here are the top ten charities according to charitable contributions:

1. Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF): A Pittsburg based international charity bringing medical supplies, textbooks, food, seeds and other supplies to people in over 120 countries.

2. Children’ s Hunger Fund: Uses ministry, company and individual donations to help prevent hunger for children throughout the world.

3. Gifts in Kind International: Brings donors’ resources together in order to restore communities in need. Receives donations from companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small businesses and distributes these contributions to 150,000 charities worldwide.

4. King Benevolent Association: A Christian organization helping elderly widows, feeding the hungry and providing medical care and supplies to the sick.

5. AmeriCares: Delivers medicine, relief supplies and health care to those in need through partnerships.

6. Christian Aid Ministries: An Ohio based organization bringing help to the poor in the world.

7. Christian Appalachia Project: A Christian organization working to help those living in the rural areas near the Appalachian Mountains.

8. Christian Broadcasting Network: A Christian television station used to spread the message of the Bible.

9. Christian Children’s Fund: Helps find the roots of poverty and provides means of relief as well as programs leading to self-sufficiency.

10. Christian Foundation of Children and Aging: Provide assistance to the needy children and aged of the world, giving them dignity and life.

American charity is a wonderful spirit. Many friends and family members even eschew traditional wrapped presents for donation giving. Just double check that cause before you write the check!

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From the local school stage to the big lights, travel and music are a potent learning combination for performance groups. Each year school choruses, bands, and orchestras can select from a host of exciting music festivals held throughout our nation and at exciting international sites. Each festival offers ample educational training combined with a memorable performance opportunity.

In the southeast, the All American Music Festival has been offering middle and high school bands, orchestras, and ensembles some of the finest musical competition for the last 27 years. The first music festival ever held in Orlando is host to hundreds of young musicians each season. Visiting troupes get to perform on a professional stage before an audience of their peers, and before a panel of experienced, professional adjudicators.

In 2008, the All American Music Festival will be expanded to include two Orlando performance venues: Hard Rock LIVE at Universal Orlando Resort and the new Arabian Nights Theater. Hard Rock Live is a 3,000-seat professional concert hall, which showcases music from national acts to emerging artists. Designed as a retro interpretation of the Roman Coliseum, the venue opened in 1999 and allows performance groups an authentic concert experience.

Following the performance, student group travelers can enjoy one of Universal Studio’s exciting parks including: Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, and the Kennedy Space Center. In the evening, students return for the All American Music Festival Awards Ceremony held inside Universal Studios.

The festival’s newest venue, Arabian Nights Theater, is designed as a Medieval, fairytale palace equipped with the latest in modern sound and technology. Following their performance, students are invited to enjoy a private awards banquet and the equestrian show.

Another popular Southeastern USA music festival is the Disney Youth Group Program, which provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for instrumental, choral, and dance groups. Students can perform for international audiences in a park, compete in Festival Disney, or participate in the invitation-only Disney Honors.

Groups interested in travel to this region of the country can also head to New Orleans for the Festival of Music, or to Myrtle Beach, S.C. where there are amusement parks and theme restaurants available for a quality performance. Student group travelers to South Carolina can also see how stars learn to shine at the Carolina Opry, which offers Broadway-quality variety shows.

Out West, marching bands are always eager to visit Pasadena, Calif. for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade held on New Year’s Day. This elite parade showcases high school marching bands from throughout our nation.

A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without a stop at nearby Disneyland, for a performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Those interested in international travel might want to consider the Montreal Heritage Festival which brings groups to one of the oldest cities on the continent. In addition to gaining beneficial performance experience, student group travelers also enjoy the city’s rich history and multicultural life. Old Montreal features beautiful churches and squares, while new Montreal is a modern mecca and home to the famous “underground.” Groups participating in the Montreal Heritage Festival can also take a guided city tour or walking tour of Old Montreal.

Travel to London, England for a performance at the Royal Academy of Music would be the pinnacle for any student performer. Located in the heart of London, the Royal Academy of Music has produced some of the world’s finest musicians. Performing on this prestigious stage is an unforgettable experience for any ensemble. Groups can also soak up the excitement and culture of London with tours of Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Big Ben. Tours can also be arranged to include a trip to the West End for a theater performance and a spectacular awards ceremony.

Whether your group travels to perform in the US or abroad, there is no better educational opportunity for student musicians than attending one of the world’s top musical festivals.

travel adventures Travel Adventures is staffed by educators who understand the needs of teachers. Serving over one half million students since our inception, we provide hassle-free travel arrangements while empowering teachers to create change by expanding the classroom to the world.

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Amy Steed talks about going on a romantic voyage around the free flowing colors of the waterfalls using long exposure of the camera.

The green moss and foliage coupled with the rocks gently breaking the flow of the water will add a surreal effect to the photos on a wedding day – Simply Fascinating.

Capturing Smooth waterfalls is not that difficult a task, but one may need to work with long exposures, really long ones. When planning wedding near a waterfall, it is advisable to choose a cloudy day with the help of weather forecast.

The Method:

You should choose a shutter speed between 2 – 1/0 sec. A natural density filter is compulsory so as to prevent excess light from entering the camera. Plus a lot of pre planning will be required to select a suitable location for the perfect shot at the perfect wedding.

It is impossible to get a perfect click in one go, so opt for multiple picture shots for every scene.

Here are some of the most captivating waterfall wedding locations from around the world:

#5 Brazil: Canyon da Fumacinha

This waterfall is one of the best wedding destinations from South America. It is magnificent and has a lot of hideaways for a photo-perfect scene. This secretive waterfall is comfortably hidden between the mountains and with a drop of 1020 ft. the water bafflingly evaporates creating a surreal yet energetic mist in the inner cavern of the mountains.

#4 Belize: Butterfly Waterfalls

This wonderful waterfall can only be witnessed by the guests residing at The Hidden Valley Inn, Belize. The Maya Mountains has a lot to be explored, filled with activities like hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and mountain biking in a 90 mile radius. If you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway wedding location, look no further – The Hidden Valley Inn steals the cake. You can reserve the entire waterfall area for a day or two. Romance at its best –

#3 Mindanao: Tinago Falls

Located in the second largest island in Philippines, this waterfall resides in the city of waterfalls – Mindanao. Though it is situated quite into the city, the effort and time it takes to reach the waterfall is definitely worth it. It is quite a tiresome trek down a 500 step staircase to reach the waterfall, but you will be awestruck after reaching the bottom. The beauty of this place never gets apart. On this small island, there are a lot of picturesque scenes and a lot of hideouts. A wedding day celebrated here will be cherished eternally.

#2 Arizona: Havasu Waterfalls

This place is occupied by a tribe called the Havas’Baaja. Also known as “the people of the blue green waters” residing in the Grand Canyon. They occupy most of the beautiful surroundings of this land. These tribesmen have opened their land as a tourist destination and people from all over the world come to photograph this beautiful waterfall. From this place you can witness the diversity of flora and fauna the Grand Canyon has to offer along with celebrating a breath taking wedding ceremony.

#1 China: Banyue Falls

This breath taking waterfall is located in the Guangxi Province in China. This is the greatest contender in the list of waterfall wedding locations of the world. No matter which part of the world you belong to, this waterfall is going to blow your mind with its picturesque setup and beauty. This is not just one waterfall, but a group of waterfalls falling from various ridges in the mountain. All the flat surfaces of this mountain and intertwined and connected with the help of bridges and walkways so a wedding can be setup on any location desired surrounded by waterfall on all sides. Amazing.

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