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The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, and to welcome the little one into the world. Today, expectant mothers often decide to know the gender of the baby before they give birth, and it is known ahead of the baby shower. However, in some cases, parents choose to wait until the due date to know the sex of the baby and be surprised the day that the infant arrives.

In American society, when the gender of the baby is known, parents often begin brainstorming ideas and deciding on some names that they believe will be perfect for the baby. In many cases, parents already know what they want to name the baby even before the child is born. This is not the case, however, for various different cultures.

There are a variety of different cultures that view the baby-naming process from a completely different perspective. Each cultural group generally has some sort of a baby-naming ceremony or traditional process. From the Jewish to the Japanese, each culture views the act of giving a name to a baby from a very interesting and distinct angle.

In Japan, the baby naming ceremony is typically held seven days after the babys birth. The name is written in Kanji, which are Chinese characters that are usually used in the modern Japanese Iogographic writing system. On this seventh day, the Japanese give their children a first name and a last name, but no middle name, which is a common custom in American society. Girls are usually given names that are associated with purity and morality, and boys are often associated with their position in the family.

Greek families also often name their babies on the seventh day after their birth, and sometimes on the tenth day. Traditionally, first-born males are named after their paternal grandfather, and first-born females are named after their paternal grandmother. The Greek Orthodox Church also strongly influences the baby-naming process, and many infants are given the names of saints. Because of this saint name acquisition, children acquire their saints name day. Therefore, many Greek Orthodox people celebrate their lives on two occasions: their actual birth date and their saints name day.

For many Italian and Hispanic cultures, baby names are also often influenced by religion. In these areas, the Roman Catholic religion is the most prevalent; therefore, biblical names like Maria (in Hispanic culture), and Paulo (in Italian culture) are common.

In Jewish culture, baby girls have what is called the Zeved Habat ceremony, while baby boys have the Berit Milah ceremony. The Zevet Habat is a small ceremony held at a home or in a synagogue. During the ceremony, which is led by a Rabbi, the mother recites a word, the name-giving prayer is said, and she then gives thanks to everyone.

There are countless different ways of naming a baby, and there is no right or wrong method to giving your child the perfect name. It is interesting to see, however, the traditions and customs of baby naming across the globe.

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The pedal steel guitar tunings currently in common use hinder the acceptance of the instrument in musical forms other than American “Country” music. An alternate tuning based on the natural C scale is proposed and explained.


The pedal steel guitar is a truly amazing musical instrument. It is one of the few instruments that can easily produce any note in the micro-tonal spectrum. Many musical instruments are limited to the notes of the twelve tone musical scale of the piano keyboard. Some instruments can produce notes that fall in between those tones as special effects (“bending” a note), but few can produce those “in-between” notes as easily and predictably as a fretless stringed instrument.

Like the violin, the pedal steel places the precise pitch of each note in the hand of the performer. But even the violin cannot produce full micro-tuned chords – it is limited to two-note harmony (the “double stop”) by the curvature of its bridge. The pedal steel has no such limitation. The full potential of the pedal steel includes chordal music subtleties that cannot be performed on any other single instrument.

Why, then, is this remarkable instrument largely ignored by the international music community? The answer lies in the musical tastes of the Americans who invented the pedal steel and pushed the mechanical technology to its current advanced state, and in the large American subculture that appropriated certain pedal steel effects for its own music, called “country” or “country and western”.

By and large, the best pedal steel guitarists in the world are the professional players of country music. This de facto association is one factor that works to the detriment of general acceptance of the instrument, but it is not the only factor. The tuning of the instrument makes it very easy to play American country music at the expense of most other musical forms.

The Technical Limitation

The standard E9th or “Nashville” tuning used on most pedal steels today is specifically designed for the country and western genre. This tuning spans an octave in the space of 5 strings. Pedals and knee levers are engaged to produce the remaining notes of a standard diatonic scale. Scale-based runs that include glisses or “bends” to get from one note of the scale to the next are a characteristic effect used in country music. Specifically, the whole tone bend is an effect that is used to excess. It is a recognizable ingredient of the “country sound”, even to a casual listener.

Avoiding the whole tone bend effect is a major performance challenge for anyone playing the Nashville tuning. Even for the intermediate level player, fast scale-based melody work remains difficult. Some written passages seem to be beyond the capabilities of the instrument, especially if note bends are not to be permitted. In theory, the pedal steel guitarist should be able to play the right hand part of any piano piece. In practice, the Nashville tuning compromises that ideal.

An Historic Parallel

The pedal steel is a direct ancestor of the Hawaiian electric steel guitar. During its most popular period (the 1930’s through the 1950’s) the Hawaiian guitar progressed from primitive major chord tunings to tunings based on jazz or swing chords. The sound of those advanced chordal tunings became part of the stereotyping of the instrument in Hawaiian and “western” (as in “country and western”) music.

In the 1960’s Jerry Byrd, an acknowledged master of the instrument, was approached with a project of difficult Japanese pop music. To accomplish the required degree of melodic expression, Byrd chose to use a scale-based, rather than chord-based, tuning. He called this 7-string tuning a “C Diatonic”.

The Japanese album, later released in the USA by the Steel Guitar Record Club, was called Steel Guitar Romantic World. The music profoundly broke the Hawaiian steel guitar stereotype. It did not hint at any Hawaiian or “western” music flavor, because it did not use the characteristic major 6th and dominant 9th chords of those styles.

Within Jerry Byrd’s C Diatonic tuning, the next melody or harmony note is usually within easy reach from the fret of the current note. This means that the placement of glisses in the melody can be determined by the arranger or performer, rather than by limitations imposed by the tuning of the instument. In skilled hands, the resultant effect can be a striking departure from the “old timey” flavor most listeners expect from the Hawaiian electric steel guitar.

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Just as American children are served a lunch at school, the children of India receive a hot meal every day in the school. The charitable organization, AkshayaPatra is a non profit that serves meals in the schools that are government schools. Therefore there is no discrimination or bias due to color, gender, religion, or background.

Food for education is the motto they use. This is due to the feeling that education is vital to breaking the cycle of hunger. By making sure that school is where they receive the free meal for the day, they are promoting the thought of staying in school and helping them to see that education is important.

The PPP (Public Private Partnership) is the shining example of a successful meal program with the cooperation of the governments of India. This is the largest lunch feeding program in the world. Feeding from a few thousand, depending upon the size of the school, to millions this is the premiere food for education program that is saving these children from starvation.

The Governor of Karnataka and the Department of Education have conducted studies on their own to see what type of results they would get from the school lunch program. The study showed positive effects when it came to the children paying more attention and an overall improvement in their academic achievement.

They had already conducted studies to see if the meals had an impact on the attendance of the students and were proud to announce that it did. The benefits of what this charitable organization has done are truly one of a handful of miracles. The food for education program has been a huge success.

The kitchens used for the AkshayaPatra’s food programs are cooked by women of the villages. A group of women were picked from each village, trained to be able to cook the meals, taught the basics of health, sanitation, nutrition, and preparing meals. They were given the opportunity to have gainful employment and help the children of the villages as well.

The food for education program was well under way and the kitchens were established. They had rethought a little because a centralized kitchen was not a probable idea. The decentralized kitchen was used as an alternative for the food. This was an idea that was conceived and put into use by the charitable organization. The food is delivered to the schools using special vehicles that are heated, insulated, and totally dust-free.

This idea has been such a huge success that Harvard Business School has decided to use the AkshayaPatra as part of their studies. The fact that the Foundation has put together a kitchen that can make 1,00,000 meals in less than 6 hours, although they do not at the present use this many.

Not only does this program help the children but the program was expanded to feed pregnant women and children which is in turn helping these children to get off to a good start.

AkshayaPatra is promoting and encouraging the education for underprivileged children because they believe that education can unlock the vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty. Do you want to become a part of this mission then, donation is the right choice.

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The Mediterranean diet is a diet based on eating the foods people who live in the Mediterranean basin eat. The Mediterranean basin includes portions of Italy, France, and even the Sahara Desert – a generally mild winters with long, hot summers.

Most people who mention the Mediterranean diet are really talking about a diet created by Walter Willett. The diet includes wine, red meat, olive oil, eggs, fish, poultry and a healthy amount of physical activity. Not much fat is taken in – only about 8% of total calories are from fat. Experts consider it a high fiber diet. It has been around since 1945 when the version of the Mediterranean diet was first published Ancel Keyes who lived in Italy. But it did not become popular until the 1990s.

Whereas American diets rely on animal fats, the Mediterranean diet utilizes olive oil. The benefits of olive oil are well known – it helps control blood pressure and blood sugar. Olive oil is also good for treating ulcers and for lowering the risk of many types of cancer. Antioxidant elements in red wine, an important part of the Mediterranean diet, are also beneficial.

The American Heart Association recommends diets like the Mediterranean diet . However, the AHA frowns on the amount of fat allowed by the Mediterranean diet. They say obesity is a growing health concern in the Mediterranean basin. However, the American Heart Association does like the fact that most of the fat in the Mediterranean diet comes from olive oil, mono saturated fat, that doesn’t raise cholesterol. That’s a good thing for heart health, but healthier hearts in the Mediterranean areas may be more due to increased physical activity rather than strictly to diet.

A lot of information on various forms of the Mediterranean diet can be found on the Internet. Start with a search on Google.

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A wedding diamond engagement ring. Diamonds, bands, a diamond ring for the bride, a band for the groom. Odds are that by the time you read this article you are more than familiar with the jewelry trade , fine gemstones and the basics of gold and silver precious metal jewelry trade terms and lingo. You may even be comfortable enough with your new found experience in the gemstone and fine metals retail and wholesale trades that you may even be able to deal and get a good deal at discount or wholesale pricing online at an established internet jeweler or eBay.

Before you and your fiancé even start to consider purchasing a ring or rings, from a jewelry store, it can be said that word of mouth and the personal experiences of others can start as a good guide and starting point in your career of gemstone and fine jewelry buyer or purchaser. Ask friends , family and acquaintances what their experiences were, both good and bad, which means and procedures were best , which stores , outlets and internet websites and sales places were good , bad , exceptional and to be avoided at all costs and prices. If no one you seek personal shopping experience, can or is willing to offer suggestions or pans, then the next best thing is to start your gem and jewelry seeking shopping adventure yourself. Pick a store , or online internet jewelry outlet that appears to stock the jewelry products – that is most likely diamonds or other gemstones or your chosen price range , or sizes along with rings and bands. Diamonds are often a good and basic starting point as gemstones go. A diamond can be said to be forever. As well diamonds in the jeweler’s stock and trade are the basic products in the matrimonial areas – not horribly exotic yet tried and true. Most of the people you know and will meet who have purchased a wedding ring or band , will have chosen a diamond ring , or rings with diamonds so it can be said that diamond rings are the safest gemstone to start with and compare about in terms of types , characteristics , sizes , costs and comparative pricing. In addition it never hurts to ask any retailer, wholesaler or other commercial jewelry outlet their professional credentials. The diamond trade to the greatest extent is a self policing and grading industry, most interested in preserving and maintaining its long, hard earned and established reputation and tradition as a fine gemstone of great repute and integrity. As such grading and standards are consistent and established, and most likely verifiable by other professionals in the diamond trade. Simply make it a practice to ask if your chosen vendor is a member of the American Gem Society. It is held within these diamond sellers that American Gem Society members are knowledgeable and credentialed experts in gems and jewelry and that t hey adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. So be it. In order to maintain standing in this professional organization, members of the American gem Society (AGS), must meet high standards of quality and reputability. In dealing with discount bargain at an outlet or an online engagement ring operation on the net, it never hurts to play on the safe side.

After all it’s your wedding band, your diamond engagement and wedding rings. Your wedding day is “Your Day in the Sun”.

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“There’s an increasing feeling among consumers that they’re being taken advantage of,” says William Maloney, president of the American Society of Travel Agents. “Consumers have more rights when they buy a hammer at a hardware store than when they buy a $ 1,000 airline ticket.” Some airline flight fees are just crazy. For instance, United charges $ 400 for a bag weighing 71-100 pounds on flights to Africa, the Middle East and some Pacific destinations. Delta charges $ 250/person for international flight changes. On the other hand, Air Tran Airways spokesman Christopher White says passengers like some of the new a-la-carte options because they only pay for what they use. Here are some of the recent changes to flight fees in the last two years.

Many people object to the cost of flying today. One objection is that “taxes and fees keep rising.” Several of these airline ticket fees are automatically added on, yet others are totally avoidable.

For example, you can’t get out of some of the airport security fee taxes, like the Passenger Facility Charges, the Federal Domestic flight Segment Fee, the 9/11 Security Fee, the US International Arrival tax, the US Customs fee, the US International Departure tax, the Immigration fee and an Animal and Plant Health Inspection fee.

On the other hand, you can avoid a $ 10-20 surcharge to buy your airline flight over the phone with American Airlines, US Airways, Southwest and Jet Blue by purchasing a cheap airline ticket online instead. You can also take special care not to require a reservation change, which could charge you anywhere from $ 30 to $ 250. Pack light, as checked luggage surcharges range from $ 50-$ 100. You will also need to be more flexible in your seating preferences, now that airlines are charging $ 7 for an aisle or window seat or $ 20 to sit in an emergency exit row. Northwest now charges customers $ 25-$ 100 to redeem frequent flier miles, while several other airlines require that your miles be redeemed by phone (so they can get that $ 10-$ 20 surcharge).

According to CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, there are several ways to avoid airline flight fees and surcharges. Packing lighter will save you a lot of stress. If that’s not possible, then you may want to consider finding a courier like UPS or FedEx to send your goods. If you’re sending an unaccompanied minor, try to book a nonstop flight (to avoid paying $ 25-$ 100 per connection). If you might need to change your flight time, learn the standby rules to avoid the $ 30-$ 100 ticket change fee. It’s important to remember that, despite these optional fees, flight fares have remained relatively consistent since the nineties. Many airlines are struggling just to stay afloat, given the increasingly high fuel costs. So the next time you bring that overweight bag, consider how much more it’s costing the airline carrier to fly it.

Inexpensive travel depends on where you are traveling. If it is summer and you are looking for inexpensive flights to Europe , you may be out of luck. So you should definitely take the time of year into account when it comes time to book your flight.

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If you are looking for some exotic location where you can really have some great holiday time than, you should definitely catch a flight for Central America and head towards Costa Rica. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the Central America region. If you are beach lovers than you will surely fall in love with the beaches out there which are on both sides of the country. Apart from lovely beaches that outline the Costa Rica map, there are many valleys and mountains which are a kind of attraction for the international and local tourists.

When you are in Costa Rica you can get down at San Jose which is the capital city of Costa Rica and from there you can move to any part of the country through roadways. If you are thinking of staying in the city for a while you can stay in San Jose and checkout the city attractions like The National Theatre and various parks and plazas which are found all over the city. While you are in the city you can also drink the Costa Rica coffee available in the local restaurants which is considered to be the best coffee in the world. If you are simply walking from one place to another than, you can visit many other attractions like Spyrogyra Butterfly Garden and Central Market as well.

Once you are done with the city attractions you can move towards the north and reach Alajuela which is a nice place away from the city. Though, Alajuela is a part of Alajuela you can be sure that there is enough peace over here and if you don’t want to stop here move further north and reach one of the most famous beach destination in Costa Rica, Puntarenas. This place is world famous for its beaches and beach resorts and therefore you will find people all over the beach. If you are a surfer than get your surf board ready and get into the action because it is the surfing destination of Costa Rica and the sandy beaches are a perfect destination to tan your body while the sun is up in the sky.

Costa Rica has many other places where you can find some cozy beaches and if you find that there are too many people in Puntarenas than you can head towards Jaco. Here you will be facing the Pacific Ocean and beaches here are sandy and peaceful. The beachfront is packed with number of seafood restaurants and shops that sell food items at affordable prices. You can even do some of the shopping while you are in Jaco and than head to other places. Other beautiful coastal areas that you can visit are Samara, Malpais, Quepos, Cahuita, Limon and Parismina. If you are looking for adventure than you can go for various other sports like kayaking, rafting, snorkeling and sport fishing in some of the best rain forests and valleys in the Costa Rica.

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