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Baton Rouge is Louisiana States capital city. It is also the biggest city of the state and is situated in the southeastern part along the Mississippi River. Since the city is overlooking the Mississippi delta, tourists can journey on a riverboat or gaze at the romantic sunset. The mix traditions and cultures of the English, Spanish, and French have a strong influence over Baton Rouge.

This diverse city takes pride of its rich Cajun and Creole tradition. Its streets are packed with restaurants dishing out all of the important cuisines from the finest Cajun, spicy Bayou dishes to French, Caribbean and Southern gastronomy. Moreover, the significant university population succeeded in engrossing some of the states Asian and healthy food cafes and restaurants.

From among many Baton Rouge cuisines, Cajun and Creole seem to stand out. So whats the difference between these two? Let us first take a glimpse at the origin. Equally of French beginning, the Cajuns and Creoles moved to Louisiana through diverse means and they lived differently as well. While the Cajuns were unsociable, the Creoles were the exact opposite.

The latter intermingled with the American, Italian, Spanish, and African community. Creoles are born in Southern Louisiana and are offspring to aristocrat parents who immigrated from Spain, France or Portugal. These Frenchmen took their traditional style of cooking and chefs along with them. The successors of the Creole are still living in the French Quarter these days.

Conversely, the Cajuns were exiled French speaking natives from Acadia, Nova Scotia in 1700s. This group dwelt in remoteness in southwest Louisiana. When the oil boom took place in Northern portion 1919, the Cajun people needed to struggle in order to stay alive. Fisher folks and farmers traded the finest of their harvests and managed to survive on the most horrible. This inevitability was what stirred Cajun gastronomy, creating a scrumptious dish from inferior ingredients.

Both groups blended their traditional cuisines with the style of cooking of Caribbean seamen and Africans to create the Cajun and Creole cuisines that we know today.

Cajun as against Creole Style of Cooking
Louisianas country cooking is the authentic Cajun cuisine which customarily makes use of plain ingredients and pork oil. A Cajun meal is normally consists of chicken or seafood gumbos, andouille (a spicy smoked sausage and is pronounced as ahnd-wee), grain dish such as steamed rice or cornbread, jambalaya, and fried crawfish or catfish. Gumbos are created with brown roux and occasionally have okra and eggs in their shells floating in the broth. Cajun foods are well-seasoned and the brown roux are the basis of their flavor. The late seventies blackening occurrence bestowed Cajun cuisine the repute of being spicy.

A Creole dish carries characteristics of Italian food and combines with French, American, Caribbean, Spanish, and African touches. It is a more urbane cuisine and generally uses costlier ingredients and butter. It is characterized by Shrimp Remoulade, Oysters Rockefeller, and Bananas Foster. Typically, Creole jambalaya has more tomato while Cajun jambalaya uses a little tomato, is brown and roux based.

Cajun and Creole dishes two have a couple of things in common: They both employ fresh onions, green peppers, and celery and use roux (pronounced as Roo) as the base. Used to add thickness, flavor, and color to the gumbos, a roux is a blend of flour and oil (butter or pork oil). Baton Rouge always has the great tasting dishes to gratify any incessant craving.

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In 2001, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant created what is considered one of the funniest British television programs of all time called The Office. The series lasted for two seasons and a two part Christmas special.

The series followed a documentary format, although the entire pretense of the show was fictional. The show was noted because of its emphasis on characters that functioned like regular (in some cases not so regular) people with desires, flaws, mannerisms, and traits that were different from their co-workers.

Each character received their own back story and face time in the series. A particular standout performance on the show was Gervais himself as David Brent who could easily be compared to any rude boss that anyone may have had.

The show proved to be so popular in Britain, that in the United States the National Broadcasting Company received the rights to do an American take on the series, also titled The Office. The show premiered in 2005 as a mid-season replacement. For the Americanization of the show, all of the characters were renamed, reworked, and redesigned with the American audience kept in mind.

The show still retained its premise, but it took place in Stanford, Pennsylvania at the Stanford Branch of the fictional Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. This new version of The Office featured Steve Carell as Michael Scott, the American counterpart of David Brent. It also features Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, John Krasinski as Jim Halpert, Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly, and B.J Novak as Ryan.

The series also humorously features Creed Bratton, former member of the band The Grass Roots, as a fictionalized version of himself who exhibits eccentric, possibly psychotic, behavior throughout all of his appearances on the show. The show has been notable for the will they or won’t relationship between Jim and Pam that was constant throughout the first three seasons of the show.

It was for those three seasons that many fans found a point of focus. This romantic tension between characters changed when in the fourth season it was revealed that the two had begun dating. This had led to some fans thinking that the quality of episodes would decline, but other fans say that the decision helped keep the plot point from wearing thin.

Unfortunately, in late 2007, production on the second half of the fourth season was put on hold due to the Writer’s Guild of America Strike that has affected television and film everywhere. However, fans remain excited that the strike has ended and are glad they they may have the next season to look foward to.

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It is estimated that 48 Billion dollars worth of food is thrown away in the United States because it spoils before it reaches the grocery store. It really is amazing how far food travels these days and the whole organic shift has only made this worse. Do you want organic Romaine lettuce when you live in New York in the dead of winter? Well this stuff is either coming from California or worse Mexico. It is shocking how much pollution is caused by shipped foods and if you are old enough you remember a day when this didn’t happen.

Strawberries in January? When I was a child strawberry season in the North East was 3 weeks max in June and they tasted amazing! Today you can get any type of fruit anytime of the year and to me this is wrong on so many levels. First off as mentioned above the taste is usually terrible and this is why so many kids hate fruit and vegetables! Second the amount of unneeded pollution from driving and shipping this tasteless produce all over the planet is a major cause of this so called global warming epidemic.

Almost every major town has a farmers market and in most cases you can get local produce all year round. With the new technology in green house designs we are now able to get local organic produce even in the dead of winter. This is an option today for almost every North American, buying local literally saves the planet and your family. Less pollution, better tasting food and better food for you – why is this so difficult?

There are also many nutritionists and scientists that believe where we are from and where we live greatly affects the food we should eat and at what time of the year. This basically means that our bodies have been designed to deal with winter months so eating exotic fruit in the dead of winter rather than root vegetables that can keep all winter long in a proper root cellar is what we are really supposed to be eating. It is very natural to only eat tomatoes for 2 maybe three months a year, of course this doesn’t included canned vegetables which is a perfectly healthy way to get other fruits and veggies into our diet during those winter months.

The bottom line is, buying only local food can dramatically affect the earth. Sustainable farming might be the one largest and most effective things we can do for ourselves and for generations to come. It makes so much sense and if you are like me, the fact that it tastes better is reason enough!

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Filippo Mazzei, or as he has come to be known in the English speaking world, Philip Mazzei, is a name that very few will recognize. But many will be surprised knowing that he was a great friend of Thomas Jefferson and actively contributed to the writing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

Philip Mazzei was born in Poggio a Caiano in Tuscany, Italy, on Christmas day of 1730 and has always been the archetype of the modern man. Borrowing the term from vintners, we could define him a super Tuscan. Always on the move and constantly searching for new challenges, he led a life of intense traveling, study, political activism, and writing. Thanks to these characteristics of his, he got to meet and know Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith.

After becoming a physician and exercising his profession in Florence, Italy, and in the Middle East for few years, he moved to London, England, in 1755, to become an importer with his mercantile firm. In London he met Jefferson and Smith, after having corresponded with them for business reasons. Jefferson convinced Mazzei to undertake a new challenge, that of starting a vineyard and a wine-making farm in Virginia, Jefferson’s homeland.

Mazzei moved to Virginia in 1773 with his wife-to-be and many vintners and started the vineyard with Jefferson. While there he got very much involved with the political activity of the country, until it culminated with the War of Independence. He shared many libertarian ideologies with Jefferson, and after being naturalized as a citizen of Virginia he enrolled as a private to fight against the English army during the Independence War. While due to a frost the vineyard and the wine-making business never grew, Mazzei’s political stature started thriving. Jefferson used one of the friend’s writings to write a new state constitution for Virginia, and Mazzei supported Jefferson’s petition to end spiritual despotism. In 1778 Mazzei returned to Italy and continued to serve the revolution until 1784 by shipping weapons to Virginia thanks to the financing of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

What very few know, is that Thomas Jefferson allegedly paraphrased one of Mazzei’s writings when inserting the U.S. Declaration of Independence article stating that “all men are created equal”. In spite of the many trying to discredit Mazzei’s involuntary contribution to such an important document, a joint resolution of the Congress has established that the sentence and the ideal behind it had been the fruit of his mind. President J.F. Kennedy, in his book “A Nation of Immigrants”, also supports Mazzei as the author behind such a fundamental human right.

Another great contribution of this tireless Tuscan man is his four-volume opera written in French on the American Revolution from a political perspective. The title of the book is “Recherches historiques et politiques sur les Etats-Unis de l’Amerique septentrionale” and since it was the first book about the American Revolution to be written in French, the book became an important document contrasting the British propaganda of the time and the sole source of information for the otherwise uninformed French bourgeoisie that would eventually lead the French Revolution in 1789.
Philip Mazzei died in Pisa, Tuscany in 1816, after living an intense life that brought him from Tuscany to the United States leaving behind an important legacy that still today we can enjoy.

Gaille writes extensively on Tuscany and has a passion for Tuscan historical characters. Her Tuscan background is an heritage that she shares on travel websites on Tuscan apartments and villas and on blogs.

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Argentina is a beautiful country that has some of the best natural landscapes and therefore people and tourists who are always looking for some new to explore come to Argentina. This South American country is the second largest in the South American continent right after Brazil and has a unique geography. You will even find rocky mountains here in Argentina and at the same time find a large coast line where people would prefer to enjoy their holidays on the beach. Argentina so far has not received its share of appreciation from the world but soon many people have started realizing the potential of this country as Argentina now has become one of the G20 major economies.

Argentina is more towards the south of South American continent and therefore it is tapering at the southern side. On the west side, lies the Andes mountain range that Argentina shares with Chile and on the east lies the Atlantic coast. Argentina has more than 2000 mile long coastal area where beach lovers and surfer gather to enjoy their time and to make the most out of the tropical weather. Argentina also has many lakes, sand dunes and cliffs that attract a lot of people who prefer adventure.

If you are going to Argentina for surfing purpose than it is better that you head towards the northern region like Buenos Aires which is also the capital city and in fact the largest city in Argentina. Though Buenos Aires also is a coastal city you will not find surfing possible there because of the low waves, but you can enjoy your vacation there in the city and watch out different locations and city landmarks before you head towards other places from where you can go ahead and surf the waves.

One of the places from where you can surf the waves is Biologia. Yes, the name sounds very absurd but it is said that the waves are good and the spot is ideal for any kind of surfer. Hence, if you are learner you can dive into the water with your surfboard and ride the waves gradually. There are more than thirty different spots here so you can go ahead and make your choice depending on the flow and swell of waves and also depending on the crowd, because if you are beginner than you would prefer to avoid the crowd to give you more space.

Cruz del Sur is another important location from where you can find many different surf spots that ideal for all kinds of surfers. Other important places from where you can find different surfing spots are Santa Teresita, Santa Clara, La Bahia, La Matador, Varese, El Yacht, Waikiki, San Clemente, Miramar and Luna Roja. If you are in southern side of Argentina than you will not find enough surfing spots here because low waves and unfavorable conditions. However, if you still want to go ahead with surfing than Cabo Raso is the best place for experienced surfers and Playa Union and Monte Hermoso for beginners.

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Virgin Airlines operates long haul routes between the UK and North America, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East from its main bases at London Heathrow and London Gatwick and a secondary base at Manchester Airport, a leader in the industry, Virgin Airlines is known for its brashly British attitude. Owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines.

Virgin Atlantic utilizes over 35 aircraft and flies to approximately 30 world destinations. In addtion, it has code-sharing relationships with a variety of other airlines. Among them are Air China, Continental Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Blue, its siter company which is home-based in Australia. Virgin Atlantic is able to sell tickets on the flights offered by these code-sharing partneers.

Plans for two routes, one from London to the Falkland Islands in the aftermath of the Falkland War, and the other from London Gatwick to JFK Airport, were either scrapped or rejected. Plans were in the works for a route between London Gatwick and Newark Liberty International Airport, when it became necessary for the company to secure additional funding.Virgin Atlantic and its sister companies got their start in’82 when American Randolph Fields teamed up with pilot Alan Hellary to launch British Atlantic Airways.

Fields and Branson struck an agreement after tortuous discussions which led to the formation of the airline currently known as Virgin Atlantic starting its first flight between Londan and Newark in June’84. (Fields was later bought out.) A combination of funding from sister company Virgin Records and the timing of the agreement within the peak summer travel system allowed the company to make money in its first year of operation.

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have been rivals since the company’s inception. The competition became even more intense when the UK government began allowing Virgin Atlantic to operate from London Heathrow airport in January’91. This move led to BA’s so-called “dirty tricks” campaign against Virgin Atlantic which included libel lawsuits, and an out-of-court settlement on BA’s part after lawyers found evidence of the extraordinary efforts BA was taking to “kill off” Virgin Atlantic.

Some examples: Mine’s Bigger Than Yours – painted on the back of the Airbus A340-600s because they are the longest passenger aircraft in the world. Virgin has never been shy about taking on its competition through its advertising.

Avoid the Q – Advertised Virgin’s London to Hong Kong to Sydney route in opposition to Quantas which was operating the same route; also promoted Virgins online check-in literally allowing passengers to avoid the queues.

Branson vehemently asserts his displeasure with a potential British Airways/American Airlines partnership. Presently, Virgin Atlantic has three cabin classes. These classes include upper class, premium economy and economy. The upper class would be comparable to what most people know as a business class as cabin service is not provided. Unlike most airlines’ business class, the seating in Virgin Atlantic’s upper class boasts to be the largest flat bed.

Premium Economy passengers have their own check-in and get to board before Economy passengers. They enjoy greater seat width and legroom. Most planes have undergone upgrading to provide Premium Economy seats that come with power supplies for laptops. Economy class now includes free drinks and upgraded seats with adjustable back support in all aircraft.

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft offer personal televisions mounted in the seat backs. Some aircraft have audio/video on demand systems.Virgin Atlantic’s sister airlines include: Virgin America, Virgin Blue, Virgin Express, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Nigeria Airways, Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer and V Australia.

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