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Although very cosmopolitan, Baton Rouge is pleased of its Cajun and Creole roots. It is very evident in its lip smacking Creole and Cajun food.

Baton Rouge is Louisiana States capital city. It is also the biggest city of the state and is situated in the southeastern part along the Mississippi River. Since the city is overlooking the Mississippi delta, tourists can journey on a riverboat or gaze at the romantic sunset. The mix traditions and cultures of the English, Spanish, and French have a strong influence over Baton Rouge.

This diverse city takes pride of its rich Cajun and Creole tradition. Its streets are packed with restaurants dishing out all of the important cuisines from the finest Cajun, spicy Bayou dishes to French, Caribbean and Southern gastronomy. Moreover, the significant university population succeeded in engrossing some of the state’s Asian and healthy food cafes and restaurants.

From among many Baton Rouge cuisines, Cajun and Creole seem to stand out. So whats the difference between these two? Let us first take a glimpse at the origin. Equally of French beginning, the Cajuns and Creoles moved to Louisiana through diverse means and they lived differently as well. While the Cajuns were unsociable, the Creoles were the exact opposite.

The latter intermingled with the American, Italian, Spanish, and African community. Creoles are born in Southern Louisiana and are offspring to aristocrat parents who immigrated from Spain, France or Portugal. These Frenchmen took their traditional style of cooking and chefs along with them. The successors of the Creole are still living in the French Quarter these days.

Conversely, the Cajuns were exiled French speaking natives from Acadia, Nova Scotia in 1700s. This group dwelt in remoteness in southwest Louisiana. When the oil boom took place in Northern portion 1919, the Cajun people needed to struggle in order to stay alive. Fisher folks and farmers traded the finest of their harvests and managed to survive on the most horrible. This inevitability was what stirred Cajun gastronomy, creating a scrumptious dish from inferior ingredients.

Both groups blended their traditional cuisines with the style of cooking of Caribbean seamen and Africans to create the Cajun and Creole cuisines that we know today.

Cajun as against Creole Style of Cooking

Louisiana’s country cooking is the authentic Cajun cuisine which customarily makes use of plain ingredients and pork oil. A Cajun meal is normally consists of chicken or seafood gumbos, andouille (a spicy smoked sausage and is pronounced as ahnd-wee), grain dish such as steamed rice or cornbread, jambalaya, and fried crawfish or catfish. Gumbos are created with brown roux and occasionally have okra and eggs in their shells floating in the broth. Cajun foods are well-seasoned and the brown roux are the basis of their flavor. The late seventies’ blackening occurrence bestowed Cajun cuisine the repute of being spicy.

A Creole dish carries characteristics of Italian food and combines with French, American, Caribbean, Spanish, and African touches. It is a more urbane cuisine and generally uses costlier ingredients and butter. It is characterized by Shrimp Remoulade, Oysters Rockefeller, and Bananas Foster. Typically, Creole jambalaya has more tomato while Cajun jambalaya uses a little tomato, is brown and roux based.

Cajun and Creole dishes two have a couple of things in common: They both employ fresh onions, green peppers, and celery and use roux (pronounced as Roo) as the base. Used to add thickness, flavor, and color to the gumbos, a roux is a blend of flour and oil (butter or pork oil). Baton Rouge always has the great tasting dishes to gratify any incessant craving.

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In the midst of the new era in playing games, the web had been a perfect host of such activities as people getting to play games. And one of the most popular and most sought-after games online is the all-time American classic game – poker.

And moreover, one must also be well adept of online poker’s rules and regulations so that poker players may play online poker. There are the usual do’s and don’ts that have to be observed so as to play online poker.

You should try to learn money management. In most cases, it is far more important than developing your skills in order to play online poker. Establish some set limit regarding your gambling money. In the event that you have already reached your limit, get off and log out.

Best of all, always remember that to play online poker is to be smart, try to let your common sense take over. You should learn how to think with your mind and not with your money if you want to really play online poker.

On Online Poker Chips and Tricks

Poker chips can vary from one to another. Moreover, poker chips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The weight of poker chips is also standardized, and there are heavier pieces and lighter chips. There are two basic poker chip weights – the 11.5 grams and the 13 grams. However, there are many variations of these, depending on the maker of your poker chips. There are also 10 gram chips. The most popular types of poker chips are made of clay and plastic. Some chips are made of mahogany and oak, and there are even graphite chips that are still rare in the market today. Most of the chips available for your poker needs are actually bought in sets that range from 200 to 600 pieces, depending on how many players will be playing them. Traditionally, a player will need 100 pieces. So a 2 player game will need 200 to 300 poker chips. A 400 chip set can be used by up to 4 poker players.

Poker tricks and poker chips will stay with us for an indefinite period of time. Poker is a very exciting and interesting game that had been with us for many, many years and will be with us for a very long time. It is played from the time of kings and queens, and until now, a royal flush is the best way to have all the poker chips at your side!

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Your girlfriend knows her way around the kitchen. She can go in there, pull out some pots and pans and in about 30 minutes you smell a tantalizing aroma wafting through the air. Count yourself lucky that you’ve got a woman who enjoys cooking and eating as much as you enjoy eating good food.

Now, finding girlfriend gift ideas for her shouldn’t be too hard, because there are countless kitchen gadgets around that do all kinds of things like, chopping, mixing, frying, grilling and baking. Your real challenge is to narrow your choices down to a few good items that you know she’ll really like. You can either get her a gift that helps her fix food in the kitchen, or, you can get her something delicious to eat.

If you want to focus on getting her a helpful kitchen item, then go into her kitchen and take a look around to see what items she already has. A quick chopper would be a nice gift, but maybe she already has one or more. If she has a nice mixer or blender, then you can scratch that off your list. If she drinks coffee, see if she has a coffee maker – if so, check to see if it looks old and tired. Check the condition of her mixing bowls and cooking utensils. These could be replaced with brand shiny new ones. Maybe she would appreciate a new casserole dish set.

If you want to focus on a food gift, then you probably already have an idea of what she likes to eat. If she enjoys eating seafood, steak, chicken, soul food, Italian, French, Asian or any style American food, you can arrange to take her out for an evening of fine dining. Or, you can order specialty food items from an online vendor and both of you can enjoy eating it at home.

If she loves sweets, there are delicious items like: chocolate assortments, specialty cakes, cookies and even a box of nostalgia candy. You could order a food gift basket online, or be adventurous and make your own food gift basket. Go to a department store, or craft store, and purchase a basket or nice looking box, get some colorful ribbon, then go grocery shopping for lots of treats you know she loves.

Here are a few more gift suggestions:

Ice Cream Maker – it used to be so much hassle making homemade ice cream, but today’s electric ice cream makers are so easy to use that all you need to do is add the ingredients and push a button.

Sandwich Press – she can make all kinds of hot, grilled sandwiches using ingredients like cheese, turkey, beef, tuna, onions and peppers with an electric sandwich maker. It’s fast and easy to use.

Bread Maker – many home cooks can now easily enjoy the taste of freshly made bread with a home bread making machine. You simply add the ingredients and turn on the machine. It does all the work of kneading and baking.

Electric Grill – she can enjoy healthier meals in minutes with a top quality electric grill. Plug it in and grill up chicken, fish, burgers and lots of other favorites. Make sure you get a brand that is easy to clean.

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A lot of retired people have bought homes in Costa Rica and are living there because of the low cost of living. This is much easier than living in America as they can stretch their income a lot more and have a much better lifestyle here. However, looking at the tourists who are flocking to Costa Rica and seeing the trouble they have in finding affordable hotel accommodation, many of the retired seniors wonder how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica while I live in it.

These are single homeowners who do not have the means as yet to buy a second home in this beautiful country. Well they can turn a few extra rooms into holiday rooms for visitors. Invest in some refurbishing of the rooms and you are ready to get started. It will not be long before you wonder how you are going to find place for the number of visitors calling in for rooms instead of how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica.

The cost of properties in Costa Rica is just 30% of what it costs in America. Added to this America is just three hours away by air and this gives settlers from the feeling that home is not too far from their holiday home. The cost difference and the beauty of this country is what appeals to most and they wait for retirement or a change of job to be permanently in this land. For those who have bought properties here and are wondering how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica it is these holiday makers who are the answer.

For those who want to take a break and go on a holiday out of Costa Rica for a while, it is possible to give your home over to a caretaker tenant for the period while you are away. This way you get some income for your home and also someone to take care of it while you are away and this is a great way of how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica. You have your home to come back to without feeling that it was not lived in for a while.

As the cost of living is very affordable and you can live a very comfortable life for just about $ 2000 for a month, there is more value for your money in this beautiful country than in the mainland. Obviously if you have a second home and are living in Costa Rica you do not really have to worry about your finances. Wondering how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica becomes a secondary worry.

Talk to real estate agents and owners of other homes to find out what the rent for a holiday home is before you set out to rent yours. It is best to know a little about the legalities of such issues before you venture into such a business opportunity and wonder how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica.

The large community of expatriates makes Costa Rica feel like a home away from home and with a lot more plus points and benefits. Everything which you are used to in America is also available here. With so many American living around here there is always the possibility of their families and friends visiting and giving you no cause to think about how to get rental income from my property in Costa Rica.

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Whether you are looking for the crazy nightlife reminiscent of Miami Beach during spring break or are looking for a safe, relaxing family vacation destination, the southeastern US states have a lot to offer. Following are five of the best vacation options available in Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and a variety of other southeastern states.

Theme Parks

The hottest destination for family vacations is of course Disney World and other top theme parks located in Florida. Even groups of grown adults enjoy visiting the Disney theme parks, including the Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and a variety of water parks.

Another very popular theme park is Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. This is the home of the famous Dollywood run by Dolly Parton, but families can also enjoy a variety of amusements from laser tag and roller coasters to live entertainment and water slides.

Outdoor Adventure

The geography of the southeastern states makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor adventures throughout the year. Even in the colder months, visitors come from all over to camp out and hike in the mountains. During the fall visitors from afar and locals alike drive, hike, and bike through the mountains to watch some of the most spectacular images as millions of trees change colors and shed their leaves.

With many parks, camp sites, and botanical gardens scattered throughout the region, this is a nature lover’s paradise no matter what season you plan to travel.

Cultural Exploration

For those interested in American history, American Indian heritage, or those who simply want to add some educational stops to their family vacation, the southeastern US states have a lot to offer in this area as well. With many Indian run casinos, shopping destinations, and reservations, visitors enjoy seeing historical reenactments and purchasing Indian artifacts and crafts while learning more about American History.

Shopping Vacations

While some people go on vacation to relax and get away from the everyday world, others go on vacation to buy things that aren’t available in their local mall. Shopping vacations are becoming extremely popular and the southeastern states offer some unique options.

If shopping is your idea of a good time, consider strolling the boardwalk on a variety of beaches and purchasing unique items from clothing to crafts. You can also make a stop at a few Indian reservations such as Cherokee in North Carolina to try your luck in a casino or just purchase authentic Indian goods.

Catch a Wave

You can’t think about the lower southeastern states without mentioning the beaches. Very different from the beaches of California and other western coastal states, some of the most exciting beaches are located in Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. You can hit Miami Beach during the wild spring break season or just relax in peace on some of the more remote beaches located throughout the region.

While at the beach, try getting up on a surf board or hiring an instructor to take you out diving to look at underwater wildlife. You can even combine a trip to the beach with some of the other entertainment options presented above.

Some states in the southeastern US do have colder seasons, which means a wider variety of vacation options for visitors. Make sure to consider the changing seasons in the states you want to visit and look online to determine what your entertainment options are during each season.

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One of today’s fastest-expanding travel trends is putting together off-the-beaten-path vacation packages for travelers who have “seen it all.” The usual destinations of Monte Carlo or Mexico, do not satisfy the yearly vacation requirements of a large number of Americans any more. These people are unsatisfied with luxury cruises with their inevitable shuffleboard and whirlwind island tours. Adventure in a fascinating location, is what draws seasoned vacations these days. The vacation that tops all others, in terms of brag-ability and exotic nature, is one to Antarctica.

In this day and age it’s not so hard to travel to the frozen continent. It begins with a twenty-four hour airplane flight out of New York and then a three day voyage by sea, embarking from Ushuala, a small port at the southernmost tip of South America. This isolated spot isn’t as dangerous as it seems, thanks to the presence of the American Navy. The United States and many other nations keep a base on Antarctica which was founded in 1957. There’s no need to worry if the cruise ship gets caught in the ice or an adventurous tourist tumbles down an icy chasm; the U.S. Navy is always prepared to tackle any emergency, despite rumors that American sailors often groan when they see a tourist boat docking.

What does Antarctica have to offer for tourists? First and foremost, there is the wildlife great and small to observe and photograph — whales, birds, seals and, naturally, penguins. They may also observe long plumes of white smoke billowing out of the 12,000 foot high, ice covered, active volcano, which provides quite an extraordinary experience. This sight alone easily trumps other volcanoes as tourist fare.

You may also ask exactly who feels inclined to spend $ 5,000 or more in transportation costs in order to experience Antarctica this way. Many of Antarctica’s tourists are doctors and scientists. More and more married couples are traveling there. Several of the trips have hosted grandmothers. According to travel industry insiders, there has lately been considerable interest in Antarctica as a tourist vacation destination. He comments that long gone are the days when only a handful of risk-taking adventurers got to experience the natural wonders of this frozen land, as viewing the majestic beauty of Antarctica, is now an experience within practically anyone’s grasp.

A U.S. Navy spokesperson Navy is quoted as saying that the only restriction placed on tourists wishing to visit Antarctica is that they can meet certain safety standards, can take care of themselves and that they agree to follow the conservation and preservation agreements that have been put in place for the well-being of the Antarctic continent. Of course, visitors are of some concert to the scientific and conservationist communities. Their fear is that the ships will disgorge legions of tourists and keepsake seekers to stream over the icecap, upset the penguins, litter and possibly vandalize or steal Antarctica’s historic monuments.

There is a hut at Cape Royds which housed a famous expedition. It appears exactly as they left it in 1907, complete with canned food on the shelves and clothes in the closet. A major European newspaper copy from that year is still sitting on the table.

Tourists are often seen climbing a hill to take photos of the Antarctic Mountain range. It is over 900 miles away, but can seen clearly through the clean air. The South Pole is there. The first explorers and other pioneers were met with flat, crusty ice when they reached the pole. Today, the South Pole is marked with an eight-foot tall, orange and blue barber’s pole. It has a silver reflective ball on the top.

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