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Modernism is not just an art movement that prevalent in the 1950s that was solely seen in galleries and magazines. It also crossed into home design and pop culture. Many will have heard of the famous Knoll furniture, but the teak chair overall became a more commonly seen fixture in American homes.

This Scandinavian school of design was first seen before the start of World War II, where models like the bent-plywood designs of Alvar Aalto were on display at the 1939 World Fair in New York. However, it was not until the end of the war, when formerly occupied Scandinavia was able to find an outlet for their hardship and optimism for the future that Scandinavian Modern really took flight. As a result of wartime shortages, artisans and craftsmen turned to the past for inspiration, drawing on the old arts of pottery, weaving, and glassblowing. A symbiotic blending of past traditions and modern design came to be the foundation for the movement, and it allowed Scandinavian artists a new opportunity to express themselves on a global scale. The carving of wood also became a popular pastime. Though in the beginning, artisans could only get such materials as oak, birch, linen and clay, eventually more exotic woods became available, and this is where the teak chair comes in. Though originally grown in Southeast Asia, teak wood had already achieved worldwide exposure by the late 19th century, and it was a common building material seen in furniture, in housing and on ship decks. Some of the prominent early leaders in this movement included the likes of Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl. Wagner was considered a master of detail and line, while Juhl was famous for his structures. Together, their avant garde but still approachable works solidified the new movement and gained it both acceptance and exposure.

When it was first introduced onto the American market, many people thought the modern style to be too austere and expensive. After all, a teak chair and other such high-end wares are not cheap to begin with, but paired with the “of the moment” art movement, many middle class citizens could simply not afford it. However, Danish Modern, a subset of the greater Scandinavian Modern movement found an elevated spike in sales for a few decades, and today that style is once more au courant and sought-after. At the same time, Edgar Kauffman, Jr., who worked at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, also helped to spread the movement. As the son of the owner of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water,” Kauffman’s opinion held a special weight among the New York design scene, and his enthusiastic approval of Scandinavian Modern was of great benefit to the movement. So even while the rest of the country may have hesitated to buy the pricy furniture, stores in Manhattan, including Bonniers and Raymor, were selling items like hotcakes. From there, there was an a trickling outward effect where the postwar style became more accessible to the rest of the United States, especially among younger generations, and larger retailers began replicating the look and feel of the specially designed teak chair and other furniture stylings. In fact, Americans were more inclined to the exotic woods like teak, wenge and rosewood than were their Scandinavian peers.

By 1963, the movement had reached its apex, and Scandinavian Modern had permeated every niche of society. The style was becoming more experimental and avant garde by this point, but the important thing was that it was now available for every price point that people could afford. For the wealthy, there were designers like Wegner, Juhl, and Jacobsen, while the lower and middle classes could find the distinct furniture at Sears and Penney’s. Around 1966, the trend began to diminish as a new prominent Mediterranean style came to the forefront of popular taste. However, in recent years, Scandinavian Modern has come back into favor as a sort of retro chic style.

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America loves popcorn. We eat 16 billion quarts per year. Every man, woman and child enjoy 65 quarts of popcorn each. Popcorn is a whole grain snack with only 55 caloies per cup. If you use an air popper it has 31 calories. Popcorn is a good snack for you too!

Zea Mays Everta is popcorn’s scientific name. Popcorn is a member of the grass family. It is a type of maize or corn. There are 5 types of corn. They are Flour, Dent or Field, Flint, Sweet and popcorn. The moisture in the kernals makes it pop. That level of moisture is between 13 to 15 percent.

There are 2 different types of popcorn. They are Snowflake and Mushroom. The Snowflake is usually used in concession popcorn poppers. The Snowflake pops up soft and fluffy. The Mushroom variety is mostly used in candy making. It holds up to handling and takes candy coatings better. There are over 700 different types of popcorn.

In the early1700’s, kettle corn was introduced. It was popped in large cast iron kettles. The settlers would use rendered lard and whatever sweetner they had on hand. Mostly molasses, honey or sugar cane.

Kettle corn is one of hottest ways to make money with popcorn. Thats why you see it being made at county fairs and farmers markets. It is one of the few products that has a low overhead and a high profit margin. Your initial investment can usually be recouped in a couple of shows.

Microwave popcorn was first discovered in 1945. Perry Spencer discovered that popcorn would pop when placed near a mocrowave. Mr. Spencer led the way to development of the microwave oven.

Some of the oldest known popcorn was found in Bat cave in west New mexico in 1948. The ears of popcorn were as small as a penny to over 2 inches long.

Popcorn became very popular during the great depression in the 1890’s. Popcorn was sold in bags for 5 to 10 cents each. Some street vendors would push their gas and steam powered poppers around following the crowds selling popcorn. Very few peole could afford this luxury. People would start their own popcorn business to help their families during the lean years.

Popcorn sales dropped off in the early 1950s, when the t.v. became popular. Movie theater attendance also dropped too. So did popcorn consumption, when the public started eating popcorn at home. Home poppers were first introduced around 1925.

January 19 is National Popcorn Day! October is National Popcorn Popping Month!April 7th is Caramel Popcorn Day!

Native American tribes would pop the popcorn right on the cob. They would spear the corn cob with a stick and roast it over an open flame. This would cause the kernals to pop right on the cob.

The English colonists ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was brought as a gift by the chief’s brother. The colonists ate the popcorn with milk and sugar. This is the first known breakfast cereal.

Popcorn is low in calories along with apples,pears, cheese, nuts and plain yougurt. It is listed as a sugar free snack by the American Dental Association.

For weight control, The American Diabetes Association uses popcorn as a bread exchange. It provdes the the necessary roughage and fiber to aid in digestion and the overall health of the body.Popcorn provides 1.3 grams of dietary fiber needed.

The unpopped kernals are called “old maids” or “spinsters”. Good popcorn should produce less than 2 percent of “old maids”. Popcorn kernals will start popping at the temperature of 347 degrees. Popcorn can pop as high as 3 feet.

Popcorn has more protein, phosphorus and iron than potato chips, an ice crean cone, pretzels or soda crackers.

Popcorn is enjoyed in many different flavors in different parts of the world. Sweet popcorn is loved by Germany,Luxemburg, Switzerland and Belgium. The rest of Europe prefers salty popcorn. Americans enjoy it with salt and butter and a host of sweet coatings. The japanese eat their popcorn with seaweed or shrimp flavorings. The rest of Europe prefers salty popcorn.

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The diet that most Us residents take in is definitely incredibly harmful. In reality, its so junk that practically a 3rd of all individuals who feed on it are morbidly obese. A third of folks are usually obese. This means that merely one out of about three people who eat American meal end up not becoming overweight.

Hence, what are the select few doing in which the rest of the people aren’t? Very well, you could argue that they just currently have “much better geneticsInches that ordinary people don’t have. Currently that’s achievable, but until fifty or one hundred years past, there only wasn’t this of unhealthy weight in our nation. So what transpired?

What occurred is the fact that most individuals started off consuming much more food items. How a lot more? Properly they started out having far more of just about everything. But the scenario does not finish there. Persons commenced taking in lots more sugars, a good deal a lot more body fat, and a whole lot a lot more meal that the human body was not intended to consume.

In brief, Americans possess started eating a diet regime that is created to produce us poor and we usually are taking in them in volumes that are intended to destroy us. There’s just absolutely no way around that fact.

The reccomended quantity of calorie consumption every human being is supposed to take in is one area like 2000. For ladies, it is most likely similar to sixteen hundred. At the moment the majority within the United states will be ingesting extra similar to twenty 6 number of energy. So each week the average joe is consuming 4 500 calories a lot more than they require. That’s about a lb per weeek.

Whenever you take an added four thousand unhealthy calories a week, your body will raise and alter to this. There are numerous ways men and women obtain an extra twenty or something like 20 lbs. Your body mass increases right up until you attack a metabolic equilibrium with regards to calories from fat burned compared to calories taken.

Therefore, should you devour 2, 000 energy to hold a 180 pound weight, if you’re taking in twenty six hundred calories, the body will baloon to say 230 lbs. In two $ 120 kilos, the body will naturally shed the added half a dozen hundred energy perhaps.

And ofcourse that the National eating habits is actually making individuals obese considering we eat too many calories. As a whole, we need to find a healthy method to consume or we will die an early death. It is just a straightforward point of life.

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The Gold Rush sparked a mad dash for riches, sending thousands of men crisscrossing across the Wild West in search of the big score. As rumors of wealth in new places came about, whole towns were deserted and alas, the Wild West ghost town was born.

Today, hundreds of ghost towns lie scattered throughout the Old West, here are 5 worth a visit:

1. Bodie, California

Head East of the Sierra Nevada, about 75 miles South-East of Lake Tahoe, and you’ll stumble upon the abandoned ghost town of Bodie, California.

A former Wild West boomtown propelled by the discovery of gold, Bodie at one time boasted over 2000 buildings and a population of 7000.

With 65 Saloons once lining its one-mile strip, it’s no wonder shootouts, bar room brawls and stagecoach holdups were the order of the day.

Today, the shootouts and holdups are gone, but many of the historic buildings remain. There is real feeling of Wild West authenticity here as many of the structures have been left as they were, stocked full of supplies.

Just take care not to drink the moonshine partner.

2. Tombstone, AZ

The state of Arizona boasts an incredible 275 ghost towns, but Tombstone is undoubtedly its most revered.

Legend has it that the town took its name from a passing soldier who warned the towns founder: The only rocks he was likely to collect amongst this godforsaken land was that of his own tombstone.

While the discovery of silver soon brought Tombstone great fortune, the soldier was right about one thing; this was one godforsaken place. Lawlessness and violence raged, culminating with the infamous Showdown at the OK Coral.

Today, you can relive the classic showdown in its original location and still live to tell about it. Come during October’s Helldorado Festival, and you’ll be treated to Wild West shows, street entertainment, and even a carnival for the kids.

Believe it or not, Tombstone is now a safe place to bring the family.

3. Jerome, AZ

Another of Arizona’s great living ghost towns, Jerome once had a reputation more infamous than Tombstone itself. Rife with prostitution, gambling and murder, the New York Sun, once labeled it “The wickedest town in the West.”

While riches of silver, copper and gold, brought the population to a peak of 15,000, raging fires and plummeting copper prices eventually sealed its fate as a ghost town. By 1950, just 50 brave souls dared call Jerome home.

Named a designated historic district in 1967, Jerome has since regained some of its former greatness (minus the murder and prostitution). Today’s tamer, more civilized, Jerome is frequented by visitors stopping to enjoy its museums, bed & breakfasts, live music, and even fine dining.

Jerome even has a bustling art scene, with over 30 galleries displaying their wares. You’ll find it hard to believe that this was once considered the Wild West.

4. Austin, Nevada

Smack in the middle of Nevada along U.S Highway 50, you’ll find the dusty ghost town of Austin.

Discovered by accident after a horse kicked over a rock revealing silver, the town quickly grew to host some 10,000 souls in search of a quick fortune. As was often the case, however, there was more hype to be found than riches, and Austin soon met a rapid decline.

As evidenced by the three churches that grace the town (all of which still stand), Austin can certainly claim to be one of the more civilized towns of the Wild West. In fact, Austin’s Episcopal Church is widely considered to be the most beautiful of all the frontier churches.

Today you’ll find a well-preserved ghost town, still surviving to this day on the mining and production of turquoise jewelry.

We recommend you try kicking over a rock or two while in town, who knows what riches you might find.

5. Bannack, Montana

Due South of Dilon in Montana’s Beaver Head County, lies the well-preserved ghost town of Bannack. Taking its name from the natives who once roamed the land, its one time prosperity vaulted it the temporary capital of the Montana.

Bannack is most famous for its renegade sheriff Henry Plummer, who along with his gang of cronies murdered over 100 miners in the goldfields. As frontier justice would have it however, Plummer was eventually stopped and later hung without trial. Twenty-two of his fellow gang members met similar fates.

Hey, they don’t call it the Wild West for nothing.

Present day Bannack is a nostalgic journey to the past, featuring over 60 original log structures, most of which can be freely explored at your leisure.

After you’ve had a look about town, you’ll feel like mounting up, and heading off into the sunset.


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Joe Camel may have been put out to pasture, but his spirit lives on in R.J. Reynolds’ latest marketing campaign in 2010 that once again tries to make Camel cigarettes cool, fun and rebellious – and appealing to kids. The new campaign cynically uses the names and images of trendy U.S. destinations, including Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, in an attempt to make Camel cigarettes cool again.

Literally from the first days of existence this tobacco brand has effectively used spirit of travels and passion to adventures. Besides picture with views of distant Africa and slogans like “Start of new inspiration”, male image also is supported with the fact that namely Camel cigarettes have entered in American solders ration composition during World War II. Seaman or solder that is going on shore and taking from jammed pack Camel became common Hollywood image.

But RJR were not the single American tobacco brand that staked on eternal male values. In 1954 the game entered Marlboro cigarettes brand. Their advertising cowboy appealed not just to the spirit of adventures but to the sum and substance (though mythological) of male American nation. It is no wonder that Camel cigarettes began to lose consumers that have reached after red-white packs. Something had to be done. The result of long searches became organization of famous adventure advertising project in which spirit of travels and real male character have managed to find their realization. In 1980 was held first tournament Camel Trophy. For 20 years of its existence this will, cars and nature confrontation took place in 24 countries but participated there 160 teams.

Are you too old for adventures?

RJR has a long history of trying to make Camel cigarettes appealing to youth, most notoriously with the Joe Camel campaign that ended in 1997. Besides, the 2000 turn began. The image of dirty and unshaven nature conqueror stopped to attract men. They took a fancy for comfort and refinement. Active rest started to be associated more and more with healthy lifestyle that hasn’t combined with nicotine in any way. Besides Camel cigarettes haven’t managed to win leadership on perspective markets of former communist block – Russia and China. The reason is simple – people preferred Marlboro cigarettes.

In 2004, RJR introduced candy and fruit-flavored versions of Camel, including one called Kauai Kolada that was condemned by Hawai’i officials as “disgusting and offensive” for using the Kauai name to market cigarettes. In 2005, state attorneys general forced RJR to end a promotion called “Drinks On Us” in which the company mailed customers celebrating their birthdays a promotional package of drink coasters, mixed drink recipes and slogans encouraging excessive drinking. In 2007, RJR launched its Camel No. 9 cigarette, which a newspaper dubbed “Barbie Camel” for its fashion-oriented marketing campaign and promotional giveaways such as lip balm and cell phone jewelry that clearly appealed to girls. Generally, Camel tries to keep up with modern men and pretend to elite brand of premium class. is an European Cigarettes with a vaste source of news and articles related to tobacco world. Visit

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In case you are an American, you’ve got almost certainly heard at some point that individuals in other nations believe Americans are rude and arrogant. And maybe that you are, maybe you aren’t. I know I am not arrogant, but that doesn’t imply that I am well educated on the cultures in other nations across the globe.

So, if I make a decision to travel somewhere outside from the U.S., it is crucial to me to discover somewhat in regards to the place I am going as well as the men and women that live there. This could possibly be a very good tip for all of us as we travel. I imply, every person can find out to become slightly additional friendly, appropriate?

When corporate America sends workers to far away business enterprise destinations, they shell out time undertaking culture instruction. For example, an American provider sending executives to India to train new hires might be confident to go more than some vital info with those executives prior to sending them there. They will inform them the proper technique to greet someone inside the nation at the same time as what’s appropriate/inappropriate in terms of touches (like handshakes) and modest talk.

Your private trips should be somewhat equivalent. Though you don’t have a human sources department teaching you concerning the culture within your next vacation destination, you may wish to make certain that you are prepared to become a valued guest to their nation.

One particular important assumption to avoid is the fact that absolutely everyone speaks English. Though quite a few nations outside with the U.S. and U.K. teach English in school, this really is not their major language. Though young children could know some English, the common individual you meet may possibly not. It is silly to expect you to find out a brand new language ahead of going on vacation, but make sure to understand essential phrases and take one thing with you to help you translate. Even when a person knows English, they may probably know a formal version which you will still have a tough time communicating with. Try to prepare for this beforehand.

Acquiring spent time with individuals in the U.S. that have been raised in other nations, they typically decide that Americans usually are not as arrogant as they as soon as believed. So, a few of these opinions could have been taught to them not having merit. However, some truth has surely come through because of travelers outside from the U.S. that act as if each country on the planet ought to live like America and tolerate our life-style options. Do your most effective to transform this impression whenever you travel.

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Highlands in North Carolina is a beautiful place to vacation in, more so, if you are looking for a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Blessed with miles and miles of lofty mountains, mystic waterfalls, and beautiful verdant forests, Highlands indeed, has one of the most wonderful countryside in the US. You definitely must come here to sightsee, trek, hike, and bathe in the hilly cascades and lakes available here in plenty.

We know, you’re dying to know the attractive pastoral surroundings in Highlands NC, but there are charming attractions downtown as well. The Highland’s Hiker, located at the far end of downtown Highland is a great place to visit. You can also view the oldest Nordsman tree in America in the vicinity, which is a popular tourist spot. Once you shop for your hiking trips at The Highland’s Hiker, you can embark on a solo trek to the mountains surrounding the boutique town.

You ought to visit the Whiteside Mountain, one of the highest ranges in North Carolina. The hills have superb vantage points from where the views are spectacular. Rock climbers and mountaineers are known to flock to the Whiteside Mountain ranges for their cliffs, and rough terrain. You can hike, backpack, and travel in a car rental too, in the Whiteside Mountains. There are hidden waterfalls situated in the areas that are a real treat for travelers.

The Appalachian Mountains in the vicinity contain myriad pleasures for you to explore. There is trout fishing, swimming in the lakes, mountain climbing, trailing, hiking, and kayaking too, for you to enjoy. The Appalachian Mountains are one of the most visited mountain ranges in the world and you would be thrilled to go for animal safaris in the Nantahala National Park situated in and around the ranges.

Waterfall viewing at the Appalachian Mountains is another great tourist pursuit. The Dry Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Cullasaja Falls are breathtaking waterfalls with hidden caves and other structures within. You can look to raft and kayak at the Rivers in the Appalachian Mountains too.

Whether it is golfing, hunting, fishing, sightseeing, spending idyllic days at the mountains, or shopping in downtown Highlands in North Carolina, the place has something in store for everybody. Thus, you must make it a point to visit this refreshing tourist destination at least once. You will, most certainly, not be disappointed.

The Cullasaja Club of Highlands is a distinctive property With over 685 secluded acres, with just 288 homes, for those who choose to live on premise. This place is also well famous for Highlands NC Golf Club. For membership visit our website today.

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