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The office remained in the Jefferson Square building over a year, and in 1907 moved to more adequate quarters in the Hooker and Lent building. Yet even there the rapid growth of the business and memories of the destruction of office records in the disaster soon brought a realization that a permanent fireproof head office building was needed.

Accordingly, the company purchased a magnificent hilltop property at the corner of Pine and Stockton streets, overlooking the bay and a large portion of the city, and started to erect its own home. On July 10, 1909, the staff formally took possession of the first unit of the present structure – a modern Parthenon, one of the architectural landmarks of San Francisco. This fine building was designed by the brothers LeBrun, who had created the Home Office in New York.

It was severely classical in style, of white semi-glazed terra cotta, faced on each side with six magnificent Ionic columns. If “a man’s character is expressed by his clothes,” the Pacific Coast Head Office building expressed the alertness, the strength, and spirit of public service which the Metropolitan has come to mean to the people of the Western States. At the time of the opening of the new building in 1909, agents were operating in virtually every urban area in the territory to insure and give home insurance quotes.

The life insurance in force there had reached a total of more than $ 58,000,000, of which $ 40,000,000 was industrial. By the end of 1913, on the basis of the amount of insurance in force, the Pacific Coast unit, considered as a separate organization, would have stood 27th in the list of the 239 American life insurance companies.

The coast office had 382,199 private health insurance policies in force and 44,043 auto insurance policies for a combined total of more than $ 103,000,000 of insurance. In the same year it paid death claims amounting to almost $ 750,000 and distributed $ 72,025 in bonuses to industrial policyholders. The premium income of the Pacific Coast Head Office in 1913 exceeded $ 3,250,000.

Because of such growth, in 1914, just five years after the erection of the first head office unit, two end wings had to be added, more than doubling the original floor space. Yet time was to prove even this additional space inadequate. By 1916 the industrial business had increased to $ 78,000,000; the ordinary to $ 66,000,000. The average amount of insurance per ordinary policy was $ 935; for the industrial policy it was $ 143.

There were 212 employees in the head office, of whom 67 were men and 145 women; and the field force numbered 909. In 1920 the adjoining property was purchased, which again more than doubled the floor space, yet in 1929, shortly after the territory achieved its first billion dollars of insurance in force, from maternity coverage to cheap car insurance. Additional property had to be acquired and the construction of the third addition was commenced. It was formally dedicated by President Ecker on May 29, 1930.

This addition joined the southerly end of the Pine street side of the old building, was eight stories high and, by reason of the incline of the street, its fifth floor was level with what was known as the main floor of the original building. The building program, which had taken more than two decades, was completed. The area of the territory under the jurisdiction of the Pacific Coast Head Office was more than a third of the total area of the United States, and embraced a population of more than 13,000,000 people.

Within this vast territory, agencies were maintained in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. In servicing policyholders, western agents dealt with debits different in composition and in geography from those in other parts of the country. Great distances and sparse population characterized the west as a whole and the debits were often large in area. Some western states had less population than a moderate sized New England factory town.

Colorado, for instance, had only 11 persons per square mile, California 44 per square mile, and Montana a sparse four; whereas in New York State the population was concentrated–281 per square mile, and in Rhode Island it was 674 per square mile. The west was young and the pioneer mood was still reflected in its people and their traditions. They were the descendants of Spanish conquistadores, American fur traders, pioneer land settlers, gold seekers, and equally vigorous recent immigrants.

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Megan Fox was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by avid readers of FHM Magazine through an online poll. She was in no. 68 slot in 2006 and no. 65 in 2007. She surely worked her way up.

Following her are Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. She beat lots of big name beautiful and sexy actresses including Elisha Cuthbert and even Angelina Jolie, who they say she resembles the most.

She has started her career in modeling and acting but Fox’s got her big break when she landed the lead female role in the blockbuster movie Transformers. She already posed for big name magazine’s like FHM, GQ and Maxim.

Drew Barrymore is one of the Hollywood’s well loved actresses.

Her career started at the age of 7 in the movie E.T. Although she went into a rebellious stage in her teen years she was able to bounce back to become a one of Hollywood’s most recognized child actresses and producer as well.

She mostly stars in romantic comedy films like: The wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed etc. She has her own production company, the Flower Films which produced some of her movies.

After failed marriages and relationships, she is still enjoying her single life as well as becoming the World’s Most Beautiful in 2007.

On the 61st annual Cannes Festival held in France, the red carpet makes way for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

On the Kung Fu Panda’s press conference, some secrets between the movie’s main cast were spilled. First, Jack Black told the media that Bradgelina are expecting twins due this summer. Secondly, Dustin Hoffman is also claiming that there was a time when Angelina Jolie had to choose between him and Brad Pitt. Well. It’s clearly visible now whom Angelina choose.

The couple is expecting their twins to come due on August 19 this year. Yet she’s still hadn’t make-up her mind where to give birth but considering that France is a good place to conceive.

Since their adopted children (Maddox and Sahara) are now having French Lesson and additional Cultural Lesson so that they can learn about the family’s original culture. How cool can that be? The couple must be having their excitement double-up with the twins to add up to their family and Angelina Jolie is now very exhilarated.

There are also reports that the couple is considering to have more children after their twins. I just hope that they’re going to the knot pretty soon and not to be bounded by their responsibility to raise-up her children with Brad Pitt.

The 7th season of American idol is now coming to its climax this 3rd week of May. We all know that the show has produced many singing sensations of this generation. The people of America and viewers from all over the world are agitated to know who’s gonna reign in this season of American Idol. It’s a neck to neck showdown between David Archuleta and David Cook on this final week of American Idol. The two have been battling their voices out from the start of this show’s season. At such a very young age, David Archuleta has impressed the viewers, especially the judges with his very outstanding voice.

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Healthy comfort foods for overstressed people is not an oxymoron. Overstressed individuals are the just like other people – they want to reward themselves, and this is how comfort foods come in. There are numerous explanations why we crave comfort foods not least are the psychological reasons. We feel a need to treat or reward ourselves because “we deserve it – we work hard”.

The trouble with comfort eating is the proven fact that we eat unhealthy foods that gives us a quick sugar fix and when that hit is over we are left overtired and much more tired than ever, and when which was not bad enough we also feel guilty because we have succumbed to comfort eating again! That does not imply that comfort foods are banned they aren’t, but it is a good to reclassify what you call comfort foods. Often comfort foods are highly calorific, a classic example is the American calorie overload mac and cheese. However comfort foods could be light snacks that are relatively healthy.

Healthy eating can continue to have foods that have an enormous comfort value. Mindless eating is really a senseless exercise that just adds more guilt. When you want to eat jot it down before you decide to eat it and your food diary can build a list of what you are eating that’s wrong. High calorie comfort snack eating or drinking has worse effects on your health than guilt. Poker chips, crisps, Pringles, etc., are massively full of calories and fats, but also they’ve high levels of sodium. Sodium is really a contributory element in hypertension or hypertension. A healthy comfort food that delivers on all levels is low-fat yoghurt, any flavor. Personally , i like to use the low-fat Greek yoghurt and add nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, or pistachios, and fruit. Try crushed berries and almonds. That healthy comfort food can also be frozen.

Summer berries are lower in fat and very high in antioxidants and the natural sweetness of strawberries is irresistible. An Italian trick for offering the flavor of strawberries is forget the sugar or honey they kill the natural sweetness of Summer. Sprinkle freshly grated black pepper on strawberries to maximise the flavor. Rejuvenate the body when you’re stressed instead of take the comfort food. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it assists the liver and kidneys’ in detoxifying your whole body.

Try some deep breathing exercises that take under five minutes, however they send more blood to your extremities to pick up the toxins in your body and obtain gone the, Inhale slowly to the count of eight, hold for eight seconds and then exhale for eight seconds. Pack out your refrigerator with lots of fruit and fresh vegetables. Follow a fresh kiwi to have an instant sugar hit and many healthy Vitamin C. Avoid processed sugar, cakes and cookies and feel less stressed since your body needs to work harder to digest processed food.

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There is definitely an increase of smiling adults with braces as you move from coast to coast. Orthodontists are being sought out by adult patients who want to have mouths that look more attractive and are also healthier. The words caution, mouth under construction were seen on a button worn by the Michigan state senator not too long ago. The dentist’s office in Los Angeles was the meeting spot for two middle aged patients who eventually got married in a double brace ceremony.

Nowadays, at least one of every 10 orthodontic patients is an adult, according to a nationwide survey by the American Association of Orthodontists, which reports a steady increase in adult patients in the past decade, as does the American Board of Orthodontics. Some big city specialists, those with offices in New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles, even put the figure closer to 15 or 20 per cent for their individual practices.

A dentist working in Washington said that it all just stems from the awareness of people in this area. For a big number of adults, having braces done was perceived to be impossible at their ages, but all that changed when they saw others their age wearing them. A colleague at Manhattan terms this as word of mouth advertising. Of course, adults who are referred by dentists want preventive measures done so that they do not suffer gum disease or tooth loss. In most cases, patients would have braces put on them to look good rather than to enjoy the benefits of good dental health. It is because of their desire to look more attractive that adults have their teeth wired and banded.

A Detroit secretary couldn’t get braces despite the fact that she was always conscious about her crooked teeth because at one point in her life, she didn’t have money, and in another point, she was too vain. This woman, now in her 40’s, decided to sign up for a $ 1,300 two year orthodontic program, but because of dental insurance, she only paid $ 800. This woman signed up for the program more to put her thoughts about her profile at ease than to heed the warning of her dentist regarding incorrect bite and hearing loss.

She felt that she made the right choice when she looks back a year after having her braces taken off. The orthodontists are making a lot of money from women who are within the 20 to 40 age range. After making sure that their children got braces of their own, these mothers are back to have braces put on themselves. Sometimes, it’s not the kids who get braces first, but their own mothers. A 37 year old mother living in New Jersey narrated that when she first came home with braces, one of her children refused to speak to her. He’s going to have to wait a year for his own braces, something that he dreaded.

Work away from home may be what mother might be preparing for as she embarks on this crash course of self improvement. One patient included getting her teeth fixed as one of her resolutions, as well as getting a college degree and reducing weight. The jobs of other men and women brace wearers require them to socialize with people everyday.

Such investments are not strange for orthodontists. Adults receiving orthodontic treatment are warned by orthodontists that the treatment will be 10 to 15 percent more expensive and will also take a longer time. Orthodontic treatment for adults would last six months less than 3 years, but the patient would still spend one more year wearing retainers. Treatment costs would be in the thousand dollar range, though the definite price is determined by the geographical area and also the type of case.

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Talking to race enthusiast there’s one thing that is believed and concurred throughout, Citation was probably the best horse the racing front ever witness or shall ever realize. Having made more remarkable scores than any horse, Citation was in his time of the 50’s the first horse to win and cross the million dollar mark. With more than 20 wins as by the Man o’ War under his belt, Citation was ranked the third on the Blood-Horse Magazine’s finest American Thoroughbred rankings.
The April foal was born to Bull Lea and leading sire and stakes winner, Hyperion on the Calumet Farm, owned and bred by them. The Kentucky bay colt grew up to be trained by Hall of Fame inductees Ben Jones and his son Horace A. “Jimmy” Jones.
Citation made his maiden break at two years old, his first race being Harve de Grace. The year 1947 would witness 8 wins out of 9 impressive starts from this race horse in a number of stakes races such as the Futurity Stakes, Pimlico Futurity and the Elementary Stakes. His career earnings towards the year end had towered to $ 155,680 inclusive of one and only loss, the Washington Park Futurity that he lost at the heels of Bewitch, his stable mate.
The champion two year old was more than prepared for his 3 year old season as he opened the year’s maiden with two consecutive victories at an allowance race followed by the Seminole Handicap defeating the 1947 Horse of the Year and a top handicap, Armed. Citation was beginning to make a mark and was speculations about a superstar caught up the equestrian fraternity like wild fire. Well, Citation thoroughly lived up to the towering expectations.
Citation’s milestone race when he lost for the last time in two years to follow was here. Having easily glided to victory in the Everglades Stakes and the Flamingo Stakes, Chesapeake Trial Stakes saw a change of Citation’s rider. After the unfortunate demise of his original jockey Al Snider, Eddie Arcaro was brought in with whom Citation lost the Chesapeake Trials to Saggy. Citation soon avenged his defeat in the Chesapeake Stakes with a 4 ½ length lead to Bovard and Saggy far behind. Next win came in the Derby Trial Stakes.
Soon followed was Citation’s victory over the Triple Crown. Having won the Kentucky Derby by 3 ½ lengths and Preakness by 5 ½ lengths, Citation made a quick win at the Jersey Stakes following into the Belmont Stakes with the same winner’s spirit, keeping up the momentum and emerging victorious at the third leg of the Triple Crown having closed it in a tie with the 6th Triple Crown winner Count Fleet at a record time of 2:28 1/5.
After an array of wins at the Stars and Stripes Handicap, American Derby, Sysonby Mile, Jockey Club Gold Cup, this one by seven lengths over Phalanx, the 1947 Preakness winner and Empire City Gold Cup, and Pimlico Special, Citation closed the year with a pair of wins at California, one being the Tanforan Handicap.
After having developed an osselet, Citation was laid off for his four year old season. He soon but made a comeback in 1950 for his five year old season winning his 16th consecutive race at the Santa Anita Park, the feat was equalled after a long wait by Cigar and later broken by the 19 in a row wins by Zenyatta alone. The next four starts by Citation witnessed him losing miserably to the new import Noor from England who defeated him in all four. Citation closed the year with a world record of 1:33 3/5 in the Golden Gate Mile Handicap.
Before retiring to stud, Citation raced once more in his six year old season when his victories in the Century Handicap, American Handicap and the Hollywood Gold Cup finally crossed his career winnings of $ 1 million dollars when his connections finally decided to retire him.
Citation’s bloodline comprises of honourable race horses like Hall of Famer, Silver Spoon and 1956 Preakness winner Fabius to name a few. Citation’s racing career record included 27 wins from 29 starts and two seconds at the end of his three year old season.
In order to race Citation on your own choice of racetracks, join and discover the true adventure of horse racing. 3D simulations backed by a sprawling database of incredible horses and race tracks, online messaging boards for online tournaments and real prizes; download free racing games and get kick started on your racing and betting skills. Rediscover the adventurous you and find the true equestrian spirit.

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Located at the mouth of the River Lagan on Belfast Lough, Belfast is surrounded by low hills, which makes flying into Belfast the easiest way to get there.

There are two airports in Belfast: the George Best Belfast City Airport, which is just two miles from the Belfast city centre (airport code BHD), and the Belfast International Airport, which is further from Belfast than the City Airport but has a lot more international destinations (airport code BFS).

The George Best Belfast City Airport gives arriving and departing passengers a spectacular view of the city of Belfast or Belfast Lough. It services mainly flights from domestic UK and Ireland as well as BMI and BA Connect through the extensive worldwide connections of their long haul networks and alliances.

Among the airlines that use the George Best Belfast City Airport are Arann (to Cork); Euromanx (to the Isle of Man); Manx 2 (to Blackpool and the Isle of Man); BMI (to London Heathrow, with connections to BMI’s international network and the Star Alliance); and BA Connect (to Manchester, with connections to BA’s international network and the One World Alliance). Other airlines include Aer Air Berlin (to London Stansted, with connections to Dusseldorf, Hanover, Leipzig, Münster/Osnabruck, Nuremberg, Paderborn and Vienna); and flybe (to Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield, Edinburgh, Exeter, Galway, Glasgow, Guernsey, Inverness, Jersey, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool John Lennon, London Gatwick, Newcastle, Southampton and Manchester).

Belfast International Airport has a significantly greater number of international destinations than George Best Belfast City Airport.

Among the airlines that use the Belfast International Airport are Manx2 (to the Isle of Man); Globespan (to Orlando Sanford); Zoom (to Toronto and Vancouver); Wizz Air (to Warsaw and Katowice); BMIbaby (to Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham East Midlands); and Jet2 (to Alicante, Barcelona, Blackpool, Leeds Bradford, Prague, Malaga, Murcia, Milan, Palma, Pisa and Tenerife South). Other airlines includes Continental Airlines (to New York and Newark, with connections to Continental’s international network and the Skyteam Alliance); and Easyjet (to Alicante, Amsterdam, Berlin Schoenefeld, Bristol, Edinburgh, Faro, Geneva, Glasgow, Krakow, Liverpool John Lennon, London Gatwick, London Luton, London Stansted, Malaga, Newcastle, Nice, Palma, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rome Ciampino).

Foreign travellers may also enter Belfast from Dublin Airport, which is about 100 miles to south of the city. Ryanair, Aer Arann and the Aer Lingus national airline provide services to many European and North American destinations, including New York, Los Angeles and Boston.

Northern Ireland Railways also maintains a reliable passenger rail network for travellers who wish to visit Belfast by train. A division of Northern Ireland’s public transport operator Translink, Northern Ireland Railways has four train lines emanating from Belfast: Belfast – Bangor; Belfast – Portadown; Belfast – Larne; and Belfast – Coleraine – Londonderry/Derry or Portrush.

The Portadown – Belfast – Bangor corridor is considered to be the most reliable route, especially since it is plied by new trains that offer a frequent and fast suburban service. The line to Londonderry/Derry is considered to be the most beautiful, especially the stretch along the north coast after Coleraine. However, this line is slower by about half an hour than the Ulsterbus Goldline express coach which services the same route.

It is also possible to travel to Belfast by bus, particularly via the Ulsterbus, the division of Translink that operates the intercity bus network. Ulsterbus has two services to Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as two services to London via Manchester and Birmingham every day. Travellers may also book day trips from Dublin to Belfast on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Like Ulsterbus, Bus Éireann also operates cross-border services covering almost all intercity routes in the Republic of Ireland. In addition, independent bus operator Aircoach offers a regular service along the Belfast to Dublin Airport and Dublin route.

Several shipping lines sail across the Irish Sea and connect Belfast to mainland Great Britain. These operators conduct numerous special promotions throughout the year and also sell tickets through tie-ups with train and bus services.

The Stena Line is a leading shipping line that travels to and from Belfast. It provides two types of service from the Port of Belfast to Stranraer in Scotland, with as many as six sailings a day. This includes the HSS Stena Voyages, a high-speed catamaran considered to be the fastest ferry to mainland Great Britain from Northern Ireland, and the Stena Caledonia, which is the slower, more traditional ferry. There are also three sailings a day from Larne to Fleetwood near Liverpool.

In addition, the Norfolk Line has crossings to Birkenhead near Liverpool on a daily and nightly basis, with cabins and meals available. For more information on getting to Belfast by ship, check out for schedules and special promotions as well as useful advice on, say, how to book a combined train and ferry ticket from any train station in Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

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Every year most of us plan our summer holiday. Where should we go, and when should we go? These must be two of the most frequently asked questions.

Where? Depends on many factors. The weather for example. Do we want a lot of sunshine, a holiday where the average temperature is 35 degrees? Many people feel this is one of the most important points to take into consideration when booking a holiday. Some people of course prefer a more temperate climate, or even a cold holiday, skiing through the snow in the mountains. It all depends on what we want to do during our break. For some, the ideal is lying on a beach feeling the heat of the sun and having an occassional dip in the sea. For others it may be walking through the countryside or visiting buildings and parks of particular interest.

A large percentage of the population with children are governed by the school summer holidays. They may only have certain dates in July or August that are suitable for the whole family. Unfortunately, the down side to this, is that the roads and holiday accomodation are very busy at this time and of course the most expensive time of year to rent a holiday house.

Families with children will usually at some time enjoy a ‘beach’ holiday, there is always plenty to do for all the family, relaxing on the beach, swimming, boating, and spending some time alltogether.

Couples without children or single people are of course usually more able to take their holidays outside the mainstream. This has the advantage of lower prices and less crowded towns and congested roads. The range and variety of holidays are greater too. Sporting, holidays such as golf, canoeing, tennis, walking, or travelling to some of the amazing destinations across the globe, such as Australia, India, Tibet, trekking across the Himalayas, or driving along the West coast of America with all it has to offer.

It must be taken into account too, that the weather is different in various parts of the world, eg. In Britain, July and August are summer time, but in Australia it is winter. Not only this, but certain countries are more susceptible to erratic weather conditions at certain times of the year. It must be remembered that when travelled in tropical climates there is often a ‘rainy season’ and an unlucky holidaymakers can easliy find themselves caught in a monsoon or even a hurricaine.

In the more temperate climate of Europe, we do not suffer from such dramatic weather conditions, and usually throughout the summer months we can have pleasant sunny days, although saying that, this year has been quite exceptional, hot in May and June, then a fairly dull July.

Many British holidaymakers like to go to France in the summer. They enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the good quality food and wine. It makes a pleasant change from the often very hurried lifestyles that we lead in England.

David Tatham has travelled extensively throughout France and lived in the country for many years. He has a wealth of information and knowledge on the culture, the cuisine and the wine. His website can be viewed at and if you are contemplating a short visit, we would highly recommend the Dordogne area of SouthWest France.

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