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American Best Value Inn Intercontinental
American Beat Value Inn Hotel in Houston is known to be a popular destination exhibiting all beauteous interiors and the satisfactory times of comfort and enjoyment with all content facilities around. Located in Houston, the largest city of Texas, American Best Value Inn is close all major attractions of the city including the famous Bush Intercontinental Airport and invites the visitors from all corners of the world. So, American Best Value Inn Hotel, having an easy access to all the fun destinations remains the first lodging place for the guests.
If you are planning a vacation with family or relatives or planning a business trip, American Best Value Inn Intercontinental will perfectly serve as a host providing all luxuries and comfort with various amenities like complimentary breakfast and coffee, complimentary internet facility, business amenities, pet allowance, free outside parking, seasonal pool outside, meeting spaces and exercise rooms.
The beautiful rooms at American Best Value Inn Intercontinental feature a constant charm and luxurious furnishings with a complete set of all necessaries including guest laundry service, internet facility, air conditioner, TV with satellite connection, hairdryer machine and a spacious ambiance to relax and enjoy. The beautiful area attractions in close vicinity of American Best Value Inn are Bush Intercontinental Airport and Paramount Park.

Hotels near Downtown Orlando
Sunstyle Suites Hotel, placing itself in the center of the fascinating city Orlando, is a perfect place to rejoice in the arms of peace, fun and contentment. Discover an uncompared vacation experience at the beautiful Sunstyle Suites Hotel which is located a few minutes away from the happening Downtown Orlando area and all city attractions.
The very attractive and spacious campus of Sunstyle Suites Hotel near Downtown Orlando provides a fresh ambiance to cheer you up and you are pampered with various luxuries which are easily available like complimentary internet facility, fax and copy machine service, meeting spaces, laundry services, free parking outside, ATM banking, disabled rooms and facilities, convenience store and a full time courteous staff to attend you.
Get easy with the modern furnishings and decoration at the lavish rooms of Sunstyle Suites Hotel near Downtown Orlando. The services available here are air conditioner, television with satellite connectivity, microwave oven, voicemail service, tea and coffee making facility, local calling for free, radio alarm clock, hairdryer machine and all kitchen facilities. The area attractions close to the Sunstyle Suites Hotel are Downtown Orlando and Magic Kingdom.

Hotels in Orlando near I-Drive FL
Find all the fun and frolic and a remarkable hospitality and services at one of the prime hotels, famous as Econolodge. Standing close to major city attractions, Econolodge Hotel is located near the famous International Drive and provides an easy and short travel to local outrageous fun with a perfect place to experience and memorize the happy times.
Explore the fantastic services and luxuries which are ever ready to attend you at the elegant Econolodge Hotel in Orlando near I-Drive FL, which includes complimentary shuttle to major theme parks, elevator with Braille symbols, handicap parking/ facilities, copy and fax machine service, business center with all business amenities, car rental desk, laundry facility and a safe in the hotel premises. Find an inviting room for yourself to settle and enjoy the arrangements that include TV with satellite connection, air conditioner, local calling for free, iron with iron board, complimentary internet access, work desk and phone facility only at the Econolodge Hotel Orlando. The local attractions close to Econolodge Hotel in Orlando near I-Drive FL are Congo River Golf, Discovery Cove and Universal City Walk. is a great place to book your hotels hotels near downtown Orlando and Hotels in Orlando near I-Drive Fl

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An incredible diversity of knives can be found on the market today, as well as in the annals of history. You’ll find that almost every culture around the world has some sort of knife style that is indicative of their culture and history. For instance, the kukri knife is unmistakable, while the Scottish dirk is synonymous with their history. In America, few knives can claim this particular status, though the Bowie knife might be the closest thing to it. What is a Bowie knife?

First, unlike many other types of knives in the world, the Bowie knife is a single edged implement. Any knife with two sharpened edges is immediately disqualified from consideration. In addition, the blade is at least six inches in length, though they are often quite a bit longer than this, particularly in the case of modern day reproductions. The blade of a Bowie knife is usually at least an inch in width, though these can be up to two inches wide, as well (longer blades are proportionately wider).

What makes a knife a Bowie knife, though? Most people today will find that only the last version of this famed knife is usually labeled under that particular moniker. Generally, these knives have a blade length of at least six inches, though longer blades are available, as well. Bowie knives also usually have an upper guard, that is bent forward. This was used to catch and deflect an opponent’s knife during a fight.

In terms of guard shape, bowie knives are well known for having a double guard (that is, an upper and lower guard). However, the upper guard did not jut straight out, like the lower one. The upper guard is angled outward, toward the tip of the knife. This is a special feature, purportedly created to help the wielder trap an opponent’s knife in the case of a fight.

Other features of the Bowie knife include the fact that it is a single-edged blade, though sometimes the false edge of the clipped point is also sharpened for better penetration. Of course, the Bowie knife was also the original “survival” knife and was intended for use in hunting, shaving, butchering and skinning, as well as for protecting during fights. Today, the Bowie knife remains one of the most popular styles of knife available on the market, though many states still have legislation on the books rendering these types of blades illegal to carry or use outside of the home.

Blake is a business consultant for an online bowie knifes store featuring ka bar bowie knives.

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How well do you know the city of Philadelphia? Aside from being the City of Brotherly Love and its nickname to be the Cradle of Liberty, what do you know about Philly? From a city with mixed cultures, different races and a long history of prominence in the evolution of a country that is now the United States of America, Philadelphia is a wealth of facts and trivia, both well and little known.

Here are some interesting things to know about this city and its traditions.

First, it is rude not to try Phillys Cheese Steak. Its Philly’s most famous food. The Rocky Balboa fans will be delighted to imitate their idol by pacing up and down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and pose beside his bronze statue.

Philadelphia is said to be haunted, and ghost tours are a huge tourist attraction. The oldest zoo in the US is the Philadelphia city zoo.

Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States and the Congress Hall was where the US Congress convened in that brief period. The oldest outdoor market in all of the United States is the Italian Market in Philly.

Another interesting trivia is that The Declaration of Independence was first read at the Independence Square. It bears the penmanship of Thomas Jefferson himself. It is reminiscent of the days the 13 colonies finally broke off with Great Britain.

The United States first stock exchange was in Philadelphia, as well as the first ever bank in US soil. Philadelphia has contributed more than 600 lives in the Vietnam War. The Walnut Street Theater, the longest running theater in the US, was once owned by John Wilkes Booth’s brother Edwin.

Logan Square was the site of many public executions. It was named after James Logan. Another trivia is that the The National Constitution Center lets guests sign in as the president of the United States, whether they happen to be Barrack Obama or not.

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, along with Phillys Ben Franklin, were all members of Philadelphias Philosophical Hall. Philadelphia has the most number of public art pieces among all US cities.

Fairmont Park with over 8,000 acres is the largest city park in the US. The famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia weighs about 2,000 pounds. Philly has 83 radio stations and 14 TV stations.

Worshippers at Christ Church included three famous men in US history, namely Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Al Capone, the famous Italian-American Chicago-based organized crime boss and famous Alcatraz prisoner, was once held at the Eastern States Penitentiary.

Christ Church cemetery is the burial site of five signatories to the Declaration of Independence. Betsy Ross fashioned the first ever American flag off of a house at 239 Arch Street.

On August 6, 1903, 12 people died and 232 were injured when the stadium at a game between Phillies vs Boston Braves at the Baker Bowl collapsed under the collective weight of fans who rushed to the top stands to investigate a brawl.

There are definitely a lot more fun facts and trivia about Philly that could entertain and fascinate you. But for a truly fun and pleasant Philly experience, youve got to visit. There is nothing more exciting than living the trivia or seeing and feeling it at close range.

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Fifteen Grand and Fifteen Miles does not make you a Biker

Some Motorcycles these days Cost Thousands to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. After the Craze of the past Ten years of hit shows like American Choppers, It seems every American has fallen in love with these works of art! Now there is nothing wrong with owning one of these incredible show pieces that costs more then some Bikers homes! There is also nothing wrong with only Riding that Motorcycle 5 Miles on a sunny weekend to your corner Bar to show it off , hey I always enjoy looking at them and If that is your thing then that is very cool !

But lets remember a Motorcycle is made for Riding and there is something wrong with sitting on your 150 Thousand dollar Motorcycle with 15 miles on the odometer and cutting down the Hardcore Rider on a dirty, rusty and patched together Motorcycle with over 10 Thousand Miles on it from just the past riding Season!

The New Custom over 100 Thousand Dollar Motorcycle maybe a work of art with all its fancy features, shiny chrome and great paint work! But that Biker in front of you with his dirty, rusty Bike has a work of art in front of him too and he has earned every scratch, dent and ding on his Bike!

The 100 thousand Dollar Bike may be a joy for the eye to behold, but that Old dirty Bike tells a different story to the Soul of every True Biker out there! If you do not hear a Story, Well you are either not listening or you just do not get it! If you do not get it then just sit there and be quiet because when you speak negatively and put down the Character or Brand of that old Motorcycle, Well it shows everyone around you just how much that you do not get it!

There is a difference between a Motorcycle Enthusiast and a Biker, but only the Biker knows the difference !!!

If you would like to be a guest on this show or any other Biker Lowdown Radio Show or you have a Comment or Show idea to add please email me at

This topic is for Biker Lowdown Radio Show Date 3/4/2009 all shows are archived and are Available 24 hours a Day 7 days a week. Listen or call in for Live shows every Wednesday at 8:00PM New York time Call-in Number: (347) 237-4874 Go to To listen to Shows and So much more!!!

Motorcycle Riders are a Dime a Dozen, But a True Biker is a Rare Breed!

I am Your Bro LJ James

LJ James is a Independent Writer on the Biker World and hosts an internet Motorcycle Radio Show every every week ! LJ James helps for a Collection Agency
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Western food doesn’t automatically mean those served in Texas, contrary to what some people think. The term is usually referred to European and Western nations’ cuisine, which includes Australia. The culinary scene in the Land Down Under is diversified as the nation is very multicultural.

Because most of Australia’s account is based on the traditional British cuisine brought to the country by the first British settlers, Western cuisine in the nation is very rampant. One can find hams and steaks very common in the culinary industry.

A regular breakfast in Australia is similar to breakfasts taken in many Western countries. Light breakfast usually includes cereals, fruits, and toast. Likewise, a heavier breakfast is very comparable to a full English breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns and bacon. Beverages taken may include tea, coffee, milk or juice.

Although lunch and dinner meals in the country differ according to the taste and background of each family, they are mostly very Western-like. Popular dishes include pasta, pizza, roast meat, vegetables, barbecue, and casseroles among many others. For outback food dishes, there are lamb chops, grilled rib-eye, and steaks.

Just like other Western nations, Australia also has a wide assortment of take-away foods. Fish and chips, which is also associated with other countries, such as U.S. and England, is a favorite take-away food. Burgers, sausage rolls and meat pies are also popular take-away food choices.

Australia is also rich with American fast food eateries, such as KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, and KFC.

There are foods that keep its Australian signature while viewed as Western at the same time, such as the popular breakfast product Vegemite, a salty toast spread; pavlova cake and ANZAC biscuits; both of which are also being claimed as New Zealand creations; kangaroo meat; and meat pies.

Because the nation is greatly shaped and wrought by its first British settlers, Western cuisine in Australia, a former British colony, is very rampant and accomplished to this day. The country’s culinary field is shaped by its settlers and inhabitants while still staying true to its native taste.

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While many people dream of vacationing in Europe there are many that would love to move there. Escape the regular 9-5 and create a new life on the majestic continent. Its very hard to find a place to live in Europe because of all the history and beauty. Many people dont even know where to look when it comes to a place to live.

Some people have never been to Europe and others return religiously to explore the remnants of our ancestors. But upon careful consideration of important factors such as the availability of health care, climate, transportation, and economy, it all narrows down to the following best three places to retire. On top of the list of the best places to retire is Sicily, Italy.

Finding a place to live in Europe is almost impossible due to the high cost of living, Sicily is a great exception and has a much lower cost of living compared to the rest of Europe. This is one of the biggest benefits of living in Sicily as well as great weather and great people. The economy of Sicily is also on the rise compared to the rest of Europe due to the investment from the EU.

A lot of locals speak English as a second language in Sicily and with an American base on the island it would be easy to find others who speak English. Europe’s second best place to retire in is Portugal. Medical expenses are highly affordable in Portugal and its economy is more stable compared to Italy.

There is a high fatality rate due to motor accidents in Portugal. The third best place to live is Malta. Malta is much more expensive than Sicily and Portugal it has much more in practicality. Many say that Sicily is still stuck in the 1980’s as they have recently just built interstates. All of Malta’s population speaks English in addition to the national language Maltese. Since Malta adheres to the British legal system its much easier to buy properties in Malta.

Jose is in love withliving in sicily for over a year and shares his love for Sicily on the web. You can find out more about thetop things to do in sicily at the sites above.