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It is just a matter of days before the U.S. Department of Justice is going to approve the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. Industry experts are predicting that this merger will surely benefit passengers and help to build a super airline, including air charter flight services as well. In fact most of the industry heads feel this merger will result in a highly competitive super carrier and so the government will surely not delay in rubber-stamping this union as soon as possible.

However, it is to be remembered that there are always two sides to a coin. Along with all the benefits there will be numerous problems associated with this so called grand union.

Passengers will have to pay more and get less.

Cities are most likely to lose airline service.

And, the worst thing is thousands of airline employees will lose their jobs.Looking from this perspective, it seems that the Justice Department will certainly do a favor if it denies permission for this takeoff.

Last month, in a Senate hearing, US Airways CEO Doug Parker claimed, “the new American will be a stronger and better competitor. We will bring more and better service to more destinations than ever before. We will offer competitive prices and convenient travel times. We will remain committed to all communities – large and small.”

More services? In a U.S. Government Accountability Office report, it is clearly mentioned that after the merger, 1,665 airport-pair markets will be losing one very important competitor. And, this is likely to affect more than 53 million passengers.

Better services? If customer service benchmarks are taken into account, the merger will certainly not imply better services. American Airlines and US Airways scored 65 and 64 out of 100, respectively, in the American Customer Service Index (ACSI) report. Last year US Airways was rated as the second most complained-about airline, and the American got the third place. This was according to the Transportation Department report.

Improved facilities? Even at a time when the regulators are considering on the union, the American Airlines declared that it would try and squeeze a few more seats on the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and the Boeing 737, after the merger. No wonder many air travelers have decided to call the “new” American as “Cram-erican”.However, this merger will definitely have some positive aspects for all kinds of flights, be it the normal plane services or the private charter flights.

A combined airline will certainly be a very formidable competitor and will enjoy a very commanding presence in numerous important markets, which includes Washington, D.C.

At Reagan National Airport, US Airways controls more than 55% of the takeoff and landing slots. After the merger, that number will certainly rise to 67%.So it can be said without a doubt that after the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, the airline, both in its normal and other special air charter flight services will certainly become a colossus of the skies. So, even if it won’t grow stronger by the day, it will certainly be much bigger.

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The city of Aranjuez is situated at a distance of about 50 Km from Madrid and Toledo. Its location is at the junction of two rivers – Jarama and Tagus. Its population in 2009 was about 57,000.

There are different theories for the origin of the name Aranjuez. According to the first theory, this name comes from the Basque language wherein Arantza means hawthorn in English – trees or shrubs having clusters of white or pinkish flowers and reddish fruits. Aran also means valley or plum. This city has a lot of strawberry plants that have reddish fruits.

The second theory states that it has originated from the Latin word – Ara lovia or Ara Jovis which means Jupiter’s alter. However, the first theory is the most accepted theory.


This town had been in existence from the period of Romans and was Knights of Santiago’s headquarters. Philip II was instrumental in developing this city in the 16th century and he called it the Royal city.
Art and Culture

The Royal Palace – was designed by the architect Juan Bautista de Toledo in the year 1560 on instructions from King Philip II. This palace got destroyed by fire twice and was completed only in 1778.

Aranjuez Gardens – the popularity of the Aranjuez palace is more due to the gardens than due to collections in the palace.

Bullfighting Museum – is one of the oldest and most beautiful bullrings in Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America.


This city has a good micro-climate and its fields are fertile. Its gastronomy centers around asparagus, broad beans and artichokes and these are extensively used in the local cuisine. This place is also popular for growing juicy and sweet strawberries.

Sports and Entertainment

Water sports such as canoeing and rowing are popular in this city because of the connection with the river Tagus. Madrid bid for 2012 Olympics and they planned to hold the above water sports in Aranjuez.

Football is a very popular game in this city. In addition, facilities are available for skydiving and gliding.Shopping

There are souvenir shops inside the Royal Palace that sell items from the Aranjuez and other palaces in Spain. Handkerchiefs, mugs, pencils, chocolates, postcards, books, umbrellas, etc. can be bought in these shops. Business

The economy of this city depends mainly on hotels and tourism. It attracts the tourists because of the Royal Palace, gardens, river Tagus and various landscapes. This city was designated by UNESCO as the World Heritage Cultural Landscape In 2001; from this time onwards the tourist population has gone up considerably. A casino was opened in 2005.

This city is situated in the fertile plains of river Tagus and hence suitable for growing various items such as cereals, wheat, strawberries, asparagus, melons, vines, etc.

Since this city is located very near to Madrid, its road and rail communications with Madrid are good and it is better suited for industries.

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Find here the interesting things about Philly, the City of Brotherly Love. It is home to the oldest zoo and oldest outdoor market in the United States.

How well do you know the city of Philadelphia? Aside from being the City of Brotherly Love and its nickname to be the Cradle of Liberty, what do you know about Philly? From a city with mixed cultures, different races and a long history of prominence in the evolution of a country that is now the United States of America, Philadelphia is a wealth of facts and trivia, both well and little known.

Here are some interesting things to know about this city and its traditions.

First, it is rude not to try Philly’s Cheese Steak. It’s Philly’s most famous food. The Rocky Balboa fans will be delighted to imitate their idol by pacing up and down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and pose beside his bronze statue.

Philadelphia is said to be haunted, and ghost tours are a huge tourist attraction. The oldest zoo in the US is the Philadelphia city zoo.

Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States and the Congress Hall was where the US Congress convened in that brief period. The oldest outdoor market in all of the United States is the Italian Market in Philly.

Another interesting trivia is that The Declaration of Independence was first read at the Independence Square. It bears the penmanship of Thomas Jefferson himself. It is reminiscent of the days the 13 colonies finally broke off with Great Britain.

The United States’ first stock exchange was in Philadelphia, as well as the first ever bank in US soil. Philadelphia has contributed more than 600 lives in the Vietnam War. The Walnut Street Theater, the longest running theater in the US, was once owned by John Wilkes Booth’s brother Edwin.

Logan Square was the site of many public executions. It was named after James Logan. Another trivia is that the The National Constitution Center lets guests sign in as the president of the United States, whether they happen to be Barrack Obama or not.

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, along with Philly’s Ben Franklin, were all members of Philadelphia’s Philosophical Hall. Philadelphia has the most number of public art pieces among all US cities.

Fairmont Park with over 8,000 acres is the largest city park in the US. The famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia weighs about 2,000 pounds. Philly has 83 radio stations and 14 TV stations.

Worshippers at Christ Church included three famous men in US history, namely Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Al Capone, the famous Italian-American Chicago-based organized crime boss and famous Alcatraz prisoner, was once held at the Eastern States Penitentiary.

Christ Church cemetery is the burial site of five signatories to the Declaration of Independence. Betsy Ross fashioned the first ever American flag off of a house at 239 Arch Street.

On August 6, 1903, 12 people died and 232 were injured when the stadium at a game between Phillies vs Boston Braves at the Baker Bowl collapsed under the collective weight of fans who rushed to the top stands to investigate a brawl.

There are definitely a lot more fun facts and trivia about Philly that could entertain and fascinate you. But for a truly fun and pleasant Philly experience, you’ve got to visit. There is nothing more exciting than living the trivia or seeing and feeling it at close range.

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In so many different ways, Dish Network is the satellite TV company that can combine the freedom that you want and the great programming that you need for your entertainment! After all, no one else supplied the same great array of ways to watch TV! The best example of the freedom that Dish Network can bring you is ability to live anywhere while still enjoying the absolute highest quality TV. That’s because unlike cable TV services that require you to live within a relatively small service area to subscribe to their channels, this satellite TV company has such a large service area that no matter where you live on the North American continent, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be able to get the TV that you need! This is a result of the fact that Dish Network uses satellite TV technology instead of cables to transmit its programming to its subscribers.

Of course, the freedom that Dish Network can give you goes way beyond not having to be stuck with a cable! Thanks to the innovative application of advanced technology, this company will allow you to watch TV without even being at home! There are a couple of ways that this company can provide this service. The most common way to take your TV viewing outside of the house is by installing a satellite TV system in your motor home, travel trailer, or boat. This way you can have all of the entertainment and stability that you associate with your TV viewing when you stop for the night when traveling! There are a number of ways to do this. For instance you can choose to attach a normal satellite dish to a tripod and then set it outside of your RV or on the deck of your boat when you stop for the night or make camp. If you don’t want to go to that amount of trouble, you might be able to have a low profile satellite antenna installed on the roof of your vehicle to pick up the satellite TV signals!

Another option that’s offered by Dish Network comes in the form of a portable media device called the PocketDish. The PocketDish is a hand held, computerized device that can display video on its built in LCD screen and play audio over its speakers. It also happens to be a great way to take Dish Network programming with you wherever you go because it can download recorded TV shows directly from a Dish Network DVR! In other words, just about everything that you can watch at home, you can now watch anywhere else as well!

Dish Network can also provide you with freedom from boring TV as well! In addition to providing the best DVR to remove the time constraints on what you can watch, this company also provides numerous channels to choose from. For instance, the entry level America’s Top 100 has over one hundred channels for your enjoyment!

Another great service that’s offered by Dish Network is HDTV programming! Watching any program in HDTV makes it more interesting and more stunning to watch. That’s because HDTV channels deliver programming with an incredibly realistic picture and sound that will envelop you in the action! There are a bunch of different HDTV channels available through this company and they can be added to a number of different programming packages!

All of these great features make Dish Network the company that offers you freedom!

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Comfort food is a term commonly applies to easy and also familiar food which are usually cooked at home or eaten at casual restaurants. With these kinds of foods can come feelings of nostalgia and also are called this as they easily satisfy your requirements, and also are foods that bring some type of comfort.

Also, comfort foods are eaten when someone is feeling down and used as a kind of pick me up. The main forms of foods eaten in this way are sweet things like desserts, chocolate and also ice cream, all these taste good and release endorphins in the brain to make you feel happier for some time.

Every country all around the world has its own pattern & kind of comfort food. In Argentina, for example, they eat sausages with mash potato or even milanesa (a type of breaded meat) along with fries. Whereas in China the most popular thing to eat is Congee which is a sort of breakfast soup as well as is a comfort food as that is usually eaten while sick to assist you recover from illness. Canada, the U.S. and also the U.K. normally have similar types of nostalgic foods; these normally consist of fries, donuts and macaroni cheese.

The most well-known American dessert, in terms of comfort eating, is probably an apple pie. An apple pie is tasty and also could be topped with sugar & cream to give it added flavours. The combination of hot apple pie mixed with the cool cream is a fantastic taste sensation, & not only this but an apple pie is comparatively easy to prepare for both amateur and professional chefs.

Second favourite is baked beans, you could do a great deal with baked beans same as added bacon and onions for giving it a firmer texture or even root beer to tantalise your taste buds.

Cooking good food should never be a chore, you should enjoy everything to do with food including the preparation, the cooking and especially the eating.

If you are a vegetarian there is no need to worry about comfort eating as there are plenty of options out there that are suitable for vegetarians, some of these include vegetable soup packed full of vitamins and nutrients to keep your energy levels up and ginger and orange tofu saut which is as simple as vegetables and tofu in an orange and ginger sauce.

So not matter what comfort foods you are making you are always guaranteed to deliver top results, they will be cosy and familiar and you will see yourself and any others you may be dining with smile as they eat these fantastic meals. You can take a visit back to the past and create those traditional and tasty meals that remind you of when you were young, and you can even reminisce with your guests about the good old days.

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Mines exist far below the Colorado Plateau, and for decades American Indians have made a living by working in those mines. Soft, yellow uranium ore is obtained by drilling it out of rock in the mine. This uranium, mined by thousands of Native Americans over the years, became a part of the nuclear warheads that won America the Cold War.

This mining of uranium comes at a price and many of the miners are paying that price with their health. Due to the high level of radiation present in these Colorado mines, many of the workers are suffering from cancer and other illnesses, or have already succumbed to the diseases. Many have lost family members and even those that have survived continue to fight for their life.

It’s very common to find a miner whose arms are covered with scar tissue from the harsh dialysis treatment required to fight the effects of uranium exposure. Dialysis is the treatment that is required in order to aid the workers who are suffering from kidney disease and failure. The drinking water provided to the miners has been tested and proven to contain traces of radioactive minerals which many blame for the kidney failure.

In 1990, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act was ratified by Congress. This law was intended to help uranium miners and those who suffer as a result of mining work. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of this work was strictly committed to the nuclear weapons program here in America.

According to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, each underground uranium miner is given $ 100,000. This was based on the condition that they were experiencing one of six possible lung diseases that are linked to being exposed to radiation. Unfortunately to this day hundreds of Native American miners who are eligible to receive compensation have not received it.

Practically impossible impediments are set up for the Indian miners to navigate. Firstly, the paperwork is all in English. However, many of the Indian miners are illiterate in English and find the forms confusing.

There have been 242 miners who applied through the Office of Navajo Uranium Workers for their compensation, but to date only 96 of them have received approval. The Justice Department has approved a total of 1,314 claims of former uranium miners suffering from health problems. They have rejected another 1,316 requests.

Workers are also required to provide check stubs or other documentation substantiating their claims of how much time was spent in the mines. Workers who spend time mining, decades ago, do not usually keep stubs from their paychecks. In addition, even government officials have had trouble acquiring the documents.

The Navajo Indian Reservation saw the first uranium mines opening in 1947. The mines were welcomed by the people in the area because they brought jobs and income to the area. They presented an opportunity to work, even though the pay was low and the conditions horrible.

One of the biggest dangers in the mines is radon. Decaying uranium produces this odorless, invisible, radioactive gas. Experts believe that it is this exposure to radon that leads to many of the lung problems that the government has placed on the compensation list.

This fall, former miners and tribal officials will lobby Congress to get changes made in the law so that former miners can more easily qualify for payments. The problem facing the government is that all Navajo miners think that they receive compensation not based on anything else but their work.

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Whenever we think of October 31st and Halloween it’s immediately connected with popular American culture and children trick or treating. It is widely recognised that the festivities were initially started by the early American pilgrims when they first settled in the new world but have become more and more popular over the centuries.

However, the holiday has been immortalised in a plethora of American films over the past few decades and now people across the world know exactly what every boy and girl in the USA will be doing on that day of the year.

Typical festive Halloween activities across the States include trick or treating (which is sometimes referred to as guising). This is where young children are taken around their neighbourhood and given treats by the home owners and if lucky, their chaperones are offered a glass of wine as refreshment.

Most houses across America will be decorated with carved out pumpkins made into jack o lanterns with tea lights inside to make the face more horrifying especially when seen in the dark after a few glasses of red wine.

Children always dress up in suitably scary costumes, and many neighbourhoods will have dozens of little Frankenstein’s, Dracula’s and witches running around and playing mischief. However, for adults, Halloween is a great excuse for a costume party with lively music to dance the scariest night of the year to and a good choice of different wines and beers to drink.

If it isn’t an organised event, then easy drinks to organise when having a party at home are always wines, which take no preparation time and even a small selection of red, white and roses, can cater for most guests’ tastes. When in America, Californian wines are an obvious choice with their great flavours and easy to understand labelling. Wine has even been known to be used in the adult version of apple bobbing when the successful ‘Bobber’ can take a glass of Pinot Grigio away with their apple!

In California which is the home of theme parks and amusement parks, many now offer organised Halloween-themed events. This concept began in California at Knott’s Berry Farm in 1972 when it morphed into Knott’s Scary Farm for the day. That park is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is still hosting its annual Haunt.

Even Disneyland and Disney California Adventure get into the spirit of Halloween and add some jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs to the parks and offer their own Halloween. Disneyland has been known to transform its classic Haunted Mansion attraction with a Halloween-meets-Christmas theme into Haunted Mansion Holiday by using characters from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

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