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Birmingham airport handled 850,304 customers in October of 2007. That figure shows a total increase of 2.8 per cent over the previous year’s tally of 607,979 regular scheduled passengers.

‘I am delighted that Birmingham continues to grow, offering more choices and exciting new destinations’ said John Morris, Birmingham’s head of corporate and community affairs.

The sixth largest airport in the whole UK and the second largest outside of London, Birmingham International airport saw 9.2 million passengers to their destinations through its two terminals in 2006. One of the most accessible airports in Europe, it provides easy access to North America and links with more than forty cities worldwide.

The recently released figures shows scheduled flights to Palma, Spain increased by 135.7% over last years figures. The airports popularity continues to rise as the British take advantage of cheaper airfares. It takes only two and a half hours to travel to Palma and around two hours and forty minutes to fly to Madrid via Birmingham Airport.

With so much to see and do and experience in Spain, this is of little surprise. Visitors take in ancient palaces and castles and the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in the world.

Madrid, the capital of Spain since 1562, is characterized by its year around spring like temperatures. Rich in cultural history, Madrid has 73 museums in addition to the parks and art galleries. The Prado, the Thyssen Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum to name a few, are not to be missed. The nightlife in Madrid is another of the major attractions to this warm and world-class city. Madrid becomes a celebrators’ paradise by night.

Discover a quiet beach or join other sun lovers on the beautiful massive beaches along the coast lines of Mallorca. The choice is yours. You can choose from quiet, quaint areas to sun yourself or mingle with the crowds at a popular holiday resort. You’ll enjoy the night life in Mallorca if you like good food and drink and dancing the night away until the wee hours of morning. Whatever your passion, this beautiful island has something for everyone. Some of the island’s attractions are the historic square Placa Major. It dates back to the 19th century. Today, it’s a popular shopping and dining area.

The authentic Spanish City of Valencia is one of the largest cities in Spain. A key attraction is Europe’s largest state-of-the-art marine park, La Oceanografic. It features lagoons, a dolphin aquarium and a shark tunnel. La Seu Catedral holds the Cup of the Holy Grail and you can view the city from its bell tower. The Museo de Bellas Artes features many of Spain’s greatest painters.

Bilbao is a mountainous city on the Nervia River located in the picturesque Basque region of northern Spain. Key attractions include the Guggenheim Museum and the beautiful, historical Santander. The Guggenheim Museum is devoted to 20th century American and European art. Santander, with its gorgeous beaches, pine forests and glacial lakes make it an enticing vacation paradise.

‘More people than ever are choosing to travel from the Midlands’ premier gateway rather than face the hassle of less convenient airports,’ says Mr. Morris, Birmingham’s airport. At least it offers another option for planning your holiday.

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For those who have had the opportunity to travel to or through the Adirondack Mountain region in upstate New York, you might have reveled at these, some of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful areas in the United States. With majestic mountains, rolling woodlands, and crystal clear lakes on display, the scenery in this part of the country is certainly breathtaking.At around 6 million acres, the Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve is the largest park in the country outside of Alaska. Many thousands of hikers and campers head to the Adirondack wilderness each year.The Adirondack Mountains and surrounding area offer a serene sanctuary for those who desire a reprieve from their busy lives, and for those who seek refuge from the hustle-bustle of the city.Among those many thousands are kids,generally ranging in ages from 6 to 17, who flock to the large number of summer camps in northern New York every year.

Upstate New York is home to one of the largest concentrations of youth summer camps in the country. With offerings of adventure camps,sports camps,girls summer camps, boys summer camps,and a wilderness camp or two, there are summer programs and camps in the Adirondacks to meet just about every need, desire, or area of interest.It’s not hard to understand why there is an inordinate amount of summer camps in this area. If you have been through this part of the country,you know that most of these camps are nestled amidst some of the most spectacular scenery that North America has to offer.

The area is wooded, mountainous, and abundant with lakes and waterways, giving it a unique and captivating topography.It’s no wonder why so many youth summer camps have been established and have flourished here. Additionally, as you might imagine, summer camp counselor jobs are grabbed up very quickly in these parts.Because these summer camp counselor jobs are so coveted, the camps in the Adirondacks get some of the best and brightest.Their backgrounds, education, and experience are carefully vetted and, as evidenced from countless testimonials, kids really benefit from what these counselors have to offer.The camps themselves–some of which were established in the early 1900’s, and many of which have become generational traditions–are situated on or close to the multitude of lakes distributed throughout the region.

This is a very attractive feature to many campers who revel in all of the water-related activities;sailing,swimming, kayaking, canoeing,and windsurfing among them.In addition to their proximity to water (some of the camps are even set up on their own peninsulas!), some of the camps are housed in large alcoves, and some are located deeper in the woods. For those who are more into the “survival” or “adventure” aspects, there are camps that accommodate. Mankind has gravitated towards his natural surroundings in order to seek peace and solitude, to be able to breathe the fresh air and experience an unobstructed view. There is something about nature; mountains, large bodies of water, rolling hills which gives us a sense of something that is much bigger than us, and it seems to offer us a certain calmness. And the enchanting natural setting within the pristine Adirondacks is one huge reason why youth summer camp has become so popular in this area.

Camp Chateaugay is an incredible collection of activities and facilities, but this camp is really all about people – campers from all over including other countries, who become new and lasting friends counselors and specialists who become new mentors – older brothers and sisters and owners who get right in there and set the standard for a summer of fun and adventure.

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The southern states are rich with the history of African-Americans that fought against the oppression of the whites to break down the barriers of segregate in the schools and colleges of the once proud southern states. It seems only a short time since the civil rights protestors marched on the southern white supremacist and obtained their rights to integrate with the white school children. In 1959 the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was the site of one such conflict that broke out when a young African-American male named, Clyde Kennard applied to the then all-white Mississippi Southern College.

Clyde had just returned from serving in the US military during the Korean War and was denied admission to what is today the University of Southern Mississippi based on his race. After fighting a persistent battle with the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, Clyde Kennard was framed by the group for a crime that he did not commit and spent seven years in prison. Although his application was dismissed, Clyde Kennard progressed that cause of civil liberty for all people and his fight did not go unnoticed.

It seems that the south has a mark against it when history recalls the plight of the African-American people that were so discriminated against. But times have changed dramatically since the early 1960s and in the city of Hattiesburg Mississippi the southern culture is a blend of traditions that incorporate many people and origins. No longer burdened by the sins of a passing generation Hattiesburg real estate is among the most sought after in the state of Mississippi. Originally settled in 1882 by a civil engineer the city received metropolitan status as having over 100,000 residents in 1994.

The settlers that first inhabited the area were drawn to the site of Hattiesburg by the timber lined valley delta of the two forks of the Leaf and Bouie Rivers. When the railroad came through the city in 1884, establishing Hattiesburg as hub for transportation for rail and highways that transported lumber to all points of the country and the city began to flourish. Hattiesburg is located only 100 miles from Jacksonville and is with an equal range of both New Orleans Louisiana and Mobile Alabama making it a major attraction for industry. The city is home to two colleges and one of the finest police academies in the country.

Residents of the area excited about the growth that has taken place over the years and welcome the development of Mississippi home sites throughout the city that continues to break economic and industrial barriers.

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Hitting movies screens in 1964, MARY POPPINS was an unparalleled musical success for Walt Disney. Based on the beloved childrens book series of P.L. Travers — and illustrated by Mary Shepard — the film was recently ranked as the 6th Best Musical of All Time by the American Film Institute. A remarkable feat for a film so despised by its author. Travers never approved of Disneys story changes and was outraged by the use of any animation in the film.

Disney had pursued Travers for some time, having tried as early as 1938 to secure the film rights. Travers adamantly objected and only acquiesced 23 years later, if, and only if, she was granted final script approval. Of course, script approval is not the same as final cut and so many meaner aspects of Poppins character were deleted and an animated sequence and numerous songs added.

The plot of the film is similar to the original novel and its sequel, Mary Poppins Come Back. Julie Andrews famously played the titular character, who hopes to be the last in a long line of nannies for the Banks children. The children are soon ushered away on several magical adventures that include a countryside adventure and a tea party in midair. Though the story takes a turn for the darker, as the children get lost in Londons East End, needless to say, in the end they all live happily ever after.

The film was released to rave reviews, despite Ms. Travers objections. Indeed, it earned 13 Academy Awards nominations, winning Oscars for Best Actress, Best Film Editing, Original Music Score, Best Song, and Special Visual Effects. It is still viewed as one of Disneys best live-action musicals.

Interestingly Julie Andrews won an Oscar for her portrayal, she had been passed over by Jack Warner for the lead in MY FAIR LADY, a role she made popular on Broadway. Her co-star, Dick Van Dyke, was cast as Bert because of his ability to play broad, near-slapstick comedy. Though he is much loved in the film, he has long been criticized for attempting the worst Cockney accent ever. Van Dyke acknowledges this fact on the 2004 DVD commentary track to the delight of his co-stars.

Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in California. A huge Disney fan, he uses the Disney Movie Club to complete his collection. Read his reviews of the movies he buys at the Disney Movie Club here.

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Have you ever sat in the office at your JOB and wondered what the heck are you doing here? What is the point of my existence if I am stuck in an office all day long sitting on conference calls and pushing spreadsheets and word documents thru email all day long. Is this what I was really supposed to do with my life? Is this where I thought I would be when I was younger or where my parents thought I would be at this point in my life? Definitely not.

When I was younger, my dad was always traveling and not home too much during the week. I vowed then that I would not be working in a dead end corporate job supporting The Man. I did not want to work so much and forget about my family. Don’t get me wrong, my dad was great to us when we were younger and I cherished every second that he was around. I am saying that I want to be there for my children and see then grow up from infants to young adults. To be there when they need help with their homework or have questions about life.

My goal in my early twenties was to be a millionaire by the time I was 30 and retire and enjoy life and travel the world. This obviously has not happened. At 38, I have a beautiful wife and two great kids ages 2 and 3 that are depending on me to bring home the bacon. At my current pace in my JOB, I will be working until I am probably in my mid sixties and will miss out on my kids growing up and I will stick all of the pressure on my wife to raise our kids. The current path that I am going down is completely unacceptable for me at this point in my life.

Add on top of this the overall uncertainty regarding the jobs outlook in the US and the huge risk for myself and many other working professionals that our jobs will be shipped overseas or eliminated all together. It is really time to start to add some skills to my knowledge base, generate some additional income streams, and protect myself from the unknown. But more importantly, have the ability to be with friends & family.

The answer has been sitting in front of me and in front of may folks for a long time, its network marketing.

Unfortunately, we have pre-conceived notions of network marketing that are unfounded and we go back to our comfort zone. Go to school, get a nice corporate job, a nice office, a big mortgage, and spend the rest of your life paying off your house…you know, living the American Dream. The only problem is that job market is very volatile, there is no employer loyalty, the social security will be insolvent when we finally retire…so all the things we were counting on are no longer there.

Network Marketing is the answer!

The advantages of network marketing are numerous: the training & support is in place, low start-up costs, ability to start part-time, there are significant tax advantages, high profit potential, and residual income potential. There are so many great opportunities to join and tools out there for both online and offline success are numerous.

Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity in front of us called network marketing….Let’s get started today!

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There are many spectacular destinations for American vacations, but few top the amazing views found at the Grand Canyon. Nevada is best known for the views to be found at the Grand Canyon, which is why so many people book Grand Canyon helicopters to take them up-close and personal with this natural wonder.

If you are ready to see what the Grand Canyon is all about, you will get the best views from taking helicopter rides. Besides seeing amazing views of the interior of the canyon, you will take in some of the surrounding geography as well. You also get a good view of the Colorado River while taking these tours, which is another natural beauty waiting to be enjoyed.

Visitors come from all around the world to see these views, and there are good reasons for that popularity. For many people, the best reason to visit is the fact that it is educational. There are also many opportunities for family bonding, sine you can sit staring up at the wide open sky or build a fire and camp out for excitement.

Those interested in education often make stops at all of the visitor centers, which offer tons of information on this American protected wilderness. Many visitors come to these centers while exploring the park on foot, but there are also shuttles that will ensure you get to the best centers all year round.

The only visitor center to feature the popular IMAX Theater is the Tusayan center, which is called the National Geographic Visitor Center. These specially designed theaters make you feel as if you are really exploring the Grand Canyon while soaring in the air, but you never leave your chair.

There are four camping areas in the park, including the Bright Angel Campground and the Phantom Reach camping site. There are also backpacking adventures to be enjoyed, but you will have to obtain a backcountry permit first.

There are few places in the world as brilliant and beautiful as the Grand Canyon. Many adults remember hearing about the Canyon when they were young, but they report those stories could have never prepared them for the overwhelming beauty of the actual sight. The best way to see this amazing American beauty is to book helicopter rides either from the Grand Canyon Park airport or from Las Vegas. There is nothing more spectacular than the Grand Canyon from the air, and Grand Canyon helicopters are making it easier than ever to enjoy these views.

The West Rim is less than an hour away from Las Vegas, and that is the only rim that can be visited from this city. The highlight of any Grand Canyon trip is the spectacular views, but you can also enjoy a picnic, a rafting adventure down the Colorado River, or even a walk across the Glass Bridge, also known as the Skywalk.

One of the most popular flights is the South Rim trip, which lasts about a half hour and goes out to the North Rim and back. There are some amazing views to be seen on the eastern edge of the park, and you can see it all on a brisk fifteen minute trip that goes over the Zuni Corridor and the Desert Watchtower.

Different Grand Canyon helicopters will come with different price tags, but those with money to spend go for the best of the best, which is the EcoStar 130. You will have more room to stretch out your legs and enjoy your trip in these helicopters. You will get an excellent view of the scenery no matter where you get seated on this type of helicopter, since they use theater seating.

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