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During the colonial period, Curacao was one of the Dutch Kingdom’s most treasured Caribbean outposts. As a result, the Dutch worked for more than three centuries to secure the island and protect their interests. While forts were constructed along the entire coastline, the Dutch were especially concerned with Willemstad and its harbor. With Fort Amsterdam serving as the island’s primary protecting structure, the Dutch built several smaller forts to protect individual sections of the capital city. Despite being under constant attack from pirate ships and competing British and French forces, this complex of forts was able to protect the Dutch colony for nearly 400 years. Today, eight of these forts still remain and most have found exciting new uses in modern Curacao.

Fort Amsterdam is the most significant of Curacao’s remaining forts. Located on the strategic point known as Punda, Fort Amsterdam once served as the defender of Curacao’s main harbor. Originally constructed in 1635, the imposing structure was able to protect the Dutch settlement throughout the colonial period. Today, Fort Amsterdam is one of the Caribbean’s most recognizable UNESCO World Heritage sites and serves as an important government center for modern Curacao. In addition to housing the Governor’s home, the island’s Ministry and numerous government offices, Fort Amsterdam also features a historic museum and the United Protestant Church, both of which remain open to the public. The museum at Fort Amsterdam also offers tours of the facility that allow visitors to learn about the structure’s unique history, take in breathtaking views from atop the walls and witness some truly odd sights such as the cannonball embedded in the fort’s southwestern wall.

While Fort Amsterdam is unquestionably Curacao’s most significant fort, Fort Beekenburg is one of the island’s best preserved colonial structures. Fort Beekenburg was built in 1703 on picturesque Caracas Bay. From the time of its construction until the the mid-19th century, the fort successfully fought off attacks from French and British fleets, as well as several bands of pirates. Visitors to Caracas Bay will find a charming beach with shallow, warm water perfect for water sports. After playing in the water or simply relaxing in the sun, visitors can tour the entire fort and learn about its important role in Curacao’s history.

In addition to Curacao’s largest forts, there remain a number of well-preserved colonial forts throughout Willemstad. In each case, these forts within Curacao’s historic capital protected strategic points of the island’s harbor and populated coastline and now house restaurants and shops. Two such examples are Fort Nassau and Fort Waakzaamheid, a pair of smaller forts built near the beginning of the 19th century.

Fort Nassau was constructed in 1797 to defend the small St. Anna Bay and parts of Willemstad. Today, the fort is home to a restaurant, but is usually recognized by tourists as the control tower that opens and closes Curacao’s famous pontoon bridge. Fort Waakzaamheid was built in 1803 and fell only one year later during a siege by Captain William Bligh and his British troops. As Fort Waakzaamheid offers an incredible view over the Otrobanda neighborhood and the shoreline, American troops mounted new guns and used the structure as an observation post and barracks during World War II. Today, Fort Waakzaamheid also houses a popular restaurant.

Another pair of forts in Willemstad have been converted into even more impressive destinations. The Riffort – a fort built in 1828 to protect a portion of the Otrobanda area – is now home to the Riffort Village, an impressive collection of shops, restaurants, bars and scenic terraces. Prior to its use as one of Curacao’s premier shopping and dining destinations, Riffort was home to everything from police and public works offices to Curacao’s boy scouts. Likewise, the Waterfort – an imposing fort with 136 turrets that was rebuilt in 1827 after the original 17th century structure was destroyed – is now home to some of Punda’s most popular eateries.

As Curacao is home to a wealth of historic architecture and exciting tourism opportunities, these forts serve as wonderful representations of the island’s unique allure. When staying in Willemstad, it is certainly hard to miss the forts that once protected this colonial city. Likewise, with so much now offered within these once-imposing buildings – from museums and historic tours to upscale shops and restaurants – Curacao’s forts are also hard to forget.

Justin Burch writes articles about travel in Curacao for the Marriott Resorts.
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Naples is a coastal town in Collier County, southern Florida. It was founded in the 1880s by John Stuart Williams, a former Confederate general and Kentucky U.S. Senator, and his business partner, Walter N. Haldeman, publisher of the Courier-Journal, a Louisville, Kentucky, newspaper that is to this day the main newspaper of Louisville. The area was described in magazine and newspaper articles as a place of beauty, with beautiful weather year-round, and abundant fish and wildlife. The bay was compared to that of Naples, Italy, by promoters, and the name Naples stuck.

Today, Naples has a population of about 22,000. Its economy is based almost entirely on tourism. Fortunately, the town, along with the Everglades and Marco Island, comprises what is referred to as Paradise Coast. Here are some sights to see when you visit the area.

Everglades National Park:

Everglades National Park is the third-largest national park in the lower 48 states and the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It receives over one million visitors annually. It was created to protect an ecosystem threatened by human development.

Thirty-six endangered species live in the park, including the American crocodile and the Florida panther, of which fewer than 100 remain in the wild. In addition to the protected wildlife, there are more than 350 species of birds, 40 species of mammals, 300 species of fresh and saltwater fish, and 40 species of reptile.

Visitors to the park can choose from camping, which is available year-round, walking trails, and water recreation, among other activities.

Corkscew Swamp Sanctuary

Established to protect two species of Cypress trees threatened by extensive logging in the 1940s and 1950s, the Corkscew Swamp Sanctuary is also an important location many bird species, which use it either as a breeding ground or a place to spend winters. A boardwalk, constructed in 1955, winds just over two miles through the sanctuary, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Visitors must also be mindful, however, of alligators and venemous snakes, which are also in abundance.

Downtown Naples

Tourists can experience shopping at high-end retail stores at the Village on Venetian Bay or live theatre performances with The Naples Players at the Sugden Community Theatre. The city of Naples hosts the Oliver Group Champions Cup of the Outback Champions Tennis series every year.

Golf is available at the La Playa Beach and Golf Resort and the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. And, of course, sunbathing, swimming, and sand is available to all at any of Naples many beaches, one of which (the beach on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico) was voted “the best beach in America” by the Travel Channel.

T3 Communications are your specialists for Naples phone service ( Art Gib is a freelance writer.

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Is it the warm climate with its crystalline blue skies, magical high desert light and four gorgeous, easy-to-live-with seasons?

Or the attractions of a cosmopolitan cultural life, including world class museums and galleries, the renowned Santa Fe Opera and other musical delights, over 200 restaurants and a year-round calendar chock-full of exhilarating cultural events like Indian and Spanish Markets?

Perhaps it’s the genuine diversity of people here, a fascinating mix of Native American, traditional Hispanic and “Anglo” cultural traditions.

There are probably as many reasons as people who choose the exquisite natural beauty and cultural vibrancy of Santa Fe as their retirement destination city. Plenty of locals will tell you that sometimes it’s just plain impossible to resist the spell created by your very first visit to the celebrated Land of Enchantment. Their stories share a common happy ending of traveling through Santa Fe on their way to somewhere else and never leaving.

Santa Fe provides access to all of the creature comforts with Albuquerque less than an hour away, while maintaining its own quaint personality outside of the larger city ramblings. Santa Fe has kept its charm through the architecture, culture and core roots in the original Santa Fe Plaza. Nestled against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that offers a beautiful view, as well as world class skiing in the winter and fabulous hiking in the summer, making Santa Fe a retirement destination of choice.

As the city enters a yearlong celebration of its 400th anniversary, it continues a long tradition of charming newcomers from all over the world. From CNN’s Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in 2008 to AARP Magazine’s “One of the 15 Best Places in the Country to Re-Invent Yourself”, Santa Fe routinely captures a spot on the lists of most desirable places to live.

Whether you’re an artist or art aficionado, love to ride, hike, golf, ski or enjoy other outdoor pursuits, or prefer to simply putter around your own cozy hacienda, you’ll soon discover why Santa Fe always lives up to its moniker, “The City Different.” It’s also the perfect location for those who seek a more holistic approach to wellness, with a first-rate regional medical center and an unrivalled range of modern facilities offering both traditional and alternative therapies.

You are only a day-trip away from all of the beauty and mystery of New Mexico, the state has a rich history of Native American and Spanish settlers that still live in the pueblos and mountains. Whether you choose to enjoy the serenity of Santa Fe or want to explore you will definitely find home here.

Santa Feans both old and new agree that life–of the mind, body and spirit– is indeed much sweeter here.
It’s a dream town that may just help you finally fulfill some of those long-held dreams of your own.

Whatever their original draw, people find that when they make the move here, they soon realize it was the best decision they ever made.

Frank O’Mahony; A Santa Fe Realtor with over twenty years marketing experience, ten of them as the owner of a highly successful Silicon Valley consultancy, I have brought my entrepreneurial, client-focused approach to Santa Fe real estate.

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High definition televisions (HDTVs), like the Sony KDL 32XBR9 32 LCD TV BRAVIA XBR R Series Black, are popular among U.S. consumers for many reasons. Such systems are attractive choices for gaming, for watching DVDs or Blue Ray videos and for watching exciting sporting events. The Sony KDL-32XBR9 32″ BRAVIA XBR(R) Series Black LCD Flat Panel HDTV (31.5″ Diagonal) gives users top quality viewing in one sleek system. As high definition televisions continue to grow in popularity in American households and with retailers offering safe online purchasing options, shoppers are able to easily review the full details of models like this one and compare user reviews in order to make the most informed decision possible.

Discover why so many are attracted to the stunning richness of high-definition television. This flat panel Sony HDTV displays a 40,000:1 contrast ratio and produces clearer, sharper images for an outstanding viewing experience. When not enjoying regular viewing, a camera can be connected to the television’s USB port, which allows the whole family to take pleasure in viewing photos together. An MP3 player can also be connected so that much loved MP3s can be listened to in thrilling high fidelity sound.

The energy efficient 32″ XBR9 offers 1 PC, 2 components and 4HDMI inputs for a total of 7 different HD inputs, thus giving users full access to all of the system’s existing HD components. This Sony KDL 32XBR9 32 LCD TV BRAVIA XBR R Series Black is also compatible with BRAVIA Link and offers 24p True Cinema mode. With 24p True Cinema technology, feature films can be enjoyed at the 24 frames per second speed for which they were originally created, bringing the experience of movie-theater viewing right into the comfort and privacy of each owner’s home.

High definition televisions are growing in popularity throughout the U.S. as they give a clearer picture quality, are presented on wider viewing screens, and offer the latest in high fidelity sound. After years of debate regarding analog standards versus newer digital standards for American television broadcasts, the FCC decided in 1993 to aim toward the goal of an all-digital standard throughout the U.S, thus making the way for broader technology such as high definition television. When first released into the U.S. markets in the early 1990s, HDTVs came with high-ticket prices that were usually several thousand dollars out of the range of an average American consumer. However, as new high definition technology has expanded to include gaming systems, Blue Ray and DVD viewing, and as more movies and programming are created specifically for high definition televisions, HDTVs have grown in popularity and the prices have dropped considerably. With all television stations now upgrading to digital programming, HDTVs like the Sony KDL-32XBR9 32″ BRAVIA XBR(R) Series Black LCD Flat Panel HDTV (31.5″ Diagonal) will remain popular consumer choices for years to come.

Purchasing a Sony KDL-32XBR9 32″ BRAVIA XBR(R) Series Black LCD Flat Panel HDTV online is as safe as buying one in person. All transactions are handled on secure servers and a buyer’s information is encrypted for absolute security. Online shopping, especially for electronics, is a popular choice as it allows consumers time to study all of the product specifications and even compare reviews about them to similar products in that same category. Owning a Sony KDL 32XBR9 32 LCD TV BRAVIA XBR R Series Black has never been as affordable or as easy to purchase online as it is right now.

If you are interested in Sony KDL-32XBR9 32 LCD TV BRAVIA XBR(R) Series Black , you may visit Cheapest Deals of Sony 32 Inch LCD TV to get more information.

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I am sitting in an abandoned parking lot in Powway somewhere and I am headed up to Carlsbad to meet up with a good friend. As I sit here I have my friend Scott on the phone. Scott is in norther California and was just telling me he just ran into an interesting article from the and the article stating that Fema bought up a billiion dollars in dehiderated food. And according, Scott stated that Fema holds about 6 million meals in reserve. A billion dollars in food is about 420 million more meals. This kind of could set some alarm bells off.

Also in the article they are mentioning that one of their major suppliers have given up 99% of their distibutors to meet this government need. That is really telling. I went to a website and it is interesting to note. Many of the freezedried distributors are backordered and they don’t even have
a date that you can expect shipment. So not only are we seeing a shortage in silver and precious metals but we are seeing a shortage in freeze dried

You know the government has big stocked locations. I saw a few on Youtube where I saw big salt mines. They have food delivered and they have huge food storage and like seceret salt mines for the federal government this is different. Althogh I found this article, the way the information is coming is from the distributors and from the manufaturers. The story is coming from people that are in the preparedness industry. The problem is that the government is not coming out with this 100%. Obviouslly, when they came out in January with the request for proposal, over the FEMA drill on the New Madrid Fall, where they were requesting the information for blankets and water and all that other stuff. It caused quite a stir. So the pulled all of the documents off their web-site. So maybe they are trying not to alarm.

The big kicker according to Scott is that the deep freeze that occured in January has damaged the Mexican and Southern American Crops. So that is just one more thing. In China that is seen as a curse. So not only are we seeing gas prices rising to 4.00 per gallon, we are seeing record food price increases and now we are seeing FEMA coming out with a one billion dollar purchase order.

What is the government preparing for? What do they know that most Americans and the MSM don’t know? What are they anticipating here, some type of cataclysmic climatic event or are they just putting it all together with what is happening in the Middle East and what is happening in the
economy? Are we seeing a potential collapse of the dollar? What is this feverish rush to get prepared and who is this food going to for? Is it going to be for you and me or is it going to be for government operatives?

Scott stated in February the Department of Homeland Security came out with the terrorist threat is the highest it’s been and then you also have the
tension in the Middle East and if you look at a map, you have all of the countries that have had turmoil lately. Now we are in Libya and that is mind numbing in itself. Our government is involved in a civil war so there is a lot of potential for crisis right now. The big thing right in everyones face that the news is covering is the prices going up. Everyone should take notice right now. Everyone should look out their window and try to understand how this is really going to effect them. If your paying 5.00 for gas and your grocery bill goes up 50 to 100%, your electric bill
goes up, everybody is going to be in one serious squeeze. It is going to produce a snowball effect in the economy.

There are some ways to prepare. I am involved in differnt things as an urban survivalist and give tips and free information on how to survive in Hyperinfalion.

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Solar panels have been in the news quite a bit recently. From a shortage in 2010 to innovative new production methods to new locales of implementation, the buzz surrounding one of the easiest methods for achieving energy independence has been up and down.

The shortage of 2010 was caused strictly by business and the almighty dollar. For American manufacturers, solar panels could be more profitably sold overseas in Europe and Asia. This created a local vacuum of supplies when lowered consumer costs and government incentives pushed demand to a maximum. With supplies low, suppliers had to find solar panels in other places for higher prices or wait, and both options chased away customers. It seems in 2011, the spike in demand has leveled and supply has gained ground. Prices of panels should drop and the cost of electricity and the given incentives should reignite demand in the United States.

Related to demand is silicon, which is widely used in the production of photovoltaic cells. Organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules are widely seen as the solution to the silicon problem. They are carbon based units used to convert light to electricity. However, the OPV modules are costly and inefficient when compared to comparable silicon modules. Despite this, US firm Emerson and Canadian firm Sanmina-SCI are pursuing research to test the cost and find wider uses for OPV modules.

In West Chester, PA, solar panels have been approved for installation on a parking garage. The Borough Leaders United for Emission Reduction (BLUER) supported the project, which will run about $ 500,000. Detractors are mostly worried about cost and that the current technology could become outdated. Dissenting council members believed that given the economy, such a large expenditure wasn’t wise. Several estimates pegged a return on the investment after 16 years, or about halfway through the expected lifespan of the project and $ 9,000 yearly savings. In addition, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates could be sold to energy providers since the City of West Chester would own the system. It is another story of a city deciding to step up and provide a good example by going green.

Solar panels are one of the easiest and most visible routes to energy independence and green living. The technology is always changing and improving. The shortage is over, and organic photovoltaic modules are starting to take baby steps to power the future. However the time to start going green is now, before it is too late.

One Stop Green carries a full line of solar panels and solar powered generators to meet nearly any project needs. One Stop Green can also do an energy audit to determine the best place and application of solar panels for your project. Our experts can install the panels on your property to maximize the amount of energy collected.

One Stop Green is looking towards a ‘greener’ future, sharing the latest and greatest ideas in green living and green technology with you through our staff written blogs. Going ‘green’ is no longer a choice, it’s our responsibility, that’s why it’s so important to try and do the small things that can help change the outlook of the planet – and this is essentially the purpose of One Stop Green. We believe even the little things like recycling or using less water helps the environment out in a big way, and that’s why our various solutions seek to nurture and edify your home or business in an eco-friendly manner.

About One Stop Green: One Stop Green offers energy efficient products and services for your home, business, or commercial property. Learn more at about One Stop Green at

One Stop Green offers Energy Efficient products and services for your Home, Business, or Commercial property. Learn more about One Stop Green by visiting us at Green Living & Energy Efficient Products

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Loyalty programs and frequent flyer miles are some of the most popular aspects of the travel industry, in addition to trip insurance. All over the world, many people have found that they can fly with no extra cost or for a very minimum sum because they have collected enough points or miles. In short, frequent flyer miles are much like a travel investment program. For a little background information as to why these programs are so popular and an inquiry into whether or not these points are worth it, read below to see if frequent flyer programs, much like travel insurance, are a worthwhile investment of your time and your travel planning.

Frequent Flying 101
Airline travel has been around for over 60 years, so when did these loyalty programs for returning customers begin? According to USA Today, the first airline that began to reward their customers for return visits was American Airlines in 1981, with just 283,000 members. Three decades later, these programs have become a major asset to the travel industry, and American Airlines’ loyalty program AAdvantage now boasts 66 million members. Estimates indicate that more than 100 million Americans participate in at least one frequent flyer program, which is a huge demographic in the United States.

So how does this work?
During the beginning stages of the program, flyers earned their frequent flying miles through just flying. Eventually, purchasing hotel rooms and rental cars with an affiliated credit card were also included in the mileage programs. Over time, once these programs really began to take off, simple credit card purchases for non-travel related items were added to the mileage programs. The industry thinking was, the more you spend using preferred credit cards; the more likely you will use those earned points toward that dream vacation in Hawaii, ultimately spending more using your credit cards.

Many credit card companies collaborate with major airlines encouraging their customers to rack up the miles using their credit cards. In addition, international travel carriers collaborate as well. For example, American Airlines partners with British Airways and Japan Airlines with AAdvantage, so members can earn more miles even while they are traveling internationally.

Is It Worth It?
These types of programs are excellent for small business travelers or single people who love to explore. However, booking flights with miles for families or even couple’s travel can be difficult, if not impossible to do, according to the Independent Traveler. For singles who love to travel, frequent flyer programs work very well, especially when used in conjunction with travel insurance. However, it is important to be aware that travel insurance coverage only provides reimbursement for the reissue fee or taxes associated with the miles. Travelex Insurance Services provide travel insurance plans with flexible benefits and features for all types of travel – leisure, business, group, student, adventure and more.

For more information about travelers insurance, please visit

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