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Though known as one of the top shopping destinations in the Caribbean and an easy getaway for American travelers, St. Thomas also boasts some of the world’s top beaches and a wide assortment of recreation options. While excellent beaches can be found at all corners of the island, the stretch of sand regularly cited as one of the best overall beaches in the Caribbean region can be found along St. Thomas’ scenic northern coast. Magens Bay is an idyllic destination, a mile-long stretch of white sand dotted with palm trees. As this incredible beach remains largely undeveloped, there is also plenty of space to relax in the sand or play in the calm, blue waters offshore. Throughout the year, Magens Bay offers excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, picnicking and a variety of other activities.

Despite being located on the windswept and dramatic northern shore of St. Thomas, Magens Bay has become one of the island’s best family-friendly beaches thanks to some unique geography. Unlike most of the beaches on the north end of the island, Magens Bay is protected by a pair of offshore peninsulas that prevent the steady Caribbean surf from entering the bay. As a result, the water offshore remains calm, warm and safe for family activities throughout the year. Activities like swimming and wading have become incredibly popular at Magens Bay, as the pebble-free sand extends well into the Caribbean Sea, adding to the comfort of the warm tropical waters. Magens Bay is also one of the island’s most successful public beach projects, as small entrance fees have helped St. Thomas implement regular maintenance, staff the beach with lifeguards and construct unmatched restroom and shower facilities. In recent years, a number of snack shacks have popped up along the beach, while several charming restaurants and bars rest within easy walking distance of the shore.

Magens Bay is also a great destination for water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking and sailing, as on-site rental shops offer affordable equipment and tour options. While interesting underwater sights can be found throughout the area, the secluded western end of the bay has become one of the northern shore’s most popular snorkeling sites. Home to a wide variety of tropical fish species, the placid cove found at the western end of the beach serves as one of St. Thomas’ most captivating, but family-friendly snorkeling sites. Families can also enjoy the calm water in kayaks, paddleboats and other unique watercrafts, or take part in sailing tours offshore where the consistent trade winds provide excellent recreation opportunities year-round.

Those that want to admire the beach at Magens Bay and the Caribbean Sea from above should visit the adjacent attraction known as Drake’s Seat. Perched atop the majestic seaside cliff beside Magens Bay, Drake’s Seat is rumored to have been a lookout for Sir Francis Drake, the famous 16th century colonial captain and explorer. Having seized command of St. Thomas, Drake is thought to have watched his own ships and encroaching vessels from this now popular scenic destination. Visitors to the site will find a bench perched on the highest point of the cliff and a view overlooking Magens Bay and the Caribbean Sea beyond. As a result, Drake’s Seat has become one of the most popular photographic destinations on the island, especially during the late afternoon and early evening hours when the setting sun highlights the exotic scenery. This popular sightseeing destination is visited by most of St. Thomas’ guided tours, but travelers with rental cars or recreational vehicles will also be able to reach the site with ease. Drake’s Seat is located just off Route 40, the main road running along St. Thomas’ northern shore.

Though Magens Bay attracts plenty of visitors throughout the year, this spacious beach always has ample room to relax or play in the water. As Magens Bay also promises a truly unique Caribbean experience – often more relaxed and family-friendly than many of the region’s most famous beaches – this charming coastal destination has become one of St. Thomas’ can’t-miss sights.

Justin Burch writes articles for the Marriott Resorts.
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If not correctly taken care of, dog bites can be one of the most hazardous of all animal bites. Thousands of people pass-away every year because of rabies from dog bites. Many victims of animal bites have the tendency to dismiss the seriousness of such wounds because they think that they are not dangerous and can be treated with simple hand washing the wound or by just taking antibiotics. What they are unaware of is, this type of bite can lead to life-threatening infections, disability, deformity or even death.

Dog attacks can avoided in a number of ways. A good way is to put a safe distance between you and the suspicious mutt. One other method is to abstain from evoking attack from a dog. If you find yourself in stand-off with a suspicious dog, it is best to retreat very slowly and then walk away. Nevertheless, regardless of how cautious you try to be, there may come a time when you will experience such a situation. This is when it is handy to have some dog pepper spray around.

A dog pepper spray is an animal repellent used specifically against a threatening canine. It comes in an aerosol container which you can take along in your knapsack, handbag, or attach case. For further ease of use, you can even affix it to your belt or key chain. There are several advantages of using defense sprays. Once it is sprayed on the animal, the symptoms of dog pepper spray will be straightaway. The effects of the spray last long enough giving you enough time to get away from the animal to safety. The pepper spray will cause so much agony and discomfort that the dog will turn his attention from attacking you to recuperating from the burning sensation. If you a lover of animals, you don’t need to worry about these chemical substances because they do not cause lasting or critical injury to the animal. The effects of the spray are non-lethal and will disappear in about half an hour. One other reason why this type of animal repellent is used widely is because it is legal to use anywhere in America, providing it is used only for self defense. There may be restrictions in some cities or states, so always check your local law enforcement agency for any state’s ordinances covering the use of pepper sprays.

What is the difference between human pepper spray and dog pepper spray? The pepper resins in dog pepper spray are not as strong as the ones in the human edition. The amount of pepper resin present in this type dog repellent is typically less than half of the pepper resin in human spray. In case of a crisis, you could use human grade pepper spray to stop a dog attack but not a dog grade pepper spray on attacking villains because it will be ineffective.

Although you may be a dog enthusiast, you may still need certain defense from these animals that try to attack you. By nature, all animals are unpredictable, so never underestimate a dog’s capacity to injure you. Carrying a dog pepper spray is one effectual and animal-friendly approach to protect yourself and your family from possible dog attacks.

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What makes Santa Fe one of the country’s most popular places to retire? Is it the warm climate with its crystalline blue skies, magical high desert light and four gorgeous, easy-to-live-with seasons? Or the attractions of a cosmopolitan cultural life, including world class museums and galleries, the renowned Santa Fe Opera and other musical delights, over 200 restaurants and a year-round calendar chock-full of exhilarating cultural events like Indian and Spanish Markets? Perhaps it’s the genuine diversity of people here, a fascinating mix of Native American, traditional Hispanic and “Anglo” cultural traditions.

There are probably as many reasons as people who choose the exquisite natural beauty and cultural vibrancy of Santa Fe as their retirement destination city. Plenty of locals will tell you that sometimes it’s just plain impossible to resist the spell created by your very first visit to the celebrated Land of Enchantment. Their stories share a common happy ending of traveling through Santa Fe on their way to somewhere else and never leaving.

If we have to age, we night as well do it in a place that supports healthy living. To begin with, the air in Santa Fe is a great antioxidant. Simply breathing here improves your quality of your life. Men’s Health and Organic Style among many others have ranked Santa Fe one of the healthiest cities and best places to live. Get a cardio workout by riding your bike to the ski area or becoming a member at the numerous public and private health clubs around town. The Dale Ball Trails wind around the periphery of Santa Fe–one of the most popular among locals is Atalaya Trail above St. John’s College.

As the city enters a yearlong celebration of its 400th anniversary, it continues a long tradition of charming newcomers from all over the world. From CNN’s Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in 2008 to AARP Magazine’s “One of the 15 Best Places in the Country to Re-Invent Yourself”, Santa Fe routinely captures a spot on the lists of most desirable places to live.

Whether you’re an artist or art aficionado, love to ride, hike, golf, ski or enjoy other outdoor pursuits, or prefer to simply putter around your own cozy hacienda, you’ll soon discover why Santa Fe always lives up to its moniker, “The City Different.” It’s also the perfect location for those who seek a more holistic approach to wellness, with a first-rate regional medical center and an unrivalled range of modern facilities offering both traditional and alternative therapies. Retiring to Santa Fe is not ‘switching off’ or ‘checking out’ – it’s reconnecting, with family, with self, with your surroundings. The diversity of opportunities in and around Santa Fe bring everything from golf to snowshoeing to pottery to the healing arts right to your doorstep.

A short diversion on golf, because it comes as a surprise to many that we have some fine courses within a 20 miles radius of Santa Fe. Here’s a description of the Black Mesa course, just north of Santa Fe:

“Black Mesa is located on the Santa Clara Pueblo just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Native American roots of its land carries a unique history. This 18-hole course plays through dramatic sandstone ridges with Black Mesa visible from several locations. Offering a wide variety of holes, each with its own memorable features, the site showcases distinctive bunkering, native arroyos as hazards, and green contouring in keeping with the scale of the natural landforms.”

Santa Feans both old and new agree that life–of the mind, body and spirit– is indeed much sweeter here. It’s a dream town that may just help you finally fulfill some of those long-held dreams of your own.

Whatever their original draw, people find that when they make the move here, they soon realize it was the best decision they ever made.

Frank O’Mahony is managing broker with Evolve Santa Fe Real Estate in Santa Fe, and formerly director of marketing for the State Economic Development Department. Evolve Santa Fe Real Estate 505.699.3985
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Some film reviews are listed below. You can get to a good film download site through the search engines. To get some good sites try to search phrases like “Music Videos Downloads”, “Movie Download Web Sites”, or “Home Movie Rental”.

I Love You: Stupid, pretentiously arty journal of relation between Braga and Pereio, each of whom tries to exploit the other. Sonia, nonetheless, is pleasant to check out. Cast includes Sonia Braga, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Vera Fischer, Tarcisio Meira, Maria Lucia Dahl, and Regina Case. (104 minutes, 1981)

The Protector: Bizare mix of a kung fu film and a boy-and his pup tale, this inexpensive looking prduction from Thailand gets sentimental while a youthful martial artist has his cherished elephant stolen by thugs and transported to Australia. Following the poor men there, he hooks up with a Thaiborn Australian investigator and does battle with wicked gangs and others in an attempt to repossess his little Dumbo. Cast includes Tony Jaa, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Bongkoj Khongmalai, Nathan Jones, Johnny Nguyen, Xing Jing, and Damian De Montemas. (81 minutes, 2005)

Shadowlands: Poignant, prudent, peacefully gratifying drama in regards to British author C. S. Lewis (Ackland), a verified bachelor, and how he is changed while he falls in love with American divorcee Bloom. Quality work is done by the megastars utilizing an outstanding award caliber script by William Nicholson. Cast includes Joss Ackland, Claire Bloom, David Waller, and Rupert Baderman. (90 minutes, 1985)

The Big Road: This movie is about a shy busboy who commits himself to a selfish nightclub singer. The film is abnormal (and oddly watchable), with extremely unorthodox roles for both Fonda and Ball. Cast includes Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, Barton Mafamilye, Eugene Pallette, Agnes Moorehead, Sam Levene, Ray Collins, Hans Conried, and Ozzie Nelson. (88 minutes, 1942)

Kimberley Jim: Little musical of 2 carefree gamblers who win a fortune in a fixed poker game, and then have a change of heart. Cast includes Jim Reeves, Madeleine Guide, Clive Pamell, Arthur Swemmer, and Mike Holt. (82 minutes, 1965)

An American Film Show Production: Offbeat Lockhart owns the Brooklyn Loons baseball team; he dies and leaves the club to his spunky pet feline. Cast includes Ray Milland, Jan Sterling, Gene Lockhart, William Frawley, Elsie Holmes, Taylor Holmes, and Leonard Nimoy. (95 minutes, 1951)

So Dark the Night: Renowned Parisian investigator is set to work throughout his holy day in the French country side. An impressively made B film, something of a sleeper in its time, agonizes only for absence of appeal on the part of its (mainly obscure) cast. Cast includes Steven Geray, Micheline Cheirel, Eugene Borden, Ann Codee, Egon Brecher, and Helen Freeman. (71 minutes, 1946)

Southland Tales: Impressive cast is trashed in an overlong, overwrought wallow set in 2008 Southern California three years after a catastrophic atomic assault on Texas has turned America into a patrol state. Concentrates on a few individuals trying to subsist in this postapocalyptic atmosphere, including a B action film performer, a porn megastar turned Television commentator, and an L.A. patrol officer with a split personality. Cast includes Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, Justin Timberlake, Nora Dunn, John Larroquette, Bai Ling, Jon Lovilz, Cheri Oteri, Amy Poehler, Lou Taylor Pucci, Miranda Richardson, Wallace Shawn, Holmes Osborne, Kevin Smith, Christopher Lambert, Janeane Garofolo, Beth Grant, Zelda Rubinstein, and Curtis Armstrong. (144 minutes, 2007)

Pavilion of Women: A slowly developing myth set in 1938 China in reference to freedom vs. feudalism. A loyal woman falls for an American minister when her child longs for his dad’s new concubine. Shot on location in China. Cast includes Luo Yan, Willem Dafoe, Shek Sau, John Cho, Yi Ding, Koh Chieng Mun, and Anita Loo. (119 minutes, 2001)

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5 fortunate victors can acquire a possibility to megastar in a nationwide tv advertisement. To Download Movies On The Internet His latest procedure was alike however this eternity, dexter voyaged to larger waters. It’s not that the combat of observing a film adaptation is certainly dirt poor it’s easily variant.

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If you are looking to have a unique and exotic cuisine at your wedding, having an Armenian menu is surely a good way to go. Using ethnic food at your wedding is a good way to go because it’s different and it’s something that will be remembered by your loved ones. Having these foods is a great way to open up everyone there to new and exciting foods. If you are wanting to have Armenian foods at your wedding, it’s best to know some of the most popular cuisines in that area of the world. Below you will find some delicious and popular Armenian meals that you should consider adding to your wedding menu!

Appetizer Item: Armenian Cheese Boreg

These delicious appetizers are typically dough turnovers that are filled with parsley and cheese. They are baked to be golden brown and amazingly crispy. The texture is light and are best when they are served hot. There are many different cheeses that can be used to make this food item, but it’s usually a combination of Monterey Jack, Feta and Ricotta cheeses. They are very simple and aren’t too fancy, which will be great for those not so “open” eaters at the wedding.

Meal Item #1: Baba Ganoush

This is actually one of the most well known food item from the Middle East and Mediterranean area. You’ve probably heard of this food many times if you’ve never actually eaten it before. This dish is really just eggplant that is mashed up and mixed with many different seasonings along with virgin olive oil. Some other common food items that you will find in this dish are diced tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and more. You can have whatever type of vegetables you wish added to the dish.

Some of the seasonings that are commonly added to the mixture of eggplant and vegetables are garlic, parsley, salt, tahini, lemon juice, mint, and white vinegar. Many like to add Cumin or chili powder to the mix to give it a bit of an extra kick. The eggplant and other items in the mixture are typically rolled together to make it much easier to eat. This is a true Armenian meal and will be a definite hit with your guests at the wedding.

Meal Item #2: Sou-Berag

This is very similar to American lasagna. It contains no meat, which is good for vegetarians that attend the wedding. It is a layered casserole that is made with noodles and feta cheese. The noodles are just like regular lasagna noodles. It contains spices such as mint and parsley. Feta cheese is not the only type of cheese that is in this dish, there is also curd cottage cheese, Jack cheese and Ricotta cheese. There typically isn’t sauce when it comes to this dish but if you want it, it’s likely that the caterers you use will add it.

Meal Item #3: Barbecued Lamb Chops

For the meat lovers at the wedding, this is a great meal item to have available. Lamb to the middle eastern countries is kind of like beef and pork to America. Instead of pork chops, which I’m sure you’ve eaten before, it will be lamb chops instead. The lamb chops will typically be about 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. They will be seasoned to taste with seasons such as mint leaves, basil leaves, parsley and salt and pepper. Commonly found with this meal is mixed in with the barbeque sauce is red wine along with yellow onion and bell peppers.

As you can see, this menu item will be very strong for the taste buds for those that aren’t used to very much spice. But even with the spice, it still makes a fantastic eat! They are quite messy, so have bibs and napkins ready.

Dessert Item: Khunami Khop

The funny thing about this dessert is that Armenian men and women create it to impress the family of someone they want to marry. This is why it’s a very clever dessert to place at your wedding! This dessert is simply a very small amount of dough that is drizzled with honey or syrup all around it.

What happens to the dough is that it expands, getting larger and larger making the eater believe that it’s really much more dough than it really is. This is why it’s typically called “fool the in-laws” dessert. The young man or woman is trying to fool the family of their special someone into believing they have a bit more money than they really do. It’s a silly traditional dessert but it sure is delicious!

Above, you were given at least one food for each category of the meal at a wedding. There are many other great Armenian food items that you can serve at your wedding, these are just the most traditional and popular. Your guests will love the wide variety of foods that they have never tried before and you will love getting your loved ones to try something new and exciting!

Kay is the owner and operator of the avenue banquet hall. Her site provides valuable information about banquet halls in Toronto

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The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well – Hippocrates

Our growing love for fast food, avid interest in idiot box more than outdoors, stress and tension have led to a sudden surge in the number of diabetics across the globe. Uncontrolled sugar levels can damage kidneys, cause diabetic retinopathy, or even result in gangrene that may even require amputation of a body part. That is why diabetes is also called a “silent killer.”

This makes it really important for an individual to learn the tricks of living with diabetes and also to find ways to control it.

Diabetes is of mainly of two kinds – Type I & Type II. Additionally, gestational diabetes may develop in pregnant ladies. So if you too have been diagnosed with this disease, then here is a 5-step guide that will make it easier for you to live with diabetes:

* Early Detection Offers Maximum Protection – Living with diabetes becomes much simpler if you are able to detect this problem early.

Some of the common symptoms observed in patients suffering from diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, sudden weight loss even without diet or exercise, tingling sensation in hands and feet, itchy skin, and excessive tiredness.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, get your blood sugar levels checked without any delay.

* Acceptance is the Key to Success: It is usually observed that the patients detected with diabetes are usually in a denial mode. Acceptance of the fact that you are suffering from the problem is half the battle won.

You also have to acknowledge the fact that now more attention needs to be given to your diet and physical exercise that will help you effectively deal with and control this problem.

It is also observed that people diagnosed with diabetes enjoy a longer and healthier life as they are more likely to take care of their diet and make suitable lifestyle changes.

* Proper Care Will Scare the Diabetes Monster: Once the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, he needs to get his blood sugar level checked regularly and also take medicines as per doctor’s prescription to control diabetes.

During the initial months, it is essential to see the physician regularly, as he will adjust your medicine doses and suggest suitable lifestyle changes, which will make living with diabetes much easier.

* Right Food, Regular Exercise Will Fill Your Life With Smiles: If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need to stick to a strict diet and follow a regular exercise schedule. American Diabetes Association (ADA) website suggests that by consuming the right kind of food, you can control your blood sugar level and, in fact, reverse diabetes.

Some of the superfoods described for diabetes by ADA include whole grains, which are rich in fibers; berries, like strawberries and raspberries, which are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; green leafy vegetables and beans, which are the best sources of lean protein.

ADA also recommends consuming the right quantity of low fat dairy products and nuts rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which will help the patient, feel energetic and will also control the blood sugar level.

Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. Therefore, besides right food, regular cardiovascular exercises will enable you to burn fat and calories, helping you reach ideal blood sugar levels.

* Bid Adieu to Smoking and Drinking: Alcohol is nothing but fermented fruit juice, which can instantly cause your blood sugar level to shoot up. So if you are looking for healthy ways of living with diabetes, then getting rid of smoking and boozing habits should be on the top of your priority list.

Remember, if you want to control diabetes, you must first learn to control your urges and have a firm grip on your mind.

Living with diabetes is not a child’s play, but by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can surely lead a healthy life without having to feel that you are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

Mr.Autostima – senior writer on

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It is common for students in USA to seek professional essay help. It is not unethical since essay writing is quite tough. Besides, professional writers can provide them with expert assistance to secure high grades. There are numerous essay help services backed by such writers in USA, but students should be careful in choosing the right brand.

Reasons for US students to avoid essay writing task

When US students think “do my essay for me”, it means they want someone else to write their essay. Here are some reasons that explain why students in USA want to avoid writing an essay:

* Fast US academic life: Most students in USA lead a fast academic life. They are constantly busy with something or the other. When they are not busy with their academics, then they are busy with their extra-curricular activities. They are even busy with community service and adventure activities. All this leaves them with hardly any time to complete their essay writing.

* Part-time job: Many students in USA are involved in part-time jobs. They engage themselves in such jobs so that they can self-sponsor a part of their higher education. This divides their time into college lectures and part-time job. On weekends, their job demands more of their time. All such scenarios leave the students with ultimately no time to write their essay.

* US social life: Students in USA need to socialize so that they can develop their personality. At an academic level, they are told to participate in student orientation programs. Such socializing can enable them to reach out and communicate with other US and non-US students. Such activities leave them with no time to work on their essay.

What qualities do a US based professional writer need to write an essay?

You need a perfect writer to avail the best essay help in USA. Here are some features that a US based essay writer should have:

1. Perfection in US English style: Genuine American essay writers should be perfect at writing an entire essay in US English style. The entire essay help content should consist of the same style and not deviate towards Australian or UK English writing style.

2. Flexible with academic language format: Reliable American essay writers should be at ease to write an essay in any academic language format. The format can be MLA, APA and so on. Whatever the format may be but the writers should maintain the US English style in the essay content.

3. Content as per the current US academic requirement: Trustworthy American essay writers should be able to work with an essay help as per the present US academic requirements. Many reputed US universities direct their institutes to conduct essay writing as per different set of conditions.

Advantages of US based essay writers’ assistance

If you are thinking to buy custom essay online in USA, then several advantages are on your way. Here are some advantages that a genuine US based essay writer can provide:

* Top quality essay content: US based essay writers are believed to provide top quality essay help. They refer to the best of essay sources and utilize their US university experience in essay writing as well.

* Uncompromising US English style: US based essay writers never compromise on their style of writing. Be assured of receiving an essay help material that is consistent with US English style. Such a material can assist you to write a scoring essay.

* International standard presentation: US based essay writers provide an essay help content that is accepted internationally. Its academic format, writing style and other parameters are arranged very well.

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