Armenian Food Ideas at Your Wedding

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If you are looking to have a unique and exotic cuisine at your wedding, having an Armenian menu is surely a good way to go. Using ethnic food at your wedding is a good way to go because it’s different and it’s something that will be remembered by your loved ones. Having these foods is a great way to open up everyone there to new and exciting foods. If you are wanting to have Armenian foods at your wedding, it’s best to know some of the most popular cuisines in that area of the world. Below you will find some delicious and popular Armenian meals that you should consider adding to your wedding menu!

Appetizer Item: Armenian Cheese Boreg

These delicious appetizers are typically dough turnovers that are filled with parsley and cheese. They are baked to be golden brown and amazingly crispy. The texture is light and are best when they are served hot. There are many different cheeses that can be used to make this food item, but it’s usually a combination of Monterey Jack, Feta and Ricotta cheeses. They are very simple and aren’t too fancy, which will be great for those not so “open” eaters at the wedding.

Meal Item #1: Baba Ganoush

This is actually one of the most well known food item from the Middle East and Mediterranean area. You’ve probably heard of this food many times if you’ve never actually eaten it before. This dish is really just eggplant that is mashed up and mixed with many different seasonings along with virgin olive oil. Some other common food items that you will find in this dish are diced tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and more. You can have whatever type of vegetables you wish added to the dish.

Some of the seasonings that are commonly added to the mixture of eggplant and vegetables are garlic, parsley, salt, tahini, lemon juice, mint, and white vinegar. Many like to add Cumin or chili powder to the mix to give it a bit of an extra kick. The eggplant and other items in the mixture are typically rolled together to make it much easier to eat. This is a true Armenian meal and will be a definite hit with your guests at the wedding.

Meal Item #2: Sou-Berag

This is very similar to American lasagna. It contains no meat, which is good for vegetarians that attend the wedding. It is a layered casserole that is made with noodles and feta cheese. The noodles are just like regular lasagna noodles. It contains spices such as mint and parsley. Feta cheese is not the only type of cheese that is in this dish, there is also curd cottage cheese, Jack cheese and Ricotta cheese. There typically isn’t sauce when it comes to this dish but if you want it, it’s likely that the caterers you use will add it.

Meal Item #3: Barbecued Lamb Chops

For the meat lovers at the wedding, this is a great meal item to have available. Lamb to the middle eastern countries is kind of like beef and pork to America. Instead of pork chops, which I’m sure you’ve eaten before, it will be lamb chops instead. The lamb chops will typically be about 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. They will be seasoned to taste with seasons such as mint leaves, basil leaves, parsley and salt and pepper. Commonly found with this meal is mixed in with the barbeque sauce is red wine along with yellow onion and bell peppers.

As you can see, this menu item will be very strong for the taste buds for those that aren’t used to very much spice. But even with the spice, it still makes a fantastic eat! They are quite messy, so have bibs and napkins ready.

Dessert Item: Khunami Khop

The funny thing about this dessert is that Armenian men and women create it to impress the family of someone they want to marry. This is why it’s a very clever dessert to place at your wedding! This dessert is simply a very small amount of dough that is drizzled with honey or syrup all around it.

What happens to the dough is that it expands, getting larger and larger making the eater believe that it’s really much more dough than it really is. This is why it’s typically called “fool the in-laws” dessert. The young man or woman is trying to fool the family of their special someone into believing they have a bit more money than they really do. It’s a silly traditional dessert but it sure is delicious!

Above, you were given at least one food for each category of the meal at a wedding. There are many other great Armenian food items that you can serve at your wedding, these are just the most traditional and popular. Your guests will love the wide variety of foods that they have never tried before and you will love getting your loved ones to try something new and exciting!

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