What is Dog Pepper Spray?

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If not correctly taken care of, dog bites can be one of the most hazardous of all animal bites. Thousands of people pass-away every year because of rabies from dog bites. Many victims of animal bites have the tendency to dismiss the seriousness of such wounds because they think that they are not dangerous and can be treated with simple hand washing the wound or by just taking antibiotics. What they are unaware of is, this type of bite can lead to life-threatening infections, disability, deformity or even death.

Dog attacks can avoided in a number of ways. A good way is to put a safe distance between you and the suspicious mutt. One other method is to abstain from evoking attack from a dog. If you find yourself in stand-off with a suspicious dog, it is best to retreat very slowly and then walk away. Nevertheless, regardless of how cautious you try to be, there may come a time when you will experience such a situation. This is when it is handy to have some dog pepper spray around.

A dog pepper spray is an animal repellent used specifically against a threatening canine. It comes in an aerosol container which you can take along in your knapsack, handbag, or attach case. For further ease of use, you can even affix it to your belt or key chain. There are several advantages of using defense sprays. Once it is sprayed on the animal, the symptoms of dog pepper spray will be straightaway. The effects of the spray last long enough giving you enough time to get away from the animal to safety. The pepper spray will cause so much agony and discomfort that the dog will turn his attention from attacking you to recuperating from the burning sensation. If you a lover of animals, you don’t need to worry about these chemical substances because they do not cause lasting or critical injury to the animal. The effects of the spray are non-lethal and will disappear in about half an hour. One other reason why this type of animal repellent is used widely is because it is legal to use anywhere in America, providing it is used only for self defense. There may be restrictions in some cities or states, so always check your local law enforcement agency for any state’s ordinances covering the use of pepper sprays.

What is the difference between human pepper spray and dog pepper spray? The pepper resins in dog pepper spray are not as strong as the ones in the human edition. The amount of pepper resin present in this type dog repellent is typically less than half of the pepper resin in human spray. In case of a crisis, you could use human grade pepper spray to stop a dog attack but not a dog grade pepper spray on attacking villains because it will be ineffective.

Although you may be a dog enthusiast, you may still need certain defense from these animals that try to attack you. By nature, all animals are unpredictable, so never underestimate a dog’s capacity to injure you. Carrying a dog pepper spray is one effectual and animal-friendly approach to protect yourself and your family from possible dog attacks.

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