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Of all the places in Wales many consider the county of Swansea the prettiest. The county is in the south west region of the country and includes the Gower peninsula and the Mumbles. In the following article I introduce the reader to some of the many things that account for Swansea being an excellent place in which to take a vacation.


Dylan Thomas once referred to Swansea as an “ugly, lovely town” and at that time it may well have been but today the city is, almost, completely different. The reason for this is that during WWII the city was bombarded by air raids to such a degree that much of the city was destroyed. The subsequent redevelopment of Swansea has never really ceased and even in the last decade there has been a huge amount of investment in redevelopment.

One of the areas which has changed most drastically is along the seafront and the docks. Superb world class museums reside in this part of Swansea such as the National Waterfront Museum. Other superb museums found in the Maritime Quarter are the Dylan Thomas Centre and the Swansea Museum but you will also discover a host of cafes, coffee bars and shops as well as the fantastic LC leisure Complex. The LC is an excellent place to take the kids as it has such things as a climbing wall and a play area as well as the usual gym equipment.

Swansea Cafes, Pubs & Clubs

The nightlife in Swansea is centred around the areas of Kingsway and Wind Street. It is here that you will find some of the finest restaurants in the city as well as a wealth of pubs, clubs, bars and cafes. Popular places include the Italian Il Padrino and the Mediterranean/French La Brasseria.

One of Swansea’s most popular bars is the vibrant Cafe Mambo. Situated at 46 The Kingsway, the Mambo has a distinctive Latin American atmosphere. You can also visit the cafe during the day or early evening to grab a snack.

If you like good old English pubs then two are well worth a visit. the No Sign Bar on Wind Street and, the oldest pub in Swansea, the Cross Keys Inn. Built in the Eighteenth Century the Cross Keys can be found on Mary Street.

Swansea, The County

The wealth of first class visitor attractions and wild nightlife help make the city of Swansea an extremely popular vacation destination for young folk (or those young at heart). If you would like to take a more relaxing vacation then I suggest that you take a look at the county (rather than the city) where you will find such places as the renowned Gower peninsula and the stunning Mumbles.

The main reason why the Gower Peninsula is known so widely is that it is here that you will find what many consider to be the United Kingdom’s finest beaches, Three Cliffs Bay. Rather than being a single beach the bay sports a selection and this whole coastline is littered with well known beaches, such as Rhossili Bay, and a multitude of lesser known smaller coves. The Gower Peninsula is also where you will find Swansea’s best castles, Weobly Castle, Penrice Castle and Pennard Castle.

Further to the mentioned three castles you may also wish to visit the area of Oystermouth and Oystermouth Castle. This part of Swansea is quickly being encroached upon by the city and it is very much treated as a suburb for those in the city who can afford to live there. Offshore are two small islets called The Mumbles and the name is now used for the whole area in preference to the correct name of Oystermouth. Walking along the seafront you will notice that the Mumbles has all of the attributes of a typical seaside resort.

Learn more about hotels in Swansea . Stop by Karl Fraser’s site where you can find the best deals on Swansea bed and breakfast.

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Ontario tourism is a large industry in the highest populated province and the second largest in Canada. With millions of people living across the province, there is a number of things to see and do whether you are a local tourist or someone who has traveled from far away.

Due to the vast size of Ontario, you will need to determine where in the province you want to visit. The most populated area is in the Golden Horseshoe region in the southern part. The provincial capital of Toronto makes up one of the many cities in this area and has many different types of attractions. There are several museums, theatres, post-secondary institutions, great shops, a world famous zoo, theme parks, professional sports teams, restaurants and one of the largest free standing structures in the world, the CN Tower.

The province is known for its numerous lakes and rivers. With several choices of water bodies including four of the five Great Lakes, there are plenty of water craft activities and fishing. Many lakes and rivers are warm and safe enough during the summer months to swim in. During the winter months, many of the lakes and rivers freeze over to provide such activities like ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skating.

The province is made up of several provincial parks where you can visit for the day or camp at overnight. Ontario is made up of several different terrains, so each park has its own distinct landscape and environment. There are many wooded areas, flat fields, lakes, rivers, escarpments and the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield. Many of these parks offer hiking trails, canoeing, swimming and some have white water rafting activities.

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, is also in Ontario. With a great history, beautiful historic parliament buildings, professional sports teams and several art and history museums, this is a great city to learn about the country, the government and its connection to the British Monarchy. Like many places in this province, there are many activities that can be done year round. One of the most famous attractions in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal that freezes over in the winter time and people can skate on it for several kilometres.

An hour drive from Toronto, is Niagara Falls. Also the name of the city situated along the Niagara River, Niagara Falls is the most powerful set of waterfalls in North America. The horseshoe shaped falls attracts many tourists every year and the city has many fun activities, hotels and restaurants for people of all ages.

Another major area of attraction are the wineries located in southern Ontario. Many of these wineries are located in the Niagara region close to the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. With several different wineries to choose from and them being very close together, it is easy to spend a day touring the facilities and sampling some world renowned wines. These region is also famous for its ice wines.

Ontario tourism provides people from all around the world with thousands of activities for people of all ages. From the vast beauty of the province to the busy urban streets of Toronto, there is something for everyone.

Toronto cruises are in demand today for providing business parties all around the waterways of the city. Toronto cruises is the best way to enjoy the view of this amazing city’s landmarks!

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If you are thinking of buying properties in the Ixtapa real estate market it is most likely you are asking yourself “What’s happing in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo?” Cultural events are an important consideration for anyone looking for Mexico Real Estate; fishing, surfing, cheerleading tournaments, cultural celebrations, great food – Ixtapa offers a wide variety of events and activities for people of all tastes, as this sample of events from the past year shows.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo welcomed the year with a spectacular display of fireworks. At exactly 11:59:50 on December 31st, 2008, a 15-minute-long show of continuous fireworks began, with shapes of chrysanthemums and the traditional “castles in the air.” The incredible display could be enjoyed from various beaches in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa – a real bonus for anyone considering Ixtapa Beachfront Real Estate. More than 100 different restaurants and hotels offered wine, liquors and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo’s famous cooking traditions to visitors and residents who celebrated the New Year here.

One of the advantages of Mexico Beachfront Real Estate is the sea and all the activities and adventure it offers. At the beginning of May Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo hosted the 26th International Sailfish Tournament, which included marlins as well. Ixtapa is internationally recognized as one of the best destinations for sport fishing – during this season Sailfish in the area can reach up to 175 pounds.

Almost immediately following the fishing tournament, the city hosted the 15th National Cheerleading Championship, organized by the Asociacion Nacional de Porristas (National Cheerleading Association). The event welcomed more than 1000 participants from universities throughout the country. The Association is recognized on an international level, having participated in competitions such as “The United States All Star Federation”, “The International All Star Federation”, “The International All Star Federation for cheer and dance teams” and the “Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation.” Likewise the competition was judged by an international panel.

Last year, from September 18th to 21st, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo also hosted the Latin-American Surfing Tournament, a six-star competition (the highest possible category in surfing championships), and the most important competition of its type in Latin America. This was made possible by the logistic support, planning and organization of various local and national organizations, and by the ideal conditions in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The city welcomed more than 100 participants from various countries including Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The competition took place on “El Palmar” beach in Ixtapa, one of the most ideal places for surfing not only in Mexico but also in the world.

TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!” Region: Ixtapa Real Estate Tim Sullivan has been helping buyers and sellers in the Ixtapa Real Estate market over the past 18 years. Broker owner of TICAR offices and member of AMPI, Tim brings North American professional services to the regional market place 512-879-6546
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We will talk a little about finding downloads, with your movie reviews right after that. Search engines are great. Type something like “Purchase Movie”, or type in “Rent DVDs Online” and you will find sites that are related to your search. You will be amazed at how many sites are out there, try “Online Kids Movies” and see if you get better results.

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion: Unexceptional movie sees Abbott and Costello battle the mean sergeant Slezak. Best scene involves shenanigans in the desert. Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Patricia Medina, Walter Slezak, and Douglas Dumbrille star. (1950 Comedy)

Hannibal Brooks: Delightful yet forgettable film of British prisoner of war Reed ordered to take a priceless elephant to the Munich Zoo during WW2. Made to go on foot, he turns trip into a plan to make an escape. Cast includes Oliver Reed, Michael J. Pollard, Wolfgang Preiss, Helmut Lohner, Karin Baal, and Peter Karsten. (101 minutes, 1969)

A Big Score: Hardly satisfactory Dirty Harry replica with NARC Williamson disregarding the rules and taking on thug SpinelI. Actually, this script was initially commissioned by Clint Eastwood for a Dirty Harry car that by no means got made. Cast includes Fred Williamson, John Saxon, Richard Roundtree, Nancy Wilson, Ed Lauter, D’Urville Martin, and Joe Spinello. (85 minutes, 1983)

Stagecoach: One of the awesome American films, and a landmark in the aging of the Western, balancing personality research as distinct passengers voyage together on the identical stagecoach and peerless action in a long Indian assault, characterizing Yakima Canutt’s renowned-stunt work. Additionally, this is the film that launched John Wayne to authentic stardom. Mitchell won an Oscar as the intoxicated physician, as did the music score. Script by Dudley Nichos, from Ernest Haycox’s tale “Level to Lordsburg” whose structure is comparable to Man de Maupassant’s Boule de Suif. Cast includes Claire Trevor, John Wayne, Andy Devine, John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, Tim Holt, Tom Tyer, and Jack Pennick. (96 minutes, 1939)

Paint It Black: Roaming, disheartening thriller with Rossovich a sculptor who’s tore off by his lover, craft trader Kirkland, then victimized by nut ball Savant. Cast includes Rick Rossovich, Sally Kirkland, Martin Landau, Julie Carmen, Doug Savant, Peter Frechette, and Jason Bernard. (101 minutes, 1989)

Indiscreet: Bergman is an acclaimed actress whom American playboy Permit romances and might forget. It is an admirable comedy from Norman Krasna’s play ‘Kind Sir Made in England.’ This was redone as a 1988 TVM with Robert Wagner and Lesley-Anne Down in Indiscretion of an American Spouse 1953. Turgid melodrama set in Rome’s railway station, with Jones the adulterous spouse meeting lover Clift for one more clinch. Cast includes Cary Permit, Ingrid Bergman, Cecil Parker, Phyllis Calvert, David Kossoff, and Megs Jenkins. (100 minutes, 1958)

Black Like Me: Cast includes James Whitmore, Roscoe Lee Browne, Lenka Petersen, Sorrell Booke, Can Geer, Al Freeman, and Raymond Jacques. Hefty tirade based on real history of journalist who took medications that permitted him to pass for black so he might expetience racial prejudice firsthand. Some facets of presentation are un-contemporary, although topics are still well-timed (107 minutes, 1964)

DysFunKtional Family: Noisy, raunchy amalgamation performance film-documentary spotlighting Eddie Griffin, performer/stand-up joke and wannabe Richard Pryor; he acts onstage and is seen in his Kansas City, Missouri, home city, with his genuine-life relatives. The humor is obtuse and disgusting; some can find it racist, chauvinistic, and homophobic, when others can think it comical. (89 minutes, 2003)

Cuba Crossing: Hard Whitman gets to be embroiled in a structure to slaughter Fidel Castro. Filmed in Key West, Florida, and a minimum of the landscape is pretty. Cast includes Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaughn, Caren Kaye, Raymond St. Jacques, Woody Strode, Sybil Danning, Albert Salmi, and Michael Gazzo. (90 minutes, 1980)

If your looking for downloads, type in “Movie Downloads” to a search engine, see if you find something good. Try a new phrase if that one did not work. “Rent DVDs Online” would be worth a try.

It encompasses tips laid out to help old hands and beginners alike accomplish a more superior karaoke harmonizing fashion. Hot Movies Com I get solicited a lot in regards to press kits. From moby, to benzino, to his own mommy, marshall has positively obliterated all those that searched to take him down.

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When buying high quality furniture for your living room, you should make sure that your chair back and chair seat upholstery are of a high standard and not just composed of a foam slab. You would be surprised at how much expensive so-called ‘fine furniture’ is upholstered with foam and faux leather (i.e. plastic!).

This standard of upholstery will not last long, and will soon become uncomfortable. The best way to exemplify how a sofa and chair should be upholstered is done by means of following the example of one well-known upholstered furniture manufacturer – Sherrill Furniture.

Sherrill’s motto is ‘From our hands to your home’, and they stand by that because Sherrill hand-makes its own furniture. Upholstery is done by hand, following traditional techniques as closely as possible. The company manufactures all kinds of chairs and sofas, including sectionals. What we shall be looking at here is how Sherrill Furniture upholsters the bare frames once these have been crafted.

The chair is used an example, though sofas are treated exactly the same:

1. Webbing

Chair Seat: The seats are first webbed, using individual lengths of webbing stretched using a stretching tool, and then tacked from side to side with just a small space between them, and then from back to front, these lengths being interwoven with the lateral webbing. It can be done either way, tacking the front to back webs first – the important factor is they are interwoven to offer a high-strength tensile base for the springs.

Chair Back: Backs are not webbed, only sprung. Many years ago the back would also have been webbed then sprung with small springs, or a box spring construction used.

2. Springing

Chair Seat: The length and hardness of the coil springs are selected according to the requirement. This takes experience and knowledge according to the depth of the frame and the hardness required. Each spring is laid on top of the webbing, and secured by means of clinch fasteners.

Each spring is then hand tied to its neighbors in eight directions with polyester cord, the cords from side springs being securely tacked down to the bottom rails of the frame. The whole spring layer is now a solid framework. The springs are then covered with a layer of polypropylene fabric to provide a base for the succeeding layers.

Chair Back: The back is sprung using lengths of sinuous wire spring running top to bottom, with coated wire attached horizontally to them to prevent turning and keep them correctly oriented. This spring arrangement is also covered with polypropylene fabric.

3. Stuffing

The seat, back and arms where relevant are generally stuffed in a similar way. The stuffing offers a soft base for the final fabric coverings. Common fillings are polyurethane foam, polyester batting and cotton, and while horse hair was used in the old days, synthetics have now by and large taken over. A final layer of cotton or polypropylene fabric is then stretched over the smoothed last layer of filling to provide a smooth base for the final covering.

4. Fabric Covering

Whether leather or a fabric covering has been chosen, the final step in upholstering high quality furniture is to apply that final covering. A very important aspect of this is talking care to match the patterns, and make sure that the pattern flow is maintained between separate pieces of fabric. Thus, the pattern on the seat should flow correctly in line with that on the back.

Sherrill cuts its fabrics by hand so that the craftspeople have full control over this. The different sewing tasks are each carried out by a specialist in that task, using 7 stitches/inch to ensure durability and a long life.

5. Cushions

Many sofas and chairs use cushions as the seating surface rather than the upholstered base itself. High quality furniture requires high quality cushions, and Sherrill commonly uses a high-density reinforced urethane foam core, then covers that all round with a sewn ticking containing a two ounce polyester fiber. Other cushion fillings are available, including comfort-down, spring-down and a high resiliency urethane foam core with a 2.33 ounce fiber casing.

6. Nail Finishings

Many of the Sherrill Furniture products are decorated with old-style antique round-headed nails. These were originally used by early upholsters to cover the heads of the ugly metal tacks use to secure the upholstery. This started before sewing machines were invented and all sewing was by hand – it was generally quicker to fix all the coverings with flat-headed tacks.

These large domed nails were then hammered over the tacks, covering the heads, and producing an attractive finish. Sherrill offer you a choice between 10 different heads in a variety of sizes and spacings. The standard spacing is head to head forming a continuous row of domed nails.

That is fundamentally how high quality furniture chair backs and chair seats are upholstered from the frame out. Although Sherrill Furniture was taken as an example, many other American furniture manufacturers do it in a similar way.

More information on Sherrill Furniture including details of how upholstered chair backs and chair seats are made is available from the Patterson Furniture website. Patterson also offers a wide range of American furniture in Atlanta and also links to a room planning and customization service.

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Eternal charm of Kodai Hills
Blue mountain ranges of Western Ghats, dense forests and a treasure trove of scenic delights welcome tourists to the “Princess of Hill Stations”.
Located in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, the word “Kodaikanal” in Tamil literally means “Gift of the forest”.
The picturesque town of Kodaikanal sits on a plateau on the southern slopes of the upper Palani Hills at 2,133 metres (7,000 ft), between the Parappar and Gundar Valleys.
These hills form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats that divide the extreme end of South India into two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala
Way back in 1845, Kodaikanal was set up by the American missionaries as hill resort for short stays and adventure camping during the summers when plains become too hot for human comfort.
During those times, this mountain resort has been a safe haven from tropical diseases that were common in plains.
It is said that that Lieutenant Ward, an Englishman, was the first to climb from the Kunnavan area of Vellagavi (a tiny village on Palani hills) to Kodaikanal in 1821 for a survey of mountain ranges of Palani.
In 1834, J.C Wroughten, the then Madras sub-collector and C.R. Cotton, revenue board member, went up the hills from Devadanapatti and built a small bungalow at the head of Adukkam pass near Shenbaganur.
The visit of English botanist Dr Robert Wight in 1836 and his observation about the hill station attracted botanists and nature lovers to Kodaikanal.
First two houses named Sunnyside and Shelton, on the South Lake Road, were built between 1844-1845 by American Missionaries.
Six more such American families migrated to Kodaikanal.
What start as a small trickle of foreign immigrants became a torrent of human settlements on these craggy hills which led to the discovery of Kodaikanal as we know now.
Plenty of sight-seeing
Botanical gardens, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, fast flowing streams, trekking, pine forests, pillar rocks, Shembaganur museum, green valley view, Dolphin’s nose and solar observatory are just some of the endless attractions for nature buffs.
Tourists visit Kodai hills throughout the year as the resort is known for its chill climate and lush green cover with pine trees raising high as if to touch the horizon.
Mode of transport
Apart from government buses, private players like Omni buses and tour operators ply regular services from Madurai and Dindigul.
Private tour operators offer a number of Kodaikanal packages that include accommodation and food at choice lodges owned by the government and private firms.
Best time to visit Kodaikanal
The peak season for enjoying sightseeing and other tourist activities are the times between April to June and from September to October.
June to August is good time for enjoying the greenery and the scenic beauty of the place.
November to January months is winter time but is enjoyable for sightseeing and ideal time for honeymoon trip to Kodaikanal.
Little Castle: Home away from home
A luxurious stay on two-storeyed cottage named House of Pegasus will offer that extra bit of excitement and joy to explore the hidden marvels of Kodai hills.
House of Pegasus — winged white stallion of Greek mythology — has five large deluxe bedrooms on two levels with separate entrance for both portions.
The cottage has modern furnishings along with all basic facilities to make the stay very pleasant for families and just-married couples.
For large groups of extended families the two levels of accommodation can be made into one entity through the opening of a doorway that connects the stair hall.
In fact, Little Castle is designed purposefully to accommodate families on pleasure trip, honeymoon couples and friends groups visiting Kodai on vacations.
Pegasus House is located just 3 km from the lake and hence, has got easy access to the tourist circuit.

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