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Costa Rica is among the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The tiny Central American nation is filled to the brim with the most beautiful and exotic locations that you can imagine. With stunning beaches, dense jungle, gushing waterfalls, roaring rivers, national parks, steamy volcanoes, lush clouds, rain forests and mystical surroundings, it’s no wonder why visitors flock here from around the world for a vacation out of the ordinary. Costa Rica is ideal for honeymooners, couples, families and friends that just want to have a good time. It is the ultimate getaway for those that want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is a plethora of adventurous activities including surfing, mountain biking, hiking, boating, swimming, snorkeling, camping and much more.

After a day of play and an evening of entertainment, it is important to be able to relax and unwind in some comfortable accommodations. Costa Rica offers the best in hotels, cottages and other accommodations to fit every budget and need. With many places offering all of the comforts of home and all of the amenities that you could ask for, Costa Rica is definitely on the “A” list for choices in accommodations. There are so many good hotels of various types in the country, at times it can be hard to choose. Here are some popular choices of seasoned visitors to the country that can help you get started.

The Hotel Grano de Oro

This San Jose hotel is a unique replica of an old mansion and is elegant in every way. There are 32 gorgeous rooms here to choose from and the options include three room selections, from Standard and Superior to Deluxe. All of the rooms are equipped with full baths and beautiful handcrafted wooden furniture. The hotel also offers two-room suites for families and garden suites that come complete with jacuzzis and private outside gardens. One of the most highly requested suites in the hotel is the Vita de Oro, which boasts tiled walls, wood paneling and antique furniture. On one Internet ranking page, the Grano de Oro has a five-out-of-five-star average, with over 260 reviews. That is impressive, and well deserved.

The Hotel Fleur de Lys

The Hotel Fleur de Lys is an old Victorian structure that has 31 rooms, and each one is decorated differently. Located in the cultural district of San Jose, you will absolutely love the accommodations here. You will be treated to a complimentary breakfast every morning or, if you prefer, you can dine in the restaurant located inside, which is known for its fine cuisine. All the rooms have large beds and are beautifully decorated in pastel colors. You can choose from single bedrooms, doubles, junior suites, master suites and master superior suites. For the grown-ups, the hotel bar also features happy hour on Tuesday and Friday nights.

The Irazu Hotel and Casino

This hotel is part of the Best Western hotel chain and is another great option for a place to stay in San Jose. It is located in close proximity to the city and the International Airport. The hotel is known for catering to business visitors and offers free airport shuttle service as well as rooms to hold meetings. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and offers a wide variety of meal options. Each room is equipped with free Internet access, cable TV, full baths, comfortable beds and much more. The Concorde Casino is where you will find the La Cantina Bar along with all the gaming action you could hope for. From cards and roulette to hot tubs and tennis courts, the Irazu has everything for your family’s pleasure, and that includes all ages.

If you plan to stay in Costa Rica for a few weeks or more then you might consider renting an apartotel. An apartotel is similar to a hotel room but comes equipped with a full kitchen and other home-style amenities. They are a great option if you are looking to save some money. The longer you will be staying, the more you should consider this option.

Hitting the high country

If you are going some backpacking through the country, which many people choose to do, then a bed and breakfast inn might be another option to consider. Bed and breakfast lodgings are typically less expensive than traditional hotel rooms, especially the highly rated ones, and a more sensible choice if you are outside the capital of San Jose in such cities as Cartago, Alajuela, Puerto Limn and Puerto Jimenez. However, if your budget is a little more flexible and you can afford a cabina, then that might also be ideal for your lodging needs. Costa Rica lodging options cover a lot of ground, with many kinds from which to choose. Depending on where you go, what you want to do and how much you want to spend, you can select one of the fine hotels, an inn or cabina, private lodges, cabins, cottages and apartotels.

Be sure that you book your trip and lodging in advance, so that you are sure to get the accommodations that you desire. In order to get a good discount you might want to plan your trip during the green season that lasts from mid- April through November, and do not forget that you will be charged a compulsory sales and tourism tax of 16.39% year-round. No matter when you decide to head to Costa Rica, you are sure to be staying in the middle of paradise with lodgings that reflect it. is an online travel company determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information, helpful guides and travel tips. Find great deals on costa rica hotels at!
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Planning your vacations Hawaii? There is a very good chance that you cannot decide between all the options of places to stay and fun things to do. Hawaii is part of 132 islands and all of them have beautiful beaches and unforgettable views. However, Hawaii is the biggest island around and its turquoise waters and silky sands make this place a paradise.

You can easily visit Hawaii on a cruise or by flying directly to the island. There are many great deals on travel packages to the island. Some of these packages include tours and entrances to some of the hot events in the area.

Some of the tours available include snorkeling, kayaking, dolphin encounters, helicopters tours, horseback riding, ocean rafting, parasailing, scuba diving, volcano tours, submarine and glass bottom boat tours. The tropical climate in Hawaii and the warm water in its ocean make a perfect spot to swim and rest on the beach.

You have the option of staying in a hotel, renting a home or a condominium during your visit. One of the most popular hotels in Hawaii is The Kahala Mandarin Oriental. This fabulous hotel has 364 rooms and suites. Guests rant and rave over the fitness center and private lagoon that has its own dolphins. The Sheraton has a few hotels in various parts of Hawaii. The Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & SPA is a popular spot that has an oceanfront resort that includes a beautiful view of the Kona coastline.

You will have a wonderful time in Hawaii whether you stay at a luxurious hotel or a low end bungalow. The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands can easily lure you into the thought of wanting to stay for a very long time. Hawaii is a place that you will always remember. I suggest that you take plenty of film with you so that you can take amazing pictures for yourself and all of your friends to treasure for a lifetime!

A trip to Hawaii can be exciting, there are many activities which you can do. For reviews on Hawaiian Activities, be sure to visit our website. We offer reviews on everything from Hawaii air tours, to Hawaii Bike tours. So enjoy your Hawaii vacation and Have Fun. Malaho

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Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday came from Paris, France where it has been celebrated since the Middle Ages but here in America we had to wait until 1699. In that year, the French explorer Iberville reconnoitered the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico and ended up at a point some 60 miles south of current day New Orleans on March 3rd – true to French form they christened the spot Point du Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras predates the French though and has its origins in pagan tradition and festivals from Roman times and even before them. With Christianity on the rise and increasingly being adopted, the leaders of the church recognized that the best way of increasing adoption of the new religion was to take the old pagan dates and incorporate them in the Christian calendar. Mardi Gras was incorporated as the last big blowout before Lent and its period of abstinence for forty days and nights.

In the late 18th Century, pre-Lent balls and festivals were increasingly held in New Orleans when under the rule of the French but with the Spanish taking over they increasingly tried to put an end to the holiday and this continued under American governorship when New Orleans was taken over in 1803. Americans being always ready for a party, it did not take long for the American governor to be persuaded by the local Creoles to allow the festival to be re-introduced and in 1823 Mardi Gras was being celebrated with parties and merriment once more in the city.

It was in 1827 that the street masks used by so many revelers were actually legalized and by the early 19th Century, Mardi Gras was developing into the carnival we know today with maskers on foot and elaborately decorated horse drawn carriages. Mardi Gras had a violent reputation however, and was close to being banned on numerous occasions until a small group of former “Cowbellians” interceded (Cowbellians were the group representing the New Year’s Eve parade in Mobile, Alabama at that time). The result was the Comus organization in 1857 which saved the Mardi Gras party and coined the term “krewe” as well as instituting several Mardi Gras traditions including the secret Carnival society, a theme for the parade and holding the tableau ball.

Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia visited in 1872 and provided the inspiration for the first appearance of Rex – the King of the Carnival. Rex immediately became instantly synonymous with Mardi Gras and presented the first parade held during the day as well as choosing the Carnival’s color scheme of purple, gold and green along with a flag and Mardi Gras anthem as well as having a retinue in the form of the Knights of Momus.

Some notable krewes include Proteus who debuted in 1882 when the Carnival paid homage to Egyptian mythology; the Jefferson City Buzzards are the granddaddy of all marching teams and were formed in 1890 while the first black marching krewe, The Original Illinios Club appeared on the scene in 1894 and Les Mysterieuses were also founded as the first women marching krewe. More recently, the Zulu krewe appeared, and are an all black organization formed in 1916 and who have become one of the most popular aspects of the carnival but though the 20th Century created difficulties with war and the Depression numerous other krewes followed including the Elks, the Krewes of Hermes and Babylon while the Krewe of Venus arranged the first women’s parade in 1941.

More recently, numerous other krewes have been formed which reflect our changing society but just as many older krewes passed from the rolls and ceased to exist but nevertheless, the party and show must go on.

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Are you becoming increasingly bored by work? Do you think that your life has suddenly turned quite dull and dim?

Well, well, well, if you have never been on a cruise travel before then you might just be looking for this kind of adventure. If you think your life is turning a little bit dull, brighten it up by going on a cruise travel in one of the well-known cruise lines.

Have we perked up your curiosity already? Then, give cruising a try and you are in for a treat! Here is what you can do to add more spice and adventure to your life.

Being in a cruise line as a travel passenger is a totally great and unique experience. You have to be aware of certain things in cruising, though in order to get the most out of the experience.

Cruise lines enable you to travel in a cruise ship, which will run on a specific course depending on the number of days or the package you have paid for. There are seasonally run cruise trips and there are year round trips, too.

You will also have to decide what particular theme of a cruise ship you will embark with. Usually, your choice will depend on the offerings and packages of the cruise lines. If your option is to go freestyle, as a getaway from your job’s boring routine and the overall monotonous pattern of your life, then the Norwegian Cruise Lines may just be the cruise line to perk up your life, like never before.

If you are not familiar with it yet, the Norwegian Cruise Line is a premier cruise line, with ten large and modern ships in its fleet. The Norwegian Star is its most luxurious ship that makes seasonal alternate on trips to Alaska during the summer season and to the Mexican Riviera during winter season.

The Norwegian Cruise Line has recently introduced its cruise feature of free-style dining. Historically, from cruise’s usual features, shipboard dining are structured affairs conducted by having meals served at preset hours. There are also assigned seating in the dining room with a dress code.

Norwegian Cruise Lines made the bold step of breaking free from this structured setting. Their free-style dining feature matches the contemporary American dining lifestyle.

The passengers can decide where they want to dine. They can choose from eight to a dozen dining areas on board. They can also eat what they wish.

There are dining areas that serve cafeteria-style. As we all know cafeteria-style is when food is already prepared. The jean-clad passengers can just take a tray, take the food items they like and sit down casually for the meal, or go elsewhere for it.

Meanwhile there are also main dining areas for people who like to be served with menu-based meals and full service wait of staff. Jeans, shorts, and other casual dresses are then prohibited during the course of the evening meal.

Although you will take the option of whatever you like, you are assured of getting your money’s worth. The quality and presentation of all food items in the Norwegian Cruise Line Freestyle Dining tops even its own reputation for well-prepared meals and excellent service.

If you would like to stuff yourself, full with sumptuous meals, and gain weight during the cruise travel, they you will get what you hope for! At most, you may gain seven pounds on just a weeklong Freestyle Dining cruise!

The Norwegian Cruise Line also has specialty restaurants on every ship they operate. The meals in these restaurants will not rip you off, too. They offer quality meals at additional cost.

If you prefer Asian, French, Japanese or Italian cuisine, you will be satisfied because even the furnishings of these restaurants are suitably decorated according to their theme.

Norwegian Cruise Lines food offerings in all their dining rooms and cafeteria are already included in the price of the cruise.

Although it is understood that the food service is one of the major attractions on any cruise travel, Norwegian Cruise Line also has very different cruise features for many adventurous cruise travelers.

They have a full range of on-board activities 24 hours a day. For those who are interested in staying in shape during their vacation cruise, there are fitness centers on board.

There is also the pool area, a source of live entertainment, bars, and lounge and disco areas. Even the cruise’s theater entertainment is also in the overall cruise price.

Every day of your cruise travel will be a revelation and a series of pleasure and excitement when you are on board the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ ship. You can check it out online for more information.

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As with any type of restaurant a number of things need to come together to make it a success. It must have a pleasant atmosphere with good lighting, nice furniture and inviting spaces. It obviously needs to be clean and have a welcoming staff, friendly bartender and polite support staff. But what can really make a difference in the success of a fine dining restaurant is the chef. It does not matter how nice everything else is, if the food does not taste great customers will not come back. Not only must the food taste good but the presentation needs to be appealing as well. This is true for all places that serve food from Italian to American but especially so for the Asian restaurant. The sushi chef and his talents are criticial in the success of a sushi restaurant.

This has proven itself to be the case with two of the most famous sushi chefs in the United States and the success of their respective restaurants. In fact these chefs are do famous they are known by a single name in the Asian food world: first Kenichi with a sushi restaurant in Dallas, Aspen, Kona and Austin. Kenichi and his restaurants have it all, hip decors, sexy and friendly staff and the highest quality fish you can get. Combine this with his signature rolls like the Godzilla with eel, cucumber, inside out, topped with avocado, strawberry & teriyaki sauce or the Banzai with tempura spicy tuna, cucumber, shiso, scallion, topped with tuna, strawberry, spicy teriyaki and you have the best sushi in Dallas. The other singularly famous chef is Nobu, with restaurants in New York, The Bahamas and L.A. also being known for creative dishes and swanky interiors. The location in New York was so popular he opened Nobe Next Door to handle the demand.

Expert chefs intuitively know how to combine ingredients that create unique flavors that complement each other, creating sushi rolls that are daring and extraordinary. Other things that make one chef better than another is their skill with a knife, for example, sushi is to be served at a very specific temperature and handling the fish excessively warms it. An expert chef can prepare the fish quickly before it warms and this makes a difference in flavor.It is also important to cut the fish with the grain another skill well-knifed chefs have down.

To become a sushi chef takes training from a reputable and certified education center, a typical course may look like this. A in-depth study of the essentials of preparing, presenting, and serving roll and nigiri sushi and sashimi as well as the principles of wide range of Japanese dishes, other items besides sushi and sashimi making include Japanese culinary history and culture. A major focus of the class would be how to handle and maintain knives and utensils, and how to make the best use of seasonal seafood and vegetables. Japanese use basic sauces and stocks, as well as more complicated glazes and marinades, in the preparation of the food. In addition to kaiseki-dishes, popular Japanese home cooking dishes, restaurant business management concepts would also be covered in a complete curriculum.

Most courses would also cover a sake-tasting class and certification exam, as sake is such an integral part of Japanese dining and Asain food. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) lecture and certification exam, and macrobiotic cooking course as well as field trip to fish market and various factories, etc to learn to identify the freshest fish and detect fish that is no longer fit to be served.

A general syllabus of a curriculum may include the following;
How to make sushi rice
How to use and maintain knives
Japanese culinary history and culture, and seasonality in Japanese ingredients
Japanese basic sauces and stocks
How to handle each sushi fish and ingredient for sushi preparation
How to make rolls and sushi
How to prepare, slice, and present sashimi
Kaiseki dishes (full course, traditionally prepared and presented Japanese meal)
Popular contemporary Japanese dishes
Discussion on the business management
Presentation on the sushi chef performance at a sushi bar
HACCP certification course and exam
Sake tasting class and exam

As you can see it takes a lot to become a good sushi chef, and even more to be one of the elite. If you want to learn more about the best sushi in your area simply ask around the cream always rises to the top.

Kenichi Dallas is a modern restaurant and lounge voted “Best Sushi in Dallas” by Citysearch 3 years in a row that features contemporary Asian cuisine and world-class sushi. We are located in the heart of Victory Park, under the South Tower of The W Hotel.

best dallas sushi , Asian restaurant

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Koramangala is the top place in Bangalore, there are so many IT Companies are stable. According to Koramangala popularity anybody can stay here because all the social facilities are present here. So lot of restaurants are also present at Koramangala. It means when we want to find some good restaurant then obviously people are get confused to selecting well restaurants. If you are looking for fine dining restaurants, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, American, Mexican, Italian restaurant, Asian or Mediterranean food or you really want to check out different restaurants in Koramangala. Then I can help you to find out All top restaurants in Koramangala, where you can go blindly to enjoy fine dining experiences.

Following are some best restaurant near and in Koramangala.

Ambrosia quite literally comes as a saving grace for expatriates living in Bangalore . The place serves excellent international cuisines. Apart from just great food, Ambrosia is also known for its picture perfect ambiance. The restaurant serves excellent Italian, Mexican and Spanish delicacies along with a few selected Indian dishes.

Mama Mia Store – Koramangala:
Mama Mia! gelato opens another gelato parlour in the city. Located in the residential area of Koramangala, this is just the place one needs to cool down in. Complete with plush sofas, and adequate seating and fun board games to play, this is a fun place to hang out with both friends and family. The outdoor space will let one enjoy the beautiful weather of Bangalore.

Kobe Sizzlers:
Kobe Sizzlers is a restaurant that has been offering the highest quality fresh products and exemplary services in a beautiful atmosphere making it an ideal destination for a perfect meal.

Barbeque Nation, Koramangala:
The all new, prefix menu and dining experience which comes with a live grill, right on your table. Allowing you to grill your dishes, exactly your way. Experience a Cooking that has your contribution in basting the food with your Favorite marinade and give that finishing touch that you prefer. A range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert. Definitely you can call it a Unique Barbeque Nation experience.

Aangan calls itself a fine dining Punjabi restaurant and serves up pretty predictable fare, of the sort that’s well-liked among Bangaloreans. The restaurant on Lady Curzon Road is is popular with the office-goers in the area for lunch, offering a buffet for Rs 150, all inclusive. Evenings are for candle-lit meals here. The newer Koramangala branch is slightly more upscale in terms of ambience. And at Electronic City, it’s a rooftop restaurant crowning the Aangan Residency hotel.

You climb a narrow flight of stairs to reach this eatery, which is just a small, unadorned room. But the mainly Bengali diners who flock here, craving a taste of home, don’t bother with that. They order, they tuck in, wash their hands in the wash basin outside and go away satisfied. With its emphasis on food and not frills, Bangaliana fills a long-felt gap in these parts, a place to get genuine Bengali meals.

Chettinad Express:
Chettinad seems to be the new Andhra, and this eatery cashes in on that popularity. It’s more spruce than your average darshini, but comforts are still basic. The menu is made up all the spicy Chettinad creations-Chicken Chettinad, Mutton Pepper Fry and the like. These should go down well with those who can take the heat. But for something different, try the Paniyarams served with chutneys. These fluffy morsels are a real Chettinad Express treat!

Silsila is a multi-cuisine restaurant located at the Silicrest business hotel. The interior and decor of the restaurant contribute in making your dining experience memorable. The restaurant is known for its North Indian and oriental delicacies. The music at the Silsila is soothing. Silsila is also popular for fast food restaurants.

Aiwas Broast Chicken:
Kentucky Fried Chicken meats business ideas from the Gulf here. Broast, according to the Dubai-returned proprietor, is a hi-tech frying method used here for the chicken portions. Other than Broast Chicken, this eatery in Koramangala also has an Arabian section serving Shawarma and a selection of Middle Easters breads. Arabic music plays in the background in an attempt to set the mood.

Bay Leaf:
Seated in this stylish place you get to catch bustle of Koramangala through huge bay windows. The menu includes all the North Indian staples –Paneer Tikka, Baigan Bharta, Kheema Mutter and Aloo Tikki. The restaurant promises a fine dining experience, but while the ambience is smart, the food has slipped down to become quite unexceptional.

Apart from those restaurants you can try for Beijing Bites Restaurant, Bhagini Restaurant, Bharatiyan Food, Bhojohori Manna, Blue Spice, Boca Grande and so many top restaurants in Koramangala.

For searching best restaurants in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or somewhere in India visit our site

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Escape to the beautiful island of Philippines and enjoy an unforgettable experience. This destination receives a huge number of visitors every year. The sprawling capital of Manila is one of Asia’s valuable gems and it offers a whole lot of things to see and do.

Cheap flights to Manila are available from all major cities off the world making it very convenient to plan a holiday to the city that has many surprises for one and all. Whether you are looking for a fun-filled adventure holiday or a journey back in time, Manila takes you on a vivid exploration of varied attractions. This destination, ideal for even the most discerning travellers, gives many good reasons for a visit.

Major Attractions
American Cemetery and Memorial:- Located near the Makati commercial centre, the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial lies on a plateau and is visible from a distance. It contains the largest number of graves of American military killed during the World War II.

Intramuros:- Intramuros in Latin means ‘inside the walls.’ This is the oldest neighbourhood in Manila and the former Spanish colony that offers great insights into the history of the colonial times. The attractions include Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church and Casa Manila.

Malacanang Palace:-
National Museum of the Philippines:- This museum is a special place where you reconnect with the culture and history of the island. It is over hundred years old and houses great treasures collected from different eras. The Spoliarium, which is the largest painting in the Philippines, is a major highlight of the National Museum. It has gone renovations and has also expanded its collections considerably.

Rizal Park:- Manila’s iconic Rizal Park, also known as Luneta National Park, is the place where the statue of Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero was built in his commemoration. Besides its historic significance, it is also a green oasis, an ideal escape from a bustling city. Green stretches, paved sidewalks and well kept gardens attract tourists and locals alike.

Mall of Asia:- One of the biggest malls in Asia, this mall offers an ideal escape for fun besides loads of shopping indulgences. It also features world-class restaurants that serve delightful international and local cuisines to savour your taste buds. The iMax Theatre offers the ultimate setting for enjoying a movie, while Skating Rink, 76 lane Bowling Alley and a 3D Digital Cinema are the places for further entertainment. The Mall also hosts live events and performances round the year.

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