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Getting around in a luxurious limousine represents the symbol of style, elegance and high level of service. Generally, the cost of hiring a luxurious Chicago Airport Limos can be quite expensive but you worth the money spent on them. The main aspect of this service that keeps it apart from other road transportation services is the highly qualified chauffeurs. Well acknowledgeable, professional and hospitable, these friendly people are handpicked on the basis of their experience to offer you prompt Chicago Airport Limos service with utmost safety and reliability. Taking customers to and from Airport with care is the forte of the Chicago airport limo services. Whether the service is for taking the client to their destination with utmost comfort or simply providing the luxury of the limo vehicle, limo rentals always aim to keep customer satisfied at any point of time.

The limo rentals from a reliable service provider from Chicago are mostly sought after as they always cater to the needs of the clients. Whether the service is for business transportation needs or you want pick up and drop off from airport, you can always expect first class transportation driven by qualified chauffeurs. The rates charged for the service is clear and precise and there are no hidden charges associated with renting a limousine for any given time.

Business executives generally look out for limousine services since they want to add a touch of luxury and privacy element to their travel needs when they are in corporate tours. Moreover, having a highly trained professional take you around on convenient business destinations on time would be very much relaxing and could potentially save you on time and money. Make sure to book in advance for reservations and to avoid last minute hassles on your business trip.

Chicago airport limo service is one of the most reliable road transportation services that you can count on. Hospitability, reliability and cleanliness of the vehicle driven by professional chauffeurs are the main objectives of the service provider of this industry. The airport limo service takes pride in catering to the most demanding situations of the customers. A large numbers of people today prefer to travel around in limousine especially during special occasions because everyone wants to be noticed for the style and elegance they represent. Travelling in comfort while your chauffeurs taking care of all travelling needs, will take the stress out of your journey. Chicago Airport Limos service will handle every travelling aspects for you.

American Limousine Charters, Inc. will take you to your destination in class, style and affordable luxury. We take pride in providing quick, efficient, safe Chicago airport transportation and limousine services for our clients. Read more to find out about American Limousine Charters, Inc
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Whistler is one of the most magnificent as well as sought after resort towns in the world, situated about 75 miles north of Vancouver, in Whistler. Built around the base of two imposing mountains, accessible by a highly sophisticated trail system – Whistler is truly a mecca for skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

Apart from these, Whistler is a great summer holiday destination, providing opportunities for a plethora of activities, from rafting, mountain biking, and fishing to heli hiking, canoeing and kayaking. Whistler is also highly regarded for its incredible natural surroundings consisting of splendid snow-covered peaks, lush green forests, dazzling lakes and rivers, and an upmarket. However, Whistler has a long history for its transformation into a highly sought after resort destination.

For many thousands of years, the area comprising Whistler was believed to have been inhabited by the people of the Coast Salish First Nations, who lived, traded and flourished in the areas of Vancouver, Lillooet, and Howe Sound. Later, the Whistler valley was frequented by the people from Lil’wat Nation and the Squamish Nation.

Since it was abundant in wildlife and natural resources, Whistler became a First Nation trading route between the Lil’wat Nations and the Squamish Nation. In deed, many of the hiking routes between Deep Cove and Howe Sound are believed to have been the same route voyaged by the First Coast Salish First Nations People.

However, the history of Whistler as a renowned tourist destination dates back to 1800s. At that time, Whistler was known as Alta Lake, which itself was originally named Summit Lake, because of its rivulets flowing out of north as well as south, thereby forming a series four connected lakes, namely, Alta, Alpha, Green, and Nita. The valley was actually a part of the Pemberton Trail – a traveling route.

In 1858, the area was examined by Hudson Bay’s people, who in turn were looking for a route into the Caribou area. In the 1860s, what is today’s Whistler Mountain was named London Mountain by the British Naval Officers and Surveyors. After some times, London Mountain got its present name, as a result of the strident whistle made by the Western Hoary Marmots who lived among the rocks.

The construction of Pemberton Trail, connecting the Pacific Coast to the Pemberton Valley north of Whistler, was completed in 1877. It was actually constructed for the purpose of cattle driving. But, the trail turned out to be inhospitable and many cattle were lost. However, the opening of the trail led to the arrival of many prospectors and trappers such as John Millar, who opened a stopping house on the Pemberton Trail nearby today’s Function Junction.

In 1911, on his tour to Vancouver to trade furs, John Miller met Alex Philip and his wife Myrtle, and Miller invited them to experience the unrivalled beauty of the place as well as enjoy fantastic fishing on the lakes near his cabins. Accordingly, they visited the place, and inspired by the stunning surrounding of the region, they purchased ten acres of land in the superb valley in 1913, and built a fishing lodge and resort, namely, Rainbow Lodge Fishing Lodge, with four bedrooms, a large living cum dining area, and a kitchen.

One of the greatest events in the history of Whistler is the arrival of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE) in 1914, until which the journey from Vancouver to the valley took almost three days. The opening of railway led to the popularity of the place. As a result, Philip’s lodge amid spectacular setting became much famed, and it was expanded to accommodate 100 people.

Accordingly, the resort became the most popular resort west of Banff and Jasper. In 1977, the main lodge was destroyed by fire. However, today, the area has become Rainbow Park, where one can find some original cabins as well as a range of important replicas. After sometimes, understanding the importance of destination as a tourist center, a series of other hotels and resorts were established here. Apart from tourism, the area also served as a base for many other businesses, the evidence of which is the Barrs at Parkhurst Mill on Green Lake and a mink and marten farm.

During the 1960s, some enterprising business people from Vancouver came here and took steps to develop Whistler Mountain as a skiing destination, and accordingly, it was officially opened for skiers in 1966.

In 1975, a town site was erected over the area which was once dumping area for garbage. Soon after, the Blackcomb Mountains were also developed and opened as a ski resort. As a result, Whistler gained popularity as the number one tourist destination in the North America. Al though, three bids made by the GODA (Garibaldi Olympic Development Association) for the Winter Olympics were unsuccessful, Whistler, in association with Vancouver, eventually won the bid on July 2, 2003 to host the much coveted 2010 Winter Olympics. offers real time bookings of premium properties in the world class ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia. Our business is to market property rentals in Whistler to high end vacationers in order to maximize property owners’ return on investment (ROI).

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Camp Kooch-i-ching is a boys camp that is situated on Deer Island in International Falls, Minnesota right on the Canadian border. The location on Rainy Lake is a beautiful one and the perfect setting for boys to be involved in many outdoor activities that are offered there. The camp began in 1925 by Pop Vance that liked the idea of boys doing constructive activities to do in the summer while off from school. This camp started out being a place to remain physically fit through different athletics and canoe trips but became much more when many Native American customs were implemented there as well. Today, the favorite part of the camp are the expeditions that use kayak outriggers, canoe outriggers as well as backpacking expeditions.

In 1948, “The law of the Woods” was introduced to the camp by Dr. Mason which were writings and observations of Native American customs by Ernest Thompson Seton. The basic message of the Law of The Woods are still taught to campers today and are an integral part of the Camp Kooch-i-ching atmosphere. A lot of the activities are based on the Ojibwa customs from that area like Indian dancing classes and competitions and Indian crafts and woodmanship as well. At the end of the two 4 weeks sessions, the campers hold a Grand Council that celebrates their summer with drumming and Indian dancing as well as other traditions that have held up through the years.

One of the best parts about going to camp here are the trips that campers go on. Campers as young as 8 years old head out on a 7-10 day long canoe trips throughout the boundary waters of Minnesota and Canada. They learn many things on these adventures from having to prepare a campsite and food to being able to paddle all day long and portage over land with heavy loads on their backs. As the campers get older, canoe trips get longer and other types of trips are offered too.

Backpacking trips are also options to the boys and they go to the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana for those longer excursions. Many of the campers are excited for the change after experiencing canoe trips for their first couiple of years at Camp Kooch-i-ching. It is not unusual for the high school age campers to take a canoe or backpacking trip that may go for 3 weeks straight. Many boys that particpate in Fall sports for their high schools claim that those adventures got them in better physical condition than any kind of workouts could have for their sport.

Many campers go back to camp to be part of the staff and some have even claimed that they pursued teaching so they could work at Camp Kooch-i-ching in the summertime. There is a deep loyalty to the camp and many men say they learned more about themselves by attending this camp than anything else in their lives.

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What If – You Could Take as a Tax Credit, off your final tax due, an amount equal to half of what you spent each year for gas??

If you are willing to help get this program created by getting the word out and emailing the President and your elected representatives, you and I and Millions of Americans who pay for their gas and file a tax return each year may be able to do just that!

Think about it: if you drive just 12,000 miles each year, get 25 miles to the gallon and pay $ 2.50 a gallon … you spend right at $ 1,200 a year on gas. This means your gas Tax Credit could be $ 600. If, after doing all the math on your income tax return, your tax bill is $ 1,000 you would send in $ 400. That other $ 600 stays in your pocket as disposable, spendable money.

Now, multiply your situation by millions more, and you can see right away that we can literally pump $ Billions back into the economy. We must do this! We must get the economy going again! Corporations can’t do it alone – they need our individual purchases to get their inventory moving. Just look at what has happened to the biggest and the best of them in many industries.

Government can’t do it because, unlike individuals and corporations, the government does not produce economic/consumer products. How many Big Brother Burgers n’ Fry’s Combo’s did you buy last year from your local Big Brother Is Watching Burger stand? And how many Big Sister brand low hem dresses and square-toed shoes did you buy? You’re a building contractor or sub-contractor? How many pounds of American Government brand steel nails and romex copper wiring did you buy last year? None. Zero. Zip.

In fact, the responsibility to get out of this mess rests squarely upon OUR shoulders; and this is rightfully where it should be. WE The People, are the Militia, and from Day One it has been the responsibility of Individuals just like You and Me to stand up and be counted. Just remember, no one individual can do it all; each of us, pulling together, can get the job done. Together we can help save our economy, and in the process, have extra money to spend each year.

Here’s what YOU can do – in less than 10 minutes, and You Will Make A Difference! (but don’t do it and it could be downright depressing): First: Add this site to your favorites (press Ctrl + D);

Second: Put a pencil to it and figure out Your annual gas expense and divide it by 2;

Third: Send emails to the President and your elected representatives, using Your figures, and ask them to visit this site and see it for themselves, and to support getting a Gas Tax Credit Program created – please remind them there is no extra cost to run the program as it is a tax credit (NOT a tax deduction – a Tax Credit) taken on the income tax form each year. The amount taken will be supported by each person keeping all of their gas receipts – each personally signed on the back – so there is a record of the amount if needed.

Fourth: Send emails to your personal and online friends, inviting them to visit too. Everyone is affected by the price of gas; everyone is invited to motivate our elected representatives to get on the bandwagon and get this (mutually beneficial) program on the books. Just remember: WE have the power of the vote. Did you realize that over 153 Million Form 1040 tax returns were filed in 2008. How many of those filers do you figure also drive their own car(s) and pay for their own gas? How Many Millions of them!

Multiply your own efforts by a factor of 250. How? Easy. Vista Print has a special offer of 250 business card for FREE. Click on the link and have some cards printed up, then distribute them throughout your local area. Here is your Vista link. You can also click on the Vista ad, below. NOTE: While the 250 cards are Free, Vista does charge $ 5.67 shipping. If you want that reimbursed, send an email to with vista as the subject. Include your name and address or PayPal address plus Order Number and purchase date. And if you would like to see how I created my 250 cards you can also click on this link and see my worksheet. Just follow the same process.

Associated Press June 11, 2009: American’s net worth shrinks $ 1.33 Trillion in First Quarter By Jeannine Avera, AP Economic Writer: “WASHINGTON – American households lost $ 1.3 trillion of their wealth in the first three months of the year as the recession took a bite out of stock portfolios and dragged down home prices.”

Look at that news item again. It’s worth repeating:

A) We are in trouble B) There are 153 MILLION of us who can make a difference. And from what I read in that news article I figure we need everyone of us 153 million people to get to cracking on this program and get it into operation, NOW.

Here are links to our elected representatives. Please note that I have not included a pre-formatted email letter. You must send in your own email. The way I figure it, it’s my ass on the line if we go under, so I sent in my letter, and guess what .. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It’s your ass on the line right along side mine. Better write that email like your life depended upon it! And do not forget to include your annual gas figures, and what you could do to help the economy if you had that extra $ $ $ in your pocket. And tell it like it is! New iPod – Say So! Diapers for the kids or down payment on a car or a new HD Television — SAY SO! Stand up and tell it like it is! THEY NEED TO HEAR IT FROM YOU. ONE EMAIL AT A TIME … MILLIONS OF EMAILS! THEY WILL LISTEN AND THEY WILL GET THE JOB DONE.

President Barack Obama

Vice President Joe Biden e-mail:

United State Senators

United States House of Representatives

Find Out How You Can Take A Gas Tax Credit And Help Save Our Failing Economy – For Free Info Visit – a href=http’’/a
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English cuisines certainly remind us of an elite lifestyle. ‘Fish and chips’ is a delicious foodstuff originated from England and was introduced over there by Spanish and Portuguese Jews. It is well known amongst fish lovers and an impeccable variety of this mouth watering dish is available all over the globe. Its fusion of different cultures across the continents proves it to be a perfect appetizer. The sizzling couple of ‘Chips and Fries’ always excel on the grounds of rocking your taste buds. A meal of fish and chips with a soft drink is a perfect blend for breakfast or lunch. The best of this cuisine is available at with exciting offers and an unprecedented experience of food across the world all at one stop. It is really a perfect destination for food fanatics.Very famous in American cities, just to name a few like Manhattan and New York, a Favorite of many and sure to acquire a special spot on your tongue too. Our online food delivery service ensures the quality of the food delivered to its consumers is top notch and is prepared by experienced chefs, with a promise of the spicy affair in your mouth.
Let’s know its recipe:
Its basic recipe is same but spices can be changed to maintain a distinction in its flavor at online food delivery service near you. A thick batter of flour and baking powder with spices is prepared by adding water into it. Potatoes are peeled off and then sliced equally with great steadiness for crunchy chips. Fish is also incised into uniform pieces so that it looks stunning when served. Both fish and potato slices are dipped in the batter. The batter is made by mixing the right amount of water into corn, plain flour, salt and cod (ingredients for batter may vary).Ample heat to the oil is given as preheated oil creates perfect crunch. Then one by one chip and fish slices are drudged into a batter and are fried for a fixed duration of time to make sure the best flavor is served to food passionate people. The dish can be served hot with soft and pulpy peas with malt vinegar or lemon.
At a crux, the dish hits two targets with one arrow, as it soothes the eyes because of its eye catchy color and also pleases the taste buds by its aromatic unique taste. You don’t need to wait for any special occasion for ordering this dish, order it anytime in 24 hours at online food delivery service.

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Expats around the world who have set up long-term residency in various countries can attest to the benefits of living like a local. Most people who visit destination on vacation are still paying tourist rates for accommodations as well as food and various commodities. Expats, on the other hand, have the benefit of being able to live like the locals do, which means they get access to local rates on anything from food to real estate to transportation and beyond.

Having a vacation is all well and good, but the only way to get the most benefits of living in a a destination for long-term basis is to actually go native and become a local resident. Tourists are not locals; rather, they are simply individuals who are here for a short period of time spending thousands of dollars on their two or three weeks paid vacation per year. Expats are those who have chosen to live in a destination for a longer period of time, so they’ve actually invested in the local community and have learned the language, the local transportation rates, market days for food and how to negotiate for discounts at the open markets. This allows the professional expat the ability to live on a few hundred dollars per month versus a few thousand in a short period of two weeks.

In many ways, expat living gives you the ability to get back to basics, at least in regards to medicine. Since most doctors outside the United States are not relying on pharmaceutical kickbacks to make their income, but are instead paid by the state to actually cure people, their incentive is making sure that people stay healthy. In the United States, the incentive is to simply get as many people through the door as possible per day and prescribe as much medicine as possible can because they (the doctors) receive a percentage on every prescription they write.

This is why Bulgaria is such a perfect example of a country where natural medicine takes precedence over prescription medication because of the fact that apothecaries are still a functioning part of society. As a result, natural herbs and plants are still very much in use. Consequently, Bulgarians are some of the longest-living people on the planet, and despite the fact that they are a country of heavy smokers they tend to out-live their non-smoking American counterparts, similar to how the French operate on the French Paradox. In any case, if you are an expat who enjoys exploring natural medicine and practices around the world, there are dozens of choices you can look at for your medicine journey.

One of the unfortunate realities regarding traveling as a U.S. citizen or someone from a Western country is that once you arrive in a foreign destination you are generally the first person that beggars hound for free change and handouts. And while it’s true that some of these people are genuinely in need of help, others are doing so on a professional basis and actually make a livable salary. To put this into perspective, there is an article that came out in one of the Mexican newspapers in 2012 which talked about the fact that professional beggars at the airport in Mexico City actually make around $ 25,000 a year simply by begging for change from individuals who walk through the airport.

Taking advantage of cheap costs on medicine as an expat living abroad in another country makes you one of the smart ones. Part of the immersion travel secret is uncovering the least-known local practices.
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Palawan is the Philippines’ largest province. Its undamaged ecosystem is home to untouched forests, beautiful beaches and unpolluted waters offering a dazzling array of marine life. With over 1,780 islands that stretch from the Mindoro Strait down to the tip of Borneo, Palawan is the ultimate adventure destination.

Central Palawan

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. It is the most ideal place to stay in when exploring central and southern Palawan. There are several excursions which can be carried out as day trips from Puerto Princesa. A three-hour drive to the Subterranean River in Sabang is de rigueur when visiting Palawan. The river runs through a limestone cave which is said to be the longest navigable river-traversed tunnel in the world. If snorkeling or island hopping is the adventure of choice, a day trip or an overnight stay at Honda Bay won’t disappoint you. Agencies and hotels in Puerto Princesa offer packaged tours around Honda Bay.

South Palawan

The south of Palawan does not have as many attractions as its northern area, but it has caves and waterfalls worth exploring. The Tabon Caves is a vast network of caves where forty-seven thousand year-old human remains have been found in pre-historic burial grounds. The caves can be reached by a thirty-minute boat ride from Quezon.

North Palawan

The best places to visit in North Palawan are the Bacuit Archipelago and Port Barton. Port Barton is a town nestled on a beautiful beach which boasts of stunning sunsets. With its serene and secluded atmosphere, it is a great place for families. The Bacuit Archipelago consists of uneven limestone islands that emerge from the waters of Bacuit Bay. It is the best place to do some exploring on a Bangka, or snorkeling in the vibrant coral gardens, or having a picnic on a deserted stretch of beach.

The Calamian Group

The Calamian Group is like a small version of Palawan, complete with all the main attractions that Palawan has to offer: pure, white-sand beaches, virgin rainforests, relaxing accommodations, and spectacular dive and snorkeling sites. On top of that, the Calamian Group is home to some attractions that the rest of Palawan does not offer: the scenic lakes of Coron Island and wreck diving in Busuanga Island. There are more than ten wrecks around Busuanga, which consist of Japanese warships and merchant ships that were taken down by American planes during World War II. The wrecks are found at varying depths which provide diving opportunities for both beginners and seasoned divers. Coron Island has two main attractions: Lake Barracuda and Lake Kayangan. Lake Barracuda is popular with divers due to its uncommon levels of fresh, salt and briny water. It can be reached by a difficult twenty-five meter climb over a rough wall on the island. Lake Kayangan has three magnificent arms which reach to the rough, jungle-covered areas of Coron Island. It can be accessed by climbing a steep mountain wall.

Palawan is truly a rare gem. Every traveler should at least visit Palawan once during his or her lifetime. With its unique biodiversity, unspoiled forests and beautiful beaches, Palawan is the Philippines’ last frontier.

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