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Many seasoned Las Vegas visitors have their own unique perspectives regarding Las Vegas trip “values”. These obviously vary depending on individual preferences, budgets, and previous Las Vegas trip planning and actual visitation experiences. There is a plethora of varied ” Las Vegas Best Values” lists from numerous print and online sources. What follows is an alternative list of 15 of Las Vegas’ best value options (and that’s key) for future Las Vegas vacationers. Any current Las Vegas ” best values ” list is subject to change because visitors , their experiences , and the community itself often evolve rapidly. Rapidly changing situations are particularly relevant currently because of the present economic climate in Las Vegas and everywhere .

1. Southwest Airlines as air carrier:

In our experience, you can’t beat this airline for average lowest fares to Vegas. Sign up for their e-mail specials and “Ding” services. There’s a reason why this airline has to my knowledge never filed for bankruptcy and we can safely speculate that lower fares and it’s effect on customer satisfaction and subsequent ticket sales and passenger volumes are a significant aspect of their success.

2. Car Rental:

Car rental is a favored mode of transportation because it often provides for greater flexibility and freedom when in Las Vegas and this represents value for us. Our trips seldom last fewer than four days and having a car at our disposal permits spontaneous decisions to go where we want when we choose to. Securing a truly good car rental rate can be challenging at times (currently car rental rates are trending upwards) and it can require multiple visitations to multiple online sites over the course of trip planning efforts in order to get a good deal. These multiple visits coupled with signup at car rental agency special offers online memberships can result in a decent rental rate with some effort. The exorbitant taxes and fees associated with car rental at McCarran airport is an element that renters have to accept ; these add-on costs often represent 30 -50% of overall rental costs. Yet, car rental costs can compare favorably with other modes of in – town transportation such as taxis , shuttle services, and limos.

3. Ellis Island steak special:

This is still a bargain at $ 6.95 (recently increased from $ 4.95). It’s not huge and it’s not perfect but is a great value for a decent meal. It’s not on the menu so request it from your server. Ellis Island is located a few blocks east of the strip on Koval Lane which parallels Las Vegas Boulevard (near Flamingo Road).

4. Shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate (downtown):

This classic Vegas dining delight is still just 99 cents for player’s club members ($ 1.99 for nonmembers).

5 . Coupon use:

There are tons of available free coupons and a few excellent purchasable bulk coupon sources for use in Las Vegas. These collectively can make a huge difference in your Vegas savings quest with a little invested time and effort. We routinely purchase two bulk coupon sets from both the Las Vegas Advisor (now the Members Rewards Book ; formerly the Pocketbook of Values) and the American Casino Guide which are traditionally the standard Las Vegas coupon sources. Two orders from each of these sources routinely saves / earns approximately 4 – 6 times their purchase cost for us (blackjack matchplay and free ace coupons along with multiple dining 2-for-1’s).

6. Playing the ‘comp’ game:

If one literally “plays their cards right” or elects to play only high payback percentage slots or video poker with applied strategies in bankroll management , comp accrual can add very real dollars to your Vegas budget. I play $ 5 – $ 25 minimums blackjack and both the wife and I play high payback slots (there are a few , despite their reputation) or full – pay video poker at 40 cents to $ 2.00 per spin denominations. We haven’t paid for a room in Vegas for more than two years ( 8 trips lasting four to nine days each). Presently the economic climate in Vegas has the casino – hotel companies scrambling to entice patrons and comps with attached freebies are the norm. Make certain to attain memberships in player’s clubs and online casino mailing lists (see following entry) to acquire these great comp offers which are particularly favorable for free or discounted rooms.

7. Player’s club and casino – hotel online e-mail list memberships:

Particularly now, the value of this effort can’t be overemphasized. There’s a full-fledged , raging casino war for patronage occurring.

8. Vegas Buffets:

The Las Vegas buffets are famous and they vary in price, service, culinary variety, and quality. We try and visit one or two upper tier buffets (ie Bellagio and Wynn) on each Sin City trip and always attempt to buy in for the lunch buffet prices at 30 – 45 minutes prior to the anticipated meal type changeover to the dinner offerings . This allows sampling of both lunch and dinner menus at a reduced price (dinners are always more expensive and this approach saves $ 15 – $ 20 dollars for two people). Additionally, we also dine at some of the cheaper off-strip buffets such as The Orleans (quite good) and also utilize many 2 for 1 buffet and restaurant coupons from the above mentioned sources.

9. Fab Four Live music show:

My significant other and I enjoy this Beatle’s impersonators live music bargain show. It’s often possible to acquire half – price tickets (as we did recently for our upcoming trip for $ 24.50 each) from one of three sources . Half Price Shows, Goldstar Tickets, and Tix4Tonight ticket venues often offer tickets for this show at deeply discounted rates.

10. Stratosphere Free Funbook:

This funbook has maintained a top comparative reputation as the best ( highest expected value of approximately $ 20.00) funbook offered in Las Vegas. Pick one up for free at the Stratosphere player’s club desk.

11. The free Las Vegas strip spectacle at night:

Bellagio’s fountains, Mirage’s volcano, Luxor’s pyramid beam, the visual of several converged architectural casino configurations at the corners of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard , the Eiffel Tower at Paris , and the melded, skewed, and occasionally inebriated and entertaining human behavior along this iconic locale are sights to behold.

12. Vegas options:

The choices are truly endless. There’s value in this fact as long as your cash supply and ability to remain conscious hold out.

13. Point multiplier days and other casino gambling promotions:

Take advantage of published slot / video poker 2 – 10 X point multiplier days at many off – strip casinos. Some of these locales also offer occasional table games promotions as well as slot and table games tournaments with reasonable buy -in amounts. Refer to the Vegas Values Report at the American Casino Guide website for weekly updated casino promotion offers prior to a Vegas trip.

14. Avoidance of insurmountable house edge casino games:

Avoid keno, big wheel, and the plethora of newer blackjack offshoot games such as spanish fun 21, etc due to exorbitant house odds off the top.

15. Trip planning with regularly updated research:

Though it obviously requires time and effort, this factor pays off multiplicatively at times. Car rental rates, airfare, and room offer deals among other elements change with regularity and often daily, as does the town itself.

This article has been produced by where you can get instant Las Vegas Hotel Rates. If you need to find a Cheap Hotel Room, then we say swing by. It only takes a minute and hotel deals in Las Vegas is not all we have!
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Emergency survival kits are just that they are kits that will help you get through a real emergency. A survival situation is the balance between life and death. There are so many situations where you would need a survival kit.

You can put together or purchase a kit for the home,the car and outdoors. Every home in America should have at least one survival kit for every member of the house. The last decade has seen some of the worst violence in American history.

The last decade has also seen some of the worst storms in all of history. Having a survival kit is not a luxury it is without a doubt a necessity. The Federal government even recommends that every home should have an emergency kit for every member of the household.

For the Home Family of Four

Each emergency kit should contain at least:

Three days of water Three days of food Medical supplies Important documents (at least copies) Can opener portable radio flashlight candle lighter city map portable car charger for cell phones

To effectively survive any disaster natural or man made the above items need to be present and ready for use. You can either put together this kit yourself or you can buy one. You want to be sure to have enough food and water to last at least three days.

Medical supplies should be a freshly stocked first aid kit and if any family member is diabetic or needs other life saving treatment/medication than that should also be present (rotate frequently to insure freshness).

Keep copies of all your important documents in the kit. Things like birth certificates, insurance policies for the home and the car and any other documents that may be hard to replace in a time of crisis.

A can opener ( you would be surprised how many people forget this) so you can open canned goods. A portable battery operated radio so that you can get news from the outside world is also important. Flashlights so that you can see should the power go out, candles for the same reason.

Make sure you have a lighter they are more reliable than matches. A map of your neighborhood or city so you know exit routes. Portable car charger for cell phones.

A good investment is a solar hank cranked lantern and radio just in case the emergency lasts longer and you run out of batteries.

Keep some cash and some change stashed in your kit. If the power goes down so does the ATM’s bank’s and other places that you can get money. Remember when the power goes down there is no place to ge gasoline either.

Any good survival kit will be compact enough to move around yet stacked enough with the gear that you and your family will need to make it through the crisis. A lot of families by one kit for each member although it is not necessary.

Hope for the Best Plan for the Worst

It is always best to plan ahead just in case. There were so many families that lost their basic ability to feed their families during some of the awful storms mother nature threw at them. Many times these storms struck in the dead of the night without warning.

Hundreds and in some cases thousands of people were killed or died after the fact. A little planning can go a really long way in surviving it does not take long to put a kit together and to purchase one is relatively inexpensive.

It is worth the peace of mind to be prepared.

For the Individual

If you are an outdoors person and journey into the woods, out on the ocean or anywhere that takes you away from the population and emergency kit should be a part of your planning as well. In the event you never use the items in your emergency kit that is perfect but if you need the items it is nice to know that they are there!

The same items for the home can be used in your outdoor survival kit just scale it down to make it easy to carry!

Paul is a long-time survivalist and writer. He’s always been prepared and now attempts to get his family members and good friends prepared also. You can check out more about this subject and find survival gear at the survial store.

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Turkey is a sort of fowl that is considered as a delicacy. It is basically a fowl most commonly used in North American Thanksgiving recipes. But, it is also eaten on other functions.Turkey is generally chosen as it is high in protein and low in fat, as compared to additional dark meats.

In more or less all cuisines, turkey is considered as a traditional bird. The turkey preparations typically need prolonged time to get ready and at times the preparation begins a in previous night till the time the bird cooks absolutely. Today, turkey recipes are getting new twists and traditions are even varying according to latest ideas and techniques.

Subsequent you may find some of the admired turkey preparations for Thanksgiving dishes.

Deep Fried Turkey – Deep fried turkey is getting ever more popular every year. This method naturally requires a deep fryer but they are pretty common these days, and around the holidays especially, you supposed to have no trouble in finding a reasonable Turkey deep fryer on your neighboring cooking shop or even perhaps at the grocery store. Deep frying gives a scrumptious and succulent taste to the turkey but it is recommended to cook it in an open location or may be garage as the method is really cluttered and scorching combustible oil might be risky.

Classic dish of American Thanksgiving turkey – This long-standing recipe is nevertheless excellent for traditional occasions, It is prepared with slow roasting process accompanied by seasoned butter and veggies. The solution to prepare a wonderful tasting traditional Thanksgiving turkey is to be definite that it doesn’t dry out. White wine can also be included in little quantity to keep the flavor and wetness of turkey as it is.

Turkey loaf for Vegans – Health conscious and vegan people should stay away from turkey from the Thanksgiving dinner menu or they may well cook this entirely new dish. Breadcrumbs, nuts, vegetables with cereal grains could be mixed to cook a palatable Thanksgiving recipe with no turkey which may possibly even catch the attention of the turkey lovers also.

There are also all set Turkey dishes available. Filled turkey recipes are simply obtainable in the grocery stores that require only roasting. Today web is also an easy means to explore various truly interesting turkey recipes. So get pleasure from cooking!

For more details on Turkey recipes please look at Turkey based recipes. You may also have a peek at some great Salmon delicacies by clicking Salmon based recipes.

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At one time African Americans were stuck with any hairstyle that their particular hair would easily adjust to. There was not much versatility when it came to black hairstyles but it certainly was not from lack of trying. In the beginning, there were crude hair straighteners that hit the market. These were a chemical base solution and played havoc on the hair.

Now there are multiple products on the market to afford the women of color virtually any hairstyle they would like. It can be super curly with no frizz, semi curly or just plain straight. This has opened the door for not only a larger choice of black hairstyles with length as well.

Many of the products that used now for the black hairstyles are not simply products that are applied but equipment as well. Take for example the straightening iron. This has not become just the friend of the afro American woman but for women of many ethnic groups regardless of hair textures.

Where women of color used to be limited in their black hairstyles choices, they now have the best of both worlds. They can still choose to wear their hair as their own ethnic styles dictate or to go with something they could not have before.

Probably the style that many women of color will opt for is the straight hairstyles. This is usually achieved now with the hair iron. Chemical straighteners are still used for a more long-lasting purpose but now they are far less damaging to the hair.

Most often, when straightening is the choice it is usually combined with the longer hairstyles. Women of color who have chosen to wear their hair long with have it straighten or straighten it themselves and will wear it in an upswept style for a more formal look and casually down for a more casual look.

It is not too often that you will see afro American women with exceptionally long black hairstyles. Probably the most common when it comes to length would be should length or just below.

It has now become the habit to straighten the hair out completely with the hair iron then recurl it gently into a soft curl style that they have chosen.

One of the things that must be guarded against is women of color overusing these various products and equipment to achieve new black hairstyles. Although they have many options now with some great products and tools they can be damaging to the black hair if over used. This includes choosing black hairstyles that require a lot of pulling to them as this can break the hair as well. Eventually this will lead to a big problem.

A great advantage of the hair iron for afro American women is that it will give volume to their hair as well. No one wants to straighten their hair just to have it lay flat and limp. So this one piece of equipment itself has allowed for many new looks for the women of color.

The best part of these new options for women of color to be able to utilize these for the various black hairstyles is that they are applicable for any age group.

Learn how to style your hair quickly with HairstylesLibrary. Hairstyling made easy with step by step instructions for layered medium hairstyles and modern hairstyles
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The practice of feeding animals low doses of antibiotics for profit is producing antibiotic resistant bacteria. By feeding animals antibiotics for disease prevention and weight gain farmers are inadvertently creating strains of bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.

Examples include:

– Bacteria from chicken conventionally fed with low dose antibiotics in their feed have become resistant to a last line of defence antibiotic called Synercid, a powerful antibiotic which is used when other antibiotics fail. The problem is that the antibiotic resistant bacteria are transferred to people who eat the chicken according to a 2006 study reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

– An enzyme (ESBL) produced by certain bacteria makes the bacteria resistant to the antibiotics being used against them. Previously thought to be found only in hospital intensive care facilities the problem has now spread to other species of bacteria that are more commonly found such as E.Coli, Salmonella, K. pheumoniae among others. The enzyme is implicated in the deaths of cancer and liver disease patients in Denmark where the number of infected patients increased 50% last year.

– According to data reported in the October 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association there were more than 90,000 cases of antibiotic resistant staphylococcus aureus infections in the US in 2005 resulting in more than 18,000 deaths – 10% more than the number dying from HIV/AIDS.

This latter study and several outbreaks at schools led to discussions which focused largely on prescription over-use and personal hygiene such as washing your hands with soap and water to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease. BUT the widespread use of antibiotics in agriculture for profit has been largely ignored.

The implications of using antibiotics in agriculture are even more wide ranging with the antibiotics being transferred to food crops through the use of antibiotic containing manure. Even organically grown crops can be affected.

A 2007 study reported in the Journal of Environmental Quality looked at whether food crops accumulate antibiotics from soil covered with this type of manure. Potatoes, corn and lettuce were grown and all found to have antibiotics in their leaves and tissue.

So what can you do to avoid eating antibiotic contaminated food?

– Grow the food yourself, but in many situations this isn’t possible

– Find a farmer nearby who uses non toxic farming methods

– Join one of the growing number of community-supported agricultural programs in urban areas that give you access to healthy locally grown foods

Phillip Paris
“Natural” is good, organic superior, and to learn how to
undo the damage you’ve already suffered you can go here for: More Info

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The focus is always to write from an authentic place and not sound like a sales person. I advertise this tiny little town in Central Mexico not because I want to sell real estate but because the lifestyle I have created for myself and my family is one to believe in. It is shocking to most that an American family living in Mexico would be thriving and happy. “Don’t your kids miss the states?” and “it must be hard on the kids” are common comments. I use the threat of going back to the states if they don’t behave!

The sunshine, the big skies of blue, the fresh air, the people, the fresh veggies and fruit on every corner, the property tax bill we pay in cash every January (so low it is unbelievable), the horseback riding, the hiking. No TV, why do you need it when there is so much else to be enjoying. I did not come here knowing the amount of change that would naturally take place. I came because the architecture and magic of a small desert town I found on the internet. Living in a hand-built stone mansion, of sorts, seemed like a fairy tale I was willing to jump into with my family. Two puppies later, the bribe to keep moving complaints to a minimum, we packed up the two cars, put our entire life online (no more mail), and said good-bye to the US. We are in Mexico to renovate our new home and new life.

When we crossed the border, it really sunk in. The noise and arguments dropped off and we all became intent on the landscape, the mountains, and the garlic ropes being sold on the roadside. Every turn was new. My youngest kids spoke a little Spanish but were shy and taken aback by the idioms and speed of their speech. Oh my god, I thought, how they could spend six years in a Spanish Immersion school and not understand. Three months later, they were completely bi-lingual. Today, after four years, my son helps translate real estate negotiations with the locals, partly because he knows everyone and partly because he is great at it. There is a little entrepreneur in the making. This of course, would be ridiculous in the states, but here it is part of the culture to include and educate the children in the family business. It is a remarkable adventure in international living and family ties here in Mineral de Pozos. I thank my stars every day to have made such a unique and harrowing choice. It is not always easy but it is always rewarding.

Believing in your life can be tough with too much distraction. Our lives in the US were full of it. Racing around from the minute our feet hit the floor until the commotion died down after dark. It is different here, unless of course you live in Mexico City, which is fun and beautiful but a lot of time spent in the car. Family is the centre of it all, great meals shared, holding hands, helping each other with whatever is needed, a simpler lifestyle and set of values. This is how I grew up and I am grateful my kids can know the freedom to run around a small town. Houses for sale in Mexico have many choices and beautiful, captivating architecture. Pick the area, the town, the weather, and the amenities you are wanting, and make the leap to reduce the stress and cost of living and find the dreamier side of life again.

Hassie Ahumada is Yoga trainer but along with it she is also a real estate agent. She likes to share and solve problems of people when they are selling or purchasing Houses or Lands. Houses for sale in Mexico, bed and breakfast, international living, these are the topics in which Hassie is more interested. She loves to travel and visit new places. She also likes to read novels. Forever by Pete Hamill is one of her favourite novels.
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The whole world is captivated by the movies coming out of the major American film studios, but it is one thing to see the movies and another thing to get behind the scenes, find out how they were made and go on rides that put you right into the midst of the most popular movies of our time. You can do all of this at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Let’s take a look at some of the attractions currently on offer at the Universal Studios park in Orlando.

First of all, if you want to “get under the hood” and see how films are made then your first stop should be Production Central, Production Central area of Universal Studios. Located just beyond front gates of Universal Studios, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a real working film and television production studio.

And while you are in Production Central you can treat yourself and your family to a spectacular Shrek adventure. Shrek 4D features an original 3D film which the studio says is produced with Ogrevision. Here you can join Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona on a wild adventure. According the Universal Studios website, “You see, hear and actually FEEL the action right from your seat! If you love motion simulator rides, you’ll love Shrek 4-D™.”

Were you thrilled by the movie “Revenge of the Mummy?” And do you like roller coasters? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you will enjoy the Revenge of the Mummy ride. Here is how Universal describes it, “Plunge into total darkness as you face fireballs, scarab beetles, and an army of warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride totally unlike anything that’s come along in the past 3,000 years!” That, sounds like something that will delight any family of film lovers.

Would you like to protect the earth from an alien attack? Then you should hop onboard the Men in Black Alien Attack ride. Universal has created 120 alien species for this attraction. Each six passenger vehicle is equipped with laser guns and “As an agent trainee, you’ll zap aliens as you chase them through the streets of New York in this high-tech ride based on the hit movie.”

The Terminator series of films was an imaginative look at the future, and the Terminator attraction at Universal Studios lives up to the legacy of that popular trilogy. The attraction is called, “Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time,” and it is said to be one of the more elaborate and technologically advanced theme park experiences ever created. All Terminator fans will get a kick out of this ride.

Are you ready to withstand the all out attack of Jaws? Then get on board the Jaws ride at Universal but be careful because you’re gonna need a bigger boat! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a giant fin slices through the waves and you’re suddenly face to face with three tons of Great White fury.

In addition to high tech thrill rides, Universal offers plenty of outdoor entertainment. There is a Blues Brothers show, a tribute to comedy queen Lucille Ball and a monster themed Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue, complete with screamin’ demons and wailing guitars.

Universal has produced rich load of imaginative films and characters and the Studio draws on them to the maximum to create a theme park that will live up to and exceed your expectations.

Mark Whichard is a frequent writer on Orlando vacations. He is an expert in the field of Orlando Disney vacation rentals with experience dating to 1998. Visit his website:

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