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The sheer size of America can be overwhelming for the first time traveler. A USA Travel Guide is advisable and there are several quality ones available. Whether an overseas visitor or an American wanting to see the country, these guides have useful maps, general information and highlights on sightseeing. The United States is a terrific holiday destination with its cities, mountains, deserts and National Parks. There is something for everyone with wildlife, culture, and entertainment.

The Lonely Planet is a familiar and respected series and its USA edition has 129 pages of maps. It also highlights the main attractions and points out the very best National Parks. There are suggestions for road trips and some destinations, away from the usual routes.

The Rough Guide series is also very popular, especially with the younger generation of travelers. Their USA Travel Guide is broken down into the different states and lists the tourist sights. There are helpful reviews on accommodation, restaurants and bars and advice from experts on various activities. Historic sights, culture spots and nightlife are all discussed. It’s great for finding your way about too with maps and plans for every state, region, and large city.

The USA Eyewitness Travel guide picks out the chief attractions at an easy glance and includes a brief article on the history. Travelers can plan visits to National Parks, cities, galleries and museums. The USA Travel Guide points out scenic routes and where you’ll find areas of beautiful wilderness. The history, sights and cultural institutions of different regions are included. Tips are given on how to prepare for a trip to America and what laws and customs apply.

There is something very romantic when it comes to road trips in America and many books, songs and movies about long rides down lonely highways have inspired people to follow suit. If this is you, then the perfect USA Travel Guide is the Road Trip USA: Cross-country Adventures on America’s Two-lane Highways. This full color book has been revised and is in its 4th edition with updated information. 140 maps, full of detail, will help with the planning. Cross-country routes are mapped out and landmarks are highlighted along the way. Aside from the major cites, small towns are featured and anything that might be of interest on the roadside. Suggested itineraries include lists of places to stay. The radio is very important for road trips in America. It keeps you company and updates you on road and weather conditions. This USA Travel Guide gives the call letters of various radio stations.

You may not want a general guide but a specific one for the location of your choice. Should that be the Big Apple, then the Rough Guide to New York City is the book for you. It explores the five boroughs and there are articles on the city’s fascinating history, its ethnic make up, world famous architecture and culture. This is very much a baseball town and you can learn all about the sport and Yankee Stadium’s place in it. There is an entire chapter on the iconic Museum of Modern Art. Practical advice covers accommodation, transport and bars and restaurants.

Charlie Reese enjoys giving travel guide and astrology advice on his horoscope website weekly.
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The tradition of military challenge coins is known to members of each branch of the American armed forces — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, as well as the Coast Guard and the National Air Guard. Units within each of the branches create their own special tokens representing their members and their experiences during service.

Though the stories of how and when the tradition began vary, some claim it was a young Army Air Corps pilot in the First World War who first produced a set of bronze medallions. It’s said that he was independently wealthy, and took it upon himself to have them made so he could hand them out to his squadron members as a way for them to always be together, at least in memory. Others claim it was during World War Two when American servicemen stationed in Germany met up at a pub, challenged one another to present a low-value German currency, and required whoever among them who wasn’t carrying one to purchase the drinks for all.

There are tales that during the Vietnam war, almost all of the men in combat carried these challenge tokens with them at all times as a form of identification as a member in his particular unit. The practice today is for men and women in the armed forces to be awarded special tokens from their commanding officers and medals of praise for jobs well done. Many have touted these tokens as more meaningful than any official form of praise or designation.

To some it may appear to be just a worthless round piece of metal. But to those who’ve earned them their meaning is far greater. They’re symbols, tokens, representations, something akin to a worry stone to clutch in times of great distress that war so often presents. They represent pride and loyalty, family and stick-togetherness. And once earned the rule prevails, the holder must carry it at all times to be presented upon challenge, or suffer a penalty.

The medals themselves are designed to represent something unique about the unit and the branch of service it represents. They are often colorful, contain mottos and emblems, and symbolize the strength and unity of those who carry them.

Gold, silver, copper, bronze — any number of metals can be used in minting. It’s happened that one commission instructed the mint to create a set using the metal from some equipment retrieved from a battle. Quite often it will be a significant event that inspires the creation and design of a coin, commemorating the event and forever reminding and bonding those who participated.

Beyond the barracks and battlefields, collectors have taken an interest in these richly sentimental artifacts. The popularity of these collections and the gatherings where they are displayed, traded, and sold is increasing worldwide.

The practice has evolved beyond the military branches to other organizations whose members value camaraderie. Police and Firefighters, branches of government and divisions within those branches, even fan clubs of popular culture, media have established their own traditions of and uses for what started out as military challenge coins. In times of stress and trying circumstances, as well as as a form of celebrating a source of bonding joy and comfort, the small metal circle becomes so much, much more to the person who holds it dear.

Get the exclusive inside scoop on everything you need to know about military challenge coins now in our guide to exquisite unit coins collecting.

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Today I am going to be speaking about the rules of online roulette. It surprises me how many people play the game without understanding the rules properly and this is never a good thing when you are playing for real money.

There are different variations of roulette that are played in different parts of the world. I America they play American roulette. This is the worst to play from a player point of view because it has the highest house edge of 5.13% due to the fact that there are two green slots.

Another form of roulette is European. This is the same as American roulette except there is only one green slot. This means the house edge drops to 2.56%. This is because it is the green slots that cause the house edge.

Then there is French roulette. This is the least common online roulette game and that is because it has the smallest house edge so the casinos would rather keep it away from you. The house edge is only 1.13% with French roulette because when the ball lands in the zero slot you will get half your bet back if you are betting on any of the outside bets.

If you are going to play online roulette it is in your interest to find a casino that offers French roulette because as you can see it offers the best odds. Most casinos don’t offer this because they prefer it if players are playing the American game.

An understanding of the payouts you will receive for the bets is also important. Any bet that is won on the even bets will give you a return of 1.1. This means for every dollar that you bet you will win one dollar back plus your original bet.

The probability of getting a column in each individual spin is around 33% so the payout is $ 3 for every $ 1 wager. It is also the same with the dozens as they are basically the same as the columns.

Some players seem to waste a lot of time and money trying to invent some sort of magic bet. There is no combination of bets around the table or anything like that that can improve your chances of winning so it is advised that you don’t waste time trying to do this.

If you want to know more about online roulette then why not visit my website. It is all about roulette online.
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Rival has a reputation for all kinds of quality kitchen appliances. One of its best small appliances is its Rival seal a meal vacuum sealer. This is a powerful sealer that is easy to use and is unexpectedly low priced. The Seal-A-Meal can additionally be hung on the wall for your convenience. Here’s some reasons why this Rival vacuum sealer is an excellent appliance to have in your kitchen.

The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer performs with ease because the Seal-A-Meal utilizes a single roll of plastic film. 8×10 inch and 11×10 inch rolls are available. The rolls are made to be quickly attached onto the Rival seal a meal vacuum sealer with a simple loading process. This allows the user to install the rolls so that they can be used with ease. Quart sized bags may be installed in this sealer as well.

Once the roll is fitted into the Seal-A-Meal, no further steps are needed. The machine can start working after the roll is fitted. The only thing the user needs to do is choose the temperature settings, lay the food atop a layer of sealing material and then start the device so that the food can be safely sealed in an air tight fashion.

The Seal-A-Meal may also be cleaned with ease. The food channel can be removed from the front so it can be cleansed, which helps the sealer to do its job effectively.

The bags will be cut through the action of the sealer. The sealer will cut a clean line so that it will be easier for the content to be completely sealed in and guaranteeing that the bag will be tight.

The sealer can additionally be fitted to a wall or cabinet for ease of storage. This is advantageous on account of the sealer will require a measurably smaller space in a kitchen.

The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer is inexpensive, too. Other comparable products can sell for more than $ 150. The Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer, however, is unique. The Seal-A-Meal sells for about $ 100 American/$ 120 Canadian. Some stores can even sell it for below a hundred dollars during a sale. Also, refill rolls can cost about ten dollars.

Some additional accessories are made for the sealer too. An air hose for reducing the air in the bags is available as an accessory. Some accessories include containers to contain other parts in, or even to use for storing multiple amounts of sealer bags.

The Rival vacuum sealers is a method of food storage that should definitely be looked in to. This sealer is unmatched in keeping foods fresh and is simple to use and maintain. It is also not as pricey as other sealers. It is a great choice for a vacuum sealer.

Hakeem Awadi runs a furnace and vacuum sealer site that educates his readers about vacuum food sealers and more.

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Washington D.C, February 11, 2014 – Clements Worldwide, the leading provider of international insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations, today announced that it is now providing members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) with guaranteed-issue term life insurance for themselves and their families living and working overseas.

Clements’ global life insurance solution is the first of its kind to be made available to ACS international members and their families. This coverage offers them vital financial security and peace of mind. Upon enrollment, international members are instantly protected by Clements’ fully portable coverage with no required medical exams or lengthy underwriting. Enrolled participants will remain covered as long as they are active members of the association, up until the age of 71.

With more than 161,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society of chemists, chemical engineers and related professionals around the globe. ACS has local and national chapters within the United States as well as a robust international membership representing more than 100 countries.

In addition to comprehensive term life benefits like coverage for death due to illness, accidents or acts of terrorism and a dedicated team of customer service representatives, the innovative partnership between Clements and ACS gives members access to a wide suite of international insurance educational materials. Other leading association partners that have successfully integrated Clements’ solutions include PMI and IEEE.

“At Clements, we pride ourselves in offering peace of mind to our customers in more than 170 countries. Our new partnership with the American Chemical Society is all about creating lasting member value through a distinctive portfolio of insurance programs that leverage ACS’ strength in numbers, beginning with a comprehensive term life insurance solution,” said Dante Disparte, Managing Director of Partner Solutions at Clements.


About Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide is a leading insurance provider for expatriates and international organisations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high risk insurance in over 170 countries. With offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai, Clements delivers comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, and unparalleled claims response. To learn more and quote online, visit

Press Contact:
Jasmine Chan
Clements Worldwide
Washington D.C
+1 (202) 741-1555

Clements Worldwide Clements Worldwide is a leading insurance provider for expatriates and international organisations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high risk insurance in over 170 countries. With offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai, Clements delivers comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, and unparalleled claims response. To learn more and quote online, visit

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If you have a disability, are disabled in any way or have some special needs or a special handicap you can still enjoy a great cruise experience and learn all about disable travel. The first step in planning a cruise ship adventure is to consult with a travel agent who specializes in cruise travel for people with disabilities to make sure you have an accessible trip.

Because the cruise lines are all different you need to compare the cruise lines and all they have to offer; this requires a little research on your part. However travel agents who specialize in cruise travel can really shorten your work and prevent a lot of problems and help you gain the best access. I encourage you to seek out their help and not try to go it alone.

There are many differences in the cruise lines. Some cannot accommodate wheelchairs easily. Most cabins are small and you’ll need to get the dimensions of the cabin to know if your wheelchair will fit.

Some of the larger cruise lines have cabins that have wider doorways. These cabins have bathrooms that will fit wheelchairs that can roll around inside. The closets are usually built so you can reach them from a lower vantage point. But make sure to double-check that the cruise line you’ve picked has these special accommodations. This is another reason a special needs travel agent or travel specialist can help.

Most of the cruise lines have elevators that have control panels within easy reach from a wheelchair.

The cruise lines have collapsible wheelchairs available but I would consider taking my own. It may be a concern if it is going to be uncomfortable in any way. Also there is a remote possibility that they might run out of them. If you bring a motorized or power wheelchair make sure to bring your charger along – one that is adaptable to 110 volts.

Make sure to discuss with your travel agent how your visit to the various harbors or ports of call on the cruise, will be handled. This can make or break your trip. Small boats, which are called tenders, are used to take travelers and disabled travelers from the cruise ship to the port of call. These tenders are not always accessible or even safe for people with disabilities, so make sure you travel agent has had experience with these tenders before you book any cruise travel. And it is just as important make sure to find out if once you reach the shore, that they’ll be able to handle your specific special needs.

In general some of the larger cruise lines will have ADA (American Disabilities Association) compliant rooms on their cruise ships. If you’re deaf or hearing impaired, you can request special accommodations, for example tele-typewriters (TTY) or telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD). Some of the cabins may have the ADA approved kits. These kits include visual smoke alarms and alarms that vibrate and door sensors so you know when someone is at the door.
For blind travelers who bring along their guide dogs or other service animals, they’ll have a difficult time finding the best cruise. Each of the ports of call has different rules and regulations regarding guide dogs and service animals. Service animals may not be allowed to leave the cruise ship.

It’s important to work with a travel agent who specializes in disability travel who knows how to do this and may be familiar with your chosen cruise already.

Special diets are usually easily accommodated on most of the cruise lines. Vegans and vegetarians have fresh fruit and vegetable options and special diets are available for those passengers who need a low fat, low salt or low cholesterol diets. People with celiac disease may need to discus this with the cruise lines to see if their chefs are familiar with how to prepare gluten-free foods. Cruise passengers with lung impairments who will need oxygen can cruise but make sure you arrange to have plenty of oxygen on board.

Make sure that you’re not traveling alone and have someone travel with you who knows your specific needs. Don’t take anything for granted. Check everything out and double check with your travel agent. You may want to call the cruise line yourself too. Make sure your travel agent is experienced and ask for references from someone they have arranged travel for with similar needs.

Don’t forget to check with your travel agent about any discounts, free add-ons, or good deals on cruise travel too. The cruise lines want your business whether you are disabled or not.

As soon as your travel agent books your cruise, make sure the cruise line is notified of your special needs and know of your disability. With help from your travel agent for the disabled or cruise line specialist you should be able to have a worry-free and carefree holiday, vacation or adventure and make you an expert on disabled travel.

For more info on cruise travel for the disabled and travel tips for people with health issues, go to a nurse’s website: since 1982 specializing in travel, travel insurance, wheelchairs, exercise, sports, camps, recreation with tips, help, advice and resources including info on disability cruise travel

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