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So, you’ve finally booked that once-in-a-lifetime cruise! Congratulations! You are about to embark on an adventure that you will remember forever. However, you want those memories to be positive ones. After all, who wants to remember the hours they spent arguing at a local consulate to get a replacement for your lost passport or hunting for a pharmacy that can refill a needed prescription? Fortunately, you can avoid these situations by planning ahead and following these 10 important steps to prepare for your cruise.

Apply for your passport early

If your cruise will be taking you to a foreign country, you will need a passport. If you have never had a passport before, it can take up to three weeks to process your application for a passport. Even expedited passports will take up to two weeks. If this is your first time applying for a passport, or if your passport was issued more than 15 years ago or before you were age 16, you’ll have to apply in person at a Regional Acceptance Office or local Passport Agency. If you are not sure if you need a passport you can check online. Also, it is important to remember that even if you are traveling through a foreign country, even if your final destination is a U.S. state or territory, you may still need a passport.

Make a copy of the front page of your passport when you get it

If your passport is lost or stolen while you’re on your cruise, it will be much easier to get it replaced if you can provide the details on the front page of your passport to the local American consulate. Make several copies of that, and while you’re at it, copy the front and back of any credit cards that you plan to take with you as well as of your license and other important identification. Leave one copy at home with someone you trust, carry one set of copies in your travel/carry-on bag and, if possible, have a third set stored in the safe of the cruise ship.

Pre-book your shore excursions

You most likely will get a booklet from your cruise company after you book your cruise. Look through it and follow instructions to book space on any shore trips you want to take. By booking ahead, you can avoid long waiting in lines to get tickets for shore trips and other fun events. You can also pre-book spa treatments and appointments.

Check your airline tickets.

If you are buying airline tickets separately from your cruise package, double-check your airline reservations to make sure everything is correct, including the name on your ticket. If it does not match your ID, you may not be allowed to board the plane. It’s far better to correct things in advance than to be stuck at the airport on the day of your cruise.

Arrange for house-sitting, pet boarding and/or child care

Make arrangements to board your pets and find a sitter for your house and children at least a month in advance of your cruise.

Check your health insurance and buy travel insurance

What happens if you get sick or are injured overseas? Will your health insurance company cover you? While your regular health insurance may cover some overseas charges, you definitely should pay for a travel insurance policy. A good travel insurance policy will cover expenses that you probably won’t consider, such as the cost of getting home with medical care if you should fall ill while overseas.

Get backup prescription eyeglasses and medication

Imagine being on a scenic sightseeing cruise – and being unable to see the sights because your eyeglasses are broken. It can be difficult if not impossible to replace your prescription eyeglasses on board the ship or in a foreign port of call. Be prepared for any eventuality by getting a backup pair of eyeglasses just in case. If you take prescription medication, make sure that you have enough for your trip. If necessary, ask your doctor to write an additional prescription that you can fill before you sail.

Be sure that your toiletries will pass security checks

All the little necessities that make your day, such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and cosmetics, must be packaged properly to pass through security checks. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration uses the 3-1-1 system: 3 ounce bottles of liquids or gels packed in a 1 quart plastic zip-lock bag, 1 bag per passenger in carry-on luggage.

Get copies of significant medical records if you have a medical condition

If you have a medical condition that may cause complications or flare up during your trip, get copies of any important records or tests. If you become ill on board ship, the ship doctor will be able to treat you more quickly and effectively if you have those records with you.

Check the credit availability on credit cards you plan to take along

Most cruise lines run a credit authorization hold when you check in to cover your on board expenses. This can hit your credit line for hundreds of dollars even if you actually charge far less on your card. To avoid being left with little or no usable credit on your credit cards, make sure you have at least one credit card with several hundred dollars in credit remaining.

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about tips involving the vacationing and the travel industry, such as planning long trips and booking cruises .
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Welbuy, a new business service model, has been officially put into use. It is considered as an important breakthrough for low-volume purchasing. According to the strategic policy of Welfull Ourtdoors, a leading outdoor industry company of China based in Hangzhou, Welbuy is designed to be an all-in-one solution supplier for worldwide medium and small buyers.

How is Welbuy defined?

The acceptance process of new model is easily accompanied with confusion and misreading. To make Welbuy be accurately clarified and understood, a definition is given here: a new and independent platform lets small buyers piggyback big companies’ orders. It offers the service of high-volume purchasing, and also invites and encourages medium and small buyers to add on.

What is the core competency of Welbuy?

Traditionally, the small buyers easily encounter purchasing bottleneck. The manufacturers want big orders before they ramp up production, and that gives an edge to big retail chains and wholesalers over small buyers who can’t meet minimum order requirements. Even though the small buyers can find the factory cooperators, the costs of manufacturing and transportation, and the quality of products can’t be thoroughly controlled. It undoubtedly adds the uncertainty and uncontrollability to the procurement operation. A big business risk in this process is unavoidable.

Under such circumstances, how to break through the bottleneck of industry has been inserted into the daily agenda of many outdoor product suppliers. Welfull Outdoors is a typical representative. There is no any professional or effective solution until the emergence of Welbuy. Many insiders consider it touches the sore spot of the business and makes up the short slab of the industry, and meanwhile endows the outdoor industry more online strong points. What is the core value and unbeatable competency ? Let us list them hereinafter:

Firstly, a difference of service concept. Welbuy is never standardized by the quantities of order and the size of the purchasing companies. It equally serves all the buyers who want to add a small amount of purchasing on the basis of a third-party’s large deal. There is no discrimination and differentiation. According to a marketing data analysis, approximately 80% of Welbuy’s buyers are small or mid-sized companies, and 60% of them are from Europe and North America. Welbuy is well designed to meet the need of the market.

Secondly, the given price near to the wholesale price. Thanks to the abundant resource accesses and great brand popularity, Welfull Outdoors is capable of bearing the price-cost margin between the bigger order and smaller order. In addition, a given price for the small-order purchasing will be near to a wholesale price. This is a special treatment given to the small buyers.

Thirdly, a higher quality guarantee and a lower order quantity. Welbuy is a core product issued by Welfull Outdoors, and it mirrors a greater advantage that Welfull Outdoors has in the realms of the supply chain resources, factory and manufacturing channels. The quality of goods is absolutely guaranteed on the Welbuy, which will greatly benefit all the clients. Furthermore, Welbuy has a unbeatable advantage in MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The MOQ of all the listed products on the Welbuy are entirely lower than that in the wholesaling industry. Some goods accept a min. order quantity from 1 piece.

Additionally, Welbuy playing a role of wind indicator of the market change. Through a scientific and accurate deal monitoring and data analysis, small buyers can catch all the message released from big buyers’ business activities on the Welbuy, and then they can instantly predict some changes of destination markets. It is good for small buyers to adjust their marketing policy in time and have a flexible procurement.

A perspective of Welbuy’s development

By the end of March, 2016, there have been hundreds of products available on the Welbuy, and thousands of buyers have joined in the platform, and the sum of the deals has reached approximately one million US dollars. More and more overseas businessmen have gradually accepted and supported the development of Welbuy. All of these have witnessed a huge market potentiality of such a sort of business model.

As the continual upgrade and optimization, the reputation and acceptability of the platform will be obviously enlarged, and certainly more and more buyers and brands will come in. Welbuy will be developed to a first-choice platform for the global sourcing of the medium and small buyers in outdoor industry.

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Craftsman can create an endless number of unique handmade dressers that are as exquisite as they are useful and functional by studying and using a conglomeration of designs and fashions that have been popular at different times over the course of centuries. Artisans make old fashions popular today by melding styles, such as Queen Anne, Shaker and Mission styles. By doing so, a craftsman can honor old traditions while adding a mixture of woods or accents to match other bedroom furniture or simply personal styles. Sideboard dressers especially look tradition and modern at the same time when they are made from a blend of woods, which creates a special aesthetic in any dining room.

When building the tops, sides and drawers of handmade wooden dressers, craftsmen use the same dovetail joinery that is used for robust handmade desks. Dovetail joints can also hold the body of the dresser, or the carcass, together to add an element of personality while making it powerful at the same time. Frame and panel construction that uses mortise and tenon joinery is used with other dressers, and it looks especially beautiful with wooden pin accents. A sturdy handmade dresser will combine both joinery methods to make a good carcass and drawers.

Many styles of handmade wooden furniture that are popular today take their roots in styles and fashions of centuries past. The Queen Anne style is an example of a very American tradition that was once made popular between 1720 to 1760, and it was celebrated for its distinctive cyma, or S-curve, design in the feet of dressers or chairs. By also working this soft curve into other areas of the furniture, even a heavy piece of wooden furniture can soften the look of any room and make the piece look smaller and less assuming than it actually is.

Originally made from walnut, the Queen Anne style of furniture is a singularly Colonial American style. Today, handmade dressers of this style can be found made from any natural wood, such as cherry, butternut, maple or mahogany. Butternut wood is from the walnut tree family, and is celebrated for its warmer, honey-colored tones with contrasting darker grains.

An artisan will also delight in mixing types of wood for a more modern-looking handmade dresser. Hardwood knobs on the drawers of a bedroom dresser can be made from darker rainforest woods or even brass. The top of the dresser might feature darker dovetail details to bring an understated accent of beauty to an otherwise basic dresser. Studio furniture makers have the freedom to enjoy playing with the combinations of natural woods, knobs and joinery methods to create dressers that are truly unique and tailored to a client’s specific style preferences.

Another style of handmade dressers that is still popular today is the Shaker style. Originating in the late 1700’s, the Shaker style is revered for its clean lines, durable features and innovative joinery methods. Distinctive features include an arched apron and tapered legs, which looks graceful and unimposing.

Originally minimal in embellishments, artisans today will play with the tradition by adding modern touches, like blending types of wood in the paneling. Contrasting natural woods, like maple and walnut, a craftsman can really highlight the beauty of the panel doors and drawers. Intentionally practical, these sideboard Shaker style dressers are perfect for storing dining room china, but the pieces of furniture are elegant enough on their own.

Shaker-style sideboards can be made to look more modern by blending natural types of wood, accenting a solid-colored sideboard with darker or lighter hardwood knobs or even by using glass paneling in the doors. The visible glass contrasts especially with the darker rainforest woods for a modern, open aesthetic.

Studio handmade dressers differ greatly from factory-made dressers in that studio-furniture makers have the creative freedom to mix and match classic styles with modern demands. Whereas factory-made furniture is made to appeal to most people’s styles and preferences, studio-furniture makers create one-of-a-kind handmade dressers for one-of-a-kind clients. We realize not everyone has the same taste or needs, which is why working directly with an artisan can be a rewarding process for both the furniture-maker and the client.

Before moving forward with your purchase decision on a custom handmade dressers, stop by my online store at Hawk Ridge Furniture. I can make your handmade dresser unique accommodate essential needs of a unique space in your home.

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It used to be that you had to go to the video store to get a movie. Instead of buying or renting the dvd, people now can choose a movie download instead. Following is a list of a few movies that you can get using a movie download site.

A la Mode: This is a lighthearted French comedy of a young orphan who becomes apprentice to a village tailor, who proceeds to make it in the fashion scene of the ’60s. If the remainder of the film were as clever as the clothes there may be more than suggested. Cast includes Remy Duchemin, Ken Higelin, Jean Yanne, Francois Hautesserre, and Florence Challenge. (82 minutes, 1994)

Cherry 2000: Post-Mad Max venture in regards to a lady mercenary employed to bust into a 21st century android warehouse run by maniacs in what used to be the American Southwest. The film is a tad more fun than its restricted theatrical discharge may lead you to believe. Cast includes Melanie Griffith, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey, Jr., David Andrews, Tim Thomerson, Pamela Gidley, and Jennifer Mayo. (93 minutes, 1988)

I Want to Go Home: Lyrical author-actor Green plays a compulsive American cartoonist who voyages to Paris for an art show and to see his alienated daughter Benson. Depardieu, an exuberant admirer, brings him to his mom’s country home for the weekend. Written by Jules Feiffer, with a score by John Kander, this Franco-American curio is appallingly poor. Cast includes Adolph Green, Gerard Depardieu, Linda Lavin, Laura Benson, Micheline Presle, and Ludivine Sagnier. (101 minutes, 1989)

Dying Young: Aimless youthful lady replies to a newspaper ad and becomes nurse/friend to a 28-year old rich kid who’s stricken with leukemia. Eventually they fall in love. As perfect stage for Roberts’ charms and as love tale it has its good moments. Cast includes Julia Roberts, Scott, Vincent Donofrio, David Selby, and Ellen Bursty. (105 minutes, 1991)

Hook, Line & Sinker: A ludicrous premise about an allegedly dying man who runs up one hundred thousand dollars in credit card debt. Even Lewis fans can be bored. Cast includes Jerry Lewis, Peter Lawford, Anne Francis, Pedro Gonzalez, Jimmy Miller, and Kathleen Freeman. (91 minutes, 1951)

Unbreakable: Elijah Price has lived his whole life with a horrible bone condition. His bones are so weak that they shatter with the slightest jolt. From his reading of comics, he is convinced that there is an opposite of him living in the world. The story is of his search to find this “unbreakable” man.

Dennis The Menace: This is a movie version of the 1950’s comic strip. With his parents out of town Dennis is staying with the neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. As usual Dennis is making life miserable for poor Mr. Wilson.

So I Married an Axe Murderer: A man who’s never been able to commit to marriage ultimately meets Miss Right, and then finds out that she’s a infamous axe murderess! Myers is ingratiating and hilarious in a second role as his own contrary Scottish dad however the film by no means switches into high gear. Cameos by such recognizable funny men as Charles Grodin, Steven Wright, Phil Hartman, and Michael Richards appear mainly unnecessary. Cast includes Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, Amanda Plummer, Brenda Fricker, Debi Mazar, and Matt Doherty. (93 minutes, 1993)

The Delinquents: Intriguingly poor exploitation drama in regards to a fine boy who becomes part of a local gang since lady friend is too young to go steady. This is Altman’s first film, made in Kansas City, with Julia Lee singing “Muddy Rock Boogie.” Cast includes Tom Laughlin, Peter Miller, Richard Bakalyan, Rosemary Howard, and Helene Hawley. (75 minutes, 1957)

For file downloads use a phrase like “Movie Rental On Line”. If that one doesn’t work try another one. Try “Movie Rental” next.

Firstly, you will be amazed with the picture and the sound quality, which should leave you spellbound. Watch Movies Online Stream When you’re a movie buff, you want only the best. Some sites will give you unlimited viewing privileges for a low monthly fee.
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There are people who eat to live while there are some who live to eat and both of these examples epitomizes two extreme ways of defining nutrition. The first presupposes that people eat to satisfy their physiological needs and ward off hunger pangs, the second implies a deeper more complex relationship with food that presupposes a level of planning, anticipation and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, eating is far more complex and multi-faceted than these two extremes suggestions. It involves our psychological makeup, our social environment, our genetic blueprint, our economic situation, class and also the availability of food.

During the 20th Century, science had advanced to a point that it was starting to understand what nutrients our bodies needs and in what quantities. However today we have come to realize that although diets in the Western World in theory supply all our nutrients, they also directly contribute to some diseases. Today the emphasis is on what nutrients directly cause disease and we are learning that the best way to approach nutritional needs is optimum nutrition. However altering peoples eating habits is actually quite difficult and it highlights the difficulty of even defining nutrition. At best it can be defined as the study of peoples relationship with food.

It can define that the nutrients are needed for the body to grow, maintain and produce the cells, but the danger with this definition is the fact that people do not eat nutrients, they eat food. This is highlighted with the increase in the mortality and morbidity rates of many diseases.

In 1997 The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (IARC) studied the assessment of the role of food in causing cancer in a consistent and a scientific way. Most cancers are more prevalent in the Western part of the world. The Chinese call breast cancer as the rich womans disease and some cancers occur up to thirty times higher in the West. This would suggest that there is a strong link between the environment and cancer, because although we tend to have the idealized thoughts that everything is cleaner in the third world it is not necessarily the case.

There have been many different observational studies comparing communities and their way of living, including groups within groups and migrant studies as well. However there is still no solid proof about the real cause of cancer, and all the results are underpinned by tentative experimental findings.

Eventually we will be able to link biological markers and genetics, but before that time, more genetic research has to be carried out. Much of the studies have allowed the researchers to calculate risk, from the exposure to certain factors, such as the hormones in red meat.

As isolated as you may feel right now, you are not alone. Cancer diagnosis is just the beginning of your story. Cancer survivors prove every day that this can be the beginning of a whole new positive chapter in your life. Join our unique community of cancer survivors to be right now and receive a FREE report on Cancer Survivor’s tips.

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There are many questions which are generally asked on the internet. This topic is difficult and dangerous for any person who is right and is not engaged in such activities. A Fake ID is a form of identification which is moulded, reshaped and other forms to create Fake ID for a person. Just take an example; you can easily generate any person’s fake ID by applying your photo which is followed by state driver’s license. It is because the state license is issued by the state agency. On one hand, if you steal anyone’s driving license and will use it for your own use, then also it is known as Fake ID.

Every state has different types of laws for punishing a person having False Id, which can easily result in different offence. As, a state can make illegal way to use ID which is formed as the Fake ID.

Here are some of the general questions which are asked by the people about Fake Id.

Why you want to have a Fake Id?

If you are new to your college and wanted to go to the bars for drinking or for fun, then you will definitely need an id card to enter any Disco clubs or Bars. It will totally depend in which state you are living in, the id that you will require should be sorted with Microprint on your id card. This is the main feature how the trained bodyguards of the club recognized your fake ids.

There are many companies who are providing fake Ids to the customers. Almost forty-eight states all over the world are using microprint features on their IDs so that it may not look duplicate.

How Can You Make These IDs Look Legal?

These ID cards are selling legally because they do not have any trespass or do not have any copyrights on any of the identity cards or any other documents. The cards which are issued by companies are not identity cards, instead they are novelty cards.

What is Novelty Use?

There is no such definition for novelty use, but it can described as use but are not limited to- simply filling an empty space in your wallet, playing jokes with your friends, a prop card for watching movies.

What will be the punishment for the people who uses Fake Id?

The Id you are using is not for identifying your citizenship only, it also sees for checking your age, etc. There are two ways through which the law conducts the punishment: Use of Fake identification instead of Real, modifying your real identity.

So, if you are American and you are using any fake ID, then you will be punishable for 7 years in prison.

Kevin Howells is the author of this article. For further detail about American fake ID please visit the website.

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Have you tried hitchhiking? It’s fun, and the adventure is its own reward, but you have to know how to play it safe. You can’t flaunt your worldly goods, including your loaded money clip or wallets, in case there are greedy eyes around. These tips will help you smarten up before your raise a thumb.

Life on the Road

Jack Kerouac, American writer, redefined hitchhiking in his celebrated novel On the Road (1957). The novel chronicled friendships forged, hardships experienced, and joys discovered – all on a foray across the US continent on empty wallets.

Hitchhiking is not a new phenomenon. It has its roots snaking back to the pioneer days. According to urban legend, two riders would share a horse. The first rider rides ahead, hitches the horse to a tree or bush, and waits patiently for the second rider to reach the spot to unhitch the horse and ride a few stretches, while the first rider would walk until he reached the spot where the horse was hitched to take over. Thus, the expression hitch and hike.

Hitchhiking is alive and kicking in the age of the wild wild west. Each year, thousands of students enlist for the hitch to Prague or Morocco to drum up funds to improve and support education in Africa. Hitchhiking has also joined the ranks of spelunking and mountain climbing in the adventure department. They could have empty or bulging wallets, but they know better than to show it off.

Hitchhikers are mostly young people eager to take on the world via free rides. You’d know them by their backpacks, college football T-shirts, faded jeans, and sneakers. No, they don’t don their dressing gowns like Arthur Dent in the sci-fi movie The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, nor are they garbed in executive suits with fat wallets tucked somewhere.

But is hitchhiking still safe? Yes and no. Before you thumb your way to the next state, do a little investigation. Some states like New Jersey made hitchhiking illegal, and if you’re not careful, you’ll land in jail.

Tips for Safe Hitchhiking

Truckers have put in a word of advice to those who would like to experience the thrill of hitchhiking. According to them, go where truckers have their stops. You are most likely to get a ride there, but don’t push it if the person makes you feel suspicious when you reach out for one of your wallets in your attached case masquerading as a backpack.

Have a companion when hitchhiking. Aside from keeping you company to while the hours waiting for a ride, you’ll feel safe with a friend with you. The two of you shouldn’t doze off when you’re on a ride with a stranger. And if the stranger offers you food, eat with him in a public place, and never leave your food unattended – the same advice goes for your things.

Always have several emergency numbers tucked in your wallets, your bag’s pockets, and in the seat pockets of your pants. You will never know when and how you’ll need these numbers.

If you can, don’t wear any pieces of jewelry. Wear the cheapest watch that you have because expensive items can titillate the insatiable greed of robbers on the highway.

As for your wallets, keep it out of reach from beady eyes. It is better to be safe than sorry later. But once you have enjoyed hitchhiking, you’ll be eager for more. Thumbs up?

When hitchhiking, guard your checkbook wallet with your life. But worse comes to worse, you can always get new cash clip wallets and other wallets from

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