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There is evidence to suggest that Yoga, one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, can be used to prevent and manage heart problems. The same tenets – exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation – espoused in a Yogic lifestyle, are also those prescribed by medical professionals for coronary health. Often associated with toned bodies and complex poses, Yoga may have been intimidating in the past. With new Chair Yoga Classes, however, this ancient practice is now available to everyone.

If you classify the heart as a muscle, it is the strongest muscle in the body. Hollow and about the size of a fist, it pumps almost five liters of blood throughout the body every minute, carrying nutrients through the circulatory system to the organs. When its passageways become blocked, by fatty deposits or inflammation, the result is heart disease – a condition that kills one American every 35 seconds.

Coronary ailments affect both men and women and are becoming more common among the younger population, as well as those over 65. Although some risk factors are genetic, many are related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. Smoking and alcohol are also detrimental to a healthy heart; and chronic conditions – such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and hardened arteries – greatly increase the odds of heart attacks.

According to clinical research, released by the American Heart Association – in 2004, participants who practiced Yoga three times a week, for 6 weeks, lowered their blood pressure and their risk of heart disease. Although people with coronary problems improved their blood vessel function, those who were healthy showed the greatest results in lowering their body mass index, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

While studies did not relate specifically to Chair Yoga, there is reason to believe that this new adaptation could be just as effective. There are several known and suggested mechanisms by which Chair Yoga may improve general cardiac health:

* Helps to prevent heart attacks by regulating the region of the brain that controls endocrine activity
* Lowers blood pressure
* Lowers pulse rate
* Reduces stress and anxiety
* Relaxes muscles
* Enables better self-care by enhancing the cognitive system
* Reduces inflammation by boosting the immune system
* Encourages positive thinking and a general sense of wellbeing
* Increases confidence and reduces feelings of helplessness
* Helps to control pain and reduce dependence on medications
* Increases energy and enables a more active lifestyle
* Lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides – factors that contribute to inflammation

Chair Yoga classes, for heart disease, are offered in studios, senior centers, and health-related facilities around the world; and videos are available for home use. In addition to physical exercise, Chair Yoga often brings together a group of like-minded individuals, with similar issues, and that alone can be therapeutic.

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, is a co-owner and the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:
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As always, Clive Cussler’s latest novel stays right on top of current geopolitical events. Arctic Drift, set in 2011, centers on global warming and the financial crisis.

The bad guy of the story, Mitchell Goyette, is a Canadian energy tycoon with a public facade of green technology and renewable resource businesses. However, his dark underbelly conceals heavy involvement in oil and natural gas.

South of the Canadian border, the United States faces a financial crisis of unequaled of proportions, a crisis intensified by the looming boycott of the U.S. by the international community if the country does not cut its greenhouse gas emissions from coal burning and automobiles.

The American president in 2011, when the story takes place, plans to use natural gas from Canada to replace both coal and automobile gasoline, thereby killing two birds with one stone. The nation would make huge savings by cutting down on expensive oil imports, and simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions by burning a cleaner fuel.

This desperate American play gets exploited by the industrialist Goyette to the fullest. Officially, he is the hero of the green movement because of his heavy investments in wind power and carbon dioxide sequestering. Unofficially, he holds a major interest in the Athabasca oil sands of Alberta, as well as the entire Melville natural gas field in the Canadian Arctic.

The unconscionable Goyette strikes a deal with the American government to sell nearly limitless supplies of Melville natural gas at market value, which would help the U.S. avert the escalating energy crisis, a financial meltdown, and an international trade boycott. But when Goyette is able to secretly work out a better deal with China, he does not hesitate to break his agreement with the U.S. and leave the southern neighbor high and dry.

(The truth is, in the real world it is hard to see how Goyette’s business would survive the breach of such a huge and important contract. But it makes for a good story line.)

However, Goyette’s double-dealing with the U.S. and China may actually be the least of his crimes. He’s also guilty of assassination, bribing politicians, creating toxic waste that kills people and wildlife, and almost instigating a war between the U.S. and Canada.

What Goyette does not count on, of course, is Dirk Pitt, the hero of 20 Clive Cussler books, including this latest installment. In the end, good prevails over evil.

Arctic Drift is an excellent and seamless co-authorship between Clive Cussler and his son, Dirk Cussler. It is hard to tell the penmanship of one apart from the other throughout the book. Whatever sections Dirk Cussler wrote, he did an excellent job of adopting Clive’s inimitable style. (That’s an intentional oxymoron.)

All in all, Arctic Drift is an excellent action thriller. It’s does not have the cover-to-cover non-stop action of some of the older Dirk Pitt novels by Cussler, but it does have quite enough action, plus the story line is brilliant and intriguing and keeps you wanting to read more. And as always in Dirk Pitt’s world, the villains are as clever as they are evil, and the heroes as pure as Arctic snow.

Britt Hellman lives in Western North Carolina with her spouse and three children. She operates her own copywriting company from home. Clive Cussler has been one of her favorite writers since reading his Trojan Odyssey, a Dirk Pitt Novel, in 2003. She writes reviews like this one on Arctic Drift for the fun of sharing that excitement.
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In the majority of American homes, the kitchen is not only a
place for preparing food. It is also the center of activity for
many other reasons. The humble kitchen table is a place where family members gather, where visiting friends gather to have a cup of tea or coffee and converse.

Given the importance of the kitchen and subsequent kitchen table, it is no surprise that many home owners go to great lengths to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible. One way of achieving this is to address the lighting of the kitchen itself.
There are many ways of using lights to our benefit

Two kinds of lighting are predominately installed in our kitchen:-

Functional lights –

Functional kitchen lighting – fluorescent overhead lighting is a necessity in any kitchen, in order for a person to see clearly whilst preparing and cooking the evening meal being just one of many valid reasons.

Mood lighting –

Mood lights are just what their name implies and they are a great innovation that can be utilized in many rooms with great individual effect. In the kitchen mood lights can be strategically placed directional lights that create an atmosphere or a mood, by highlighting specific features to enhance the kitchen for the people either staying in or working in or around the kitchen.
Without mood lights, a kitchen that contains the most elegant of decors and strategically placed elegant features will look amazing and is sure to be a talking point amongst guests.

Kitchen lighting improvement involves the installation of lights on top of counters or atop an island bench where they are utilized the most. Some homeowners even have lights installed under bench tops to enhance the beauty of the timber and ornate handle fixtures.

Don’t forget to incorporate natural lighting into your kitchen decor. The natural light of the sun can also be utilized to great effect in the kitchen by way of a skylight that is strategically placed, through windows and through doors. Bear in mind, how old world charm can be infused into your kitchen by the installation of lead-light doors and windows. Also, the use of internal glass doors or mirrors can also accentuate the effect of light. Utilize the natural light that the sun can afford you.

Before initiating any home improvement, including lighting, it is necessary for a home owner to take note of some valuable advice. Kitchen lights should be installed and directed into three distinct places. These places are the sink, the oven and the top of your counter or bench top. Lights that are installed under the kitchen cabinets to enhance the beauty of the timber and ornate handle fixtures. A home owner can choose from three types of under-cabinet lighting should he/she wish and all three styles of lighting can be utilized to great effect. Apart from the other two sources of light, there is also light emitting diodes (LEDs). All manner of lights and light fittings are widely available in kitchen improvement stores and home centers. Utilizing all three types of lighting available can create the ideal lighting for your kitchen.

With the array of lights installed within one’s kitchen, it is important to be responsible consumer and thus improvise a way to save on the consumption of energy – electricity. The installation of a sensor that detects movement an ideal way to save on the consumption of lighting energy. Through ultrasonic sensors that can detect sounds, and sensors that contain infrared lighting that can detect movement, this device automatically turns on the kitchen lights. It has an added advantage in that it triggers the turning off of all kitchen lights if both sensors no longer detect any sound or motion.
Isn’t amazing how far we have come from the yellowy dim light afforded as by incandescent lights of years past. Consult lighting experts from many of the home improvement stores available for their ideas and tips with lights and lighting used within the kitchen and elsewhere throughout your home. And, don’t forget to consult using the internet. The internet is always a useful tool when considering any home improvements.

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Building a home is a lifetime investment for most of the people and no doubt that everyone wishes to have one in the best quality and standards. By finding best design and contractors you can enjoy superior services that not only add value but also elegance and comfort to the home. The professional contractors shall use the latest technology and tools for installation of various systems to your home in the best craftsmanship and artistic touch that would surely transform your home for a customized look. The American design and contracting company has been in the industry for many years and offers professional services for all property needs like installing retaining walls Saratoga, Pool areas, landscaping, drainage, grading, building patios, walkways etc according to your requirement.

The retaining walls Saratoga experts first understand your home requirements and accordingly come up with the best solution that is both functional and appealing to your home meeting the specifications. Whether you need a small home planter walls or elaborated retaining walls they offer the best irrespectivec of whether the job is big or small and ensure to maintain that quality, durability, elegance and value to your home with a customised look. You can also avail stamped concrete pools Saratoga services to choose from a variety of designs, patterns, colors and finishing with the stamped concrete that adds a unique look to your outdoor area around the pool. You can use this stamped concrete to add a versatile touch to the ground whether you are looking for a brick, stone, tile, slate, wood or various other patterns and textures that can be derived using the stamped concrete. This is very much suitable for the outdoor areas to add appeal and functionality to the area. The pool areas Clifton part can be done with the stamped concrete that is cost effective but brings in the same patter and look of different materials suitable to your taste.

Being experts in this area the American Design and Contract Company can meet your expectations in offering the services using best products and crew to transform the outdoor living space as per the customer choice. All services are offered in the best quality and price along with a guarantee on the workmanship and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. You can avail a free quote for the job and accordingly hire the services to transform your house into a home suitable to your lifestyle.

Are you looking for the Stamped concrete contractors, then you are at the perfect place. Adcmason is now offering the variety of designs, patterns and colors of stamped concrete patios and pools in Clifton Park, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rensselear. Check our website for more details.

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The development of a home-based business is generally a very personal decision simply because it involves moving away from all that is familiar toward something that is profound in the amount of unanswered questions.

There is risk involved in going it alone. There is risk in being the one solely responsible for the administration of your own business. There is financial risk if the venture should fail.


There are rewards in being your own boss. There are rewards in being able to answer only to yourself in matters of business. There are financial rewards should the venture succeed.

The growth of home-based business may well resemble the early American pioneers who ventured west looking for a better life. There was great struggle and not everyone made it, but those that did managed to work hard to carve out a life that was filled with both adventure and satisfaction.

The comparison is so appropriate for home-based business owners. In times past we may have only thought of home-based businesses as being a farmer or a rancher, but today it a field being pioneered by hearty souls in search of a better life for their families. Not everyone will make it, but for those that do it’s a journey filled with adventure and satisfaction.

Individuals are discovering that the very things they have enjoyed as hobbies may be moved to the forefront and given a new status as ‘business venture’. There are those who are making a living pet sitting, or providing freelance photography work. Individuals are writing from home or managing a home-based accounting firm.

Today’s business office may be the very room we once called a den. The overhead cost is significantly reduced, the environment is very comfortable and the hours are left up to the business owner.

Many are seeking just such a lifestyle as a means of liberating a 9-5 mentality. The business suit may be packed away and the hours one works may be scattered over a longer period of time or can be adjusted to allow for the intake of life.

Many home-based business owners will say it is very hard work, but the benefits to both individual and family make it a lifestyle more and more aspire to grasp.

The pioneering spirit is alive and well and is prospering behind the screen of millions of personal computers that are providing the link between a revolutionary thought and the realization of a 21st century hope for a better future.

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