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Tiki culture first came into American consciousness in the 1930s, when Texas-born Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, who had journeyed throughout the South Pacific, opened Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood. The Polynesian-themed restaurant offered Cantonese cuisine and exotic rum concoctions in a tropical ambiance of blazing torches, leis and brightly colored fabrics. Following the standard set by the Beachcomber, Trader Vic (Victor Bergeron) established his first Polynesian style restaurant in Oakland, which was to become a chain of restaurant worldwide. The popularity of Trader Vic restaurants peaked in the 50s and 60s, riding on the wave of the Tiki craze at the time, but the popularity of the restaurant chain eventually waned when Tiki lost its appeal to newer generations. In recent years, resurgent interest on Tiki culture also sparked interest on Tiki-themed restaurants and bars, as more young people come to appreciate the strong drinks and unique atmosphere of these places.

Another catalyst in the introduction and the eventual widespread acceptance of Tiki are the stories and souvenirs brought home by servicemen who fought in the Pacific during World Ward II. The fantastic stories about the exotic and magnificent islands inspired James Michener to write his book Tales of the South Pacific which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948. A year later, the book was used as basis for the award-winning South Pacific musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, which won a Pulitzer Prize and swept the Tony Awards. The musical in turn was the basis for the movie adaptation released in 1958.

Hawaiian statehood in 1959 brought about the golden era of Tiki popularity in the US. Americans love the exotic culture from the faraway islands that was romanticized in restaurants, bars, music, Broadway and Hollywood. Polynesian inspired design began to permeate many facets of American life, from home decorations to landscapes to architecture.

Now, having said all that, the question that comes to mind is: what exactly is Tiki culture? Are these just the mind-boggling drinks and exotic food? Tropical ambience brought by richly colored tapestries? The striking statues, masks and other collectibles that are just too irresistible for their camp value?

One definition of culture is that it consists of customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a social group that are transmitted from generation to generation. In short, it is the way of life of people in a given area that is uniquely their own. Thus, Polynesian culture from which Tiki is derived consists of the cultures of the South Pacific islands taken as a whole (though each island may have its own customs and beliefs that is quite different to the next island). Tiki culture, then, is an amalgam of the things that Westerners came to appreciate about the South Pacific islands: the friendly people, fascinating traditions and practices, lively music, imaginative artworks, practical architectural forms, exciting trinkets that are not only decorative but functional as well.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Americans to transform their communities and homes into a tropical paradise symbolized by the Tiki culture. Thus, they settled for the next best thing- making Tiki artifacts part of their environment to somehow give them a feel of paradise. It is for this reason that Tiki statues are in high demand: a small statue as a table centerpiece or a rather large one in the garden are not only great conversation pieces, but also transform rather drudge settings into something with more warmth and life.

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When a customer is brought into your office for the first time what meets their eyes will form a long-lasting impression on how they feel about you or your business. Stop for a minute and think who you would rather conduct business with.

Business number one has Swedish style assemble-it-yourself office furniture and folding chairs. Business number two has Amish mission style furniture that flows with the hand made excellence that the general public have come to associate with the Amish. Whether it is a conscious or sub-conscious feeling, we tend to give more credence to someone that works in an office that looks permanent.

So much of the common office furniture today is mass produced using particle board and laminates. Molding is made from pressed wood fibers and instead of being hand machined is done on a press. The furniture may show wood grain on the large surface area but lacks it on the moulding. It lacks a truly professional look. On the other hand, Amish mission style furniture is made from real north American wood that has been hand crafted in a small shop rather than a large factory. Each piece is hand made and hand fitted to the adjoining pieces. The end result is an impressive solid work of art.

An example of what you get when you choose mission furniture for your office can be found in the Buckingham 72 inch executive desk. It is built from cherry wood which will improve in color and personality as the wood ages. The construction includes raised panel ends, fluted corners and a powerful one in. thick solid wood top. The craftsmanship is even more evident when you look into one of the seven drawers and see the dovetail construction supported by full extension drawer slides.

The Amish mission style furniture is heirloom grade furniture that may be passed down to your folks when they take over the business. And, the potential colleagues that you entertain in your office will be impressed with the solidity of your furniture and know that your business is going to be around for a long time. You may commence with a virtue of demonstrated stability before you have even had the time to say howdy to them. While your competitor, with the cheap pre-fabricated furniture, is making an attempt to convince their customers of the feasibility of their business, you’ll move on to discussing the things that matter.

Learn more about wood home entertainment furniture. Stop by Shawn Hess’s site where you can find out all about Amish furniture stores and what they can do for you.
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We know that acts of genocide were perpetrated on our people because we refused to be separated from our lands. Tremendous harm was done by those who would prevent us from speaking or learning our language; by those who would prevent us from practicing our ancient rituals, our healing and doctoring ceremonies, our celebrations, our condolences. The spiritual cloak that was our shield from unrelenting grief and loss from one generation to another was torn from us leaving us vulnerable to what science now calls “over-activation of our fight or flight response” and “toxic stress.” Though we are now relatively free to practice our ancient ways, the trauma has not stopped and many of our people have drifted far from ceremonial circles.

Our old ones passed down to us the stories of our beginnings. Our Creation story described where we came from, how we arrived here and gave instructions on how to conduct our ceremonies and be grateful. Our old grandmas and grandpas told stories that taught about life and the most important ones centered around the behavior and care of our children and pregnant women and the responsibilities of their partners. Nothing says that we can’t incorporate those teachings in health care and then remind our patients why it makes sense.

Research is showing that stress and traumatic events experienced by an unborn baby in the womb through the mom and during early childhood can alter the genetic makeup of the fetus and child. These altered genes can have adverse impact on their health in the future. To start these babies may grow to be prone to depression and more reactive to stress or less stress resilient. Researchers are also finding that some of these altered genes are passed on to the next generation. In the past this mechanism was crucial for the survival of the species during times of extreme environmental changes on the planet.

Toxic stress experienced by children can alter their brain, their genes and organ development if they do not have the caring support of an adult. So a young girl’s childhood experiences, her health and her diet will not only effect the outcome of her future pregnancies but also can effect her future grandchildren. She is not alone in this as the genes that come from the father have also been imprinted by his childhood and his environment in his mother’s womb. Combined, the mother and father lay the groundwork for their baby to grow and still the actual outcome can change depending on the environment in the womb. Imagine no worries or concerns, having nutritious food, adequate exercise, a loving partner, happiness and peace. The baby would form itself based on that particular environment as opposed to an environment laced with anger, fear, frustration or grief.

Our women suffer twice the rates of physical and sexual assault as Caucasian women. The children who witness these violent acts suffer unseen damage that will affect their health later on in life. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente have shown that adverse childhood events including physical abuse, addiction in the family, divorced/separated parents among others can result in poor health across the life span. Suffering abuse early in life causes the development of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking, overeating and so on but it also compounds the effects of persistent stress response in our bodies which can alter the development of the brain, change genetic expression and adversely impact the immune system. Persistent stress response is being in “fight or flight” mode for long periods of time.

Imagine the health consequences for the boarding school survivors who are currently in their 60s and older? I once heard a health-care provider at a conference say, “The story doesn’t matter, just treat the symptoms.” I find that offensive.

There are real physiologic manifestations of trauma, generational and otherwise that begins in the womb and calls for us to listen closely to the story because these issues require intergenerational prevention not merely a Band-Aid. Our responsibility as service providers, no matter what field we’re in, is not only to the individual in front of us but should encompass the immediate family and the generations standing behind them, the ones that are coming toward us; something our traditional healers and elders have always understood. Change is difficult, but evidence is mounting in research-based practice, that it is time to acknowledge the importance of the spirit and the mind and incorporate that understanding as an integral part of our health-care delivery practices. As the saying goes: “If nothing changes, you’ll only get what you’ve always gotten.” Patients will continue to “fail treatment” or “fail to comply.” Maybe the problem is that the provider “failed to listen” or “failed to understand” or “failed to change.” For Native people among other cultures changing the face of medical institutions from disapproving frustration to one of unconditional personal regard would be one barrier to care resolved.

Beverly Cook

Beverly Cook, Wolf Clan Mohawk, is the mother of three daughters and has three grandchildren. She has worked as an RN and family nurse practitioner at the St. Regis Mohawk Health Services in Akwesasne for more than 27 years.

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Caring for a family member or friend who is living with a memory disorder is a labor of love. The decision to do so is made for many reasons, most often because loved ones feel a deep emotional need to embark on this often rewarding, but challenging pursuit. While it can feel very good to be able to support a loved one in a time of need, providing constant help can take its toll on caregivers. After all, providing care around the clock to someone with a memory disorder calls for long hours, hard work and the willingness to face unpredictability. As time passes, the work can be very emotionally draining.
The American Psychological Association estimates about 40 to 70 percent of family caregivers will experience the symptoms of depression. Another 25 to 50 percent may show signs of major depression as the emotional drains of caregiving take serious tolls. The effects are often felt, the APA points out, due to the overtaxing caregivers are likely to face. Most dedicate at least 20 hours a week to providing care to their loved ones. This part-time commitment is generally performed on top of a regular workweek. Essentially, caregiving is likely to leave caregivers with very little time to rest and provide care for themselves. Caregivers may find their sleeping habits disrupted, anxiety levels higher, eating schedules off kilter and more. All of that adds up to a real concern for caregiver health.

Caregivers facing depression, healthcare providers say, may not even realize it. As they are pulled in multiple directions, trying to do their best each day, they may overlook some common symptoms. The telltale signs to look for include:

Experiencing sadness, hopelessness or emptiness on a regular basis
Demonstrating major changes in sleeping habits
Having difficulty focusing
A sense of fatigue that does not go away no matter how much rest is enjoyed
A loss of interest in activities and hobbies that were once enjoyable
Feeling agitated or being easily agitated
Caregivers who suspect they are displaying signs of depression are urged to seek out medical advice. Treatments are available to address the symptoms and help empower caregivers with better ways to cope with the stresses they face. Medications, therapy and seeking out respite care for loved ones to ensure breaks are enjoyed when they are needed can all be helpful.

Caregiving is a labor of love. Caregivers, however, must remember that their health matters, too. If depression is a concern, help is available. Seeking out assistance can be important for ensuring caregiver health and the best possible care for the loved one living with a memory disorder.

The Cottages have been operating in Texas since 1997 and are family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living. The Cottages Senior Livingare state-of-the-art certified assisted living residences for people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.
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At present, thousands of opportunities are unlocked if you try to learn another language. Obviously, speaking the said language in a pidgin manner can also put your foot in your mouth and solicit laughter in others. Don’t be disheartened as this is part of the learning process.

Learning how to speak Spanish must not be complicated and there are many advantages of adding this language to your repertoire.

In this time and age, learning a new language opens millions of possibilities. It is natural to commit mistakes at first but this is all part of learning.

There are pretty easy ways of learning Spanish and once you’re already successful at this, you would have expanded your repertoire of languages.

Spanish as an International Language

History reminds us that Spain once controlled the second-largest empire for more or less 400 years. As a result, its colonies have espoused the Spanish language and up until now, have utilized it considerably.

A quick trivia that you probably didn’t know about is the fact that Spanish is the second most-spoken language today. With this information, knowing how to speak Spanish makes you communicate with more than 320 million people worldwide. A number of countries in Latin America and Europe make Spanish as one of their primary languages. These pieces of information point to the fact that thousands of opportunities are unlocked if you learn to speak Spanish.

Economics and Politics

It is believed that Latin America will be the new European Union. With this, the said portion of America will now be among the richest economies the world has ever seen. If you educate yourself with the Spanish language, you are opening your doors towards the advantages that this development will bring.

Another very good motivation to learn to speak Spanish is the fact that it is an official language of many powerhouses such as the United Nations, European Union and Union of South American Nations. If you’re not into business opportunities, then how about the employment opportunities you can obtain from these groups?

Cultural Benefits

Shakira, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Pedro Aldomovar, Picasso, El Greco, Salvador Dali, Benicio del Toro, flamenco, paella, Bakalao, and bullfighting, are among the other cultural contributions.

While these Spanish-speaking artists have their masterpieces translated into English, it will be nicer if you can actually sing and dance to their tunes and understand the lyrics perfectly. It will be a completely special feeling if you are able to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s works in Spanish or to enjoy Pedro Aldomovar’s films without using subtitles.

Indeed, some things get lost in translation!

To conclude, many opportunities are unlocked if you learn to speak Spanish: these include travel and employment, medical and creative, as well as those related to fun and adventure. After all, it would bring you more personal and professional growth if you try to develop your repertoire and not be isolated within the limits of your little corner in the United States (or wherever).

Simply put, learning to speak Spanish provides you with opportunities for employment, business, creativity and fun and adventure. After all, it’s really better to step out of your own limited world and experience the wonder that other worlds have to offer!

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You can only do so much in the house to not get bored when stuck there for the holiday season. Nearly 25 million Americans avoid the tedium by heading out come winter vacation time with many travel agencies as well as hotels and resorts on their heels eager to corner their business. A winter holiday can be had any number of places. For vacations on a budget people can turn to the various packages provided by hotels along with winter ski resorts and cruises to temperate regions that are only too eager to accommodate the holiday crowds. Rock bottom rates can often be had at a number of cruise liners too.

There are ski lodges and resorts dotting the Stowe Vermont to Lake Tahoe east to west landscape if you are into a fun snow filled holiday. Possibly the most renowned ski places are found somewhere in Colorado. Lots of stars go off into Vail for the winter which features 3800 acres for skiing. Folks can look forward to different activities from ice hockey to snowmobiling to helicopter skiing to cross country ski touring to dog sledding to sleigh rides. Colorado is also home to Telluride which boasts of interesting resorts that have lately captured the attention of rich luminaries.

Aside from the 300 room hotel equipped with ski lifts and standing at an elevation of roughly 8000 feet there are lots of other places in Beaver Creek providing superb accommodations. Other Colorado ski resort destinations include those in Copper Mountain as well as Keystone. Lake Tahoe found in northern California and Big Bear and Mammoth in the southern portion are what confront skiers in the West Coast.

For those on a budget, skiers can also enjoy winter fun without paying resort prices. A number of hostelries dot the major cross country and downhill landscape. Prime spots are those in Aspen or Jackson Hole or Killington or the Squaw or Taos Ski Valley.

Children friendly destination options are likewise plentiful. Some hotels in New York provide special menus such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as special recreational programs like scavenger hunts, cookie baking, kite flying and sand castle building. Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, located at the foot of the Smokey Mountains, has been enjoyed by holiday families for 70 years. This place features mountain sunrises, woodland trails, fireside gatherings and home furnishings that recall colonial times.

People pay Walt Disney World in Florida a visit lots of times each year too to make their vacation dreams come true. You will see Douglas firs lined with lights along with toy soldiers moving forward plus the elaborate parades and musical presentations. Someone who is always up for anything sugary will be delighted to drop by the Pennsylvania Hersheypark in the region of Hershey.

In the US travelers have lots of destination options that are rich in both history and local flavor. For true blue Colonial American vacations heading out to Williamsburg Virginia will do the trick as the city fathers treat travelers to a festive 17th century celebration of the Jamestown Settlement holiday. Celebrate the holidays country style at a Nashville lodging place but for some French inspiration head on down to New Orleans for their yearly Christmas event. Guests get in on the city night life by jazz cruising aboard the riverboat Creole Queen and sampling the unique rebellion dinners given by several restaurants. Riding a cruise ship will take travelers to a whole new level of excitement too. Reputable cruising companies offer a variety of holiday trip locations.

Winter travel is another great time for doing some shopping. Dropping by remote stores and shopping will not be a problem with most of the leading cities that feature hotels offering special rates. Tourists with unlimited cash flow catch the attention of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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California is one of the largest states in America located on the west coast. This state is also referred as the golden state because of its sunny and bright weather. This state is highly industrialized state and has a number of businesses and the business activities connect too many other cities. This golden state is very popular in terms of tourism, business, and trade. It flaunts luxurious hotels, inns, and resorts. It offers many comfortable and versatile resorts. All over the state offers the wide range of facilities for regular tourists as well as business travelers. Different resorts cater to the different client and offer various amenities to attract the tourists.

California hotels offer clean and safe accommodation at various location and affordable tariffs. There are various five and seven-star hotels that provide excellent hospitality services at the high price and also cater rich and famous corporate business. Most of the resorts also offer package deals to tourists. You can easily found this royal service through access internet. They include fitness centers, casinos, spa, swimming pool, games, theater and all the amenities for all generation. The variety and the quality of the cuisine offered are extremely satisfactory and delight. The rooms of the hotel are extremely comfortable and offer entertainment channels, air conditioning, internet access and small refrigerators. As it is a rich state so the tourists love to see the glimpse of Hollywood and Disneyland so the hotels are always unique and offer a cherished and exhilarating experience to their visitors. For these places, advance online registration is important to fix their presence in the hotels. There are many sites available online that give detail information and all the facilities that are provided by these resorts. It is the place with the stunning environment and awesome places to visit. Everyone wants to taste the greatness that the city offers such as vacant rooms have become very competitive and you have to plan your trip in advance.

Overall, there is no better place to visit for a holiday or even a family vacation than in the great place of California. It is now easier to get a vacant room as all you have to do is browse and book it online. With the help of online facility, you no longer have to worry about such hassles and have a peace of mind as you make the trip. The most important point is to outline your budget so that you know the caliber of a hotel which you are looking for. There are quite a number of great resorts available which suits you and also have so many great hangout joints and recreational activities. Resort in California are accommodated all your family members that help you to strengthen your family bond and you will get great deals, offers and probably discount for bed, breakfast and such like treats.

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