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If you?re among those who wish to on a lavish European tour without spending everything you have, or if you?ve been searching for the coolest happenings in destinations such as London, Budapest, Moscow, Rome, Paris, or even Belgrade, then Harvard students have something useful for you ? a travel guide to beautiful Europe. This 320 page paperback book in blue contains so much intelligence and that is something that makes it stand out from other travel guides.

Across most universities, dining hall doors are flung open to accommodate both resident and foreign students during the time of summer. The food runs in the most extreme settings, from disgusting ones in filthy stalls and cafeterias to the most elegant places that serve tasty delicacies.

By availing the services of student hostels which are scattered throughout the main cities, one can maximize his budget while touring Europe and meeting his European counterpart. These assets are basically college dorms that are renovated into a hotel only in the summer to cater to plenty of students and even to people who come to Europe to tour.

While the travel guide is written and published by students for students, it can be extremely helpful for other young Americans on travel budgets. Though a man traveling with his wife may not need an Italian translation of where can we be alone, he certainly will want other information. Take the tips on hitch hiking. The most ideal blend on this journey would be a guy and a girl as it is in real life. The sight young couples waiting together on the roadside will definitely raise combined feelings of nostalgia, curiosity, good will, and even envy or protectiveness so this guarantees that the drivers will give them a lift.

Each person has to pay a dollar for carrying tents and bedding while on his camping trip in Russia. Unnecessarily long lines can be prevented if people plan their bath or toilet tips which have arisen thanks to the number of people each year who set up their tent homes in the available spaces. For 10 to 15 cents, you may avail of the warm bath at some periods in the day but the cold running water is available the entire day.

It doesn’t entail an undergraduate to take advantage of the pub crawling tips in England or on a wine tasting France tour. There are special sections on each and one on how to buy art works, too. There is no need for you to be a student just to get the lowdown on nightlife scenes in 50 cities and regions in about 19 countries, taking Germany, Israel and Turkey along, too. All these useful information are collected by the students who have been commissioned to search out every single restaurant, cafe, hotel, inn, or pension that enables any American to have a decent place to stay and eat while giving him enough room and money some memorable swinging.

The goal is to see the interesting ways of touring Europe without breaking the bank. There is a feature on nightclubs, since discotheques and nightclubs are great ways of socializing with both sexes of Europeans. There are sections under every chapter that highlights a specific country and these sections detail information on How to Get Around, Restaurants, Board and Lodging, Nightlife Districts, and of course, Excursions and Sights.

It also includes facts on working in Europe, student recreation centers in the holidays with room and entertainment area information, as well as instructions on mountain climbing trips, scuba diving, special transportation and tourist rates for people who are still in college. Back in 1960, this was given as a free 20 page manual published on mimeograph paper to many travelers on Harvard student flights.

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