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A combination of mounting infections, various government alerts, and foreign visitors subjected to massive quarantines. Since the beginning of H1N1 or swine flu there has been nothing but negative news. This leaves travelers among those who worry about protecting themselves against this viral infection epidemic. What needs to be done by travelers in this case apart from taking certain health precautions is to obtain adequate travel insurance.

Sometimes, there are situations that cannot be covered. After it was declared by the World Health Organization that H1N1 was a global pandemic, there were a number of big trip insurance providers that halted their coverage for H1N1 as mentioned by the executive vice president of an online comparison site based in Warwick, RI. Nowadays, some of these companies have reverted back to covering H1N1. Based from his comments, there has not been any big trip insurer that he knows of that is still in the process of reinforcing this pandemic exclusion for H1N1.

Provided below is a Question and Answer portion that pertains to the current general industry practices on H1N1. Taken note of in this case are bundled policies where coverage is provided for expenses that are due to trip cancellation and interruption, other situations, and medical care. The inquiry being made with the first question is that can any nonrefundable deposits be reimbursed of a trip is cancelled before a person leaves if the person, a traveling companion, or a family member contracts H1N1. The answer is, generally yes, if you can provide documentation of the illness.

For the next question, it is about trip cancellations that are due to the fear of possibly being quarantined in the destination area or the fear of getting swine flu. For this situation, a no is what you will get. Insurance companies say that their standard policies are designed to insure against unforeseen events, not to insure against a state of mind. What can be done at times is insuring a state of mind and this is possible if you agree to pay extra for a cancel for any reason rider and have the additional option applied to your standard policy.

It actually works in this manner. There are times when you might cancel a trip because of illnesses and even job loss and when this happens you will be covered by a standard policy for any incurred losses. When it comes to a cancel for any reason rider, there are more reasons included. With regard to the trade off, the rider can boost the premium in this case and this can be to about 4 percent to 8 percent of the cost of the trip while they will only pay you less than 100 percent of the losses you incur for reasons outside the standard policy. And then there is a question related to the risks involved when you consider traveling to destinations where a US government agency has issued warnings or advice. Travel alerts for China were actually released by the US State Department at one point and this is due to thousands of reports they said to have received about American visitors being quarantined because of suspicion for H1N1 infection.

Should the virus be contracted by the elderly and some other family members at high risk, a pregnant companion, or women then will you be able to have your nonrefundable deposits reimbursed according to what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned. Expect to receive a no in this case. As commented on by the executive of the company you will not go far in terms of justifying a cancelled trip with a government warning.

Thank you for reading about international medical insurance and travel Insurance.To keep learning about travel Insurance be sure to check out travel insurance cancellation.

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