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There is one commonality between Dallas, Texas and the South Pole; both get to see 100 degree temperatures in July. The only thing is that the South Pole sees temperatures of 100 degrees below zero, not above. Think about it this way, it will be sufficiently cold to freeze exposed skin in mere seconds.

Amazingly, twenty-eight people spend six months of their lives at the South Pole each year with virtually no contact with the rest of the world, no sunlight, and no way to get away. They are meant to keep the American polar base in good condition, as well as observe and record scientific data. Their jobs are being changed by advancements in communications and technology.

Recently North American astronomers were able to control the South Pole observatory’s telescope using satellite communications. It was the only time a telescope located at the South Pole had been manipulated from another continent. It is the dream of astronomers to be able to watch the universe from the South Pole’s telescope while controlling it completely from a warmer climate.

Those who work in Antarctica have to contend with one of the harshest environments on Earth. You will not find elevations as high as those in Antarctica anywhere else in the world. Due to this, breathing problems can also be an issue. As a result, little else survives in that climate, save for animals and plants that have already adapted to the cold.

People who are willing to commit to this six-month experience will enjoy the new nickname of “winter-over”. These crews are provided with a very large video collection, a small exercise room, various computers, a pool table, and wonderful food. Winter-overs do not talk much about what occurs between February, when winter begins, and October, when they are taken back to civilization.

Due to the huge growth of the research program at the South Pole, there are still continuous problems with insufficient electrical power. There are only three oil-burning generators which are not able to produce enough power for all the computers, telescopes, lasers, and other electrical powered equipment. This causes winter-overs to have to deal with not enough power, crowed living arrangements, and cold buildings.

The winter months are broken up using some traditions. One is the “300 Club”, which requires a day when the outside temperature will be at least 100 degrees below zero. The winter-overs will crank up the sauna to 200 degrees. Then, they run from the 200 degree sauna out into the 100 degree below temperature air, and then back inside.

Winter-overs also look forward to airdrops. Every June, a U.S. Air National Guard military transport plane will fly over the South Pole to drop deliver pallets of food, mail and other supplies. Heavy equipment is used to collect the pallets in order to be broken down and used. This is the closest winter-overs are able to come to any physical contact with the world outside the South Pole.

They do not even get to see a tree or travel more than a mile from the pole. They are able to get a one week vacation at the McMurdo Station, which is the main U.S. Antarctic base. During their vacation they get to enjoy camping out in refreshing 25-degree climate, baking in the sun on the beach, and wearing t-shirts and jeans.

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Born in 1844 to a family of abolitionist Quaker farmers, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, nicknamed “Cash” by his friends and family, became an instantly recognized commercial artist with the series of Dogs Playing Poker he gave to the world. He is named after one of the most eloquent of orators against slavery, nicknamed “The Lion Of White Hall” as an anthropomorphic tribute to the township in which he lived. Mr. Coolidge (Cash) had no professional training in the arts whatsoever. Nonetheless, he was a very active artist, publishing drawings in papers before his twentieth birthday.

In 1903 he was commissioned a series of paintings on his favorite theme: mastiffs and Saint Bernards engaged in human activity. On nine of the sixteen paintings well bred and mannered dogs drink beer and whiskey, smoke cigars and pipes, and play five-card draw poker. Furry and in fur coats or flannel suits, they usually fill a cozy room with the only source of light being a shaded lamp above the table.

These proper members of the well-to-do bourgeoisie seem to be well mannered gentlemen, if not altogether tame, definitely a cultured lot. Think of Sergio Leone’s movie Once Upon a Time in America, the pictures are roughly of the same era. But the focus of the paintings that Coolidge gives us is not the one of greed and violence as in the underground clubs depicted in the movie. Instead, his poker games emerge from the murky criminal underworld into a decent society where the club members play poker, if not entirely for fun, for only a few cents, smoke a little tobacco and tipple just a bit behind their wives backs. Poker was no more a way to make money quickly and dangerously. It was becoming wholesome entertainment for the majority of American men.

Respected members of society as early as 1875 gathered at large nocturnal poker sessions. Poker Chips was one of the publications dedicated to the game and most periodicals of the time included articles on poker in their content. Standard rules for playing draw-poker were unified and distributed among all the poker clubs beginning at the turn of the century. This was a first. It was even reported that baseball had lost its status as the national game.

Little by little, the skills at poker and skills at using a weapon were becoming the premier attributes of many a manly man. If a man had the ability to play a good game of poker, he was considered also to be a fine soldier, sheriff, law man of any persuasion and a solid, honest political leader as well. As a matter of fact, in World War I in Europe in 1918, poker was the most enjoyed form of entertainment among the troops and of one Harry Truman. Truman actually greatly enhanced his own skill at draw and stud poker as an artillery officer. Upon the signing of the peace treaty, while the troops were awaiting their transport home orders, Harry T. and his troops whiled away the time playing endless hands of poker. A habit they continued well after arriving at their homeland.

The ability to bet big and smart, bluff, and risk profitably was seen as identical in essence to the ability to survive in battle, survive on dangerous jobs in law enforcement, or do any job which required brains and brawn.

Coolidge had ample opportunity to observe the types, the clothes, the cards, and the basement clubs where games were regularly held. Adding a vivid touch of anthropomorphic humor, he created memorable representations of the middle class enjoying a game by then at least 200 years old.

The author has played poker full time since 2005 and makes the majority of his income from online poker. He currently plays poker online and gets RakeBack at Absolute Poker.

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A large number of restaurants now offer Persian food in San Francisco. Alborz and Kasra are two places that offer delightful Persian food. The Red Rose Catering offers an excellent variety of dishes on its Persian menus for a variety of occasions, so much so that even their breakfast catering menu includes Persian dishes.

Classic Middle East staples of eggplant, lamb, yogurt and wheat bread, also make up the staples of Persian cuisine, though it sets itself apart by the use and cultivation of rice for most of its meals. The Iranian dietary, includes a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and meats, all subtly garnished with fragrant spices and herbs along with a base comprised of well-cooked long grain variety of white rice, also accompanied with liberal servings of flat wheaten bread and yogurt as well. Very little seafood is used and the use of pork is forbidden, since it is an Islamicland.Often, Iranian foods are seasoned mildly by the use of saffron/ turmeric and the aromatic herbs such as clove, cardamom and cinnamon. Hot, sweet tea in tiny cups is the popular beverage; while not only the tea but also treats and snacks and even the fruit sauces that are present in some of the meat dishes are succulently sweet.

Is your mouth watering, already? Well, the good news is that a large number of restaurants now offer Persian cuisine in their menus in San Francisco.If you love Persian food, or even if you have never tried it, Lavash, on 511 Irving avenue between 6th and 7th avenues, is the place to go to. A small and intimate restaurant, it offers many delicacies like the JoojehSoltani Kabob dish, the Kashk-e Bademjan and the Tadig with Stew for the appetizers, and so on. It is recommended to make reservations, if you’re planning to go out in a group. Another great place to try out Persian cuisine is Maykadeh. A heavily advertised eatery, it offers traditional Persian cuisine such as rice served with Sumac, the traditional Osh soup, radish appetizer sandwiches with fresh mint and so on.

Alborz and Kasra are two other places that offer delightful Persian food in San Francisco, while Zare on Folsom Street, offers a blend of American, Italian, Spanish and Persian cuisine in its dishes. For example, its grilled squid and watermelon salad is not a dish that would ever be found in Iran, but its dusting of fine ground sumac is distinctly Persian. Also, you can also have Persian cuisine at special events. The Red Rose Catering offers an excellent variety of dishes on its Persian menus for a variety of occasions, so much so that even their breakfast catering menu includes Persian dishes.

The author is a foodie and loves to try out new cuisines as much as possible! He has written numerous stuff about breakfast catering menu and Persian Food in San Francisco.

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More people are retiring overseas than ever have before. Travel is inexpensive, and people can live well overseas for much less than it costs in the United States. That means you might want to think about retiring abroad to another country. Here are some ideas that you should consider. Costa Rica is a very popular destination for American retirees, so we will examine it as an example.

For U.S citizens, Central America is near by (only a short flight away); most flights are scheduled frequently and are economical to boot. So, you will have no difficulty in quickly entering and exiting the country, if the need arises. What else does Costa Rica offer the expat who wants to retire early or retire overseas? One of the main things is an improved standard of living as compared to that of the United States, while you are not far from home. Traveling back and forth from Costa Rica is comparable to flying from New York to Florida. Costa Rica is also an outstanding place to retire overseas if you want to retire young and still live a vibrant, active lifestyle and enjoy all of the comforts of home at far lower prices.

Most people retire to other countries because the cost of living is lower. Some Costa Rican properties sell for just 30% as much as in the Southern US. You can retire overseas and live quite comfortably in Costa Rica on a monthly pension of $ 2500.

Retirement living in actual fact should mean living a peaceful life on your own terms, exactly the way you wished it to be. In place of packed cities, crime, graffiti, polluted air, and traffic bottlenecks, an abode in Costa Rica provides a heavenly experience comprised of unspoiled and lovely beaches, majestic mountains, dense and lush green rainforests, volcanoes, an abundance of varied wild life, and a relatively hassle-free life that is devoid of most of the crime we experience now in the U.S. You can live at a comfortable pace. At the same time the experience is very homey. There are a large number of expatriates – expats who are quite similar to you – who have chosen to retire abroad, thus you will never feel out of place.

Costa Rica’s communications, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping are as good as anywhere in the world. It has some of the world’s best golf courses, amazing fishing, and rural areas of remarkable beauty. This list could go on and on.

With its booming economy, Costa Rica is becoming a popular destination for people coming from the US, Canada and Europe. The government makes it easy for foreigners to settle in this safe, modern country. Many people have not saved enough money to keep up their lifestyle at home. These baby boomers and folks who want to retire early or retire young now have a new plan: to retire overseas. Retiring in the US is complicated by the declining value of the dollar via inflation and less government support than expected. However, some are wary of retiring overseas due to fears over culture shock.

Many baby boomers (and others who simply want to retire early or retire young) are deciding to retire overseas, Costa Rica is a popular choice. Citizens from the U.S., Canada, and Europe who wish to maintain their current lifestyle find that Costa Rica’s government makes simple and virtually effortless for expatriates to relocate.

Many people retire overseas because they can’t maintain their current lifestyle at home or because they couldn’t save enough to make up for inflation and reduced government transfer payments. They want to preserve their lifestyles by moving abroad, but they’re worried about the culture shock that will result when they move.

Grab your copy of a free special report on the year’s best retirement havens. You can live your fondest desires to retire abroad with outstanding health care and live like royalty in paradise.

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On one of our first journeys to Boshan, we went with our friends from the glass bottle and Storage jar factory. We flew into Qingdao Airport, not the nice new one, the original one very small and quaint where you carried you own luggage from the plane through the single customs gate. Everybody is very excited to have some ’round eyes’ coming to visit their city, as this was a long time ago.

We walk out of the airport back into the sunshine, and are greeted by our two young lady hosts along with their manager. They are like two characters out of a Jane Austin novel, and have clearly never had any foreign guests visit them before, as Boshan has only just been opened up to Westerners. They fuss and flap, like two old maids trying so hard to please us, trying to help us carry our heavy bags. This is the last stage of our tours of our factories, we have been in China a month already.

They are so proud, they have one of the earliest Toyoto People Carriers. We load our luggage into the back, and get into the carrier> It is a squeeze, the two girls, the factory manager and the driver, who smiles at us all the time.

They have booked us into the best hotel on the seafront, gone now, a great shame as it had great colonial character. It was left over from the time when this part of China was German, hence the Qingdao Beer, made from rice as there was no barley available, and where the recipe for Budweiser must have originated. The front was not built up then, and we enjoyed our breakfast overlooking the sea, the people out collecting shell fish in their buckets.Our hosts arrive and we all clamber into the vehicle, with great excitement for our adventure, and what an adventure it was to be!

The road, which later was to become the Expressway was just starting to be built, the girls had loaded us up with bottles of water, and carried on there conversation in text book BBC English with my female designer companion. They wanted to know about England and all about where we had been in China. I enjoyed looking out at the scenery and the many villagers both working on their lands and heaving their carts of stone. The donkey engine piston driven carts laden with stone, people raking, flattening the tarmac by hand. Our over laden truck bumped and bounced, creaked and groaned. The big driver picking the least bumpy path, if there was one, soon we were back on the old small winding road, as we started to climb towards Zibo or Boshan.

When we eventually arrived it was nearly 12 noon and our hosts were desperate for something to eat, and it had been arranged for us to start to visit the Cardboard Box Factory, to arrange the display box sizes, colour, our company design and costing. The manager, we soon found out, was an old friend of our driver and a lavish spread had been prepared with the very strong white spirit baijiu used for toasting ‘Gambe’, I told my hosts that we would ‘Gambe’ with ‘Coke’. Our hosts did not seem to mind. It was then that we all realised the ‘baijiu’ was being toasted by our Driver and in his friend, our host, not in the small traditional glasses but in the large drinking glasses. The reat of us were using for our ‘Coke’.

By the time our hosts tried to intervene it was too late, we looked at our hosts, our driver was singing, laughing and trying to stay in his chair all at the same time. The manager of the glass factory and I helped him out to the vehicle, where he tried to get into the driving seat. The girls and my companion had gone very ashen and all looked very worried. The manager and I decided to get him in the rear compartment and the manager decided to drive. This meant he was directly behind us with intermittent loud snoring then awakening and waving his thump in a ‘Thumbs Up’ gesture to all of us.

We had now reached the factory area, it was an area of old factories, slag heaps, smoke, steam and coal everywhere, reminiscent of the pictures of the Welsh Valley Towns in the early 1900’s.The industry had been based on coal, which could be dug up on the surface, and water, far removed from the Boshan of today with its clean air, hospital complexes, leisure and health facilities.

Once we were at the factory, we decided to help our driver into the offices with us, rather than leave him in the vehicle, as there steep drops around the factory. This is where the fun really started. We sat him at the directors desk in the padded leather swing chair, while we started trying to work out the moulds needed to make the bottles, the designs we had drawn up from Victorian Reference Books and 50’s American Designs. Then we continued to work out the designs for the hand made section of the plant and the mouth blown glass items. It had only recently introduced stable colours in Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green to our ranges, and we were trying to get the purple colour, and the bright orange and lemon yellow.

While all this was going on we were all trying to concentrate on our work, while our driver still intoxicated, was trying to telephone all his friends and have a loud and garbled conversation with them all, raising his thumb to all of us, when we looked across at him, when he was not this doing this he was singing and laughing. We worked well into the evening, and another car was arranged to collect us from the factory for our evening meal, and take us to a small hotel, which had no heating, and a large cockroach living in the bathroom. There was the smell of petrol spirit, where the hostelry had tried to remove our friend. It was obvious that our friend in the bathroom had not seen any guests for some considerable time. We were given the normal flasks of hot water, to make our tea, this was the only hot water, as there was no boiler working at the time. In the morning, it was obvious that a long time ago the hostelry had been a nice place to stay, with lots of overgrown roses and shrubs in the garden.

Our driver had miraculously recovered by the morning. He picked us up and we returned to the factory to continue our work. We returned back to our Qingdao safely, and said farewell to our hosts, who sent us off with the flurry of activity, similar to our arrival. Nothing was ever said about his interlude.. ever.

On my website there are other stories of my travels to our friends in factories all over the world, since 1971. The shop part of my website also offers the moulded glass bottles that were made at the factories I visited on my travels.

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Today, Alaskan Airlines is a very popular airline for travelers flying to Canada, the US West Coast, or those taking an incredible vacation to beautiful Alaska. Alaska Airlines is such a popular airline choice due to the many fantastic amenities and services the airline offers passengers. There are many benefits to traveling on Alaska Airlines making it a top airline choice for many fliers, including frequent fliers.

Complimentary meals or light snacks are served to passengers in the first class cabin. The airline offers buy-on-board meal program, known as Northern Bites, on most flights over three hours, including all transcontinental flights. As part of the buy-on-board program, the airline offers a variety of ‘Picnic Packs’ for a charge in coach class on all flights. Alaska Airlines also provides hard-drive based, audio-video digital players called digEplayers that provides TV shows, movies, and audio programs on most long flights which you can rent one for a fee.

When you fly on Alaska Airlines, it is not very difficult to find and book a cheap flight. You can get bargain flight deal prices, particularly when you book your flight ticket through a discount online travel site. These travels sites specialize in providing the cheapest airfares for an extensive list of airlines which includes Alaska Airlines. They make planning your vacation and traveling on Alaska Airlines easy and affordable. Their flight search tool allows users to search and find the cheapest price on a flight at a time and date that is convenient for them. On a discount travel site, you can easily find and book discount flight deals and short-term promotional specials as well as last minute flight deals. Make sure you sign up for the travel alert to ensure you get the latest deals as they are posted as it will give you up-to-the-minute news on seat sales so you can easily book them before the flights sell out.

Using Alaska Airlines is a great way to explore beautiful Alaska. You get to explore the most beautiful virgin areas of wilderness forest and majestic mountains, lakes and fjords where you can go kayaking, impressive mountain spots where you can go whale watching, and fantastic sport fishing in Alaska’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. Alaska Airlines flies to 20 different airports so you can fly around Alaska to see the sights and have a much more enjoyable vacation.

There are so many benefits and features to flying on Alaska Airlines so it is no reason why it is so popular and the airline is now expanding to offer more services. Although Alaska Airlines is a terrific choice to travel to and experience the magnificent state of Alaska, you can fly on the airline to travel up and down the Pacific Coast of America and to other North American destinations. If you want to be assured of the best possible travel experience at a cheap price, especially when you take advantage of the cheap flights on Alaska Airlines on a reputable discount travel website, you will be assured of a fantastic flying experience and enjoy great customer service. When planning to travel, make sure you check out the deals available on a discount travel website.

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The US has many fabulous beaches that offer spectacular activities whether for the whole family, couples or even friends. The best beaches in United States are truly desirable from sun up to sun down.

Dr. Stephen Leatherman, a professor for environmental studies and a known beach specialist, showcases the best of US beaches annually. The lush greens, pure sands and crystal waters make up the 10 proud beaches of America.

Caladesi Island State Park
Caladesi Island is found along the beautiful sandy beaches of Dunedin, Florida. It is known as the timeless gem of the gulf because of its natural pristine beauty. There are many recreational activities available especially for nature enthusiasts. Hence, beach lovers can enjoy beachcombing, swimming, kayaking and sunbathing. The park has picnic pavilions, snack bars, a gift shop and a marina. The island is only accessible through ferry service or a private boat.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
Hanalei Bay is located along the North Shore of Kauia Island. This is a two-mile long sandy beach around glasslike bay. The bay backdrop is surrounded by lush mountain ranges. The western part has a quiet shoreline. It is a great place for frisbee throwing or beach walking.

Siesta Beach, Florida
Siesta Beach is at the Beach Road of Sarasota, approximately 8 miles long. It has the world’s finest powdery white sand. The beach has received many awards and recognition because of its magical quality.

Coopers Beach, New York
Coopers Beach is situated along the South Hampton community in Long Island. The beach offers soft sand and scenic views. It is called the playground of the rich during the summertime. The residents of South Hampton offer free parking and other complimentary fees. Some of the facilities include pavilions, restrooms, lifeguard services, snack bars and outdoor equipments.

Coronado Beach, California
Coronado beach is a family-friendly beach in San Diego. It is located by the ocean side of Coronado Island which is south of Naval Air Station ad towards Hotel Del Coronado. The beach offers much wildlife and beach activities like swimming, fishing, sailing, surfing, volleyball and kite flying.

A journey of the migrating whales is one of the attractions you should not fail to miss in the months of January to March.

Main Beach, New York

Main Beach at East Hampton is along the New York’s Atlantic coast. It is a long, clean and golden beach having the best waves and sandbanks. Surfers love this beach.

Hamoa Beach, Hawaii
Hamoa Beach in Hana, West Maui is a 100-foot beach having 30 feet of black lava sea cliffs. Surfing here is best because of the half-moon shapes that bring in the waves. This beach is one of Hawaii’s popular beaches. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, bodysurfing and diving.
Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras along the outer banks is a national seashore. It covers 70 miles of South Nags Head to Ocracoke Inlet. The seashore gives many active recreational activities and quiet reflections. Visitors can go fishing, shell picking and climbing the lighthouse.

Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne
Cape Florida State Park is also known as the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area. It is 50 miles from the Bahamas and Bimini. This beach is the home of the historic lighthouse built in 1825 as a navigational aid. The place offers restaurants, beach parking, showers and restrooms as well as water and land rented vehicles.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina
Beachwalker Park is located at the west end of Kiawah Island. It offers a fantastic oceanfront, river view and eleven miles of protected palmettos and pines.

For more information on US Beaches and Pictures of Hawaii Beaches please visit our website.

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