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More people are retiring overseas than ever have before. Travel is inexpensive, and people can live well overseas for much less than it costs in the United States. That means you might want to think about retiring abroad to another country. Here are some ideas that you should consider. Costa Rica is a very popular destination for American retirees, so we will examine it as an example.

For U.S citizens, Central America is near by (only a short flight away); most flights are scheduled frequently and are economical to boot. So, you will have no difficulty in quickly entering and exiting the country, if the need arises. What else does Costa Rica offer the expat who wants to retire early or retire overseas? One of the main things is an improved standard of living as compared to that of the United States, while you are not far from home. Traveling back and forth from Costa Rica is comparable to flying from New York to Florida. Costa Rica is also an outstanding place to retire overseas if you want to retire young and still live a vibrant, active lifestyle and enjoy all of the comforts of home at far lower prices.

Most people retire to other countries because the cost of living is lower. Some Costa Rican properties sell for just 30% as much as in the Southern US. You can retire overseas and live quite comfortably in Costa Rica on a monthly pension of $ 2500.

Retirement living in actual fact should mean living a peaceful life on your own terms, exactly the way you wished it to be. In place of packed cities, crime, graffiti, polluted air, and traffic bottlenecks, an abode in Costa Rica provides a heavenly experience comprised of unspoiled and lovely beaches, majestic mountains, dense and lush green rainforests, volcanoes, an abundance of varied wild life, and a relatively hassle-free life that is devoid of most of the crime we experience now in the U.S. You can live at a comfortable pace. At the same time the experience is very homey. There are a large number of expatriates – expats who are quite similar to you – who have chosen to retire abroad, thus you will never feel out of place.

Costa Rica’s communications, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping are as good as anywhere in the world. It has some of the world’s best golf courses, amazing fishing, and rural areas of remarkable beauty. This list could go on and on.

With its booming economy, Costa Rica is becoming a popular destination for people coming from the US, Canada and Europe. The government makes it easy for foreigners to settle in this safe, modern country. Many people have not saved enough money to keep up their lifestyle at home. These baby boomers and folks who want to retire early or retire young now have a new plan: to retire overseas. Retiring in the US is complicated by the declining value of the dollar via inflation and less government support than expected. However, some are wary of retiring overseas due to fears over culture shock.

Many baby boomers (and others who simply want to retire early or retire young) are deciding to retire overseas, Costa Rica is a popular choice. Citizens from the U.S., Canada, and Europe who wish to maintain their current lifestyle find that Costa Rica’s government makes simple and virtually effortless for expatriates to relocate.

Many people retire overseas because they can’t maintain their current lifestyle at home or because they couldn’t save enough to make up for inflation and reduced government transfer payments. They want to preserve their lifestyles by moving abroad, but they’re worried about the culture shock that will result when they move.

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