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Even from the middle of the 19th century, the need for mass transportation has been apparent. During that time, cities like Chicago, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis grew into some of the biggest cities in the United States and even the world. The 12 states that make up the Midwest contain some of America’s richest history, sports and landmarks. The attraction of these elements has brought people from all over the world to see them.

Mass transportation is not only convenient for inner-city travel, but they are perfect for travelling between any of the 12 states in the Midwest. Charter buses are able to eliminate up to about sixty cars on the road with one ride and consolidate groups of travelers into one single group.

Since the migration of major league sports from the east coast to the Midwest and eventually the west, sports teams would use charter buses to go from state to state. The city of Chicago alone has 34 professional sports teams. This number does not include sports teams in other cities of Illinois for college, private, minor league teams or colleges. The NCAA’s Big Ten Conference has also been a pioneer in sports travel with Charter Buses because it is the oldest division 1 college athletic conference. Sports teams of all ages and calibers still continue to use charter buses to help them transit across the city, state and region for competitions. The traditions still carry strong in Chicago and they bring in millions of visitors a year for the enjoyment of sports, history and life.

Grand Rapids is another Midwest location that receives many visits with groups taking charter buses. Grand Rapids, Michigan is known for much of its Dutch history that is still standing today with fertile valleys and covered bridges. Many historic landmarks and museums are within short bus rides of each other. Groups and students will be able to visit many interrelated museums such as the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum for naval and American history, or the Public Museum of Grand Rapids and the Muskegon County Museum for Midwestern and Dutch history.

Another popular destination for Midwest charter bus trips is Indiana. For the same reasons that many travelers visit Grand Rapids and Chicago each year, Indianapolis has a very wide mixture of the both sports and history. Founded upon a very rich history of sports, Indianapolis is the home of the NCAA museum of champions and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum as well as the NFL power house Indianapolis Colts. Groups will also travel on charter buses to unique destinations such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art which has the proclaimed “The best collection in North America of Pont-Aven paintings by Paul Gauguin” or the Indianapolis Zoo which hosts over 350 species of animals including an aquarium of wild sea life.

The possibilities for exploring the Midwest with groups are endless. Every state has something new and different to offer, but all have the underlining element of history, culture and sports. Folks are encouraged to join groups that partake in the pursuit of travel like schools, sports teams, interest groups, youth groups or senior citizen groups.

Don’t miss the chance to partake in learning about the foundations of American culture that are spread out through the Midwestern United States.

Sheila Dodd is the Marketing Executive for Michigan charter bus Company Cardinal Buses. Her experience with one of the oldest Michigan Charter Bus Services is helping group travelers like sports teams, field trips, youth groups and so many more choose the correct charter bus for their Michigan and Midwest travels. For more information on services and booking, visit or call (800) 348-7487.
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It is exceedingly possible that all over the world the number one beloved form of entertainment is movies. Films are universally loved and they have the power to affect us in many ways both good and bad. Films that are based upon true stories help us to learn from other people’s experiences and fictional films actually do the same thing since they are frequently based upon real life.

We like to watch movies and the fact is that motion pictures can be very constructive for our lives. Viewing a excellent film allows us to let go and escape our everyday difficulties, anxieties and fears, while we get caught up in the lives and situations of the characters in the motion picture.

Movies are great entertainment but they can also be very helpful for our mental health. Motion pictures permit us to take some time to relax and flee from our daily difficulties and anxieties. We are able to let go of our day after day cares as we get caught up in the lives we are watching on film.

Motion pictures also teach us about life. Some appealing true tales have been memorialized on film. An first-rate case of this is the film “Erin Brockovich” starring Julia Roberts. By viewing the life of another we learn about the world we live in. Documentaries are also very educational and teach us about the world. The movie “An Inconvenient Truth” is a good illustration of that.

Historical motion pictures are fun to observe yet they can also teach us a great deal about our past. The most popular movie of all times is “Gone With The Wind”, which may seem like it is just a love story between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler but the film essentially tells us a lot about the Civil War and those dangerous times in American history.

Everybody’s favorite film, Ocean’s Twelve, three years ago Danny Ocean and his team of eleven had pulled of one of the most daring heists in contemporary times. Terry Benedict, the casino owner they swindled out of $ 160 million wants his money back, and knows who robbed him. This leads to another and more diabolical plot to deal with this new mess.

Popular film called Wild Wild West is a classic. This is a big screen version to the old TV series of the same name. James West and his buddy Artemus Gordon are determined to stop the evil Dr. Arliss Loveless, who is planning to murder the president. Will Smith stars as James West.

Casino Royale is a timeless movie. It is an traditional James Bond adventure. The comedy is gone, and a tough and gritty 007 is trying to take down Le Chiffre, the investor for terrorists. Bond must overcome Le Chiffre in a huge money poker tournament to help the C.I.A. capture him.

Now you can make it straightforward for yourself. Discover a first-rate reputable movie download service and begin downloading the movies you want to see right at home. It will do you good!

In case that you use a decent site to download movies from the internet it can be one of the greatest ways to get the movies that you want when you want them. Learn about film download sites. Downloading straight to your computer is a good way to see the best new motion pictures.
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Caribbean foods and spices are a blend of gastronomy drawn from different countries and regions strewn all over the world. The Africans, American Indians, Asians, and Europeans have contributed to these distinctive tastes and flavors resulting in the rich ingredients and seasonings that are used. Caribbean cuisine has developed over time due to the influence of the explorers and colonialists who discovered these islands on their voyages in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The islands of the Caribbean are naturally endowed with fruits and vegetables such as papaya, cassava and guava berries. Traditional meats and sea foods compliment this selection of foods, but, the difference is in its preparation. Cassava is the base food in their diet and is prepared in a number of ways like frying, baking or boiling to produce casareep, tapioca or bread. Other typical ingredients are coconut, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, plantains and rice.

Jerking is a method used to prepare the chicken and a variety of other meats. Sweet and sour taste combine in a meal by grilling the meat slowly while applying a variety of spices, including brown sugar or molasses as well as lime pepper and service. Seasonings including curry powder and nutmeg are added to produce the hot flavor that is common with this cuisine. Fish and pork are supplemented by condiments like pimento, thyme, scallions and onions.

Caribbean natives are known for preparing thick stews and use arrowroot that is rich in starch for this purpose. Okra, a pod fruit that has its origin in West Africa, is an alternative where as ackee together with saltfish finds its way to the breakfast table as the basic dish.

Curries are very popular among the local populace. The main ingredient in the recipe is beans. There are many varieties used, including black-eyed peas, Kidney beans and lentils. Papaya, Potatoes and yams are also used having their origins from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Another popular meal is roti which has its origins in India but is prepared by adding stuffing like goat or chicken as well as potatoes, pepper, garlic, cumin and ground yellow split peas. It is grilled or baked after being coated with a little oil.

Callaloo is a meal comprising of mixed and leafy vegetables such as dasheen and amarynth as well as the occasional okra. Other ingredients include parsley, thyme, scallions, garlic and scotch bonnet peppers. It becomes a main dish if breadfruit, potato, ham, lobster or crab is added.

Citrus fruits form an integral part of the local cookery. Fruits such as oranges, limes, figs and dates originated from the Mediterranean.

During special occasions, pudding is served in the form of Black cake, a derivative of the original from England.

Over and above having its roots from different parts of the world, Caribbean food is among the most delicious foods on earth because of the fusion of recipes that is used in its preparation. It has a distinct taste and aroma that leaves many food enthusiasts asking for more!

Andrew dekannwari African chef & food design specialist. specializing in afro-Caribbean food owner of the cultural catering company based in St Helens northwest England.

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Before you decide to become a professional day trader, consider that only around 11% of daytraders are actually profitable. This, along with the statistic that 70% of people lose money day trading, was revealed by The North American Securities Administrators Association. Having a solid strategy, day trading system, state of the art day trading software, and the discipline to learn the market that you plan on trading are vital to your success. In addition, not everyone possesses the timing, personality, and funds necessary to become a successful professional trader, yet many still try and jump in head first into one of the most risky careers out there.

With many different trading strategies to choose from, it is important to choose one that fits your style of trading and stick to it. Each strategy has a unique mind-set and trying to juggle more than one can throw off your whole game. For example, in stock trading, swing traders try to anticipate peaks and troths over a period of days or weeks. Conversely, scalpers are looking for minute to minute entry and exit points with no regard for what a stock is going to do long term. Switching gears between the two is confusing and dangerous if done without proper research first.

Profitable traders must also have a system and the proper tools to implement it. Stock and forex trading software offers many systems to assist traders. Automated, advisory, and rule based systems are just some those most commonly used. Having access to accurate data quickly is vital for those who trade for a living. There are some amazing software packages offered to traders that allows them to customize a trading system. In addition, there are others that allow traders to utilize more than one system at a time in order to create an even more accurate market shot.

Regardless of how many resources traders have access to, if they do not have the discipline to do the prep work and concentrate on their trades, they will most likely lose money. While luck may sometimes be on your side and you may make thousands of dollars with little effort, don’t get over-confident. To trade for a living and be profitable, you must think of trading as more of a science and less of a gamble.

Timing is essential in trading. Second guessing your strategy can cause you to miss lucrative trading opportunities. Therefore, having a confident and assertive personality is essential if you want to trade for a living. Those who have a low patients threshold should stay away from trading. Those who trade on emotion are most likely to lose sight of their plan and lose their money. While losses are inevitable, taking them in stride and being able to learn from anomalous situations is key. Lastly, you will need to have a decent amount of funds available for trading while you hone your strategies. Those who day trade for a living ideally want to get to the point where they are trading with “house money” but until then, having enough funds to stay in margin is necessary.

Written by: John Gilliam

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Every year, millions of North American families go through the agony of deciding who to spend Christmas Day with; his family or her family. Add children, divorce and remarriage into the mix and the logistics become even more of a nightmare.

Before my husband and I had children, it was rather easy. Like a lot of us, we alternated. One Christmas Day with his family, the following Christmas Day with my family. However, when we had our first child, things became a bit more problematic. To add to the predicament, my mother moved hundreds of miles away to an out of the way little town up north.

We decided to turn what some saw as a drawback into an adventure. Instead of driving five hours in potentially dangerous winter conditions, we opted to take the train. Our two and a half year old son was bursting with excitement about taking the train to visit his grandmother and surrounded himself with picture books of trains thinking that he could decide which one we would take. He settled on an old fashioned steam engine.

The trip ended up being well worth the time and effort. The scenery was spectacular, the company was terrific and we had a great time.

The next few years we spent Christmas Day with my husband’s family without issue.

Until the Christmas from hell.

Our children were now four and seven, and we had relocated about two hours away from my husband’s family due to work related matters.

The morning started out well enough. The kids were up at 5 to open their stockings, a tradition we started that allowed my husband and I a few more hours of shut eye, though of course we overheard every tip toe and every whispery giggle.

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast followed by presents, followed by…WHINING! AND MORE WHINING. I detest whining, but in all honesty, I couldn’t blame the kids for being cranky. It was Christmas and all they wanted to do was stay home with their new treasures. Instead, they had to get all dolled up to visit the family.

We went, reluctant kids in tow, to spend the afternoon at my sister-in-laws house. Once we got there, the kids perked up (more presents will do that), and we had a good time.

The drive home was another story. A two hour drive turned into a five hour white knuckle adventure courtesy of a major winter storm that dumped twelve inches of snow over the entire area in less than twelve hours. As we crawled homeward in whiteout conditions, grateful for the rear lights of the truck in front of us we decided right then and there, never again!

No more traveling on Christmas Day. It was time to start our own traditions! And we have. We always have the same breakfast, followed by finger foods throughout the day, and a full course dinner late in the evening. We watch movies, play board and video games and just have fun spending uninterrupted time together as a family.

If I had to choose one word to describe our Christmas Day it would be “relaxed”. No one needs to be in a hurry because we’re not going anywhere.

This article was written by Shawn Wilson, a member of the customer support team at Datepad, where internet dating is always free. Datepad has a massive directory of informative dating articles along with a great list of dating site reviews on their dating blog.
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There is a great deal of benefits to flying on Alaska Airlines which is why the airline is so popular with travelers. Alaska Airlines is a terrific choice to experience the magnificent state of Alaska and also fly to locations up and down the Pacific Coast and to other North American destinations. There are numerous advantages to traveling on Alaska Airways making it a top airline selection for travelers. In addition, now when flying on Alaska Airlines, there are many ways to book a cheap flight.

When you fly on Alaska Airlines, it is not very difficult to search out and book low cost airfare. You can easily find and book bargain flight deals, particularly when you book your flight through a discount online travel booking agency. These discount travels sites specialize in offering the most inexpensive airfares for a thorough listing of airlines which also includes Alaska Airlines. They make planning your trip and traveling on Alaska Airlines simple and affordable. Their flight search tool allows customers to look and discover the cheapest fare on a flight at a time and date that is practical for them. On a travel booking website, you’ll have the option to easily find and book discount flight offers and last minute special deals.

When you go to an online travel booking site, make sure you join their travel alert to be certain you get the most recent cheap offers as they’re posted and it provides up-to-the-minute news on seat sales so you can easily book them before the flights sell out. When a cheap flight becomes available, you will be sent a notice via email. It will allow you to quickly book the cheap flight before the tickets sell out. In addition, when booking your cheap flight, you will save money if you travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and you will save if you travel late at night and early in the morning.

Complimentary meals or light snacks are served to passengers on first class and the airline offers a buy-on-board meal program on most flights over three hours, together with all transcontinental flights. As a part of the buy-on-board program, the airline offers quite a lot of snacks on all flights. Alaska Airlines additionally provides movies, music, and TV shows on long flights for a fee. Flying Alaska Airlines is a great way to discover beautiful Alaska. You get to discover the most stunning virgin forest areas and majestic mountains and lakes. You’ll be able to go hiking, kayaking, and there is incredible sport fishing in Alaska’s oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Alaska Airlines flies to 20 different locations in the state so it will give you the option to fly around Alaska to see the sights and have a pleasant vacation. If you need to be assured of the best possible travel experience at an affordable cost, whenever you take advantage of the cheap flights booked though an online travel discount site, you will benefit from low cost airfare making the travel experience even better.

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