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Pint glasses have become one of the faster growing collector’s items in America today. The reasons are several. Unlike many other items that are being collected, the pint glass is timeless and can be used in modern day living. A collection of vinyl records, bottle caps or stamps does not hold up to the same functionality.

The American market has seen the escalating growth of the beer industry, including the arrival of micro-breweries and local beer experts popping up in virtually every town and state. The beer culture has changed significantly as a result and beer drinkers are paying more interest to the sophistication and traditions, customs and products surrounding the world of beer drinking.

Many liken the ongoing beer drinking revolution with the wine-craze that swept the nations in the 1980’s and never let go.

Acceptable ways of drinking beer, according to beer lovers, are through the bottle or in a pint glass. The standardized pint size is the legally established measurement in which beer is served in the United Kingdom, and an adopted measurement elsewhere. Broadly, the pint glass is the most important aspect of beer drinking, apart from the beer itself. The styles range conic to jugular, inspired by traditional beer steins that date back to the middle ages in Germany.

To serve the unquenchable demand for pint glasses stemming from collectors and souvenir hunters, breweries, pubs, bars and other beer serving institutions see it as a necessity to carry a personal line of pint glasses. Collections are usually adorned with logos, emblems and taglines. The logos are either silkscreened or engraved on the glass. One particular micro-brewery in Minnesota took the collector craze so seriously it developed specific pint glass sets where each glass was signed and numbered, and came with a personalization service. Other popular collections are based on 70’s, 80s and recently 90’s nostalgia – and pop culture collections, including music bands, have frequently been big sellers.

The pint glass collector-phenomenon is not limited to North American, but has spawned a global collector’s sub culture. Several websites are dedicating to the documentation and trading of pint glasses, and on global auction sites, rarities and entire collections are changing hands over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The payment and shipping for some of the rarest pint glasses in the collector culture can range up to a few hundred dollars – for one single piece.

If you’re looking for a good place to start your own pint glass collection, a recommendation is to start by getting a personalized set. Including your own name on a pint glass collection will make it truly unique, and a family legacy that can be handed down the family line, generation to generation. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of glassware from beer mugs and champagne glasses to shot glasses and Pint glasses.

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Native American tribes are beginning to expand their economic development efforts. One such tribe is the Shawnee, Oklahoma stationed Citizen Potawatomi Nation. While not having advantages in any obvious form, they have taken their economic development to a higher level. All that they do benefit tribal members in a lot of ways.

One of the most powerful businesses tribes have gotten involved in is gaming. Like a lot of tribes the Citizen Potawatomi gaming concern heads their economic efforts. Firelake Grand Casino is one of the leading gaming destinations in Oklahoma. It attracts a lot of attendance from close by Oklahoma City and also attracts a lot from outside of the state. Regardless where crowds come from, FireLake draws them with a great venue, quality dining, and marquee worthy entertainment.

One of the exciting contributions to the Citizen Potawatomi economic listing is banking. Banking has taken some time to take root among tribes but it’s gaining in prominence. The Citizen Potawatomi own the eight branch First National Bank. It has joined an expanding movement toward tribes opening completely regulated and federally insured banks. Although lending to themselves is illegal, these banks can be a leader of any Native lending instruments like the Section 184 HUD loan.

Among the more unique businesses is FireLake Discount Foods, a full-scale grocery store. The FireLake grocery has over eighty thousand square feet and anchors many other tribal economic development businesses. For fresh ready-to-eat foods it does have a deli and bakery. Additionally, it has a First National Bank branch. The full services grocery serves the community of Shawnee well.

Economic development does not end with these businesses. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation has a lot of other enterprises like a gift shop, restaurant, travel plaza, and a promotional products company. They even have a golf course. But the tribe pushes their economic development efforts beyond tribal businesses. They also assist tribal members and other Native Americans to become entrepreneurs. They have a business loan program with their community development corporation.

Discover more information for the Citizen Potawatomi grocery store and the Citizen Potawatomi available.
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An unfortunate reality regarding most Western countries is the prevalence of their media and the reputation for spreading propaganda and smear campaigns against any country who doesn’t conform to their ideals. And while there are plenty of American businesses in Mexico, the country is nevertheless the victim of a variety of false reports from the U.S. media, especially in regards to the danger levels of the country. While it’s true that the northern borders in and around Juarez and certainly high risk, the other 30 states of Mexico are just as safe as their U.S. counterparts. This is good news to expats looking where to live in Mexico, because there are plenty of options once you look beyond the hype and the bad press.

Taking the Yucatan Peninsula in particular, it is one of the safest places in the world to live, and certainly the safest if you want to live in Mexico. For example, if you want to live in Cancun as an expat the entire state that Cancun is located in – Quintana Roo – only has a 2/100,000 murder rate. This is in comparison to New York City, which is 9/100,000, or the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., which has a murder rate of 31/100,000. When you look at those numbers you can see that a place like Cancun is safer by far than its U.S. counterparts, making it an excellent choice if you want to live in Mexico.

However, Cancun is not the only option in terms of living in this Latin country. One of the primary reasons so many pensioners and expats are choosing to live in Mexico is because of the cost of living throughout the entire country. The Mexican government only wants you to prove that you make around $ 1,000 per month to get your residency visa, plus the cost of healthcare is only $ 250 per year for access to unlimited universal healthcare. You also have the option for private healthcare, which costs pennies in comparison to what it costs in the United States.

There are far more choices in Mexico than just Cancun, as well. Another option is Tapalpa, in the state of Jalisco, perfect for individuals who prefer the quiet lifestyle of a pueblo village. The entire state of Chiapas gives you access to lush, tropical highlands along with jungle lowlands, not to mention the Mayan culture and ruins, with San Cristobal being a mountain city that puts you right in the center of the region. The reason Cancun is so popular with most Westerners when looking at where to live in Mexico is the fact that you have numerous brand names that people are familiar with, such as Home Depot and Wal Mart.

Which is another important aspect of choosing where to live in Mexico as an expat: modern amenities. While you can certainly go off the grid if you want to have a small villa or farm in the highlands of Chiapas or the coastal regions of Oaxaca, you can also have access to every modern conveniences you could ever want in a place like Mexico City, which is the 5th largest city on the planet and in the top 10 richest in the world. The sky is literally the limit considering the size of the country, the amenities offered and the extremely low cost of living.

Before you consider expat living abroad in another country, check into the life of other digital nomads. There are expats in all different countries of the world; you just have to be willing to find them.
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If the demands of work and family have left you in desperate need of a fun filled and relaxing getaway, make a trip to the exquisite beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here you will find adventure as well as a laid back retreat, all in one place. Rediscover the path to happiness with your loved ones and friends by your side and in the meantime, enjoy one of the country’s most bustling hot spots.

Places to Stay

Whether you are looking for a beachfront hotel, a condo complete with an indoor pool, or a pet friendly bed and breakfast with boat parking, you are sure to find the perfect fit in Gulf Shores and the surrounding areas.

Alabama is the hub of Southern hospitality and comfort. The calm of back bays and camping under the stars are all a part of a trip to Gulf Shores.

Things to Do

Gulf Shores attractions are plentiful. There are water slides, boat rentals, farms, and a sea museum all within a short driving distance of each other. If you are a history buff, be sure to make your way to Fort Morgan, where the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay took place. The Gulf Coast will take you on an adventure with the dolphins while taking the Orange Beach cruise. Nature and outdoors are also a major attraction of the region. Be sure to visit Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and take time for the Alabama hiking paths and canoe trails.

History of Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, Alabama is rich with history. Many Native American settlements still exist. There is a strong legacy of Spanish explorers and even a Battle of Mobile Bay Civil War Trail which stretches over 90 miles. This trail demonstrates the military movements and even the general way of life for the area during the Battle of the Bay. There are sites that tell stories along the way that document individuals who experienced these events in 1864 and 1865.

Year Round Fun

Whatever the weather or time of year, you will be sure to find great people, great entertainment, and the best comfort and surroundings. Taking advantage of these attractions and participating in the fabulous night life and dining, will almost convince you to stay in Gulf Shores indefinitely. Find your inner child again as you let go and make this vacation everything it is meant to be and so much more!

If Gulf Shores is the place for you long term, allow Remax Alabama ( to take care of all your relocating needs. Gulf Shores real estate is a region well known by our realtors and you will be sure to find your perfect fit. Art Gib is a freelance writer.
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Emirates is a leading Dubai based airlines and it is also the subsidiary corporate of the Emirates Group. The airline operates more than 3000 flights everyday connecting to almost 77 countries across the globe. This fast emerging airway has a modern fleet and has won more than 400 awards for its operational excellence over the years. It connects to 130 cities worldwide and has an excellent loyalty program called “Skywards” for frequent flyers. The airline’s frequent flyer enables passenger to enjoy premium quality benefits such as lounge access, ticket upgrades, special discounts, and much more on their journeys. It is most popular for its long haul flights from Dubai to American cities Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston.

The airline operates from its hub in the Dubai International Airport. Currently it has a fleet size of 202 carriers and it operates to 132 destinations across the globe. The airline is known for its immense global flight connectivity that enables passengers to reach key global cities and also hot vacation locations. It offers various travel classes ranging from first class suites to economy class. It favors flyers to use their ‘Sky Cruiser” first class cabin to have a royal trip with facilities such as private vanity table, minibar and personalized lighting. The airline’s business class has an exclusive entertainment system with minibar and private divider. Flyers in the first and business classes can avail the chauffeur facility to save travel time to airport.

Travel to Indian Cities in Luxury through Emirates

Emirates is the perfect choice for people who want to travel to key Indian cities for vacationing from Dubai. The airline operates regular flights thrice a week to cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai and much more. Information about Indian cities to which it offers flights is available in the airline’s website. Tickets on the airline are heavy booked during the vacation period when a huge expatriate population flies to Indian cities for vacationing. Those who want to enjoy cost effective travel should book into the airline’s economy class cabin.

Emirates Airlines economy class offers various entertainment channels with email, SMS and telephone services. It has an organized seating where the passengers can travel with much comfort without jet lag. They can avoid boredom by having fun at playstation channels, social networking through Wi-Fi and non-stop music throughout the journey. The airline also offers a fine dining service catering to each travel class. The infants and young flyers are specially taken care throughout the journey. Ticket booking to cities in India can be easily done through its online booking system. The system is easy-to-use and enables travelers to find the best deals on flight tickets for their journey to India.

emitates airlines tickets – Travel with World’s best airline services and feel the difference.Book your flight tickets for Emirates airlines. Dynamic travel experience, attention to every detail and extreme comfort all at Emirates.

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When summer comes around it can be hard to choose what fun you can have with your family. But there is so much you can do in your own garden that it is near impossible for you to get bored. There is a lot of equipment available and these can be used to help you have a summer that is fun for every single person.

With people having less money they want to have fun closer to home and this is possible. Garden games cost very little and they create hours of fun that you can have throughout the whole of the summer. Obviously you can play football in your garden and this is a sport that most children love to play. The competitiveness can make this fun for everyone. Another game that is available from most Garden Centres is an Archery Set. These are extremely safe and to do not have any sharp ends that could potentially cause injuries. This is something different that you can have in the garden and with the points scoring you can easily become the winner in your own back garden archery. This is a sport that anyone can do and you can get the whole family involved which is important during the summer. It certainly beats letting your children stay on their games consoles. Other games are available and these can create a mini Olympics in your back garden imagine how fun that can be.

Trampolines are extremely popular for gardens and they are reasonably priced. They have a safety net around them to prevent people falling off so that they can have fun. The special thing about trampolines is that as long as you know how to bounce up and down you can have fun with everyone on it. They require no skill and even the grandparents can get involved and that is what summer is about, letting all generations of the family have a lot of fun. Trampolines can come in different sizes so they can fit into your garden. Generally the bigger they are the better. The trampolines can be used for years to come which makes them a great investment as you can never outgrow fun.

You could invite all of your friends and family round and have a BBQ. These are obviously not very hard to organize and you can get the whole family round. Then if you pair these with the games you have purchased you can make it on summer that nobody will forget. BBQs are available in different sizes and can be powered by gas or coal. Gas BBQs are more efficient but there is not much point having on for just 4 or 5 people. Whichever BBQ you do have it will definitely be a fun time for you. Then when it cools in the evening you can still sit outside as you could turn your patio heater on and these work efficiently and keep the whole are warm.

When the hot weather comes to much most people just want to cool off. It is because of this that you should get yourself a pool. These can allow everyone to relax and be cool doing so. You can get yourself a big pool or even just a paddling pool to sit it. The range in pools is huge and they can cater to your needs. A paddling pool would be good especially if you have young children but if everyone can swim at a good level why not go for a big pool which can create hours of fun over more than one year.

Another thing that you could have in your garden is a tent. Children love the adventure of camping and they are safe doing so in the back garden. You can let them camp on their own where they will create their own fun which they will enjoy. You do not even have to get a tent as you can be adventurous yourself and get a wigwam which is similar to the ones used by Indians in America in the History.

Any of these can help you have a lot of fun in the comfort of your own garden as nobody wants to be kept in their own house all year round. By having fun in the garden you can be assured that everyone is safe but everyone is happy the opportunities open to you are endless. helped Glen Thyme write this article. The reason they were able to help is because they have operated selling marquee party tents for many years and have a vast experience of their industry.