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An unfortunate reality regarding most Western countries is the prevalence of their media and the reputation for spreading propaganda and smear campaigns against any country who doesn’t conform to their ideals. And while there are plenty of American businesses in Mexico, the country is nevertheless the victim of a variety of false reports from the U.S. media, especially in regards to the danger levels of the country. While it’s true that the northern borders in and around Juarez and certainly high risk, the other 30 states of Mexico are just as safe as their U.S. counterparts. This is good news to expats looking where to live in Mexico, because there are plenty of options once you look beyond the hype and the bad press.

Taking the Yucatan Peninsula in particular, it is one of the safest places in the world to live, and certainly the safest if you want to live in Mexico. For example, if you want to live in Cancun as an expat the entire state that Cancun is located in – Quintana Roo – only has a 2/100,000 murder rate. This is in comparison to New York City, which is 9/100,000, or the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., which has a murder rate of 31/100,000. When you look at those numbers you can see that a place like Cancun is safer by far than its U.S. counterparts, making it an excellent choice if you want to live in Mexico.

However, Cancun is not the only option in terms of living in this Latin country. One of the primary reasons so many pensioners and expats are choosing to live in Mexico is because of the cost of living throughout the entire country. The Mexican government only wants you to prove that you make around $ 1,000 per month to get your residency visa, plus the cost of healthcare is only $ 250 per year for access to unlimited universal healthcare. You also have the option for private healthcare, which costs pennies in comparison to what it costs in the United States.

There are far more choices in Mexico than just Cancun, as well. Another option is Tapalpa, in the state of Jalisco, perfect for individuals who prefer the quiet lifestyle of a pueblo village. The entire state of Chiapas gives you access to lush, tropical highlands along with jungle lowlands, not to mention the Mayan culture and ruins, with San Cristobal being a mountain city that puts you right in the center of the region. The reason Cancun is so popular with most Westerners when looking at where to live in Mexico is the fact that you have numerous brand names that people are familiar with, such as Home Depot and Wal Mart.

Which is another important aspect of choosing where to live in Mexico as an expat: modern amenities. While you can certainly go off the grid if you want to have a small villa or farm in the highlands of Chiapas or the coastal regions of Oaxaca, you can also have access to every modern conveniences you could ever want in a place like Mexico City, which is the 5th largest city on the planet and in the top 10 richest in the world. The sky is literally the limit considering the size of the country, the amenities offered and the extremely low cost of living.

Before you consider expat living abroad in another country, check into the life of other digital nomads. There are expats in all different countries of the world; you just have to be willing to find them.
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