Guanajuato: A Great Place to Live

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When I moved to Mexico, my first non-American home, I did not pay any attention to what state I was in, changing address and culture had my head spinning. I have travelled a little into different states in Mexico and I am seeing the variety in postal codes. For my money, the Sierra Madres running through the country have a spiritual desert quality to find fascinating. The Guanajuato scenery of mountains, cactus, dry landscapes, quickly turning into green and trees and back to cactus is fetching. Some of the prettiest skies I ever seen occur almost daily, frequently at dusk. The quiet starlight against the bark indigo sky has all the constellations dancing.

So, if you are in the mood and mindset to deliver a new adventure in Mexico, come to Guanajuato. There is so much going on in the arts, music, and writing community, stimulating to the core. You will find gorgeous weather, interesting colonial architecture, lower cost to live, and international insurance coverage in all areas. You will also get fresh veggies everywhere, delicious Mexican food and friendly people. The pace in this emerging economy is slower and the outdoor lifestyle becomes a focus. Biking, walking, horse-back riding, and dining under the stars complete the daily life for many. Hacienda living includes the outdoors inside. Dressing in layers in the morning only to shed the sweater by mid- morning. The weather is cool at night and warm in the day. I really have never experienced such perfection.

As an emotional buyer in real estate, our home typifies the white stone vernacular of our small Wild West town. W e bought for the experience of living in a romantic castle-like Hacienda. Church bells ringing all day on Sunday, Mexican music serenades us on Friday and Saturday nights emanating from the jukebox in the age-old cantina. Birds, woodpeckers, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies flutter about all day long. On long hiking walks we see eagles and hawks soar through the sky effortlessly as if to say ‘enjoy this life, embrace the ride, celebrate the peace’. I stop and watch wishing I were one of them. This is the magic of international living and Guanajuato real estate.

Hassie Ahumada is a real estate agent. She likes to share and solve problems of people when they are selling or purchasing Houses or Lands. Land for sale in Mexico, bed and breakfast, international living,Gaunajauto real estate these are the topics in which Hassie is more interested. She loves to travel and visit new places. She also likes to read novels. Forever by Pete Hamill is one of her favourite novels.
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