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The United States of America was founded about two hundred-fifty years ago by people who wanted some kinds of freedom. Whether that was freedom to conduct their own religious practices, freedom from tyranny of government or freedom to not have to wear shoes does not matter. The fact is that they did found this country seeking freedom.

For these two hundred-fifty years, the people of this country have lived, fought and died to preserve that freedom – the freedom of the individuals of a country to decide by majority rule how they wanted to live. What rules they wanted, how they wanted to be governed, what protections they wanted from both their own people and their own government as well as foreign powers, and how they wanted their laws and governing rules to be made and managed.

Remember the phrase, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”? Does that phrase mean anything – does it have any reality – in our country today?

Today we have elected officials, supposedly sworn to serve the people, deciding the people don’t know what’s right and that THEY, the officials, know best and therefore will make the rules and laws which all the people WILL follow. Today we have judges who have decided THEY have the power to “make” law, and that the legislative bodies, and certainly the people, don’t have the knowledge or the right to judge for themselves what is right and wrong.

Today we have people coming to this country illegally and then, as non-citizens of this country, demanding THEY have the right to all the freedoms and benefits of the citizens.

Today we have people, citizens and non-citizens, demanding THEY have the right, even though they are in the minority, to have all the rules, laws, traditions and founding beliefs of this country changed so THEY, the minority, will not be offended because of their beliefs and will not have to live by the rules of this country. God, the flag, patriotism, our culture, a pledge of allegiance, our language, our lifestyle, our laws – these are OURS. They don’t belong to anyone else. We don’t try to force these on people who don’t live here. They are OURS.

But, now these are offensive to others. “Others” who are not here legally. “Others” who are not citizens. “Others” who have decided they don’t want to live by the principles this country was founded on and, even though they are the minority, have decided they will refuse the laws of the land and will scream and fight to have their own way. But, they also are demanding that all the stupid “citizens” (who may not agree with certain things our country does but still do abide by the rules) darn well better support, defend and provide for them.

I am from a foreign country, brought here by my parents at a young age, and I may or may not agree with things American. But, as an adult I have chosen to live here and to participate in this country. I may or may not try to change things by persuasion or vote. If things get beyond the way I want to live I may or may not choose to leave for someplace else. This country has given me the freedom to make decisions like those. But, it has NOT given me the right to “demand” that YOU change your ways so I can live the way I want to.

Today our leaders in all levels of government and the military are falling all over themselves to not offend “others” who are demanding that this country bend to all their demands. And our own citizens are rolling over in fear of telling our leaders that they are wrong and are supposed to be protecting and defending the Constitution of this country.

Yes, the president is WRONG when he gives away our way of life and forces a future on us we did not ask for. Yes, our courts are WRONG when they “make” laws and give decisions that run against every principle this country was founded on. Yes, the legislators and bureaucrats are WRONG when they work to feather their own nests and to make changes in this country that we, the people, did not ask for.

And yes, we the people are WRONG when we stand by and let irresponsible, un-Godly, un-American politicians, leaders and “others” lead us down the paths to destruction and take away the freedoms and culture this country has fought for two hundred-fifty years to preserve. We DO NOT have to abide by them. They are WRONG and we should work to correct them or remove them.

Stand up and fight, Americans, or it will soon be illegal for you to stand up at all.

Jim Magwood is the author of the international mystery novel, SANCTION. Visit him and SANCTION at his website, Jim is also the webmaster of the site, The Author’s Inn, dedicated to showcasing author’s works and connecting them with the book reading public. You can visit The Author’s Inn at
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There are many restaurants in NYC midtown. No matter if you are a tourist or a veteran of NYC there is a restaurant for you!

Getting hold of a snack from the Big Apple is as if you’re having a savoring trip about the globe. At every meal you are able to dash down to afresh state and plunge your fork and spoon into the local culinary art without the jet lag. Folks of all walks of life from around the world have opened up restaurants here, and Manhattan’s thirsty flocks, city-born gluttons, and food critics accept each of the various dishes and ask for a second serving.

Either you enjoy French pastries, Thai noodle soups, or Italian cuisine or you are searching to taste something new, like Middle Eastern food, Cambodian food, Malaysian delicacy, or Vietnamese sweets, simply search and you shall find. Touring the restaurants NYC midtown for food may lead you to Cantonese in Chinatown, Ethiopian, or Turkish, to East 6th Street for Indian, to Harlem for Soul Food, or to Korea town and Little Italy.

The people in New York City are not completely zealous over exotic food. They enjoy their diners and delis. American food is calming and territorial cuisines. NYC has many tasty diners that offer good hamburgers, seafood and steak houses, Texas BBQ, and New York style pizza. Visit the Gramercy Tavern, Per Se Dovetail, Hundred Acres or Apiary for a tasty American menu. For those who like their food spicier visit Elettaria, Greenwich Village restaurants NYC midtown that serves contemporary American dining influenced with South Asian and Indian cuisines. For more bold food where the preparation and chemistry satisfy make reservations at Wylie Dufresne’s wd~50, Eleven Madison Park , or P*ong.

Modern food trends come to restaurants in NYC midtown dining aspect day in and day out. Presently, restaurants are momentous with the locavore trend. Increasingly chefs, similar to those at Blue Hill and Eighty One, are attempting localized, all-natural, market-to-table ingredients, and stressing the seasonal menus. In addition, we have discovered an insurgency of roving gourmet food trucks dishing out everything from pizza, tacos, and waffles to dumplings, sweets, and BBQ, a mobile banquet indeed.

Daily Flock will send you only one email containing several of the most exciting ‘deals of the day’ for restaurants in NYC midtown. We have energetically searched the Internet for restaurants, salons and even night life activities and then organized them into one convenient place just for you!

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Nobody likes medicine, but everyone likes to eat, so maybe food is the answer. There’s certainly no shortage of experts telling us what not to eat because it will make us too fat, too tired, and too unhealthy. And of course there is a great deal of truth to much of this. So, eating right can help us to maintain a healthy body. But food can be used to do much more than just maintain ahealthy body. It can also be used to improve a body, cure a body, and perhaps even prevent a body from becoming deathly ill. Here are just a few examples.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, or congestive hear failure, then retaining water within your body further complicates these maladies. By eating a diet that is low in salt, the body will hold less water, andalleviate somewhat these conditions.

Patients who suffer from chronic liver or kidney disease will be able to ease their suffering with a low protein diet. The amount of protein waste in body tissue is reduced, thus significantly reducing tissuedamage.

A diet rich in high fiber can help in a number of ways. It can reduce the possibility of colon infection, lessen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and most likely lower your cholesterol.

A way of maintaining bone density (especially as you age) would be to consume a diet high in calcium. Some experts suggest, that it can also reduce high blood pressure, andreduce the risk of colon cancer.

A cancer reducing diet, is of course the big one everyone seems interested in these days. There aren’t too many surprises in this list. Fruits and vegetables often contain antioxidants that inhibit the activity of free radicals. Dietary fiber has long been believed to keep cells from becoming cancer cells. While bacteria in your stomach digests the fiber, fatty acids are produced that combat cancer cells. The American Cancer Society Advisory Committee on diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention proclaimed a few guidelines for cancer prevention. In a nutshell they are: Choose most of the foods you eat from plant sources. Limit your intake of high fats foods, particularly from animalsources. Be physically active. Limit consumption of alcohol beverages.

And of course, the most important food cure is chicken soup for the common cold. Dr Marvin Sackler of Mount Sinai Medical center in Miami scientifically proved that patients with colds that ate chicken soup recovered faster then those who didn’t. Several later studies have in fact backed him up.

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Living in America and the American Dream are things that many people the world over aspire to do or to attain. Whether or not they do that and the way that they do that varies on each person but they say if you make it anywhere then you can make it in America. Having an apartment in Los Angeles is a great start if you are a budding director or screenwriter or want to get in to the movie industry in some way. There are many great places to live in Los Angeles and the backdrop and sprawling metropolis is one of the most iconic in the world and has been the backdrop for many famous and well known TV series or movies.

Furnished apartments Los Angeles do not cost the earth and many come with the usual facilities and amenities you would expect. Living in LA is more of a lifestyle in itself and there are many furnished apartments available in Los Angeles to suit all kinds of people, personalities and budgets so you can really live in style in one of the greatest places on the planet. Furnished apartments Los Angeles are great for hosting parties and get togethers if you are trying to get on to the movie or music scene and there is no better place than LA and the people who live there when it comes to partying in style and saying that you have arrived in the world. That is why acre per acre the price for a furnished apartment Los Angeles, for the best and most prime locations go for a pretty penny but when you see the views from your windows you will immediately know that you have got what you paid for.

By this it is meant that you will have spacious rooms big enough to play football in and staggering and breathtaking window views also. There is something special about living in America as everything just seems bigger and grander there than it does in the rest of the world as Americans like to do everything in style from the way that they dress to the cars that they drive and the jobs that they have. There is no wonder that many people aspire to make it big in the USA and if you do then life is guaranteed to be much easier so there is no better time to start looking for furnished apartments Los Angeles if you are considering moving to the big city in the hopes of making it to Hollywood to follow your dreams. Having a furnished apartment in Los Angeles means you really have arrived in the USA. America may have many places to live and to visit but nearly everyone you ask will always say that they either prefer LA or New York when it comes to where to live due to the vibrant people and nightlife and unique living pattern that only America can provide so there is no time like the present if you are looking to move forward.

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What kind of person drives a Jeep? Someone who believes driving can be fun. Jeep owners make up a special group of people, those that have discovered the many benefits of steering one of these popular vehicles into their driveway each evening. Let’s face it, there will always be traffic jams, red lights and construction crews slowing down traffic. But if you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep, somehow all that isn’t a major inconvenience. In fact, Jeep drivers might even consider it a plus– they get to stay in their vehicles longer. If you’re wondering about the appeal of buying a Jeep, check out these seven advantages.

The Jeep has a classic design with a unique look. If you like your vehicle to stand out and get noticed, the Jeep will do just that. The styling of a Jeep is rugged and ready for action. It’s an exciting combination of an SUV and a convertible, giving you the best of both worlds.

Its 4×4 capabilities give you a solid ride on any road or even off road. The Jeep is made to be driven regardless of the weather or the road conditions.

Its easy maneuverability makes this vehicle a pleasure to drive in the city. Parallel parking is a breeze thanks to the short wheelbase and tight turning ratios. Pick your parking spot and glide the Jeep right into it.

The simple construction of the Jeep makes repairs uncomplicated and more affordable. Parts for this vehicle are usually readily available, keeping the cost in check.

With an interior designed to withstand the elements, Jeeps continue to look good. Being exposed to various weather conditions with the top off only seems to highlight the ruggedness of this vehicle. The interior was created to be used and enjoyed. Clean it, take another ride and clean it again if you need to. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how well the interior holds up.

Priced relatively low, a used Jeep is a good value for the money. It’s American made and was built with durability in mind. Jeeps can easily last for many years and miles, and since repairs are affordable, a lot of owners keep this vehicle for a long time.

Even though all of these advantages are wonderful, the best thing about owning a Jeep is driving it every day. It’s just plain fun! Every time you leave the driveway, a new adventure begins. The superior handling of a Jeep makes getting around the city or country stress-free. Weather or road conditions aren’t a headache when you are steering a Jeep in rain, mud, or snow. The acceleration gives you the power to pass slow moving cars, and the excellent visibility gives you a safety advantage. Jeeps can be customized for your personal preferences, giving you an additional dimension of comfort.

Jeeps are perfect for any season and every age group. Sensibly constructed, the Jeep also has a flair for fun and adventure. It’s the kind of vehicle that was made for real life and good times.

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Ireland residents are already booking their holiday spots for 2008. They are seeking out places such as Majorca and Menorca in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, and other places located across the Mediterranean, as well as South America. It seems that with unreliable weather conditions in Ireland during the summer months, residents would prefer to go out of the country for their holidays.

No More Weather Worries

When weather conditions made a turn for the worse in the summer of 2007, many Irish residents tried to book holidays to different locations overseas. Because many of the package deals were already booked, however, they were stuck at home. So that won’t happen again, they are booking their holidays early for peace of mind. Now they have better choices of accommodation, along with guaranteed flights.

Holiday Hot Spots for the Irish

Most Ireland residents are also very concerned when it comes to environmental issues. For this reason, they are choosing holiday destinations that are eco-friendly and also offer kids options for having fun. To this end, the hot spots that are being booked early this year include:

Madagascar – This destination proves a favorite among kids! The wildlife is unmatched in any other place in the world. Madagascar teems with unusual plant life that is a wonder to behold. You can go whitewater rafting down obscure rivers, stroll sandy white beaches, trek up mountains, and even spelunk through caves infested with crocodiles.

Guatemala – This country has more than 19 different ecosystems that are sometimes separated only by small rivers. Guatemala has its own unique varieties of flora and fauna, as well, which are a sight to see. Because of its diversity, Guatemala offers many opportunities for outdoor adventures, including:

* Fishing
* Caving
* Horseback Riding
* Hang Gliding
* Mountain Trekking
* Volcano Climbing
* Bird-watching
* Pilgrimages
* Bicycling
* Rafting
* Diving

Nicaragua – This destination has it all. It can please any traveler in one way or another. Activities include fishing, wildlife viewing, snorkeling, and many other outdoor adventures. You may even catch a glimpse of some fresh-water sharks. Landmarks include Isla de Ometepe, an active volcano that last erupted in 1957, the main plaza, and caves filled with over 20,000 bats. Plenty of adventure can be found in Nicaragua.

Honduras – Places to visit in Honduras include Pulhapanzak Falls, which is 43 meters high. If you check out the ruins of Copan, you can learn about King Great Sun Lord Quetzal Macaw, who ruled Honduras from AD 426 to 435. Other popular places to visit in Honduras include Lago de Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras, as well as Iglesia de los Delores, which is a huge white church featuring pieces of religious art on the inside of the building.

Colombia – Also on the list of hot places to travel this summer is Colombia, the only South American country with coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. You will find marvelous beaches, grand colonial cities, and many archaeological treasures to keep you in awe.

The capital of Colombia is Bogota, a city rich with history and culture, including old cities and beautiful churches. Cartagena, a fortress to keep pirates away in the old days, is now a place to go for nightlife entertainment. Isla Gorgona was once a prison, and now tourists are welcomed to view the ruins. You will also see scores of monkeys, snakes, whales, and other wildlife while you are visiting the prison. This especially intrigues the kids!

If Ireland’s summer weather conditions prompt travel urges, the winter weather on the opposite side of the world might prove to be just the right ticket.

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Villa holidays in Menorca are popular and the Menorca holiday guide includes villas with James Villas and for first time visitors a map of Menorca

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Aspen, which is one of the scenic wonder in the world, remains the soul of mountain culture in North America. Snowmass the village in aspen is truly magnificent. Its exclusive beauty and outstanding views are enjoyed by everyone. Snowmass is fully covered with treasured mountains and it is the precious place for your vacation. While camping in Aspen, you can enjoy the resort atmosphere. World class dining can be found here, you can relax for one whole day to enjoy without thinking of your business or any other tension. When it comes to holiday resort, not all vacation rentals are considered equal. Some are close to city and some may be away from the city. To spend your vacation in places like Snowmass, many types of accommodations are available from slope side houses, pastoral and upscale lodges, hotels and private home rentals. The accommodations in Snowmass resort have all the facilities including airport, a ski valet, housekeeping services and also a fitness center. You will feel love and excitement throughout your entire stay.

You can spend the whole day on the slopes with relaxed mind. You can enjoy sharing the day’s adventure with friends and families. Aspen and Snowmass are rich in winter activities. Aspen hosts a variety of music and dance festivals. It is true that many of the world’s rich and famous persons bought their resorts in ever loving Aspen and Snowmass. You can also buy your own resort in Aspen. Many premier companies in Aspen offer you an impressive selection of rentals and other vacation properties including luxury homes. Some resorts also have game rooms for all age groups. They provide fully equipped, quality properties to be convenient in the resort. Snowmass rentals have just been through an exterior remodel to update and refresh the destination property. You are lucky if you buy the resort of your choice in such a place. Finding real estate agents and brokers is not so easy on these days. Although many online sites act as a guide, you might be aware of the market value of that property.

During the buying process you can get lot of offers on property where you can see potential. Once you found the property that meets all your norms, just make the deal happen. Aspen real estate is an incredible value. If you are considering relocating, then buying a resort in Snowmass is a great choice. Aspen Snowmass real estate sells their deals also in online. You can go through the new listings available and pick the new model resort. Since real estate rentals costs much more than the normal you can get a cheap and best resort in your favorite place. There are many benefits that come along with purchasing vacation rentals. You can get more offers or discounts when you buy resorts on this occasion. Not only they are convenient, but also they allow people to save their money. The right place to buy the rentals and settle in life is Snowmass real estate.

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