Whose Country is This?

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The United States of America was founded about two hundred-fifty years ago by people who wanted some kinds of freedom. Whether that was freedom to conduct their own religious practices, freedom from tyranny of government or freedom to not have to wear shoes does not matter. The fact is that they did found this country seeking freedom.

For these two hundred-fifty years, the people of this country have lived, fought and died to preserve that freedom – the freedom of the individuals of a country to decide by majority rule how they wanted to live. What rules they wanted, how they wanted to be governed, what protections they wanted from both their own people and their own government as well as foreign powers, and how they wanted their laws and governing rules to be made and managed.

Remember the phrase, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”? Does that phrase mean anything – does it have any reality – in our country today?

Today we have elected officials, supposedly sworn to serve the people, deciding the people don’t know what’s right and that THEY, the officials, know best and therefore will make the rules and laws which all the people WILL follow. Today we have judges who have decided THEY have the power to “make” law, and that the legislative bodies, and certainly the people, don’t have the knowledge or the right to judge for themselves what is right and wrong.

Today we have people coming to this country illegally and then, as non-citizens of this country, demanding THEY have the right to all the freedoms and benefits of the citizens.

Today we have people, citizens and non-citizens, demanding THEY have the right, even though they are in the minority, to have all the rules, laws, traditions and founding beliefs of this country changed so THEY, the minority, will not be offended because of their beliefs and will not have to live by the rules of this country. God, the flag, patriotism, our culture, a pledge of allegiance, our language, our lifestyle, our laws – these are OURS. They don’t belong to anyone else. We don’t try to force these on people who don’t live here. They are OURS.

But, now these are offensive to others. “Others” who are not here legally. “Others” who are not citizens. “Others” who have decided they don’t want to live by the principles this country was founded on and, even though they are the minority, have decided they will refuse the laws of the land and will scream and fight to have their own way. But, they also are demanding that all the stupid “citizens” (who may not agree with certain things our country does but still do abide by the rules) darn well better support, defend and provide for them.

I am from a foreign country, brought here by my parents at a young age, and I may or may not agree with things American. But, as an adult I have chosen to live here and to participate in this country. I may or may not try to change things by persuasion or vote. If things get beyond the way I want to live I may or may not choose to leave for someplace else. This country has given me the freedom to make decisions like those. But, it has NOT given me the right to “demand” that YOU change your ways so I can live the way I want to.

Today our leaders in all levels of government and the military are falling all over themselves to not offend “others” who are demanding that this country bend to all their demands. And our own citizens are rolling over in fear of telling our leaders that they are wrong and are supposed to be protecting and defending the Constitution of this country.

Yes, the president is WRONG when he gives away our way of life and forces a future on us we did not ask for. Yes, our courts are WRONG when they “make” laws and give decisions that run against every principle this country was founded on. Yes, the legislators and bureaucrats are WRONG when they work to feather their own nests and to make changes in this country that we, the people, did not ask for.

And yes, we the people are WRONG when we stand by and let irresponsible, un-Godly, un-American politicians, leaders and “others” lead us down the paths to destruction and take away the freedoms and culture this country has fought for two hundred-fifty years to preserve. We DO NOT have to abide by them. They are WRONG and we should work to correct them or remove them.

Stand up and fight, Americans, or it will soon be illegal for you to stand up at all.

Jim Magwood is the author of the international mystery novel, SANCTION. Visit him and SANCTION at his website, http://www.JimMagwood.com. Jim is also the webmaster of the site, The Author’s Inn, dedicated to showcasing author’s works and connecting them with the book reading public. You can visit The Author’s Inn at http://www.the-authors-inn.com.
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