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Aspen, which is one of the scenic wonder in the world, remains the soul of mountain culture in North America. Snowmass the village in aspen is truly magnificent. Its exclusive beauty and outstanding views are enjoyed by everyone. Snowmass is fully covered with treasured mountains and it is the precious place for your vacation. While camping in Aspen, you can enjoy the resort atmosphere. World class dining can be found here, you can relax for one whole day to enjoy without thinking of your business or any other tension. When it comes to holiday resort, not all vacation rentals are considered equal. Some are close to city and some may be away from the city. To spend your vacation in places like Snowmass, many types of accommodations are available from slope side houses, pastoral and upscale lodges, hotels and private home rentals. The accommodations in Snowmass resort have all the facilities including airport, a ski valet, housekeeping services and also a fitness center. You will feel love and excitement throughout your entire stay.

You can spend the whole day on the slopes with relaxed mind. You can enjoy sharing the day’s adventure with friends and families. Aspen and Snowmass are rich in winter activities. Aspen hosts a variety of music and dance festivals. It is true that many of the world’s rich and famous persons bought their resorts in ever loving Aspen and Snowmass. You can also buy your own resort in Aspen. Many premier companies in Aspen offer you an impressive selection of rentals and other vacation properties including luxury homes. Some resorts also have game rooms for all age groups. They provide fully equipped, quality properties to be convenient in the resort. Snowmass rentals have just been through an exterior remodel to update and refresh the destination property. You are lucky if you buy the resort of your choice in such a place. Finding real estate agents and brokers is not so easy on these days. Although many online sites act as a guide, you might be aware of the market value of that property.

During the buying process you can get lot of offers on property where you can see potential. Once you found the property that meets all your norms, just make the deal happen. Aspen real estate is an incredible value. If you are considering relocating, then buying a resort in Snowmass is a great choice. Aspen Snowmass real estate sells their deals also in online. You can go through the new listings available and pick the new model resort. Since real estate rentals costs much more than the normal you can get a cheap and best resort in your favorite place. There are many benefits that come along with purchasing vacation rentals. You can get more offers or discounts when you buy resorts on this occasion. Not only they are convenient, but also they allow people to save their money. The right place to buy the rentals and settle in life is Snowmass real estate.

Neil Franklin is content writer over 4 years experience in writing article about aspen snowmass realestate in aspen please visit aspen homes and aspen real estate.

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The city of Charlottesville is given the name of Sophia Charlotte, princess that was the spouse of King of England, George III. The people who reside in this city really like the background and history of the place. The city has been formed in modern times with the Three Notched Road trade route and today by the Route 250. The American Army was imprisoned in Charlottesville during the revolution. The town remained untouched by the War Between the States. Although it was formed in 1762, it was declared independent only in 1888 and is not represented by any county. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe were two major political icons who hailed from Charlottesville.

Geographical Location

Charlottesville lies 70 miles west of Richmond at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Rivanna River. It’s popularly termed as Old Dominion although it is the capital of Virginia state. The topographic area covers slightly more than twenty-seven square miles. Charlottesville has 4 different seasons and the most rainy months are at late spring and summer between May to September.

Way Of Living In The City Of Charlottesville

Charlottesville bristles with life and is regarded as the most fascinating places in the United States. Individuals who live here see that they have a better quality of life here compared to a lot of other cities in America. This town has a lot to offer the people that live there by way of education, security, theatre, arts, profession, gardening, sports activities, politics and music. Many different types of organizations are found here which provide a variety of industry verticals. This makes it a fantastic place for individuals that wish to effect changes with career alternatives and do well at their jobs.

Novices to the area enjoy the range of different activities provided in the city of Charlottesville. All of them feel really a great sense of belonging though they may be from various communities or cultures. They enjoy camping and hiking activities. The town provides several national parks and various forms of leisure activities. Each year, the film festival is organised here and it turns out to be better than any other organised in the region. Individuals that have an interest in eating, are able to find a charlottesville restaurant which caters to every budget and taste.

People of the city of Charlottesville feel secure in the town because the law and order system is great. Many students from overseas including exchange pupils, go to this town to study in the renowned schools that are founded here. Vacationers visit this destination to take pleasure in the various sights provided in the city of Charlottesville.

It is absolutely important to discover a great charlottesville restaurant that may perfectly fit your necessities. This website can help you find the best charlottesville restaurant and can offer you useful knowledge about the subject. One more great source of information and facts is found here to locate a seattle charlottesville restaurant.

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When summer comes around it can be hard to choose what fun you can have with your family. But there is so much you can do in your own garden that it is near impossible for you to get bored. There is a lot of equipment available and these can be used to help you have a summer that is fun for every single person.

With people having less money they want to have fun closer to home and this is possible. Garden games cost very little and they create hours of fun that you can have throughout the whole of the summer. Obviously you can play football in your garden and this is a sport that most children love to play. The competitiveness can make this fun for everyone. Another game that is available from most Garden Centres is an Archery Set. These are extremely safe and to do not have any sharp ends that could potentially cause injuries. This is something different that you can have in the garden and with the points scoring you can easily become the winner in your own back garden archery. This is a sport that anyone can do and you can get the whole family involved which is important during the summer. It certainly beats letting your children stay on their games consoles. Other games are available and these can create a mini Olympics in your back garden imagine how fun that can be.

Trampolines are extremely popular for gardens and they are reasonably priced. They have a safety net around them to prevent people falling off so that they can have fun. The special thing about trampolines is that as long as you know how to bounce up and down you can have fun with everyone on it. They require no skill and even the grandparents can get involved and that is what summer is about, letting all generations of the family have a lot of fun. Trampolines can come in different sizes so they can fit into your garden. Generally the bigger they are the better. The trampolines can be used for years to come which makes them a great investment as you can never outgrow fun.

You could invite all of your friends and family round and have a BBQ. These are obviously not very hard to organize and you can get the whole family round. Then if you pair these with the games you have purchased you can make it on summer that nobody will forget. BBQs are available in different sizes and can be powered by gas or coal. Gas BBQs are more efficient but there is not much point having on for just 4 or 5 people. Whichever BBQ you do have it will definitely be a fun time for you. Then when it cools in the evening you can still sit outside as you could turn your patio heater on and these work efficiently and keep the whole are warm.

When the hot weather comes to much most people just want to cool off. It is because of this that you should get yourself a pool. These can allow everyone to relax and be cool doing so. You can get yourself a big pool or even just a paddling pool to sit it. The range in pools is huge and they can cater to your needs. A paddling pool would be good especially if you have young children but if everyone can swim at a good level why not go for a big pool which can create hours of fun over more than one year.

Another thing that you could have in your garden is a tent. Children love the adventure of camping and they are safe doing so in the back garden. You can let them camp on their own where they will create their own fun which they will enjoy. You do not even have to get a tent as you can be adventurous yourself and get a wigwam which is similar to the ones used by Indians in America in the History.

Any of these can help you have a lot of fun in the comfort of your own garden as nobody wants to be kept in their own house all year round. By having fun in the garden you can be assured that everyone is safe but everyone is happy the opportunities open to you are endless. helped Glen Thyme write this article. The reason they were able to help is because they have operated selling marquee party tents for many years and have a vast experience of their industry.
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The US has many fabulous beaches that offer spectacular activities whether for the whole family, couples or even friends. The best beaches in United States are truly desirable from sun up to sun down.

Dr. Stephen Leatherman, a professor for environmental studies and a known beach specialist, showcases the best of US beaches annually. The lush greens, pure sands and crystal waters make up the 10 proud beaches of America.

Caladesi Island State Park
Caladesi Island is found along the beautiful sandy beaches of Dunedin, Florida. It is known as the timeless gem of the gulf because of its natural pristine beauty. There are many recreational activities available especially for nature enthusiasts. Hence, beach lovers can enjoy beachcombing, swimming, kayaking and sunbathing. The park has picnic pavilions, snack bars, a gift shop and a marina. The island is only accessible through ferry service or a private boat.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
Hanalei Bay is located along the North Shore of Kauia Island. This is a two-mile long sandy beach around glasslike bay. The bay backdrop is surrounded by lush mountain ranges. The western part has a quiet shoreline. It is a great place for frisbee throwing or beach walking.

Siesta Beach, Florida
Siesta Beach is at the Beach Road of Sarasota, approximately 8 miles long. It has the world’s finest powdery white sand. The beach has received many awards and recognition because of its magical quality.

Coopers Beach, New York
Coopers Beach is situated along the South Hampton community in Long Island. The beach offers soft sand and scenic views. It is called the playground of the rich during the summertime. The residents of South Hampton offer free parking and other complimentary fees. Some of the facilities include pavilions, restrooms, lifeguard services, snack bars and outdoor equipments.

Coronado Beach, California
Coronado beach is a family-friendly beach in San Diego. It is located by the ocean side of Coronado Island which is south of Naval Air Station ad towards Hotel Del Coronado. The beach offers much wildlife and beach activities like swimming, fishing, sailing, surfing, volleyball and kite flying.

A journey of the migrating whales is one of the attractions you should not fail to miss in the months of January to March.

Main Beach, New York

Main Beach at East Hampton is along the New York’s Atlantic coast. It is a long, clean and golden beach having the best waves and sandbanks. Surfers love this beach.

Hamoa Beach, Hawaii
Hamoa Beach in Hana, West Maui is a 100-foot beach having 30 feet of black lava sea cliffs. Surfing here is best because of the half-moon shapes that bring in the waves. This beach is one of Hawaii’s popular beaches. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, bodysurfing and diving.
Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras along the outer banks is a national seashore. It covers 70 miles of South Nags Head to Ocracoke Inlet. The seashore gives many active recreational activities and quiet reflections. Visitors can go fishing, shell picking and climbing the lighthouse.

Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne
Cape Florida State Park is also known as the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area. It is 50 miles from the Bahamas and Bimini. This beach is the home of the historic lighthouse built in 1825 as a navigational aid. The place offers restaurants, beach parking, showers and restrooms as well as water and land rented vehicles.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina
Beachwalker Park is located at the west end of Kiawah Island. It offers a fantastic oceanfront, river view and eleven miles of protected palmettos and pines.

For more information on US Beaches and Pictures of Hawaii Beaches please visit our website.

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Located in Navajo County between the White Mountains and the Navajo Nation, Snowflake, Arizona is a quiet community with a temperate desert climate that ranges from a high of 90 degrees to around 30 degrees in the winter. The area is known for occasional snowfall that doesn’t stay on the ground for long. Navajo County is a fascinating place to live if you love the history of the old west and it’s the site of many of the famous historical events of the Pleasant Valley War. It’s holds Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest National Park, Keams Canyon, the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Indian Reservation and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Hunting Ranches for Sale in the Area If you are looking for good hunting land, the area around Snowflake and the White Mountains of Arizona is a good place to look. Although much of the White Mountains is taken up by the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, it also contains the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest which is a 2.6 million acre forest that extends into New Mexico with over 400 different species residing in its borders. There are many areas that can be hunted outside the parks and reservation, which makes the area prime property for those looking for a recreational retreat.

The White Mountains are located south of the town of Snowflake, Arizona and feature some of the best hunting, fishing, and camping in the state. Hunting land in this area is a good investment as it is close to a number of wonderful recreational areas and the Sunrise ski area. The geographical diversity of Navajo County itself is hard to beat, with Painted Desert and highlands in the north and the wealth of attractions found around the White Mountains in the south. Overall, if you are looking to buy land, Navajo County is a great place to find it. Building Lots for Sale When looking for lots for sale, Navajo County should be on your list of places to consider. The area has fascinating geological formations and a diverse climate that ranges from high desert to mountainous. The Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservations take up much of the northern portion of the county and contain the famed Monument Valley, Rainbow Bridge National monument, Shiprock, and Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Also in this area is the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in all of North America and the White Mountains, which are known in the area for excellent hunting and fishing. has been offering premium pieces of real estate for up to 75% below market value since 2002. Director of Sunny Land, Jack Bosch, has completed over 3,100 transactions in this time, and has established himself as the premier expert in discounted real estate in the southwest. For more details visit
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In today’s age, realtors who know how to find Houston new homes are merely a mouse click away.

The Internet, a modern day technological marvel, enables novices to shop for investment properties online. Once they find a home or two, they can contact the real estate agent associated with the property.

A quality realtor should know all about the best Houston neighborhoods as well as how to find a builder of custom homes in Houston.

A knowledgeable realtor will also be able to find Houston luxury homes that complement your budget. They will listen to, and pay attention to your needs. Far too often, realtors are trying to unload homes and attempt to direct buyers to places that are either out of their financial range, or don’t fit their lifestyle.

If you find such a realtor, let them go and get with a realtor who not only knows about new homes, they will direct you to homes that you will love.

If you want to contact companies that build custom homes in Houston, a quality realtor can walk you through it, indicating who the top builders in the area are.

They will then find time to take you on a tour around the best neighborhoods that fit well within your price range. Once again, look out for an unscrupulous realtor, who may be trying to get you to purchase a home that is far beyond your means. The hope of these realtors is that you will be bowled over by a more expensive home, and over look your own budget.

Don’t be pulled into this trap-discuss the cost of this home before you even look at it, and refuse to see a house that is too expensive.

Last and not least, if you are looking into custom homes, have the realtor set up a face-to-face meeting with the development company. You can choose to have your realtor present at the time of the meeting or not. What you choose it up to you. If you chose a top-notch realtor however, their presence may be helpful to you if things are being discussed that you are unsure about.

If you are still not convinced that Houston is one of the best new places to live in America, consider these numbers. Houston is the home to 650+ parks that offer hiking trails, dog parks, pools and playgrounds. This great city houses four professional sports teams and all four components of the performing arts including a symphony, ballet company, opera company and live theatre.

Houston has shopping galore with the beautiful Galleria mall and numerous specialty shops to offer just what you are looking for. Houston also boasts an annual average temperature of just under 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine year-round to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that you love.

Edgewater is the Bay Area’s newest mixed-use, master-planned community on 538 acres in the heart of Webster, Texas. Edgewater is planned to become the area’s most prestigious address with an English Regency style architectural theme. Visit for more information.

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California is one of the largest states in America located on the west coast. This state is also referred as the golden state because of its sunny and bright weather. This state is highly industrialized state and has a number of businesses and the business activities connect too many other cities. This golden state is very popular in terms of tourism, business, and trade. It flaunts luxurious hotels, inns, and resorts. It offers many comfortable and versatile resorts. All over the state offers the wide range of facilities for regular tourists as well as business travelers. Different resorts cater to the different client and offer various amenities to attract the tourists.

California hotels offer clean and safe accommodation at various location and affordable tariffs. There are various five and seven-star hotels that provide excellent hospitality services at the high price and also cater rich and famous corporate business. Most of the resorts also offer package deals to tourists. You can easily found this royal service through access internet. They include fitness centers, casinos, spa, swimming pool, games, theater and all the amenities for all generation. The variety and the quality of the cuisine offered are extremely satisfactory and delight. The rooms of the hotel are extremely comfortable and offer entertainment channels, air conditioning, internet access and small refrigerators. As it is a rich state so the tourists love to see the glimpse of Hollywood and Disneyland so the hotels are always unique and offer a cherished and exhilarating experience to their visitors. For these places, advance online registration is important to fix their presence in the hotels. There are many sites available online that give detail information and all the facilities that are provided by these resorts. It is the place with the stunning environment and awesome places to visit. Everyone wants to taste the greatness that the city offers such as vacant rooms have become very competitive and you have to plan your trip in advance.

Overall, there is no better place to visit for a holiday or even a family vacation than in the great place of California. It is now easier to get a vacant room as all you have to do is browse and book it online. With the help of online facility, you no longer have to worry about such hassles and have a peace of mind as you make the trip. The most important point is to outline your budget so that you know the caliber of a hotel which you are looking for. There are quite a number of great resorts available which suits you and also have so many great hangout joints and recreational activities. Resort in California are accommodated all your family members that help you to strengthen your family bond and you will get great deals, offers and probably discount for bed, breakfast and such like treats.

Get some practical information on California Resort . Visit to know more about Pine Woods Resort California.

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There many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, particularly when you are on vacation, and USA car rental is the first stop for many visiting the country. In fact, it is practically essential to hire a car if you are visiting from an overseas country, or if the distances involved are too vast for you to considering driving. Other reasons might be that you need a larger vehicle for your vacation or visit, or that an SUV or 4×4 would be more appropriate for your use than your old Taurus.

The United States of America is a very large country, and if you want to make the best of a visit then hiring a car is one of the preferred ways to go about it. You can visit any cities you want, stopping off whenever you need to. The USA has just about everything for anybody, whether you like the shows of Broadway, the excitement of the Las Vegas casinos or the peace and tranquility of the Arizona and Nevada deserts.

You will find some of the best golf courses in the world, here, from Atlanta to Ohio, and USA car rental will give the freedom you need, away from buses and train timetables. However, while there are many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, there is also the downside that you have to know the laws: not just federal law, but also the driving laws of each individual state you pass through.

Here are some tips on hiring a car in the USA and keeping on the right side of the state troopers:

1. Check out the various USA car rental companies carefully, and select on the basis of the availability of the vehicle you want, price and service. You can avoid an airport surcharge by hiring privately from a non-airport location. If you hire at an airport you are charged extra for the privilege.

Some of the smaller car hire companies in the USA will offer you lower prices and excellent services: Hertz or Avis are more expensive, but you know what you get. However, you often get better service from smaller firms. Whichever you choose, book your car well in advance of your visit.

2. Make sure that you nominate all drivers on the form. Yes, it will cost more, but if somebody not nominated was involved in a road traffic accident, your car hire insurance will be invalidated.

3. Make sure that you give the vehicle a thorough check-over for damage. Check for dents, scratches and so on, and make sure that everything you find is noted on the hire form. Otherwise you could be charged for existing damage.

4. If you have the option of prepay or self-fuelling, check out their gas prices. It might be cheaper for you to fill it up yourself.

5. Unlike the UK and most of Europe, most car hire companies in the USA do not include insurance in the standard car hire rate, and you have to negotiate that separately. Make sure of the procedure in the event of an accident. You might need a police report, there may be a time limit for reporting the accident to the hire or insurance firm and you may have to use nominated garages for repairs.

6. This should really be the first piece of advice! If you are from outside the USA, make sure you know the local driving laws. USA car rental is allowed only if you are at least 21 years of age – or 18 in New York. However, when hiring a car in the USA, you will find many hire firms will insist on 23 and even apply a surcharge if you are under 25 – this applies to all nominated drivers. So, if you are 27 and your spouse is 24, you might have to pay a surcharge to have you both named as drivers.

7. Check whether or not you can drop the car off elsewhere than where you picked it up. You might want to drive from Chicago to L.A., following the famed Route 66, but certainly not to make the return journey!

USA car rental is very popular, and there are many advantages of hiring a car in the USA, particularly if you have a long distance to travel. It is not just visitors to the country that hire cars, but many USA residents go camping holidays and other forms of vacation where their own car is too small for the whole family and all the luggage and other paraphernalia they have to take with them.

Some will hire a Winnebago and others just a larger saloon that they own themselves. Nevertheless, whatever your reason for hiring a car in the USA, you will be almost certain to have a great time if you take note of the above advice and be sure of the law and your rights with respect to USA car rental.

For more information on hiring a car in the USA, visit where you will also find a number of USA car rental Firms that are sure to meet your car rental needs.

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When Mick Jagger thick-lipped lead singer of the Rolling Stones (affectionately also known as the Strolling Bones) finishes a world tour, where does he head to relax? He heads for the stunning Touraine region in the centre of France in a sleepy little backwater where he can relax with his family and friends preferring the simple life.

Poce-sur-Cisse is well placed being only 220 kilometres from Paris on A10. And just 25 kilometres from the village is the Tours airport, where a private, three-person taxi-plane whisks Jagger from London in 70 minutes. The area is also handy for the high speed TGV, which zooms into Tours or its satellite station, St-Pierre-des-Corps, in 62 minutes from Paris’s Gare Montparnasse.

The little village is incredibly quaint with a population of around 1600 people. If you blink it is easy to miss Poce-sur-Cisse. There is the Marie as usual, a little white church, a newsagent, two hairdressers, baker, hotel, two pharmacies, and pizzeria. In the middle is an impressive 15th century chateau set out in a gorgeous park. This one is not Sir Mick’s. A discreet sign indicates the way to La Fourchette.

Twenty six years ago he and Jerry Hall his then wife purchased a beautiful 16th century chateau for a mere 2 million francs (roughly 200,000 pounds inflation aside) in a tiny village called Poce-sur-Cisse a few kilometres from Amboise on the north side of the Loire River. His chateau, La Fourchette was originally the property of Louis XV’s finance minister the Duc de Choiseuil.

Apparently the singer fell in love with this region when he came here camping with his parents in the 1950s. It is his favourite second residence. Probably not only for the relaxed lifestyle he gets to enjoy here, but also because of how handy it is to New York and London.

It is not at all surprising that Jerry wanted La Fourchette as part of the divorce settlement but she did not get it.

His guests at La Fourchette have included Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Roman Polanski and David Bowie. The last Rolling Stones album was recorded at La Fourchette and the band members where all regulars in the village for a while.

He is known to the locals as Sir Mick, Le Seigneur de Fourchette, Dr. Jagger, le pere Mick, sexy papy British, Sir Jagger, Mick de Fourchette, le pape du rock, le pape du rock and Mister Mick. He is the Touraine’s best hard to find attraction. He is popular with the locals and is quietly protected. The locals are loath to discuss him with strangers. I doubt if he would have been able to find any village in America or England, which would not have cashed in on his association with Rolling Stone paraphernalia and merchandise splattered everywhere.

The Peter Pan of Rock has integrated nicely into French country life and he competently engages local upholsterers, plumbers, electricians and mechanics. He even fronts up to the local Bricomarche (DIY store) to be served by blushing giggling young girls.

He has also been known to play cricket for Saumur when he is at La Fourchette.

In spite of his wealth, his glamourous friends and his reputation, he is mostly seen at the wheel of a fairly downmarket Opel station wagon, a tiny Nissan Micra or his old 505 Peugeot.

Art historian, John Richardson commented: “I’ve stayed with Mick at his chateau, La Fourchette, and that’s where you see a very different Mick. He got Alvilde Lees-Milne to lay out a marvellous formal walled garden and he became completely part of the garden, knew every single thing about all the plants, the flowers, the way the fruit trees were espaliered. There is nothing contrived about his wonderful country-house life. Big trestle tables under the chestnut trees, with nanny and kids at one end and adults at the other – the children having buns, the adults smoking. Absolute paradise. I remember Mick was training for one of his tours there too – he used a dead straight local stretch of country road so he could practise running backwards very fast. You would see a French farmer resting on his shovel or his hoe, watching the head of Mick Jagger above the hedge going back and forth, very fast, backwards.”

You too can live like Mick Jagger if you want. You can rent a french chateau in the gorgeous Loire valley exclusively for a holiday for a relaxing week or a weekend with family and friends, gyrating optional.

Corina Clemence operates a luxury french chateau in the Loire Valley near Blois, for up to fifteen people perfect for family holidays and for touring vineyards and chateaux and relaxing. It is ideal for a french wedding, party or event. Rent the whole castle or rent a suite. Rent a castle in France. Rent a chateau in the Loire Valley Rent castle Rent chateau
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Welbuy, a new business service model, has been officially put into use. It is considered as an important breakthrough for low-volume purchasing. According to the strategic policy of Welfull Ourtdoors, a leading outdoor industry company of China based in Hangzhou, Welbuy is designed to be an all-in-one solution supplier for worldwide medium and small buyers.

How is Welbuy defined?

The acceptance process of new model is easily accompanied with confusion and misreading. To make Welbuy be accurately clarified and understood, a definition is given here: a new and independent platform lets small buyers piggyback big companies’ orders. It offers the service of high-volume purchasing, and also invites and encourages medium and small buyers to add on.

What is the core competency of Welbuy?

Traditionally, the small buyers easily encounter purchasing bottleneck. The manufacturers want big orders before they ramp up production, and that gives an edge to big retail chains and wholesalers over small buyers who can’t meet minimum order requirements. Even though the small buyers can find the factory cooperators, the costs of manufacturing and transportation, and the quality of products can’t be thoroughly controlled. It undoubtedly adds the uncertainty and uncontrollability to the procurement operation. A big business risk in this process is unavoidable.

Under such circumstances, how to break through the bottleneck of industry has been inserted into the daily agenda of many outdoor product suppliers. Welfull Outdoors is a typical representative. There is no any professional or effective solution until the emergence of Welbuy. Many insiders consider it touches the sore spot of the business and makes up the short slab of the industry, and meanwhile endows the outdoor industry more online strong points. What is the core value and unbeatable competency ? Let us list them hereinafter:

Firstly, a difference of service concept. Welbuy is never standardized by the quantities of order and the size of the purchasing companies. It equally serves all the buyers who want to add a small amount of purchasing on the basis of a third-party’s large deal. There is no discrimination and differentiation. According to a marketing data analysis, approximately 80% of Welbuy’s buyers are small or mid-sized companies, and 60% of them are from Europe and North America. Welbuy is well designed to meet the need of the market.

Secondly, the given price near to the wholesale price. Thanks to the abundant resource accesses and great brand popularity, Welfull Outdoors is capable of bearing the price-cost margin between the bigger order and smaller order. In addition, a given price for the small-order purchasing will be near to a wholesale price. This is a special treatment given to the small buyers.

Thirdly, a higher quality guarantee and a lower order quantity. Welbuy is a core product issued by Welfull Outdoors, and it mirrors a greater advantage that Welfull Outdoors has in the realms of the supply chain resources, factory and manufacturing channels. The quality of goods is absolutely guaranteed on the Welbuy, which will greatly benefit all the clients. Furthermore, Welbuy has a unbeatable advantage in MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The MOQ of all the listed products on the Welbuy are entirely lower than that in the wholesaling industry. Some goods accept a min. order quantity from 1 piece.

Additionally, Welbuy playing a role of wind indicator of the market change. Through a scientific and accurate deal monitoring and data analysis, small buyers can catch all the message released from big buyers’ business activities on the Welbuy, and then they can instantly predict some changes of destination markets. It is good for small buyers to adjust their marketing policy in time and have a flexible procurement.

A perspective of Welbuy’s development

By the end of March, 2016, there have been hundreds of products available on the Welbuy, and thousands of buyers have joined in the platform, and the sum of the deals has reached approximately one million US dollars. More and more overseas businessmen have gradually accepted and supported the development of Welbuy. All of these have witnessed a huge market potentiality of such a sort of business model.

As the continual upgrade and optimization, the reputation and acceptability of the platform will be obviously enlarged, and certainly more and more buyers and brands will come in. Welbuy will be developed to a first-choice platform for the global sourcing of the medium and small buyers in outdoor industry.

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