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Nobody likes medicine, but everyone likes to eat, so maybe food is the answer. There’s certainly no shortage of experts telling us what not to eat because it will make us too fat, too tired, and too unhealthy. And of course there is a great deal of truth to much of this. So, eating right can help us to maintain a healthy body. But food can be used to do much more than just maintain ahealthy body. It can also be used to improve a body, cure a body, and perhaps even prevent a body from becoming deathly ill. Here are just a few examples.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, or congestive hear failure, then retaining water within your body further complicates these maladies. By eating a diet that is low in salt, the body will hold less water, andalleviate somewhat these conditions.

Patients who suffer from chronic liver or kidney disease will be able to ease their suffering with a low protein diet. The amount of protein waste in body tissue is reduced, thus significantly reducing tissuedamage.

A diet rich in high fiber can help in a number of ways. It can reduce the possibility of colon infection, lessen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and most likely lower your cholesterol.

A way of maintaining bone density (especially as you age) would be to consume a diet high in calcium. Some experts suggest, that it can also reduce high blood pressure, andreduce the risk of colon cancer.

A cancer reducing diet, is of course the big one everyone seems interested in these days. There aren’t too many surprises in this list. Fruits and vegetables often contain antioxidants that inhibit the activity of free radicals. Dietary fiber has long been believed to keep cells from becoming cancer cells. While bacteria in your stomach digests the fiber, fatty acids are produced that combat cancer cells. The American Cancer Society Advisory Committee on diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention proclaimed a few guidelines for cancer prevention. In a nutshell they are: Choose most of the foods you eat from plant sources. Limit your intake of high fats foods, particularly from animalsources. Be physically active. Limit consumption of alcohol beverages.

And of course, the most important food cure is chicken soup for the common cold. Dr Marvin Sackler of Mount Sinai Medical center in Miami scientifically proved that patients with colds that ate chicken soup recovered faster then those who didn’t. Several later studies have in fact backed him up.

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If you are planning to organize a wonderful lunch form your family and friends, then you must know that there is someone who can help you in this. A good catering company can be your helping hand by providing you the delicious food and beverages in your event or party.

There are many New York food delivery centres or caterers who just aim at providing you the meal at your place without letting you hassle much. Just choose your own menu through the list of available menu or you can also customize it yourself. It will work both ways.

If you really want to make your event memorable, serve your guests with wine. At some places you will find the following options in wine menu:Pinot Grigio, Santa Marina – Italy/2012Chardonnay, Glass Mountain – California/2012Sauvignon Blanc, Oberon – New Zealand/2012Riesling, Relax – Germany/2007Merlot, Glass Mountain – California/2011Cabernet Sauvignon, bargo Viejo – Chile/2011Cabernet Sauvignon, Louis. M. Martini – California/2011Malbec, KAIKEN – Mendoza, Argentina/2010Merlot, Glass Mountain – California/2011Cabernet Franc – Alexander valley – California/2010Barolo – Terre Del Barolo – Italy/2008Lambrusco/Riunite – ItalyProsecco, Villa Jolanda

There are many reputable catering companies that have done more than 500 catering and event. Some of them are a leader in executive catering throughout New York. Their team makes tasteful selections and crafts distinction to perfectly fit wide variety of food from Pan-Asian, Sushi to Sliders using the best quality food and ingredients.

From corporate events to personal parties, some of them offer full service for all kinds of events. They offer catering for both on-site and off-site events. Their team is always happy to assist their customers by helping them in selecting the right menu to accommodate the event. They just aim at providing friendly, top-notch and professional service.

If you look at their menu, you will several wonderful options like:StartersOld bay garlic friesDumplingsSalt and pepper chicken wingsRock ShrimpSlidersKimchi SliderThe American SliderGinger Scallion Chicken SliderCrunchy Curry SliderSaladMixed Green SaladSeaweed SaladAvocado SaladSpicy Salmon w/ avocado saladSoupsMiso SoupVegetarian Dumplings SoupGinger Scallion Chicken SoupSpicy Kimchi Soup with TofuDesserts Dark Chocolate Bread PuddingRed Velvet Cookie with Taro Ice Cream SliderVanilla Bean Creme BruleeGreen Tea or Red Bean Ice CreamOthersSpeciality RollsSushi EntreesRolls & Hand RollsOff the Grill

There are many such restaurants and catering companies that offer all these things in their menu. Just call them and get their assistance.

The author has his own restaurant and offers New York food delivery for parties and events.

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Caribbean foods and spices are a blend of gastronomy drawn from different countries and regions strewn all over the world. The Africans, American Indians, Asians, and Europeans have contributed to these distinctive tastes and flavors resulting in the rich ingredients and seasonings that are used. Caribbean cuisine has developed over time due to the influence of the explorers and colonialists who discovered these islands on their voyages in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The islands of the Caribbean are naturally endowed with fruits and vegetables such as papaya, cassava and guava berries. Traditional meats and sea foods compliment this selection of foods, but, the difference is in its preparation. Cassava is the base food in their diet and is prepared in a number of ways like frying, baking or boiling to produce casareep, tapioca or bread. Other typical ingredients are coconut, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, plantains and rice.

Jerking is a method used to prepare the chicken and a variety of other meats. Sweet and sour taste combine in a meal by grilling the meat slowly while applying a variety of spices, including brown sugar or molasses as well as lime pepper and service. Seasonings including curry powder and nutmeg are added to produce the hot flavor that is common with this cuisine. Fish and pork are supplemented by condiments like pimento, thyme, scallions and onions.

Caribbean natives are known for preparing thick stews and use arrowroot that is rich in starch for this purpose. Okra, a pod fruit that has its origin in West Africa, is an alternative where as ackee together with saltfish finds its way to the breakfast table as the basic dish.

Curries are very popular among the local populace. The main ingredient in the recipe is beans. There are many varieties used, including black-eyed peas, Kidney beans and lentils. Papaya, Potatoes and yams are also used having their origins from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Another popular meal is roti which has its origins in India but is prepared by adding stuffing like goat or chicken as well as potatoes, pepper, garlic, cumin and ground yellow split peas. It is grilled or baked after being coated with a little oil.

Callaloo is a meal comprising of mixed and leafy vegetables such as dasheen and amarynth as well as the occasional okra. Other ingredients include parsley, thyme, scallions, garlic and scotch bonnet peppers. It becomes a main dish if breadfruit, potato, ham, lobster or crab is added.

Citrus fruits form an integral part of the local cookery. Fruits such as oranges, limes, figs and dates originated from the Mediterranean.

During special occasions, pudding is served in the form of Black cake, a derivative of the original from England.

Over and above having its roots from different parts of the world, Caribbean food is among the most delicious foods on earth because of the fusion of recipes that is used in its preparation. It has a distinct taste and aroma that leaves many food enthusiasts asking for more!

Andrew dekannwari African chef & food design specialist. specializing in afro-Caribbean food owner of the cultural catering company based in St Helens northwest England.

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A large number of restaurants now offer Persian food in San Francisco. Alborz and Kasra are two places that offer delightful Persian food. The Red Rose Catering offers an excellent variety of dishes on its Persian menus for a variety of occasions, so much so that even their breakfast catering menu includes Persian dishes.

Classic Middle East staples of eggplant, lamb, yogurt and wheat bread, also make up the staples of Persian cuisine, though it sets itself apart by the use and cultivation of rice for most of its meals. The Iranian dietary, includes a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and meats, all subtly garnished with fragrant spices and herbs along with a base comprised of well-cooked long grain variety of white rice, also accompanied with liberal servings of flat wheaten bread and yogurt as well. Very little seafood is used and the use of pork is forbidden, since it is an Islamicland.Often, Iranian foods are seasoned mildly by the use of saffron/ turmeric and the aromatic herbs such as clove, cardamom and cinnamon. Hot, sweet tea in tiny cups is the popular beverage; while not only the tea but also treats and snacks and even the fruit sauces that are present in some of the meat dishes are succulently sweet.

Is your mouth watering, already? Well, the good news is that a large number of restaurants now offer Persian cuisine in their menus in San Francisco.If you love Persian food, or even if you have never tried it, Lavash, on 511 Irving avenue between 6th and 7th avenues, is the place to go to. A small and intimate restaurant, it offers many delicacies like the JoojehSoltani Kabob dish, the Kashk-e Bademjan and the Tadig with Stew for the appetizers, and so on. It is recommended to make reservations, if you’re planning to go out in a group. Another great place to try out Persian cuisine is Maykadeh. A heavily advertised eatery, it offers traditional Persian cuisine such as rice served with Sumac, the traditional Osh soup, radish appetizer sandwiches with fresh mint and so on.

Alborz and Kasra are two other places that offer delightful Persian food in San Francisco, while Zare on Folsom Street, offers a blend of American, Italian, Spanish and Persian cuisine in its dishes. For example, its grilled squid and watermelon salad is not a dish that would ever be found in Iran, but its dusting of fine ground sumac is distinctly Persian. Also, you can also have Persian cuisine at special events. The Red Rose Catering offers an excellent variety of dishes on its Persian menus for a variety of occasions, so much so that even their breakfast catering menu includes Persian dishes.

The author is a foodie and loves to try out new cuisines as much as possible! He has written numerous stuff about breakfast catering menu and Persian Food in San Francisco.

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2 Day Diet Food List will show you a series of healthy diet foods list to help you lose belly fat, lose face fat, lose leg fat easily without any side effects. Read 2 day diet food list and get a good diet plan.

If perhaps there have been some type of concoction or pill which had all you required for weight loss and a healthy body. Regrettably, no such pill is available, but there is an answer, something which not just encourages wellness and weight loss but tastes good, too. These multitasking super meals provide multiple disease-fighting nutrition, satiate so that you can enjoy lots of food without excess calories, and are simple to use in everyday foods. In the end, what good is really a super fruit that is difficult to find, hard to prepare, and also the kids will not eat?

Eaten regularly, these meals can help you fulfill the recommendations from the U.S. governments 2005 Nutritional Guideline, providing you with nutrition which are typically missing from American diets. Based on the Recommendations, People in america appetite more fruits, veggies, whole grain products, and occasional-body fat milk products as well as 2 day diet. Obviously, experts are quick to indicate, their list of top ten super meals in no way includes all of the healthy meals that needs to be a part of a healthy diet plan.

Fruits And Vegetables

Brussels sprouts
Romaine lettuce
Bok choy
Green peas

Good Sources Of Fat Salmon
Fish oil supplements (It is one of the only supplements I use and fully recommend. I explain why here: Fish Oil Supplements.)
Natural peanut butter
Olive oil (extra-virgin)
Flax seeds
Flax seed oil
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds

The 2 Day Diet Food list will give you a pretty good idea of the many different healthy foods and weight loss pills like lida daidaihua you can choose from when creating your weight loss diet or just any healthy diet in general.

As I mentioned before, make sure you still end up consuming the right total number of calories you figured out you should eat each day. Also try to balance those calories out between foods containing protein, carbs, and fat.

Jennifer Lucy is a writer, she writes on a broad range of subjects for food and drinking, 2 day diet fitness, imelda perfect slim etc to help you lose weight fast.

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I am an everyday cook, providing everyday food for my family. I enjoy cooking for my family and sharing the hospitality of our table with friends. With 6 teenage children, we often have guests for dinner. I am also an episcopal priest involved with the dance and movement performance community in Chicago. As an Anglican, I was trained in the theology of incarnation, but as a cook, parent, everyday pastor, and supporter of dance, I am far more interested in the practical implications of incarnation.

In everyday language, incarnation means that God, a power much greater than ourselves, gave up that power to be among us, to live as one of us. For Christians, this is clearly stated in John 1:14. One implication of incarnation is that God takes our embodied life very seriously. This strikes me as a very good thing, since in our daily lives there is no practical separation of our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Incarnation also suggests to me that we might take our embodiment equally seriously.

Since I enjoy cooking, eating and sharing hospitality and food with family and friends, I naturally began thinking about the implications of incarnation for how we eat. When I was employed full time outside my home, I ate many business lunches. I had many meetings over meals. One morning, I dropped two of our children off at school downtown. To avoid the traffic and use my time efficiently, I ate breakfast in a nearby diner and worked on my writing. I noticed that, with one exception, no one in the diner was there to enjoy a meal together. Many were there to make business deals, discussing orders, deliveries, sales figures, what have you. A few were there to argue, or continue an argument, and a few more were on the phone throughout their meal. I began to reflect that I was observing classical, and yet American, Gnosticism: we have separated our bodies’ need for fuel from our souls’ need for nourishment. The one exception was a family of four, eating, talking, attending to their children’s’ questions, and obviously enjoying each other’s company.

One way in which I am now taking incarnation and embodiment seriously is in how I prepare meals for my family. What foods I prepare – are the foods healthy, tasty, beautiful, and well liked? Is the table cleared so that we may eat together, or are we eating individually, or, worse, in front of the TV? This blog is about how and everyday cook works to provide physical and spiritual nourishment – holy food – for a family of eight.

This blog is about how and everyday cook works to provide physical and spiritual nourishment – holy food – for a family of eight.

Holy food

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We know that acts of genocide were perpetrated on our people because we refused to be separated from our lands. Tremendous harm was done by those who would prevent us from speaking or learning our language; by those who would prevent us from practicing our ancient rituals, our healing and doctoring ceremonies, our celebrations, our condolences. The spiritual cloak that was our shield from unrelenting grief and loss from one generation to another was torn from us leaving us vulnerable to what science now calls “over-activation of our fight or flight response” and “toxic stress.” Though we are now relatively free to practice our ancient ways, the trauma has not stopped and many of our people have drifted far from ceremonial circles.

Our old ones passed down to us the stories of our beginnings. Our Creation story described where we came from, how we arrived here and gave instructions on how to conduct our ceremonies and be grateful. Our old grandmas and grandpas told stories that taught about life and the most important ones centered around the behavior and care of our children and pregnant women and the responsibilities of their partners. Nothing says that we can’t incorporate those teachings in health care and then remind our patients why it makes sense.

Research is showing that stress and traumatic events experienced by an unborn baby in the womb through the mom and during early childhood can alter the genetic makeup of the fetus and child. These altered genes can have adverse impact on their health in the future. To start these babies may grow to be prone to depression and more reactive to stress or less stress resilient. Researchers are also finding that some of these altered genes are passed on to the next generation. In the past this mechanism was crucial for the survival of the species during times of extreme environmental changes on the planet.

Toxic stress experienced by children can alter their brain, their genes and organ development if they do not have the caring support of an adult. So a young girl’s childhood experiences, her health and her diet will not only effect the outcome of her future pregnancies but also can effect her future grandchildren. She is not alone in this as the genes that come from the father have also been imprinted by his childhood and his environment in his mother’s womb. Combined, the mother and father lay the groundwork for their baby to grow and still the actual outcome can change depending on the environment in the womb. Imagine no worries or concerns, having nutritious food, adequate exercise, a loving partner, happiness and peace. The baby would form itself based on that particular environment as opposed to an environment laced with anger, fear, frustration or grief.

Our women suffer twice the rates of physical and sexual assault as Caucasian women. The children who witness these violent acts suffer unseen damage that will affect their health later on in life. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente have shown that adverse childhood events including physical abuse, addiction in the family, divorced/separated parents among others can result in poor health across the life span. Suffering abuse early in life causes the development of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking, overeating and so on but it also compounds the effects of persistent stress response in our bodies which can alter the development of the brain, change genetic expression and adversely impact the immune system. Persistent stress response is being in “fight or flight” mode for long periods of time.

Imagine the health consequences for the boarding school survivors who are currently in their 60s and older? I once heard a health-care provider at a conference say, “The story doesn’t matter, just treat the symptoms.” I find that offensive.

There are real physiologic manifestations of trauma, generational and otherwise that begins in the womb and calls for us to listen closely to the story because these issues require intergenerational prevention not merely a Band-Aid. Our responsibility as service providers, no matter what field we’re in, is not only to the individual in front of us but should encompass the immediate family and the generations standing behind them, the ones that are coming toward us; something our traditional healers and elders have always understood. Change is difficult, but evidence is mounting in research-based practice, that it is time to acknowledge the importance of the spirit and the mind and incorporate that understanding as an integral part of our health-care delivery practices. As the saying goes: “If nothing changes, you’ll only get what you’ve always gotten.” Patients will continue to “fail treatment” or “fail to comply.” Maybe the problem is that the provider “failed to listen” or “failed to understand” or “failed to change.” For Native people among other cultures changing the face of medical institutions from disapproving frustration to one of unconditional personal regard would be one barrier to care resolved.

Beverly Cook

Beverly Cook, Wolf Clan Mohawk, is the mother of three daughters and has three grandchildren. She has worked as an RN and family nurse practitioner at the St. Regis Mohawk Health Services in Akwesasne for more than 27 years.

Native American News

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Mexican food today is a fusion of tradition and migration. Dating back to the time of the Mayans and Aztecs we know that corn, peppers and beans were the early staples of the diet, but Spanish conquistadors introduced many of the spices and herbs that we associate with Mexican recipes so readily today. It’s not surprising that the typical dietary regime in Mexico is so varied and delightfully colorful and tasty. It truly is emblematic of the best of many, combined worlds.

Today, a large number of these tasty dishes are based on the basic ingredients of beans, rice and corn. The cornerstone is corn which appears in virtually everything from enchiladas and tacos, to soups and even desserts. Dried beans are also widely available and another staple on the dinner plate. They can be boiled or fried.

When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century rice became another wholesome ingredient. There are a variety of different ways to prepare this; for example you can prepare with hot oils, or incorporate herbs and even mix with sugar to make a popular, local drink.

Did you know that there are more than 60 different varieties of chili peppers and each one of them can be found somewhere in the Mexican recipe book? Jalapenos may not be for the faint hearted but they are the most recognizable, hot and spicy varieties. These peppers can be used in an amazingly diverse number of ways.

One of the most famous elements to emerge from the Mexican food pantry and well known in American society in general is salsa. Some people refer to this as the Mexican version of tomato ketchup and can be made from raw ingredients, or cooked in different ways. For example you can have roasted tomato, fresca or ranchero style.

When the Spanish arrived they brought a variety of citrus fruits to really add color and taste to Mexican dishes. Oranges, lime and grapefruit can create some unique and mouthwatering taste combinations when infused with a variety of other concoctions. As the Spaniards also introduced dairy food to the Mexican diet, we can now get ready to enjoy a number of dairy products such as Cojito cheese, often used to garnish the finished product.

When you add a very wide variety of herbs and spices to these already colorful main ingredients and supplements and prepare the food as freshly as possible you can imagine why the Mexicans tend to look forward to their evening meal so much. It’s now not difficult to understand why the natives make such an occasion out of eating and how it helps to cement their very culture.

Life south of the border is nothing if not adventurous and they are never spoiled for choice when it comes to dinner ideas. Maybe we should take a leaf out of their book. Instead of reaching for something frozen at the end of a long hard day, prepare a little bit in advance and you can have one of these tasty Mexican concoctions to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

There is something about Mexican food that fuels a fire inside George Ramirez. His passion for authentic Mexican recipes is infectious, and more and more cooking enthusiasts are joining him to bring traditional Mexican cuisine to the dinner table. You can join in too by trying some recipes here

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In the majority of American homes, the kitchen is not only a
place for preparing food. It is also the center of activity for
many other reasons. The humble kitchen table is a place where family members gather, where visiting friends gather to have a cup of tea or coffee and converse.

Given the importance of the kitchen and subsequent kitchen table, it is no surprise that many home owners go to great lengths to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible. One way of achieving this is to address the lighting of the kitchen itself.
There are many ways of using lights to our benefit

Two kinds of lighting are predominately installed in our kitchen:-

Functional lights –

Functional kitchen lighting – fluorescent overhead lighting is a necessity in any kitchen, in order for a person to see clearly whilst preparing and cooking the evening meal being just one of many valid reasons.

Mood lighting –

Mood lights are just what their name implies and they are a great innovation that can be utilized in many rooms with great individual effect. In the kitchen mood lights can be strategically placed directional lights that create an atmosphere or a mood, by highlighting specific features to enhance the kitchen for the people either staying in or working in or around the kitchen.
Without mood lights, a kitchen that contains the most elegant of decors and strategically placed elegant features will look amazing and is sure to be a talking point amongst guests.

Kitchen lighting improvement involves the installation of lights on top of counters or atop an island bench where they are utilized the most. Some homeowners even have lights installed under bench tops to enhance the beauty of the timber and ornate handle fixtures.

Don’t forget to incorporate natural lighting into your kitchen decor. The natural light of the sun can also be utilized to great effect in the kitchen by way of a skylight that is strategically placed, through windows and through doors. Bear in mind, how old world charm can be infused into your kitchen by the installation of lead-light doors and windows. Also, the use of internal glass doors or mirrors can also accentuate the effect of light. Utilize the natural light that the sun can afford you.

Before initiating any home improvement, including lighting, it is necessary for a home owner to take note of some valuable advice. Kitchen lights should be installed and directed into three distinct places. These places are the sink, the oven and the top of your counter or bench top. Lights that are installed under the kitchen cabinets to enhance the beauty of the timber and ornate handle fixtures. A home owner can choose from three types of under-cabinet lighting should he/she wish and all three styles of lighting can be utilized to great effect. Apart from the other two sources of light, there is also light emitting diodes (LEDs). All manner of lights and light fittings are widely available in kitchen improvement stores and home centers. Utilizing all three types of lighting available can create the ideal lighting for your kitchen.

With the array of lights installed within one’s kitchen, it is important to be responsible consumer and thus improvise a way to save on the consumption of energy – electricity. The installation of a sensor that detects movement an ideal way to save on the consumption of lighting energy. Through ultrasonic sensors that can detect sounds, and sensors that contain infrared lighting that can detect movement, this device automatically turns on the kitchen lights. It has an added advantage in that it triggers the turning off of all kitchen lights if both sensors no longer detect any sound or motion.
Isn’t amazing how far we have come from the yellowy dim light afforded as by incandescent lights of years past. Consult lighting experts from many of the home improvement stores available for their ideas and tips with lights and lighting used within the kitchen and elsewhere throughout your home. And, don’t forget to consult using the internet. The internet is always a useful tool when considering any home improvements.

Nelson Wandi very often pens detailed reports on themes relating to best jig saws and best jigsaw tool. His work on what is the best power tool brand and best jigsaw tool are found on his website .

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One of the greatest adventures of any family vacation is trying out the food of the region. Educating yourself a bit before travelling will help make this part of the visit something to plan for and look forward to. If your children are older, you could consider borrowing some cookbooks from your local library and actually cooking up some authentic food of your destination. That way, when you eat the real thing, you can compare your culinary skills to those of the locals.

Like most countries, the food in Costa Rica is influenced by several cultures. European, South American and even some African influences can be found depending on the region to which you are travelling.

Food and dining is an important part of the social make up of Costa Rica. It is considered an important time to meet and chat with family and friends. Perhaps this explains why appetizers play a very important role at every meal and are often provided free with meals. Some of the most common appetizers include salads, often made with seafood or beans, empanadas and tamales. Salads are served with most meals and are generally made of cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and onions dressed with lemon juice and herbs.

Beans, particularly kidney beans are a favourite among Costa Ricans and are included in many of the salads, soups and main dishes of the region. They are often combined with rice, beef and chicken to create very hearty and healthy dishes. If your family enjoys stews and pots of thick nourishing chilli, they will most likely enjoy these dishes of Costa Rica. Some of the most common soups include cod soup, bean soup, meatball soup and tortilla soup.

One of the most interesting foods to enjoy in Costa Rica is Yucca. It is used there much like potatoes are used here. The kids are sure to enjoy Yucca chips, Yucca fries and even mashed Yucca with gravy to accompany a chicken dinner!

Your Costa Rica vacation doesn’t have to be without a sweet indulgence or two, either. Let the kids try chewing on a piece of sugar cane for a new twist on dessert, and many varieties of sweet thick native fruit juices are readily available.

A somewhat lesser known fact that can be interesting to the grownups on vacation is that Costa Rica also produces some of the world’s most flavourful coffees. So now that you know, you can sit back and relax after a hearty local meal with a cup of rich aromatic java!

As a matter of fact, it looks like you can always find Costa Rican sipping coffee around you. They just love it. And if you’re a coffee lover yourself, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise here. But let me give you a warning: after trying the “real deal”, you’ll never be happy at a Starbucks again.

Most important of all, be adventurous and be willing to try something new. You may just discover a new favourite dish that you’ll continue to make even after your vacation is over!

CR Luxury Rentals is the premier choice for the discriminating traveler who expects and demands 5 star luxury and customer service, plus we offer fantastic Costa Rica condo rentals that are perfect for any type of vacation. Costa Rica Condo Rentals

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