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Living in America and the American Dream are things that many people the world over aspire to do or to attain. Whether or not they do that and the way that they do that varies on each person but they say if you make it anywhere then you can make it in America. Having an apartment in Los Angeles is a great start if you are a budding director or screenwriter or want to get in to the movie industry in some way. There are many great places to live in Los Angeles and the backdrop and sprawling metropolis is one of the most iconic in the world and has been the backdrop for many famous and well known TV series or movies.

Furnished apartments Los Angeles do not cost the earth and many come with the usual facilities and amenities you would expect. Living in LA is more of a lifestyle in itself and there are many furnished apartments available in Los Angeles to suit all kinds of people, personalities and budgets so you can really live in style in one of the greatest places on the planet. Furnished apartments Los Angeles are great for hosting parties and get togethers if you are trying to get on to the movie or music scene and there is no better place than LA and the people who live there when it comes to partying in style and saying that you have arrived in the world. That is why acre per acre the price for a furnished apartment Los Angeles, for the best and most prime locations go for a pretty penny but when you see the views from your windows you will immediately know that you have got what you paid for.

By this it is meant that you will have spacious rooms big enough to play football in and staggering and breathtaking window views also. There is something special about living in America as everything just seems bigger and grander there than it does in the rest of the world as Americans like to do everything in style from the way that they dress to the cars that they drive and the jobs that they have. There is no wonder that many people aspire to make it big in the USA and if you do then life is guaranteed to be much easier so there is no better time to start looking for furnished apartments Los Angeles if you are considering moving to the big city in the hopes of making it to Hollywood to follow your dreams. Having a furnished apartment in Los Angeles means you really have arrived in the USA. America may have many places to live and to visit but nearly everyone you ask will always say that they either prefer LA or New York when it comes to where to live due to the vibrant people and nightlife and unique living pattern that only America can provide so there is no time like the present if you are looking to move forward.

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When I moved to Mexico, my first non-American home, I did not pay any attention to what state I was in, changing address and culture had my head spinning. I have travelled a little into different states in Mexico and I am seeing the variety in postal codes. For my money, the Sierra Madres running through the country have a spiritual desert quality to find fascinating. The Guanajuato scenery of mountains, cactus, dry landscapes, quickly turning into green and trees and back to cactus is fetching. Some of the prettiest skies I ever seen occur almost daily, frequently at dusk. The quiet starlight against the bark indigo sky has all the constellations dancing.

So, if you are in the mood and mindset to deliver a new adventure in Mexico, come to Guanajuato. There is so much going on in the arts, music, and writing community, stimulating to the core. You will find gorgeous weather, interesting colonial architecture, lower cost to live, and international insurance coverage in all areas. You will also get fresh veggies everywhere, delicious Mexican food and friendly people. The pace in this emerging economy is slower and the outdoor lifestyle becomes a focus. Biking, walking, horse-back riding, and dining under the stars complete the daily life for many. Hacienda living includes the outdoors inside. Dressing in layers in the morning only to shed the sweater by mid- morning. The weather is cool at night and warm in the day. I really have never experienced such perfection.

As an emotional buyer in real estate, our home typifies the white stone vernacular of our small Wild West town. W e bought for the experience of living in a romantic castle-like Hacienda. Church bells ringing all day on Sunday, Mexican music serenades us on Friday and Saturday nights emanating from the jukebox in the age-old cantina. Birds, woodpeckers, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies flutter about all day long. On long hiking walks we see eagles and hawks soar through the sky effortlessly as if to say ‘enjoy this life, embrace the ride, celebrate the peace’. I stop and watch wishing I were one of them. This is the magic of international living and Guanajuato real estate.

Hassie Ahumada is a real estate agent. She likes to share and solve problems of people when they are selling or purchasing Houses or Lands. Land for sale in Mexico, bed and breakfast, international living,Gaunajauto real estate these are the topics in which Hassie is more interested. She loves to travel and visit new places. She also likes to read novels. Forever by Pete Hamill is one of her favourite novels.
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An unfortunate reality regarding most Western countries is the prevalence of their media and the reputation for spreading propaganda and smear campaigns against any country who doesn’t conform to their ideals. And while there are plenty of American businesses in Mexico, the country is nevertheless the victim of a variety of false reports from the U.S. media, especially in regards to the danger levels of the country. While it’s true that the northern borders in and around Juarez and certainly high risk, the other 30 states of Mexico are just as safe as their U.S. counterparts. This is good news to expats looking where to live in Mexico, because there are plenty of options once you look beyond the hype and the bad press.

Taking the Yucatan Peninsula in particular, it is one of the safest places in the world to live, and certainly the safest if you want to live in Mexico. For example, if you want to live in Cancun as an expat the entire state that Cancun is located in – Quintana Roo – only has a 2/100,000 murder rate. This is in comparison to New York City, which is 9/100,000, or the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., which has a murder rate of 31/100,000. When you look at those numbers you can see that a place like Cancun is safer by far than its U.S. counterparts, making it an excellent choice if you want to live in Mexico.

However, Cancun is not the only option in terms of living in this Latin country. One of the primary reasons so many pensioners and expats are choosing to live in Mexico is because of the cost of living throughout the entire country. The Mexican government only wants you to prove that you make around $ 1,000 per month to get your residency visa, plus the cost of healthcare is only $ 250 per year for access to unlimited universal healthcare. You also have the option for private healthcare, which costs pennies in comparison to what it costs in the United States.

There are far more choices in Mexico than just Cancun, as well. Another option is Tapalpa, in the state of Jalisco, perfect for individuals who prefer the quiet lifestyle of a pueblo village. The entire state of Chiapas gives you access to lush, tropical highlands along with jungle lowlands, not to mention the Mayan culture and ruins, with San Cristobal being a mountain city that puts you right in the center of the region. The reason Cancun is so popular with most Westerners when looking at where to live in Mexico is the fact that you have numerous brand names that people are familiar with, such as Home Depot and Wal Mart.

Which is another important aspect of choosing where to live in Mexico as an expat: modern amenities. While you can certainly go off the grid if you want to have a small villa or farm in the highlands of Chiapas or the coastal regions of Oaxaca, you can also have access to every modern conveniences you could ever want in a place like Mexico City, which is the 5th largest city on the planet and in the top 10 richest in the world. The sky is literally the limit considering the size of the country, the amenities offered and the extremely low cost of living.

Before you consider expat living abroad in another country, check into the life of other digital nomads. There are expats in all different countries of the world; you just have to be willing to find them.
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Before you decide to become a professional day trader, consider that only around 11% of daytraders are actually profitable. This, along with the statistic that 70% of people lose money day trading, was revealed by The North American Securities Administrators Association. Having a solid strategy, day trading system, state of the art day trading software, and the discipline to learn the market that you plan on trading are vital to your success. In addition, not everyone possesses the timing, personality, and funds necessary to become a successful professional trader, yet many still try and jump in head first into one of the most risky careers out there.

With many different trading strategies to choose from, it is important to choose one that fits your style of trading and stick to it. Each strategy has a unique mind-set and trying to juggle more than one can throw off your whole game. For example, in stock trading, swing traders try to anticipate peaks and troths over a period of days or weeks. Conversely, scalpers are looking for minute to minute entry and exit points with no regard for what a stock is going to do long term. Switching gears between the two is confusing and dangerous if done without proper research first.

Profitable traders must also have a system and the proper tools to implement it. Stock and forex trading software offers many systems to assist traders. Automated, advisory, and rule based systems are just some those most commonly used. Having access to accurate data quickly is vital for those who trade for a living. There are some amazing software packages offered to traders that allows them to customize a trading system. In addition, there are others that allow traders to utilize more than one system at a time in order to create an even more accurate market shot.

Regardless of how many resources traders have access to, if they do not have the discipline to do the prep work and concentrate on their trades, they will most likely lose money. While luck may sometimes be on your side and you may make thousands of dollars with little effort, don’t get over-confident. To trade for a living and be profitable, you must think of trading as more of a science and less of a gamble.

Timing is essential in trading. Second guessing your strategy can cause you to miss lucrative trading opportunities. Therefore, having a confident and assertive personality is essential if you want to trade for a living. Those who have a low patients threshold should stay away from trading. Those who trade on emotion are most likely to lose sight of their plan and lose their money. While losses are inevitable, taking them in stride and being able to learn from anomalous situations is key. Lastly, you will need to have a decent amount of funds available for trading while you hone your strategies. Those who day trade for a living ideally want to get to the point where they are trading with “house money” but until then, having enough funds to stay in margin is necessary.

Written by: John Gilliam

Tsunami-Trade: Day trading software with proprietary trading robot specialized for daytrading. Forex trading software for active day trading.

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More people are retiring overseas than ever have before. Travel is inexpensive, and people can live well overseas for much less than it costs in the United States. That means you might want to think about retiring abroad to another country. Here are some ideas that you should consider. Costa Rica is a very popular destination for American retirees, so we will examine it as an example.

For U.S citizens, Central America is near by (only a short flight away); most flights are scheduled frequently and are economical to boot. So, you will have no difficulty in quickly entering and exiting the country, if the need arises. What else does Costa Rica offer the expat who wants to retire early or retire overseas? One of the main things is an improved standard of living as compared to that of the United States, while you are not far from home. Traveling back and forth from Costa Rica is comparable to flying from New York to Florida. Costa Rica is also an outstanding place to retire overseas if you want to retire young and still live a vibrant, active lifestyle and enjoy all of the comforts of home at far lower prices.

Most people retire to other countries because the cost of living is lower. Some Costa Rican properties sell for just 30% as much as in the Southern US. You can retire overseas and live quite comfortably in Costa Rica on a monthly pension of $ 2500.

Retirement living in actual fact should mean living a peaceful life on your own terms, exactly the way you wished it to be. In place of packed cities, crime, graffiti, polluted air, and traffic bottlenecks, an abode in Costa Rica provides a heavenly experience comprised of unspoiled and lovely beaches, majestic mountains, dense and lush green rainforests, volcanoes, an abundance of varied wild life, and a relatively hassle-free life that is devoid of most of the crime we experience now in the U.S. You can live at a comfortable pace. At the same time the experience is very homey. There are a large number of expatriates – expats who are quite similar to you – who have chosen to retire abroad, thus you will never feel out of place.

Costa Rica’s communications, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping are as good as anywhere in the world. It has some of the world’s best golf courses, amazing fishing, and rural areas of remarkable beauty. This list could go on and on.

With its booming economy, Costa Rica is becoming a popular destination for people coming from the US, Canada and Europe. The government makes it easy for foreigners to settle in this safe, modern country. Many people have not saved enough money to keep up their lifestyle at home. These baby boomers and folks who want to retire early or retire young now have a new plan: to retire overseas. Retiring in the US is complicated by the declining value of the dollar via inflation and less government support than expected. However, some are wary of retiring overseas due to fears over culture shock.

Many baby boomers (and others who simply want to retire early or retire young) are deciding to retire overseas, Costa Rica is a popular choice. Citizens from the U.S., Canada, and Europe who wish to maintain their current lifestyle find that Costa Rica’s government makes simple and virtually effortless for expatriates to relocate.

Many people retire overseas because they can’t maintain their current lifestyle at home or because they couldn’t save enough to make up for inflation and reduced government transfer payments. They want to preserve their lifestyles by moving abroad, but they’re worried about the culture shock that will result when they move.

Grab your copy of a free special report on the year’s best retirement havens. You can live your fondest desires to retire abroad with outstanding health care and live like royalty in paradise.

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Created in 1933 during the Great Depression, the FDIC is a United States government entity that provides federally backed deposit insurance for member banks, ensuring depositor confidence during economic downturn or when a bank fails.

Until recently, the amount that each account could be insured for was $ 100,000. New legislation entitled the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008-was signed into law on October 3, 2008, and has raised the amount that each account could be insured for to $ 250,000.

The FDIC’s insurance is vital to those who have created a revocable trust (also known as a “living trust”) as part of their estate plan. Such insurance is extended to living trust accounts held at FDIC-insured banks, with even more insurance offered on such accounts. Each beneficiary is insured for $ 250,000 up to the amount of $ 1,250,000 per bank. Although some limitations do apply, you can rest assured that the FDIC protects your living trust money if it is held at a member bank.

In times such as these, when our nation is facing an economic crisis and many banks are at risk of failing, it’s important to know that the future of your money (as well as the future and economic security of your beneficiary or beneficiaries) is protected. The recent Economic “Bailout” Package passed by Congress is part of the overall effort on the part of the government to ward off another Great Depression:

The FDIC has raised the insurance limits on depositors’ accounts to restore consumer confidence in the banking industry.

Since its inception in the 1930s, the FDIC has successfully accomplished this goal-helping to both stabilize the markets and keep the American economy healthy during the worst of times.

If you already have a revocable or living trust, you should make sure that all trust owned accounts are held in FDIC insured banks. If so, you should feel confident that your personal wealth secure for you and your heirs.

Because, let’s face it: economic conditions do change and sometimes very rapidly. Therefore, it is vital that you regularly confer with your California estate planning attorney to ensure that the wealth you worked so hard to accumulate remains secure and will benefit your loved ones in the way that you have planned.

Whether your estate planning goals are immediate or long-term, a qualified California estate planning attorney will be able to counsel you on the best options available to you to meet your individual needs.

Kevin Von Tungeln is the Managing Partner of and Thompson Von Tungeln, P.C. Kevin practices in the areas of estate planning, probate, wills, and trust administration. Visit or
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I am not sure if anyone has noticed this, but Dubai has been welcoming so many foreigners to live in the country that it makes me wonder what is so great about the place. Everyone wants to live in Dubai and according to them, they want to “live a good life” there. I have been researching and found some interesting facts about Dubai. Here I present to you the top ten reasons why Dubai is definitely better than UK.

The economic opportunities in Dubai are the very first reason. It is undeniable that Dubai is the fastest growing economy, with above 15% on the previous year and the percentage is doubling every year. Billions have been in and out of the country and no wonder there are so many opportunities in Dubai for you to explore. Do you know that you don’t have to pay income tax in Dubai? I didn’t know until a few minutes ago. So you get to earn all you can earn in Dubai and you get to keep all of it too. There is no better reason to go and live in Dubai.

If you are a die-hard shopper, living in Dubai is living in heaven. You get to shop until you drop, literally. First of all, you must not miss the Dubai Duty Free Shops, which are the best in the world. Second, you must shop in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival (January to February) and Dubai Summer Surprises (June to August). The living standard in Dubai is much higher than any other countries. It is possible for you to live a upper scale lifestyle and have access to high-class residences and driving the coolest cars in town.

You will never get bored in Dubai. With so many nightclubs and bars, you are sure to have more fun than you ever imagine. You’ll be satisfied with the services and have a great night out every night. Dubai nights are filled with vibes and colours that will make your head spin. Another reason is that Dubai has the busiest airport in the world. There are flights coming in and out of Dubai all the time. So, accessibility is never a problem in Dubai. You can catch direct flights to almost anywhere you want to go. The best part is you can expect the air crew to speak about 8 languages or more.

You don’t have to worry about education in Dubai. Most of the schools in Dubai follow the British curriculum or the American curriculum. There are other choices, such as a French school and an Australian school. Your kids are sure to get the best education in Dubai, there is no doubt about that. In Dubai, you can expect to get world-class infrastructure. Everything in Dubai is in tiptop condition, so you will have to catch up with the development if you don’t want to fall behind.

For art lovers, you will never be disappointed in Dubai. Dubai is the home of all cultures. There are more than 180 different nationalities working and living in the same place, so there is sure to be more culture and art than anywhere else – not only as far as art in concerned, but music, theatre and best of all, cuisine! Dubai is also making its name in the international sports arena with excellent players in Tennis, Horse Racing and Golf. It is great entertainment for sports fans and art lovers.

The last reason why Dubai is better than UK is simply the security. Everyone wants to feel safe, and Dubai is probably the safest place on Earth. You can walk around at night without fearing that anyone might attack you. There is no doubt that once you have landed in Dubai, you feel safe just like being home. Dubai is definitely a better place than UK – and anywhere else in the world.

Dream Homes Worldwide offers the exciting chance for you to invest in Dubai property and live in the lap of luxury as a permanent residence or vacation home.

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Bangkok, known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon in Thai, is the capital as well as the cultural and commercial center of Thailand. Bangkok is situated on the Chao Phraya River Delta, about 40 km from the Gulf of Thailand, in the central region of the country. With a population of about seven million people, Bangkok is the city where the majority of expatriates in Thailand are based.

In other words, about 25% of the city’s population is expatriates. Many of them are working, while some are retired or tourists on a long term vacation. Majority of the expats in Bangkok are westerners including Americans, British, and Germans. Most of them primarily work in foreign-owned and managed companies. A good number of Japanese expats can also be seen here, of which many of them work in Japanese legal firms in the city.

Expats living and working in Bangkok also include a lot number of people from other Asian destinations, such as, China, Indonesia, Korea, and Philippines. Many of them work as teachers and some in export sections in order to communicate with foreign customers. In short, it is no wonder that why Bangkok is regarded as the most diverse of all the Asian cities.

One of the prime reasons why many foreigners prefer to relocate and stay here for a long period is due to its affordable cost of living. Housing and daily consumer items plus food items are relatively cheap in Bangkok. However, cost of living in the city depends on your income. For a corporate executive working in the city with a salary of more than 150,000 baht per month or teacher with salary of about 35,000 baht per month can comfortably live here.

Middle class community with 10,000-20,000 baht a month can also live well here. For instance, an apartment studio coupled with facilities including furniture, phone, cable, and hot water are available for rent for 5,000-7,500 per month. Likewise, two-storied townhouses can be availed for rent for just 5000 baht a month. But, the rent of an apartment or a single detached with high-end facilities may go up to 10,000-20,000 baht per month. It may be even higher if you are well-heeled enough to choose a top-end condominium or serviced apartment with a rent between 25,000-100,000 baht.

Since many foreigners consider Bangkok as a destination to spend their retirement life, majority of expats are now showing interest in investing in Bangkok’s property market. However, there are certain restrictions for foreigners who are interest in investing in property market. A foreigner can own a land or house in Thailand through a registered Thai company, provided he owns more than 39% of company’s share.

Likewise, an expat can own land or house in the country through his Thai spouse. In other cases, an expat can lease land for 30 years, with a choice to extend it for another 30 years, of which the first 30 years are guaranteed since they are registered with the Land Department. However, there are fewer restrictions for owning a condominium in Thailand. In other words, condominium is the only type of asset that can be legally owned by a foreigner in the country.

When comes to food, everything from traditional Thai and seafood cuisines to exquisite Chinese and French cuisines are available. Eating or buying food from hawker stalls or a food court in the shopping centers is exceptionally cheap. There are also options for those who want to dine sumptuous dishes within luxurious comforts, in the form of international fast food restaurants or top-class eateries located within most sophisticated hotels. But, it may be expensive. Then also the bill would be lower when compared to similar restaurants in America or Europe.

The prices of other food stuffs are also relatively cheap. For instance, a can of coke is just 14 Baht. A loaf of bread can be bought for 25 Baht and a bottle of milk for 10 baht. Similarly many westerners’ items including cornflakes, Tescos, pasta, jams, cheese, and bacon are available at big supermarkets and that too at local prices.

Of the expats in Bangkok, majority of them live in the city’s Central Business District (CBD), the Silom sub-district, or on or close to the Sukhumvit-Phloenchit Rd. Some of the expats also live in the suburbs of Bangkok where economical housing options are available. Almost, every western country has an embassy in the city, including the Australian Chamber and the American Chamber.

Likewise, many organizations and business firms are here to provide visa services. In order to ensure high standard of treatment, many world-class hospital function here such as Bangkok General Hospital and Bamrungrad. Above all, a plenty of organizations operate here for the expats living in Bangkok, such as, the European Young Professionals Society and Hash House Harriers.

Wantanee K. is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Thailand, especially CB Richard Ellis.

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Caring for a family member or friend who is living with a memory disorder is a labor of love. The decision to do so is made for many reasons, most often because loved ones feel a deep emotional need to embark on this often rewarding, but challenging pursuit. While it can feel very good to be able to support a loved one in a time of need, providing constant help can take its toll on caregivers. After all, providing care around the clock to someone with a memory disorder calls for long hours, hard work and the willingness to face unpredictability. As time passes, the work can be very emotionally draining.
The American Psychological Association estimates about 40 to 70 percent of family caregivers will experience the symptoms of depression. Another 25 to 50 percent may show signs of major depression as the emotional drains of caregiving take serious tolls. The effects are often felt, the APA points out, due to the overtaxing caregivers are likely to face. Most dedicate at least 20 hours a week to providing care to their loved ones. This part-time commitment is generally performed on top of a regular workweek. Essentially, caregiving is likely to leave caregivers with very little time to rest and provide care for themselves. Caregivers may find their sleeping habits disrupted, anxiety levels higher, eating schedules off kilter and more. All of that adds up to a real concern for caregiver health.

Caregivers facing depression, healthcare providers say, may not even realize it. As they are pulled in multiple directions, trying to do their best each day, they may overlook some common symptoms. The telltale signs to look for include:

Experiencing sadness, hopelessness or emptiness on a regular basis
Demonstrating major changes in sleeping habits
Having difficulty focusing
A sense of fatigue that does not go away no matter how much rest is enjoyed
A loss of interest in activities and hobbies that were once enjoyable
Feeling agitated or being easily agitated
Caregivers who suspect they are displaying signs of depression are urged to seek out medical advice. Treatments are available to address the symptoms and help empower caregivers with better ways to cope with the stresses they face. Medications, therapy and seeking out respite care for loved ones to ensure breaks are enjoyed when they are needed can all be helpful.

Caregiving is a labor of love. Caregivers, however, must remember that their health matters, too. If depression is a concern, help is available. Seeking out assistance can be important for ensuring caregiver health and the best possible care for the loved one living with a memory disorder.

The Cottages have been operating in Texas since 1997 and are family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living. The Cottages Senior Livingare state-of-the-art certified assisted living residences for people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.
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If you are looking to enhance the design and appeal of your home just check out for the American designing and contracting company who are experts in offering a range of services like installing the brick paver patios, retaining walls, concrete pools, fire pits & grills, sidewalks and many more using the best products and quality services ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. They have designed many brick paver patios Rensselear where they pick up such stones and bricks that are used to arrange in a pattern to create that landscape and patio of your choice that would surely enhance the appeal of your outdoors. The paver patios can be used for open air cooking in your backyard. The American designing company shall offer the best landscaping services to bring out the desired shape and form to your paver patios that are not only functional but also look great adding value to your home. You can find a plethora of options to install the brick paver patios Rensselear and the staff of the company shall help you with choosing the best style, colour and pattern that complements the overall look of your exteriors and enhance your outdoor living style.

Similarly, you can also avail best services for the stamped concrete pools Saratoga with the company offering their expert services who has more than 18 years’ experience to live up to your expectations. By using stamped concrete it is possible to the desired look like patterned, textured or embossed resembling slate, brick, tile, stone, wood and many more varieties for your pool deck. This stamped concrete surely offers superior aesthetic value to your pool deck compared to other options and is also less expensive and easy to maintain. You can actually go through the gallery of the contracting company to find a variety of patterns and designs that can be discussed with the experts to find one that best suits to your outdoors.

As the company takes up the work with passion rather than just like a profession you can enjoy their commitment and quality in adding that artistic touch to transform your property as you desired. You can also avail their services for installation of fire pits and grills, staircases & steps, landscaping etc offering best quote and guarantee on their services. Their quality craftsmanship from design to finished product surely offers 100% customer satisfaction.

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