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Building a home is a lifetime investment for most of the people and no doubt that everyone wishes to have one in the best quality and standards. By finding best design and contractors you can enjoy superior services that not only add value but also elegance and comfort to the home. The professional contractors shall use the latest technology and tools for installation of various systems to your home in the best craftsmanship and artistic touch that would surely transform your home for a customized look. The American design and contracting company has been in the industry for many years and offers professional services for all property needs like installing retaining walls Saratoga, Pool areas, landscaping, drainage, grading, building patios, walkways etc according to your requirement.

The retaining walls Saratoga experts first understand your home requirements and accordingly come up with the best solution that is both functional and appealing to your home meeting the specifications. Whether you need a small home planter walls or elaborated retaining walls they offer the best irrespectivec of whether the job is big or small and ensure to maintain that quality, durability, elegance and value to your home with a customised look. You can also avail stamped concrete pools Saratoga services to choose from a variety of designs, patterns, colors and finishing with the stamped concrete that adds a unique look to your outdoor area around the pool. You can use this stamped concrete to add a versatile touch to the ground whether you are looking for a brick, stone, tile, slate, wood or various other patterns and textures that can be derived using the stamped concrete. This is very much suitable for the outdoor areas to add appeal and functionality to the area. The pool areas Clifton part can be done with the stamped concrete that is cost effective but brings in the same patter and look of different materials suitable to your taste.

Being experts in this area the American Design and Contract Company can meet your expectations in offering the services using best products and crew to transform the outdoor living space as per the customer choice. All services are offered in the best quality and price along with a guarantee on the workmanship and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. You can avail a free quote for the job and accordingly hire the services to transform your house into a home suitable to your lifestyle.

Are you looking for the Stamped concrete contractors, then you are at the perfect place. Adcmason is now offering the variety of designs, patterns and colors of stamped concrete patios and pools in Clifton Park, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rensselear. Check our website for more details.

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1. Labrador Retriever

Most retriever breeds make a wonderful hunting dog and the Labrador might just be the ultimate hunting dog. They have bundles of energy, a nice cold-weather coat meant for the long days outdoors and they will go to great lengths to retrieve your kill. They are known to be the best duck hunting dog and they can also be used for any type of small game. Labs come in all different colors, black, yellow, chocolate, white, red and silver. People say that one color of labs is better for certain kind of hunting but if you train them well enough they are going to perform just the way you like. Labs also make great family pets as well.

2. Pointer

The Pointer is known as the Cadillac of bird dogs, prized for it’s speed, ability to go all day in the field, stand steady to wing and shot, which means the pointer holds it’s position as birds rise into the sky and guns go off and their personable nature. They are very easy to train, along with their intelligence and prey driven. The Pointer also makes for a loving family pet as their energy lets them play with the children all day and alert nature makes them excellent watchdogs.

3. Coonhound

If you are looking for a hunting dog that will go with you through all conditions and terrain types, this might be the companion for you. Their noses are always to the ground sniffing out their primarily prey, which is the raccoon but also the mountain lions, bears, deer and other game. The Coonhound will bark up when his quarry is treed. They have the ability to pick up and follow an old trail, no matter how faint. They have a lot of energy, prey driven, intelligent, tendency to bark or howl a lot and general are healthy.

4. Chesapeake Bay Retriever (nicknamed the Chessie)

They were originated as a water dog used to hunt and retrieve ducks in the chilly chop of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. It’s sturdy build, dense coat, stamina and strength made them ideal. They have excellent noses but can have stubborn streaks. Chessies are friendly, outgoing and obedient, although they have a mind of their own. Between the Chessie’s strength and smarts, they can easily overpower an unprepared owner. Chessies often has an excellent rapport with children, but they don’t tolerate abuse from the children and will likely get up and leave the situation if possible.

5. American Foxhound

The American Foxhound was bred with the purpose of hunting foxes and are still very much up to that task. They will pretty much chase down anything you tell them to. They like the company of other dogs but can be a single companion dog if you’re committed to giving them the exercise they need. The Foxhound is musical and they are described as having a bell-like voices and their baying can carry for miles. So if you don’t like a barking dog, Foxhounds are probably not going to work for you.

Depending on what you are going to be hunting, all these dogs are perfect for the hunt. Just remember you need to put in the training to make them what you need them to be. Without the training they are just another dog living with you.

Michelle Harolds is an avid outdoors woman. She enjoys hunting and fishing while listening to nature wake up for the day. She enjoys sharing her passion with the world and helps run a website selling hunting clothes and gear. Browse their selection now!

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There are many questions which are generally asked on the internet. This topic is difficult and dangerous for any person who is right and is not engaged in such activities. A Fake ID is a form of identification which is moulded, reshaped and other forms to create Fake ID for a person. Just take an example; you can easily generate any person’s fake ID by applying your photo which is followed by state driver’s license. It is because the state license is issued by the state agency. On one hand, if you steal anyone’s driving license and will use it for your own use, then also it is known as Fake ID.

Every state has different types of laws for punishing a person having False Id, which can easily result in different offence. As, a state can make illegal way to use ID which is formed as the Fake ID.

Here are some of the general questions which are asked by the people about Fake Id.

Why you want to have a Fake Id?

If you are new to your college and wanted to go to the bars for drinking or for fun, then you will definitely need an id card to enter any Disco clubs or Bars. It will totally depend in which state you are living in, the id that you will require should be sorted with Microprint on your id card. This is the main feature how the trained bodyguards of the club recognized your fake ids.

There are many companies who are providing fake Ids to the customers. Almost forty-eight states all over the world are using microprint features on their IDs so that it may not look duplicate.

How Can You Make These IDs Look Legal?

These ID cards are selling legally because they do not have any trespass or do not have any copyrights on any of the identity cards or any other documents. The cards which are issued by companies are not identity cards, instead they are novelty cards.

What is Novelty Use?

There is no such definition for novelty use, but it can described as use but are not limited to- simply filling an empty space in your wallet, playing jokes with your friends, a prop card for watching movies.

What will be the punishment for the people who uses Fake Id?

The Id you are using is not for identifying your citizenship only, it also sees for checking your age, etc. There are two ways through which the law conducts the punishment: Use of Fake identification instead of Real, modifying your real identity.

So, if you are American and you are using any fake ID, then you will be punishable for 7 years in prison.

Kevin Howells is the author of this article. For further detail about American fake ID please visit the website.

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Washington D.C, February 11, 2014 – Clements Worldwide, the leading provider of international insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations, today announced that it is now providing members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) with guaranteed-issue term life insurance for themselves and their families living and working overseas.

Clements’ global life insurance solution is the first of its kind to be made available to ACS international members and their families. This coverage offers them vital financial security and peace of mind. Upon enrollment, international members are instantly protected by Clements’ fully portable coverage with no required medical exams or lengthy underwriting. Enrolled participants will remain covered as long as they are active members of the association, up until the age of 71.

With more than 161,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society of chemists, chemical engineers and related professionals around the globe. ACS has local and national chapters within the United States as well as a robust international membership representing more than 100 countries.

In addition to comprehensive term life benefits like coverage for death due to illness, accidents or acts of terrorism and a dedicated team of customer service representatives, the innovative partnership between Clements and ACS gives members access to a wide suite of international insurance educational materials. Other leading association partners that have successfully integrated Clements’ solutions include PMI and IEEE.

“At Clements, we pride ourselves in offering peace of mind to our customers in more than 170 countries. Our new partnership with the American Chemical Society is all about creating lasting member value through a distinctive portfolio of insurance programs that leverage ACS’ strength in numbers, beginning with a comprehensive term life insurance solution,” said Dante Disparte, Managing Director of Partner Solutions at Clements.


About Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide is a leading insurance provider for expatriates and international organisations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high risk insurance in over 170 countries. With offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai, Clements delivers comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, and unparalleled claims response. To learn more and quote online, visit

Press Contact:
Jasmine Chan
Clements Worldwide
Washington D.C
+1 (202) 741-1555

Clements Worldwide Clements Worldwide is a leading insurance provider for expatriates and international organisations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high risk insurance in over 170 countries. With offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai, Clements delivers comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, and unparalleled claims response. To learn more and quote online, visit

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Deciding on where to go first for a vacation in America and Europe can be overwhelming. To avoid getting confused about the many wonderful places that you want to see, you need to narrow down your list of cities to the top five for each continent. Here are the places you may consider. They are among the most popular tourist cities in America and Europe.

Top Five Cities to See in America

1. New York City

This is America’s primary and most populous city. Some of the best places to see in the “Big Apple” include The Statue of Liberty, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Promenade, Bronx Zoo, and Central Park.

2. Los Angleles, California

Hollywood is too alluring to not include the city of angels as an itinerary when you go to America. But the place where million-dollar blockbusters are made is not the only attraction in LA. Here in this city, you will also experience Disneyland, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, The Original Farmers’ Market, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

3. Chicago

Chicago is a place that’s dubbed as the “Second City” because it ranks next to NYC in size and population. A flare in the Midwest, Chicago has many things to offer, including lots of memorable sites and experiences. When you visit Chicago, you shouldn’t fail to experience its silky skylines, cozy restaurants, museums, lakefront, and shopping centers.

4. Washington D.C.

Being the capital city of the United States, DC is the center of museums and monuments that depict American culture and history. It is in the city where you will learn much about the American people. You should consider DC when you visit the U.S., and see miles of museums for free.

5. Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has the reputation for being the “gambling capital of the world.” While it is true that many people from around the world visit this place to try their luck, Las Vegas also offers lots of interesting things including blockbuster shows, great restaurants, the Atomic testing Museum, Bellagio conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Bonnie Springs, and many more.

Top five Cites to Visit in Europe

1. Paris

Paris is a French city that portrays opulence and luxury. Many cities in Europe try to emulate her for her grand personification of elegance and sophisticated living. Paris is the home of the Eiffel Tower, dozens of great museums, and the Notre Dame.

2. Rome

The grandeur of Rome in early history never fails to feed our fancy. This great city in Italy is the seat of world power from 44 BC to 476 AD. In Rome, you can see thousands of relics and icons that can relate about the beginning of civilization and Christianity. Important things to see in Rome include the Colosseum, Pantheon, Borghese Gallery, Vatican Forums, Vatican Museums and a lot more.


London is the richest city in Europe. But it is not its being affluent that makes this city an interesting place. London has a lot to offer to visitors including its diversity and culture. Some of the best places to see here include the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Harrod’s, and Westminster Abbey.

4. Venice

Venice is another wonderful place in Italy. Visiting Venice puts you at the center of what was once the world’s richest city. It is now home to some of the most magnificent houses ever built. Beautiful places to see in Venice include the Canals of Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica & Campanile, Venetian Alley Maze, Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, Academia Gallery or the Academy of Florence, and Murano Island.

5. Florence

The city of Florence is one of the most popular tourist itineraries in Italy and Europe. It is home to some of the greatest reminders of the great Renaissance Period. Some of the best places that can surely take you back in time are Piazza Della Signora and Palazzo Vecchio, Il Duomo or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and The Baptistery of St. John the Baptist, an 11th century building.

Traveling is a beautiful thing that you can do to enrich your life. It can offer beautiful sites and memorable experiences. Most of all, it can make you see how wonderfully made this world really is.

Andrew Connor is a travel and leisure blogger. He is currently working as a freelance travel writer and web consultant. He loves photography and literature. He says that if you want to find the best European vacations, feel free to navigate to this page anytime.

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Whether you are updating your present home, or building a new house, incorporating a touch of custom woodwork will add value and beauty to your property. In particular, custom wood doors can add a touch of class, and create tangible value for when you wish to sell at a later date. For a reasonably modest investment, you can ensure that you get the best possible return from your home. Modern properties, especially those constructed by the same builder (often in gated communities), can look very similar to each other. Custom woodworking updates give your house a truly bespoke, personalized look that reflects your unique tastes.
Custom Wood Doors
The front door is the first thing visitors notice when they approach your house. This door should welcome visitors into your living space. If your front door badly needs repairing, this speaks volumes about what visitors can expect from the rest of your house. Also, your front door is what welcomes you after you return home from a hard day at work. When you are feeling stressed, there’s a huge difference between walking towards a battered, dilapidated entrance, compared to a nicely decorated, well maintained entrance.
A large number of home improvements are costly and have to be delayed for years, until sufficient funds are saved. Fortunately, updating the entrance to your home and fitting a new door is a cost effective way of making a big impact. As well as updating your front door, you could consider installing a custom wood garage door, a wood entryway and some custom wood interior doors.
Custom Molding and Stair Rails (Banisters)
Although you could live in an attractive home without noticing the millwork, once you have upgraded to a customized design, you will find it difficult to remember how this was ever possible. Wood working designs for the home can range from extremely detailed and intricate, to very simple and basic. Done correctly, custom molding injects a sense of personalized craftsmanship and adds a welcome charm to your property.
The custom services you could opt for include baseboard design, wood molding, hand carved balustrades and banisters, and sleek crown molding. Also, there are numerous custom designed items that you can incorporate into the rooms of your property — like built ins for display and storage, and custom wainscoting. Custom designed closets, shelving and entertainment centers are another option too.
Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Getting custom cabinetry throughout your house, especially in the kitchen, is highly recommended. Cabinets serve both a functional role, and they drastically change the appearance of the interior of your your property. In order for the rooms of your house to have an appealing, cohesive look, you need cabinetry that complements the style of decor.
Although you can have custom cabinetry in any of the rooms in your house, the kitchen should be your top priority, due to the storage requirements. Your kitchen can’t be considered complete, unless you have cabinetry to store food, small appliances and cookware. In the absence of sufficient cabinetry, the kitchen in your home is barely operational. A well designed, attractive kitchen with plenty of cabinetry makes your home more valuable, and increases the enjoyment for all of your family.
American Custom Design Woodworking Inc is a New England based woodworking company, with two decades of experience. They offer high end products to their customers, and are well known for their outstanding craftsmanship and quality materials. They visit the job site for most projects and field measure, to ensure a customized fit. The company creates functional spaces for their customers, that add a touch of elegance to a home.

American Custom Design Woodworking offers ( ) quality, high end product to our customers using top of the line materials and craftmenship.

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When you live a busy life, you want to come home to a comfortable home that exudes your personality and sense of style. Whether you are planning to redo a living room, office, bedroom, or other area of your house, quality furniture can help make a drastic change without the need to resort to a messy and long remodeling process. Even just changing one or two rooms in your home can have a huge effect on your attitude and ability to relax.

A pleasing interior environment isn’t just a great way for you to unwind; it can also help you create a soothing environment for your guests, helpful when you are throwing parties or just inviting a few friends over for dinner. Exceptional furniture reflects well on you and your design tastes, transforming each room of your home instantly. You can easily add a luxury touch to any room with quality furniture, but you don’t want to have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars extra on your furniture due to high markups from brick and mortar stores. When you shop online, you can get various types of furniture for every room in your home, often at large discounts to what you would find in stores.

Getting durable, luxurious American furniture is an important step in building a beautiful home. When you shop at a online luxury furniture store, you can get much of the same furniture that you love but at a price that is much more reasonable. At Savannah Collections, you can find a number of quality furniture pieces that are made of high end wood and metal; not only do they look great but they will last for years. They are one of the leading online furniture stores, offering quality furniture in many modern styles, including ones similar to Badcock furniture lines.

Their bedroom furniture selection can help you introduce a stunning new look into a room that you spend almost a third of your life in. You can easily improve the look and feel of your bedroom with a quality bedroom set from their online store. They will help you add a new dimension without putting a huge hole in your pocketbook with their low prices that can’t be beat. Whether you are choosing to add a single piece of furniture from their selection to complement your room, or you want to completely redo your home with their pieces, you can’t go wrong with the combination of selection and price that they offer.

Select from the quality collection of furniture available at Savannah Collections and you will get attractive design, impressive color, and quality materials. They strive to find some of the highest quality products available today, and price them low enough for any budget. For more information about their product lines.

For more information about American furniture and bedroom furniturem, you can visit their website at
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The focus is always to write from an authentic place and not sound like a sales person. I advertise this tiny little town in Central Mexico not because I want to sell real estate but because the lifestyle I have created for myself and my family is one to believe in. It is shocking to most that an American family living in Mexico would be thriving and happy. “Don’t your kids miss the states?” and “it must be hard on the kids” are common comments. I use the threat of going back to the states if they don’t behave!

The sunshine, the big skies of blue, the fresh air, the people, the fresh veggies and fruit on every corner, the property tax bill we pay in cash every January (so low it is unbelievable), the horseback riding, the hiking. No TV, why do you need it when there is so much else to be enjoying. I did not come here knowing the amount of change that would naturally take place. I came because the architecture and magic of a small desert town I found on the internet. Living in a hand-built stone mansion, of sorts, seemed like a fairy tale I was willing to jump into with my family. Two puppies later, the bribe to keep moving complaints to a minimum, we packed up the two cars, put our entire life online (no more mail), and said good-bye to the US. We are in Mexico to renovate our new home and new life.

When we crossed the border, it really sunk in. The noise and arguments dropped off and we all became intent on the landscape, the mountains, and the garlic ropes being sold on the roadside. Every turn was new. My youngest kids spoke a little Spanish but were shy and taken aback by the idioms and speed of their speech. Oh my god, I thought, how they could spend six years in a Spanish Immersion school and not understand. Three months later, they were completely bi-lingual. Today, after four years, my son helps translate real estate negotiations with the locals, partly because he knows everyone and partly because he is great at it. There is a little entrepreneur in the making. This of course, would be ridiculous in the states, but here it is part of the culture to include and educate the children in the family business. It is a remarkable adventure in international living and family ties here in Mineral de Pozos. I thank my stars every day to have made such a unique and harrowing choice. It is not always easy but it is always rewarding.

Believing in your life can be tough with too much distraction. Our lives in the US were full of it. Racing around from the minute our feet hit the floor until the commotion died down after dark. It is different here, unless of course you live in Mexico City, which is fun and beautiful but a lot of time spent in the car. Family is the centre of it all, great meals shared, holding hands, helping each other with whatever is needed, a simpler lifestyle and set of values. This is how I grew up and I am grateful my kids can know the freedom to run around a small town. Houses for sale in Mexico have many choices and beautiful, captivating architecture. Pick the area, the town, the weather, and the amenities you are wanting, and make the leap to reduce the stress and cost of living and find the dreamier side of life again.

Hassie Ahumada is Yoga trainer but along with it she is also a real estate agent. She likes to share and solve problems of people when they are selling or purchasing Houses or Lands. Houses for sale in Mexico, bed and breakfast, international living, these are the topics in which Hassie is more interested. She loves to travel and visit new places. She also likes to read novels. Forever by Pete Hamill is one of her favourite novels.
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The outdoors can be a lot of fun to decorate, and there are many design styles that look great and offer a host of ways to be creative, even if you do not have a lot of money to spend. One of the trendiest ideas or design styles today is a southwestern style, blending Native American, Hispanic, and Western designs to create something unique and rustic. Exploring Southwestern style in outdoor living spaces is a great way to add beauty and passion to your outdoor area, but first you have to know the basics.

Wrought iron is a perfect expression of southwestern style, and it is durable enough for use in outdoor living spaces most of the time. Some retailers offer special wrought iron pieces that are sturdier and more durable for use outdoors, but most pieces do not need anything special outside of protection against rust and the elements. Wrought iron is a classic aspect of southwestern style, and you can add it through accessories, seating, and even elegant forms of outdoor lighting. Rustic Western wall art like Kokopelli Southwestern metal wall art is a nice touch on porch, deck and patio walls. It is not as expensive as you might think, depending on where you purchase.

Rustic benches and half barrels are another classic representation of southwestern décor, especially if you repurpose actual vintage pieces. Half barrels can be a little pricey, but they are perfect planters for your outdoor living spaces. Fill them with a variety of flowers in different shades to add color to your outdoor area in a beautiful and unique way. Flowers that grow to different heights will add depth to the planters, and if you use two to flank an asymmetrical area you add balance to that space. With hundreds of great choices that work in any type of lighting, it is easy to find plants that work in whatever climate you are dealing with around the world.

Sterling silver is a common accessory choice when you explore the southwestern design style in your living spaces. There are many accessories that can be made from sterling silver, but this is not the best choice for outside. Instead, choose a material made for outside, such as stainless steel, or other building material that will not rust or corrode if you leave it outside. When in doubt, shop at a retailer that solely offers outdoor décor so that you are not left wondering whether the item can safely be left outdoors all year without wasting your investment.

Colorful outdoor tiles are perfect for adding the feeling of a floor in your outdoor living space. Choose tiles that are energetic and colorful, with vibrant shades and creative patterns to add life to the space. When you are decorating in the southwestern design style, consider colors such as red, yellow, black, white, bright blue, vibrant green, orange, and metallic shades like gold, copper, iron, and silver for best results. You can also add these tiles to the sides of your water feature, grilling area, and fire pit so long as you choose appropriate tiles based on the amount of heat they will need to withstand.

This article was written by Alyssa Davis of who specializes in creating uniquely stylish interiors with metal Western wall art and Southwestern metal art decor.
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The last thing many people think about when it comes to living abroad as an expat in another country is the cost of food, but it is this very element that creates such a stark contrast in terms of cost of living between the United States and countries around the world. The United States Department of Labor showed that in 2011 the average annual grocery bill for the average American and the United States with $ 6,500. This is in comparison to Mexico where you can have the same amount and quality of foods for a mere $ 1,000 per year.

Those numbers are staggering in their raw form. You can save at least $ 5,000 per year on your grocery bill alone while living in another country? It’s somewhat staggering in its simplicity, and yet it is absolute true. And what is truly astonishing about this fact is that expats with families stand to gain even more, as the savings only grow the more people in your family you have to feed.

The average family of four in the United States of America needs around $ 20,000 per year to cover their basic grocery bill. Meanwhile, in countries like Bulgaria and Mexico, the same families are eating for around $ 4,000 per year. That’s a savings of $ 16,000 a year simply by living in another country as an expat where the groceries cost that much less.

The savings are still there, even if you are just a pair of expats rather than a family, because while you need a minimum of 13 thousand per year to eat in the U.S., you only need about 2k per year in other countries. That’s your total cost of food per year. And while some people have been brainwashed into thinking everything outside of the U.S. is inferior, think about the fact that the U.S. imports most of its produce and fruits. When you realize that, you can see how living as an expat in the same countries where the food is produced allows you the greatest savings.

Think about that the next time you head to your local grocery store to pay obscenely high costs for produce and fruits. You have a global range of options at your disposal, and while you might only be allowed to save pennies via coupons and other discounts in the U.S., you can save yourself literal thousands per year by choosing to live abroad and buy your produce locally where it is produced.

The lifestyle of the international traveler has dozens of benefits, ranging from the ability to explore amazing new places around the planet to enjoy a permanent retirement through international investments.

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