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The United States of America was founded about two hundred-fifty years ago by people who wanted some kinds of freedom. Whether that was freedom to conduct their own religious practices, freedom from tyranny of government or freedom to not have to wear shoes does not matter. The fact is that they did found this country seeking freedom.

For these two hundred-fifty years, the people of this country have lived, fought and died to preserve that freedom – the freedom of the individuals of a country to decide by majority rule how they wanted to live. What rules they wanted, how they wanted to be governed, what protections they wanted from both their own people and their own government as well as foreign powers, and how they wanted their laws and governing rules to be made and managed.

Remember the phrase, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”? Does that phrase mean anything – does it have any reality – in our country today?

Today we have elected officials, supposedly sworn to serve the people, deciding the people don’t know what’s right and that THEY, the officials, know best and therefore will make the rules and laws which all the people WILL follow. Today we have judges who have decided THEY have the power to “make” law, and that the legislative bodies, and certainly the people, don’t have the knowledge or the right to judge for themselves what is right and wrong.

Today we have people coming to this country illegally and then, as non-citizens of this country, demanding THEY have the right to all the freedoms and benefits of the citizens.

Today we have people, citizens and non-citizens, demanding THEY have the right, even though they are in the minority, to have all the rules, laws, traditions and founding beliefs of this country changed so THEY, the minority, will not be offended because of their beliefs and will not have to live by the rules of this country. God, the flag, patriotism, our culture, a pledge of allegiance, our language, our lifestyle, our laws – these are OURS. They don’t belong to anyone else. We don’t try to force these on people who don’t live here. They are OURS.

But, now these are offensive to others. “Others” who are not here legally. “Others” who are not citizens. “Others” who have decided they don’t want to live by the principles this country was founded on and, even though they are the minority, have decided they will refuse the laws of the land and will scream and fight to have their own way. But, they also are demanding that all the stupid “citizens” (who may not agree with certain things our country does but still do abide by the rules) darn well better support, defend and provide for them.

I am from a foreign country, brought here by my parents at a young age, and I may or may not agree with things American. But, as an adult I have chosen to live here and to participate in this country. I may or may not try to change things by persuasion or vote. If things get beyond the way I want to live I may or may not choose to leave for someplace else. This country has given me the freedom to make decisions like those. But, it has NOT given me the right to “demand” that YOU change your ways so I can live the way I want to.

Today our leaders in all levels of government and the military are falling all over themselves to not offend “others” who are demanding that this country bend to all their demands. And our own citizens are rolling over in fear of telling our leaders that they are wrong and are supposed to be protecting and defending the Constitution of this country.

Yes, the president is WRONG when he gives away our way of life and forces a future on us we did not ask for. Yes, our courts are WRONG when they “make” laws and give decisions that run against every principle this country was founded on. Yes, the legislators and bureaucrats are WRONG when they work to feather their own nests and to make changes in this country that we, the people, did not ask for.

And yes, we the people are WRONG when we stand by and let irresponsible, un-Godly, un-American politicians, leaders and “others” lead us down the paths to destruction and take away the freedoms and culture this country has fought for two hundred-fifty years to preserve. We DO NOT have to abide by them. They are WRONG and we should work to correct them or remove them.

Stand up and fight, Americans, or it will soon be illegal for you to stand up at all.

Jim Magwood is the author of the international mystery novel, SANCTION. Visit him and SANCTION at his website, Jim is also the webmaster of the site, The Author’s Inn, dedicated to showcasing author’s works and connecting them with the book reading public. You can visit The Author’s Inn at
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The Indian Cuisine has a significant place in the world. There is a boom for Indian food in US. There are various restaurants serving Indian food of highest quality in almost every part of US. The Indian Restaurants are famous for the unusual food which is difficult to find in American and other World Cuisines. The American people have tasted it and gradually feeling it as the part of their culture.

The present Indian food is an outcome of various cultures, traditions, religions and their variant preferences for tastes and royalty. These Indian Restaurants in US are sustaining which India has sustained it in her heart for such a long time. The typical Indian food taste is still sometimes hard to generate as the usage of various herbs and spices is must in appropriate quantity and at the right time.

Only the real Indian Chef can provide the same which has been appreciated for years, decades and centuries in the world. Keeping these norms in minds and status of Indian Cuisine, our chef Sajan Prem has ignited the need of Indian food in non-Indians also. Under his influenced leadership, the Tabla Bar restaurant is able to make remark in the hearts of the people living in US.

We are proudly serving in Orlando, Florida and spreading our wings with the help of tasteful fragrances throughout America. The art of cooking and high end hospitality is needed for serving Indian Food which we perfectly doing with our team dedicated for cooking Indian food. Thus we can say that “If cooking is an art then we are meticulous artists.”

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Pint glasses have become one of the faster growing collector’s items in America today. The reasons are several. Unlike many other items that are being collected, the pint glass is timeless and can be used in modern day living. A collection of vinyl records, bottle caps or stamps does not hold up to the same functionality.

The American market has seen the escalating growth of the beer industry, including the arrival of micro-breweries and local beer experts popping up in virtually every town and state. The beer culture has changed significantly as a result and beer drinkers are paying more interest to the sophistication and traditions, customs and products surrounding the world of beer drinking.

Many liken the ongoing beer drinking revolution with the wine-craze that swept the nations in the 1980’s and never let go.

Acceptable ways of drinking beer, according to beer lovers, are through the bottle or in a pint glass. The standardized pint size is the legally established measurement in which beer is served in the United Kingdom, and an adopted measurement elsewhere. Broadly, the pint glass is the most important aspect of beer drinking, apart from the beer itself. The styles range conic to jugular, inspired by traditional beer steins that date back to the middle ages in Germany.

To serve the unquenchable demand for pint glasses stemming from collectors and souvenir hunters, breweries, pubs, bars and other beer serving institutions see it as a necessity to carry a personal line of pint glasses. Collections are usually adorned with logos, emblems and taglines. The logos are either silkscreened or engraved on the glass. One particular micro-brewery in Minnesota took the collector craze so seriously it developed specific pint glass sets where each glass was signed and numbered, and came with a personalization service. Other popular collections are based on 70’s, 80s and recently 90’s nostalgia – and pop culture collections, including music bands, have frequently been big sellers.

The pint glass collector-phenomenon is not limited to North American, but has spawned a global collector’s sub culture. Several websites are dedicating to the documentation and trading of pint glasses, and on global auction sites, rarities and entire collections are changing hands over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The payment and shipping for some of the rarest pint glasses in the collector culture can range up to a few hundred dollars – for one single piece.

If you’re looking for a good place to start your own pint glass collection, a recommendation is to start by getting a personalized set. Including your own name on a pint glass collection will make it truly unique, and a family legacy that can be handed down the family line, generation to generation. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of glassware from beer mugs and champagne glasses to shot glasses and Pint glasses.

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Even from the middle of the 19th century, the need for mass transportation has been apparent. During that time, cities like Chicago, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis grew into some of the biggest cities in the United States and even the world. The 12 states that make up the Midwest contain some of America’s richest history, sports and landmarks. The attraction of these elements has brought people from all over the world to see them.

Mass transportation is not only convenient for inner-city travel, but they are perfect for travelling between any of the 12 states in the Midwest. Charter buses are able to eliminate up to about sixty cars on the road with one ride and consolidate groups of travelers into one single group.

Since the migration of major league sports from the east coast to the Midwest and eventually the west, sports teams would use charter buses to go from state to state. The city of Chicago alone has 34 professional sports teams. This number does not include sports teams in other cities of Illinois for college, private, minor league teams or colleges. The NCAA’s Big Ten Conference has also been a pioneer in sports travel with Charter Buses because it is the oldest division 1 college athletic conference. Sports teams of all ages and calibers still continue to use charter buses to help them transit across the city, state and region for competitions. The traditions still carry strong in Chicago and they bring in millions of visitors a year for the enjoyment of sports, history and life.

Grand Rapids is another Midwest location that receives many visits with groups taking charter buses. Grand Rapids, Michigan is known for much of its Dutch history that is still standing today with fertile valleys and covered bridges. Many historic landmarks and museums are within short bus rides of each other. Groups and students will be able to visit many interrelated museums such as the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum for naval and American history, or the Public Museum of Grand Rapids and the Muskegon County Museum for Midwestern and Dutch history.

Another popular destination for Midwest charter bus trips is Indiana. For the same reasons that many travelers visit Grand Rapids and Chicago each year, Indianapolis has a very wide mixture of the both sports and history. Founded upon a very rich history of sports, Indianapolis is the home of the NCAA museum of champions and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum as well as the NFL power house Indianapolis Colts. Groups will also travel on charter buses to unique destinations such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art which has the proclaimed “The best collection in North America of Pont-Aven paintings by Paul Gauguin” or the Indianapolis Zoo which hosts over 350 species of animals including an aquarium of wild sea life.

The possibilities for exploring the Midwest with groups are endless. Every state has something new and different to offer, but all have the underlining element of history, culture and sports. Folks are encouraged to join groups that partake in the pursuit of travel like schools, sports teams, interest groups, youth groups or senior citizen groups.

Don’t miss the chance to partake in learning about the foundations of American culture that are spread out through the Midwestern United States.

Sheila Dodd is the Marketing Executive for Michigan charter bus Company Cardinal Buses. Her experience with one of the oldest Michigan Charter Bus Services is helping group travelers like sports teams, field trips, youth groups and so many more choose the correct charter bus for their Michigan and Midwest travels. For more information on services and booking, visit or call (800) 348-7487.
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There is one commonality between Dallas, Texas and the South Pole; both get to see 100 degree temperatures in July. The only thing is that the South Pole sees temperatures of 100 degrees below zero, not above. Think about it this way, it will be sufficiently cold to freeze exposed skin in mere seconds.

Amazingly, twenty-eight people spend six months of their lives at the South Pole each year with virtually no contact with the rest of the world, no sunlight, and no way to get away. They are meant to keep the American polar base in good condition, as well as observe and record scientific data. Their jobs are being changed by advancements in communications and technology.

Recently North American astronomers were able to control the South Pole observatory’s telescope using satellite communications. It was the only time a telescope located at the South Pole had been manipulated from another continent. It is the dream of astronomers to be able to watch the universe from the South Pole’s telescope while controlling it completely from a warmer climate.

Those who work in Antarctica have to contend with one of the harshest environments on Earth. You will not find elevations as high as those in Antarctica anywhere else in the world. Due to this, breathing problems can also be an issue. As a result, little else survives in that climate, save for animals and plants that have already adapted to the cold.

People who are willing to commit to this six-month experience will enjoy the new nickname of “winter-over”. These crews are provided with a very large video collection, a small exercise room, various computers, a pool table, and wonderful food. Winter-overs do not talk much about what occurs between February, when winter begins, and October, when they are taken back to civilization.

Due to the huge growth of the research program at the South Pole, there are still continuous problems with insufficient electrical power. There are only three oil-burning generators which are not able to produce enough power for all the computers, telescopes, lasers, and other electrical powered equipment. This causes winter-overs to have to deal with not enough power, crowed living arrangements, and cold buildings.

The winter months are broken up using some traditions. One is the “300 Club”, which requires a day when the outside temperature will be at least 100 degrees below zero. The winter-overs will crank up the sauna to 200 degrees. Then, they run from the 200 degree sauna out into the 100 degree below temperature air, and then back inside.

Winter-overs also look forward to airdrops. Every June, a U.S. Air National Guard military transport plane will fly over the South Pole to drop deliver pallets of food, mail and other supplies. Heavy equipment is used to collect the pallets in order to be broken down and used. This is the closest winter-overs are able to come to any physical contact with the world outside the South Pole.

They do not even get to see a tree or travel more than a mile from the pole. They are able to get a one week vacation at the McMurdo Station, which is the main U.S. Antarctic base. During their vacation they get to enjoy camping out in refreshing 25-degree climate, baking in the sun on the beach, and wearing t-shirts and jeans.

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There are many different culinary industry associations for all types of chefs and for the food service world in general. These culinary organizations can serve as great resources whether you are a professional chef, a head chef, an aspiring chef, a culinary student or any other player in the gastronomic industry. The following are considered to be the top 10 culinary organizations in food-industry circles:

1.The American Institute of Wine & Food: This educational nonprofit organization is dedicated to the pleasures, benefits and traditions of the table, with 31 chapters in the U.S. as well as a chapter in France.

2.Chefs Collaborative: A national network of more than 1,000 food community members supporting sustainable cuisine through local, seasonal and artisanal cooking.

3.International Association of Culinary Professionals: This 30-year-old group is one of the largest culinary industry associations, with more than 4,000 members in 32 countries. It is a nonprofit professional association that provides continuing education and professional development and sponsors the annual IACP Cookbook Awards, among other things.

4.The James Beard Foundation: This nonprofit organization was founded in 1985 on Julia Child’s suggestion to espouse the philosophy, ideals and practices of James Beard, the father of American gastronomy.

5.National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc: The NASFT has 19,000 members including manufacturers, distributors, importers, brokers, foreign government offices and other suppliers of specialty foods.

6.National Restaurant Association: This is the definitive membership-based business association in the restaurant industry with more than 30,000 members representing more than 175,000 restaurants since 1923.

7.New York Women’s Culinary Alliance: The NYWCA promotes cooperation and education among women in the food industry.

8.Roundtable for Women in Foodservice: For 17 years the RWF has organized foodservice professionals while providing educational, mentoring and networking opportunities to enhance the development and visibility of women. There are 10 U.S. chapters.

9.Slow Food: This is the largest of all the culinary organizations in the world. They are committed to supporting and promoting quality food and beverage patrimony.

10.Women Chefs & Restaurateurs: The WRC promotes the education and advancement of women in the restaurant industry, as well as the betterment of the industry as a whole.

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Dating case are temperate by discrete features of desirability. The first worry that build the meeting achievable are it could be those units that brought you together in the basic site, of the like kind as superior seems, fondness, consideration feminineness and separate ordinary trait that guy and women have frequent. The reality is that not plenty of women can overshadow beautiful Russian women in these values. Single Russian women have grow so collaborative between western adult male who have come to be the rife dating spouse of these ladies.

It is unquestionabl that single Russian women are extraordinarily handsome and most American adult male have come to be thankful for their awareness of love and kind wardship. What create them distinctive is that as good as they can be oriented in conditions of calling, when it make it to their awareness of family, they never middle ground and consign all their loving try to each time be around. Dating a beautiful Russian women energy the greatest thing that ever come about to you, since they are less interested with what you have in conditions of details myriad as they specify itself to be mama and fine wives, amidst perfecting any of your meeting.

Russian women online can manufacture the lot of a adult male a the heavenly kingdom to survey, as they have been return the majority delicate on all sides the sphere, plus being polished in what they have ripe as their calling. Spell date this the fair, they move an auxiliary mile to ensure that they have made you comfortable in a homely etiquette and are ready to please you in some social graces. They love altruistic illustrate of endearment to their meet and like helpmeet, in position they are wedded, and they are ready to do anything to preserve it as such. They self-worth in detail devotion to their adult male and are tremendously rapid in construction up their attentiveness.

Dating of a single Russian women and wed her possible is something that plenty of Americans are doing further than forever earlier. This has been empower by the view they have en route to iving beings, of the like kind as their shortage of interest to provocation and touch male. Their lives are finished by a customary heritage that is reminiscent of our gramma and mom, and they hold it with self-esteem and deep morals. Looking after their helpmeets with care is their extreme yearning, period the majority like better to be housewives if the guy allows it. Their loyalty and candid fondness is uppish, uppity many American men on the road to them.

When a beautiful Russian women is meeting you, subsequent to that gentleman who will devotion them and grant them a likeliness to out of harm’s way their place of residence, a gent who can provide for her. Marry Russian Women may be without the means ready but it doesnt signify that they arent after the means and relaxation in lifestyle. It is what build them carry out the finest in stipulations of help to sheltered it for their correctly being, along with that of the relations. There is no root to be warning when you choose to begin a meeting liaison with a single Russian women.

It’s more or less that you will at no time forget. Their highest stipulation aren’t doubtful and an median earner can absolutely allow to look after them, so don’t move a date with her theory she is sole of those the means inclined ladies in western community. They have desirable adjusting authority and can well change sensible to a bit of individual, of traditions, cheerfully and very facilely. You want dating Russian women and domestic at the very same moment? In conditions this recount your affectionate and tenderness needs, then a hot Russian women perfectly to suit you.

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Tiki culture first came into American consciousness in the 1930s, when Texas-born Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, who had journeyed throughout the South Pacific, opened Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood. The Polynesian-themed restaurant offered Cantonese cuisine and exotic rum concoctions in a tropical ambiance of blazing torches, leis and brightly colored fabrics. Following the standard set by the Beachcomber, Trader Vic (Victor Bergeron) established his first Polynesian style restaurant in Oakland, which was to become a chain of restaurant worldwide. The popularity of Trader Vic restaurants peaked in the 50s and 60s, riding on the wave of the Tiki craze at the time, but the popularity of the restaurant chain eventually waned when Tiki lost its appeal to newer generations. In recent years, resurgent interest on Tiki culture also sparked interest on Tiki-themed restaurants and bars, as more young people come to appreciate the strong drinks and unique atmosphere of these places.

Another catalyst in the introduction and the eventual widespread acceptance of Tiki are the stories and souvenirs brought home by servicemen who fought in the Pacific during World Ward II. The fantastic stories about the exotic and magnificent islands inspired James Michener to write his book Tales of the South Pacific which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948. A year later, the book was used as basis for the award-winning South Pacific musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, which won a Pulitzer Prize and swept the Tony Awards. The musical in turn was the basis for the movie adaptation released in 1958.

Hawaiian statehood in 1959 brought about the golden era of Tiki popularity in the US. Americans love the exotic culture from the faraway islands that was romanticized in restaurants, bars, music, Broadway and Hollywood. Polynesian inspired design began to permeate many facets of American life, from home decorations to landscapes to architecture.

Now, having said all that, the question that comes to mind is: what exactly is Tiki culture? Are these just the mind-boggling drinks and exotic food? Tropical ambience brought by richly colored tapestries? The striking statues, masks and other collectibles that are just too irresistible for their camp value?

One definition of culture is that it consists of customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a social group that are transmitted from generation to generation. In short, it is the way of life of people in a given area that is uniquely their own. Thus, Polynesian culture from which Tiki is derived consists of the cultures of the South Pacific islands taken as a whole (though each island may have its own customs and beliefs that is quite different to the next island). Tiki culture, then, is an amalgam of the things that Westerners came to appreciate about the South Pacific islands: the friendly people, fascinating traditions and practices, lively music, imaginative artworks, practical architectural forms, exciting trinkets that are not only decorative but functional as well.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Americans to transform their communities and homes into a tropical paradise symbolized by the Tiki culture. Thus, they settled for the next best thing- making Tiki artifacts part of their environment to somehow give them a feel of paradise. It is for this reason that Tiki statues are in high demand: a small statue as a table centerpiece or a rather large one in the garden are not only great conversation pieces, but also transform rather drudge settings into something with more warmth and life.

Royal Tiki’s beautiful range of Tiki are hand-carved on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Also check for current specials on Tiki bar statues
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Decorating Your Home For Christmas.

Christmas decorating in America has evolved over the years. We have taken many different traditions from various countries and made them our own. The way we decorate our trees, string lights, and celebrate Christmas in general have become almost an art form in America. Although Christmas is considered a Christian holiday, many non-Christians celebrate Christmas as well.

Christmas Tree Lights.

For instance, candles used to be used as Christmas lights on Christmas trees. Buckets of water were often placed by the tree in case of fire. Using real candles for decorating became a real fire hazard. The invention of the electric light changed the way we decorated. Soon strings of lights replaced candles. Today, however, battery operated lights and candles have become popular. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but as time goes on, the prices will drop. They are also much more safe to use than real candles. You can string them in your tree or use the battery candle sticks. Many churches now use flameless battery candles in their church services because of the ease of using them. There is no fire hazard and they are easy to store.

Christmas Ornaments.

Americans have a tradition of passing ornaments down through generations. It brings back fond childhood memories every year when they start decorating the tree. Every year a new ornament may be bought and added to the collection. Often when a couple is married, they start their own ornament collection. People give wedding ornaments, baby ornaments, and other various ornaments to new families. Decorating the tree is often the highlight of the season because the Christmas tree has become the center of many American homes Christmas display. Many families go and choose a tree together or put up their artificial tree. They have family time and decorate the tree together. Many memories are made and shared when putting up the Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands.

Another tradition is garlands and wreaths. In the early days, live holly and ivy were used as decoration. Popcorn and cranberries were often strung together. Today though, many Americans use artificial wreaths and garland for their decoration. The artificial variety is a much more popular choice because it can be cheaper and used for many years to come. Artificial garlands can be put almost anywhere from stair banisters to outside light poles. Often wreaths are placed on doors as a welcoming sign.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

Decorating the outside of one’s house has become a huge tradition in America. From lights, to Nativity scenes, to animated snowmen, the choices are endless. Many Americans put up Christmas lights around their house, trees and walkways. An outdoor Nativity set is a popular choice for American display. Others choose snowmen or nutcrackers for decoration. Some neighborhoods have competitions for the best decorated yards. Churches usually put up large Nativity scenes in observance of Jesus Christ’s birth. Businesses decorate for the season too. Decoration of the outside of buildings with large bows and ribbons, wreaths, garlands, and lights are very common.

Katie is employed as a writer for Christmas Decorations and Gifts. Select to view Christmas Decorations Ideas. Christmas Decorations & Gifts also has a great selection of Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

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There is evidence to suggest that Yoga, one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, can be used to prevent and manage heart problems. The same tenets – exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation – espoused in a Yogic lifestyle, are also those prescribed by medical professionals for coronary health. Often associated with toned bodies and complex poses, Yoga may have been intimidating in the past. With new Chair Yoga Classes, however, this ancient practice is now available to everyone.

If you classify the heart as a muscle, it is the strongest muscle in the body. Hollow and about the size of a fist, it pumps almost five liters of blood throughout the body every minute, carrying nutrients through the circulatory system to the organs. When its passageways become blocked, by fatty deposits or inflammation, the result is heart disease – a condition that kills one American every 35 seconds.

Coronary ailments affect both men and women and are becoming more common among the younger population, as well as those over 65. Although some risk factors are genetic, many are related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. Smoking and alcohol are also detrimental to a healthy heart; and chronic conditions – such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and hardened arteries – greatly increase the odds of heart attacks.

According to clinical research, released by the American Heart Association – in 2004, participants who practiced Yoga three times a week, for 6 weeks, lowered their blood pressure and their risk of heart disease. Although people with coronary problems improved their blood vessel function, those who were healthy showed the greatest results in lowering their body mass index, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

While studies did not relate specifically to Chair Yoga, there is reason to believe that this new adaptation could be just as effective. There are several known and suggested mechanisms by which Chair Yoga may improve general cardiac health:

* Helps to prevent heart attacks by regulating the region of the brain that controls endocrine activity
* Lowers blood pressure
* Lowers pulse rate
* Reduces stress and anxiety
* Relaxes muscles
* Enables better self-care by enhancing the cognitive system
* Reduces inflammation by boosting the immune system
* Encourages positive thinking and a general sense of wellbeing
* Increases confidence and reduces feelings of helplessness
* Helps to control pain and reduce dependence on medications
* Increases energy and enables a more active lifestyle
* Lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides – factors that contribute to inflammation

Chair Yoga classes, for heart disease, are offered in studios, senior centers, and health-related facilities around the world; and videos are available for home use. In addition to physical exercise, Chair Yoga often brings together a group of like-minded individuals, with similar issues, and that alone can be therapeutic.

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, is a co-owner and the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit: