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Remember when the internet brought everyone, especially movie fanatics all over the world from all walks of life, the gift of being able to watch TV online and watch American Idol through the innovation of online streaming?

Up until now, people can watch all those movies that people post on the internet that you may have missed or would want to watch again. Soon after that, people have started posting episodes of their favorite television series that they want to share to other fans. Even after that, movie and visual entertainment fans have not stopped and stretched their own creativities and shared videos they’ve created themselves.

And now, people can even avail of internet innovations where it’s free to watch TV online. If you’re on the move or you don’t have cable you can just log in to you favorite online television site using your laptop and connecting to the internet, which is what most people have nowadays. You can change channels and easily find the one you like, or you can even explore channels being catered to all over the world, allowing you to have a wider channel base beyond that of subscribed cable television, totally increasing your viewing capacity as well as your viewing experience.

Some sites that let you have free watch TV online are free, while there are those that charge a little for a guaranteed better service to the viewers. In any case, whichever suits you does not deprive or exclude you from any of the generally enjoyed benefits of watching online TV for free.

Almost all Americans, along with all the other people all over the world watch American Idol. It’s one of the best reality shows that America has ever produced and continues to be one of the best up to this date. It’s become so popular that many countries all over the world have decided to imitate such show so they could have one of their own. Up to now all sorts of viewers, whether they are young or old, regardless of their tastes and wherever they may be from, continue to watch this American sensation season after season, intriguing even those who have never heard of it, if there are any.

American Idol is a reality singing talent search set in America, where people who have dreams of becoming the next American singing sensation audition at the mercy of the America’s most credible celebrity judges recorded on television for the world to see. Here, the millions of people who audition experience drama, realizations and excitement as their number is diminished with the intent of zeroing on the best of the best singers in the country. In the show, America gets to vote for their favorite singer, supporting the American they truly know as the idol.

You can now watch American Idol over the internet in their official website as well as other unofficial fan sites that showcase their episodes. You can watch them all for free, letting you enjoy good music and great performers America has chosen for you to enjoy all you want.

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Excerpt From Mary Baust
American Idol Fan

If you had told me four years ago that my life was going to be changed forever because of a TV reality show, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here I am, fifty-eight years old and telling you exactly that.

It was Season 2 of Idol. I hadn’t watched the first season and had no plans to watch the second, but my father-in-law was a fan and had convinced my husband to take a look. So one evening I was upstairs peacefully working on a scrapbook when out of nowhere I hear my husband laughing hysterically downstairs. I continued working, trying to ignore my husband’s ever-more-boisterous appreciation for whatever he was watching until finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to see what all this was about, and as I sat down and proceeded to watch the parade of talentless singers march across the screen, I, too, began to laugh out loud.

As fate would have it, that night as I was sitting and watching American Idol for the very first time, a geeky-looking young man from North Carolina stepped up in front of Randy and Simon (Paula was ill that day). I shook my head, made a wisecrack to my husband, and braced myself. Then he began to sing. When he was done, I turned to my husband and said, “That’s him. He’s the winner. They don’t need to audition anyone else.” That young man was Clay Aiken.

I was hooked. I followed the audition process each week, and was in shock when Clay was sent home, but my dismay turned to delight when he was called back for Wildcard Night, and was eventually chosen as one of the twelve finalists. Each week I would watch the show with eager anticipation of what he was going to sing, how he was going to look, and what he was going to say. I wept during “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and loved him even more when he messed up the words to “Vincent.”

I was so absolutely certain that he was going to be the winner that I didn’t even start voting until the last few weeks. On the night of the finale, I voted nonstop for hours–undeterred by the frustrating busy signal–trying to get in as many votes as possible, but, as we all know, there weren’t enough to declare him the winner. I was devastated. How could this have happened?

During the weeks that followed, I found myself in a state of withdrawal. I hadn’t realized how listening to this young man sing for a few minutes each week was the “fix” that kept me smiling for the other 158 hours.

When summer arrived and the American Idols Live! tour was on the road, although there was a show only fifty miles away, I didn’t go because I was afraid to make the trip alone and couldn’t find anyone to go with me. Still being in my state of “withdraal,” I decided to “Google” Clay. I was amazed at the number of sites devoted to him and started checking them out. It was on a fan’s site on the Internet that I first saw Clay’s performance during the American Idols Live! tour. Once again I was amazed by him — he wasn’t just a singer, he was a performer, and one who held the audience in the palm of his hand. Right then and there, I made the decision that if the opportunity to see him live were ever presented to me again, I would overcome my fear of traveling alone and would be there no matter what.

One day I was searching the Web and I saw a site that frankly scared me a little. It was called the “Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken” or LBFCA for short. Nonetheless, I checked it out and that’s how the purple pages of “the Broads” became my Internet home. The pages were written with intelligence and wit by women who loved Clay Aiken. They loved Clay Aiken the singer. They loved Clay Aiken the man. They loved Clay Aiken the hottie!

It was such a relief for me to realize that I was not the only fifty-something out there who had feelings that had snuck up on me about this young man. We took pride in his accomplishments just as we would if he were one of our own kids. But when he was performing, the feelings that we had were far from motherly. I would become a fifty-eight-year-old teenager–yelling and screaming like a fifteen-year-old! Except now, I had credit cards, a house, and no curfew!

But the most wonderful part of this whole experience for me has been the relationships that I have formed with the other Broads. I remember the first concert I went to. It was in Philadelphia for the Independent Tour, when Clay was co-headlining with Kelly Clarkson. A group of Broads was meeting for dinner before the concert. I sat at the table reserved for the group, and as each one arrived, there would be screams, smiles, and hugs, as if we were greeting long-lost friends. A few days later, I attended another concert in D.C. and took my mother-in-law. Once again, it was dinner and hugs and laughter and even presents. Afterward she told me that although she enjoyed the concert, she was overwhelmed seeing the sisterhood she had witnessed among all of us Broads.

The friendships that have formed in this group are real, true, lifetime friendships. These are women who not only chat online but call each other on the phone, send cards on birthdays and holidays, and share pictures and stories of their families. Some of these women are as young as my daughters and some older than myself. They are from every corner of the United States. They are rich and poor. Some are overcoming hardships and some are dealing with life-threatening illnesses. But they are all kind, caring women who have one thing in common: we love Clay Aiken. What other performer has had this amazing effect on his fans? Clay said very early during the American Idol experience that what he wanted most from life was to make a difference. I think he got what he wished for.

So if you’re ever at a Clay Aiken concert, and you see a group of wild women, wearing purple, and probably even a feather boa and some outrageous beads and hats, and looking like they are having the time of their lives, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re seeing a group of Lecherous Broads. If you ask them why they’re having such a good time, they’ll tell you, “It’s all Clay Aiken’s fault.” It’s his fault that we met, his fault that we travel all around the country (often alone!), his fault that maybe we spend a wee bit too much time on the computer, but most of all, it’s his fault that we are having the most wonderful time of our lives.

(Reprinted with permission from Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul: Stories from the Idols and their Fans that Open Your Heart and Make Your Soul Sing).

Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul is a collection of captivating stories that the television cameras don’t see – true, uplifting, and entertaining tales told with humor and candor. Visit Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul

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For a long time The American Cowboy Hat has been considered a legend. It was thought to be created by J.B. Stetson in 1865. On the west coast, Stetson made his large brim and high crown popular. After his traveling companions realized how useful this great hat was on that trip, Stetson started making more cowboy hats to sell.

American Cowboy hats have wide brims and high crowns of varying heights. The first cowboy hats were composed of undyed Beaver fur-felt, making them very lightweight, with wide brims. Additionally, they were waterproof. Current western style trends still have many of these features.

The American cowboy hat, also known as the Boss of the Plains, was worn by ranch hands, cavalry, and farmers — anyone who worked outdoors all day — to protect their heads and faces from the harsh elements and hot beating sun. Modern Cowboy hats now come in different colors and personalized brims and crowns. A customer can design their hat around their personal preferences.

Back in the day it was fairly easy to guess where a man lived just by looking at the details displayed on his cowboy hat. People who own cowboy hats are very protective of them. Don’t even think about touching another man’s hat! This is simply disrespectful and it could get you hurt. The American Cowboy hat is an American legend and will continue to be worn by people no matter their walk of life. A wide array of hats are available at

Today, the American Cowboy Hat is still popular. Movie stars, average Joes, and even the President of the United States may all be seen wearing a cowboy hat. J.B. Stetson produced the first cowboy hats and they are now also manufactured by Eddy, Donhoy, Bailey and Resistol. Throughout the years the design has not changed much. Several Presidents, movie stars, singers, and scientists have one or more cowboy hats in their collections.

The first cowboy hats were essentially one basic design, but now the wearer can choose between a few different styles. Customized hat bands have transitioned into personalized fashion statements. The actor, Dan Blocker, of Bonanza was responsible for popularizing the ten gallon hat. On the television program he wore a long crowned hat. This was known as the ten gallon hat. It’s name does not reflect the amount of water it can hold, however it’s name is related to the Mexican Sombrero.

A roping hat is a type of cowboy hat. These hats feature a narrower brim and smaller crown which will be less likely to be in the way of a roper throwing his rope. The materials used to make a cowboy hat are beaver fur-felt, straw, leather and wool. The greater the quantity of beaver fur-felt in any given cowboy hat, the better the quality of that hat. To determine the quality look for the markings or x’s; 2x denotes the least expensive up to multiple x’s for the best quality.

The original American Cowboy Hat that J.B. Stetson first sold cost $ 5. Today, a vintage cowboy hat can be worth up to $ 4,000 or more. But, of course, what is cost when it comes to true American Heritage? The American cowboy hat is truly a legend in the making.

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The American style solid wood furniture are not only so popular among Americans of all ages, but also become the first choice by more and more foreigners, especially the elite group and the rich. As is known to all, there are too many nations in the United States so that there are too many different national culture in the U.S. culture. Based on such feature, the American style solid wood furniture are the very unique furniture, which not only has the characteristics of solid wood furniture, but also blend in the natural culture of the United States.

When looking at the design of American style solid wood furniture, you will find they would be plebeian version of the European style royal furniture which can fully display the feeling of remembering past times or old acquaintances by the U.S. people. In general, the European style furniture have the grand design and resplendent and magnificent so that only the royal family and nobles are able to use such furniture. However, as for the American style furniture, they still have the grand style but they are suitable for the common people. Made from the natural wood as raw material, along with the more detailed graving, you can still find the style of European style furniture, at the same time, they are also paid more attention on the practical applicability of furniture.

The Americans is considered as the people who fully know how to enjoy the life. Every weekends, they will forget all the pressure from the work and daily life, instead, they begin to enjoy the good weekends. For example, they would lie down on the sofa, drink coffee, watch TV and have the dinner with all family members. What’s more, sometimes they would return to the natural world to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Based on such feature, you can find the random and comfortable features from the American style solid wood furniture. Take the American style sofa for example, they always have the large scale so that people would feel more comfortable when sitting on it.

At the same time, you can find that the American style solid wood furniture also express the spirit of seeking freedom and innovation. We always find some totems such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagles and so on in the U.S. culture from the furniture design.

Finally, because of the practical functions paid by the American style furniture, more and more are likely to choose such style furniture. if you are planning to buy furniture for home decoration, why not take a try?

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The American culture is the culmination of all cultures due to immigration and colonization of the continent in the early 1600s. The Native Americans that used to be part of the American culture were assimilated with other cultures of Latin Americans, Africans and Asians making the American continent a melting pot in which the different cultures have contributed their own distinct flavors to the overall American culture. In the same way, the home decor and architecture styles have undergone drastic change with the emergence of western home decor as one of the popular home decor style.

The Native American culture has a deep influence on the western decor concepts with variety of symbols representing this decor. For instance, it is considered as a high honor for Native Americans to receive a spirit feather when given as a gift to a person with the person receiving the gift symbolizing honoring a person’s respect, love and a sign of providing gratitude. Therefore, as a western themed accessory, these feathers are used as hair ornaments or as a part of head band or they are used as a wall decoration and as a fan forming part of western home furnishing.

Items such as Native American drums add to the western style home decor or for playing in a drum circle. These natural hand held drums are made of wood cut from a downed tree trunk that may be of a pine tree and goatskin rawhide is used because of its special stretching and sound quality. These hand held drums adds great character to the house and environment when placed on the wall in a cabin or lodge to enhance the rustic decor outlook. The other item that brings in a sense of western home style is decorating the house is the Native American bows and arrows that are classic cultural icons and perfect for rustic southwest style and decor.

The best time to purchase the items and accessories or products depicting the authentic western cowboy style is during the Trader’s Day that is celebrated on the National Day of the American Cowboy. On this day, the western period merchandise vendors gather for selling a wide variety of Western inspired items that includes ranch, gear, antique spurs, western saddles, leather items, vintage pistols, cowboy crafts and many other things that depict the native American culture rich in western themes. The western home style also includes the rustic lighting fixtures and western style lights for indoor, outdoor, bathroom, dining room and other rooms of the house. The antler chandlers are main lighting fixtures that bring elegance to the rooms especially when fixed in living room and dining room.
The other popular western accessory is the Cedar crest ceiling fans that is both a dramatic piece of art and is fully functional as a ceiling fan. The intricate patterns of the pinecones are well combined with a wide variety of custom painted light kit and accessories that make the fan as a rustic one.

Shop for western home decor, western home furnishings , rustic lighting, and cowboy decor at My Western Home, your online source for the best western accessories.

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Fashion is considered an expression of taste, style and even public view. The taste in clothing might change according to the culture , environment, and even the time when the clothing style was introduced. However, several fashion products have maintained a balanced interest and popularity in the world of fashion and style through the change of time. These products may have a cultural value like the robes worn by the Arabs, historical like the Victorian gowns worn in classical parties or even of a fashion taste view like wearing cowboy hats.

The American Cowboy Hat is a mix of historical, cultural, and fashion values originally utilized to shield cowboys from the sun in American desert areas such as Texas and Kansas. Stetson Hat Company first introduced the classic cowboy hat called “The Boss of the Plains”. This hat was high-crowned and wide-brimmed. It was a light-weight, waterproof, fur-felt hat. Originally, American Cowboy hats were made by cowboys and ranchers for their own use. A cowboy hat is somewhat modeled after a Mexican Sombrero, which is well-known for it’s huge size.

The features of the American cowboy hat were unnecessary in the East, but in the “wild” West, it became the symbol of the American cowboy. The hat, having these characteristics, can help farmers and ranchers overcome some adverse environmental conditions such as rain or even the blazing sun.

With these specifications that are compatible with every weather and environment, it is not odd to say that the American Cowboy Hats are the most popular hats worldwide. It is even considered unique since no other hat is used for the “road less traveled”. Another advantage is that the American Cowboy hats are designed for men as well as women with a potential look of elegance.

Several designs were introduced for the American Cowboy Hat due to competition in production, taste of the wearer or even the place were it is used. Still the Stetson company produces many designs till our time and considered the best supplier. From the Stetson Prairie to the Jeanne Simmons Daisy Mae Western, the cowboy hats are considered of beautiful design tempting consumers to buy more than one for compatibility with each outfit. Going to work in the ranch has a different hat than going to an afternoon party. Even law-enforcement personals have their own design of American Cowboy hats to endure working in difficult weathers.

The hat earned it’s popularity by giving that certain ‘western look’ to anyone who wears it. Moreover, the media, such as films and even advertisements, created interest in western fashions that appealed to a wide audience. Yet, most people who wear American Cowboy hats are from the western areas. This is especially true in states with deserts. If you visit a Texas university and find that all the students are wearing the hat, it shouldn’t surprise you in the least.

These hats are great because they are durable and easy to clean. If you spill something on your hat, just wash it off with cold water, and it will be as good as new. A cowboy hat lasts a long time. Actually, a good hat can be decades old without showing any signs of aging. These hats are made to last, easily resisting daily wear and tear.

The American Cowboy Hat is a popular choice the world over. Either for work or fashion needs, cowboy hats have many advantages and add originality and style to a person’s outfit. You can get a new identity with a new hat. The western cowboy hat tells everyone that you represent the old west. Don’t be surprised if your personality changes when you wear a Cowboy Hat. After all, you are following in the footsteps of Western horsemen and plains riders. To find a wide variety of American cowboy hat designs,visit You will find every kind of cowboy hat you could possibly imagine there, both old and new.

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Leslie Paris, Children’s Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp. New York: New York University Press, 2008. 363 pp

Ah, the thrills and trials of summer camp–learning to swim in the lake; joshing in the cabin; singing goofy songs around a campfire; playing baseball on dusty fields; shivering in leaky tents on rainy overnights; learning ersatz Indian lore. The history of these memories and many more are analyzed with style and originality in Leslie Paris’s readable book. More than sophisticated nostalgia, Children’s Nature is a book about culture, both from an adult and a children’s perspective. Covering the period from the origin of summer camps in the late nineteenth century through the important developments between the two world wars, Paris reveals much about how Americans perceived childhood, leisure, and education as society moved toward a post-industrial age. Paris does not, and could not be expected to, cover every subtopic; in focusing primarily on “mainstream” camps, she excludes, for example, Bible camps, day camps, and family-oriented summer gatherings, and she focuses primarily on the Northeast, where camping was most extensive. But these limitations are not serious. Using an impressive array of camp records, memoirs, social scientific literature, and, most entertainingly, children’s letters and diaries, Paris brings alive the experiences and motivations of the camp directors, parents, and campers.

Children’s summer camps originated and have been most successful in the United States. By the interwar years, as many as fifteen percent of American children attended these camps each summer. From their earliest days in the 1880s to the present, these camps have served as an important tool of and, according to Paris, a “particularly American solution to the question of children’s socialization,” (11) especially among the white middle and elite class families of the urban and suburban Northeast. Working-class children had some access to camps with aid from charitable and liberal political and labor organizations, as did racial minorities somewhat later; but with few exceptions, summer camps remained class and racially segregated for the period that Paris examined. For the most part, the focus is on children between ages eight and fourteen.

As they came to contemplate a new, separate, and cherished place of children in American society, camp directors adopted several goals for their operations, all of which were endorsed by the parents who paid for the endeavors. These goals revealed much about American culture and its ironies. Fearing the loss of what they believed had been a simpler, more bucolic way of life as industrialization accelerated, adults such as Ernest Berkeley Balch, founder of Camp Chocorua In New Hampshire, and child psychology pioneer G. Stanley Hall believed that children needed to be “protected” from fast-paced and threatening adult society, as well as enriched in a separate but adult-organized youth culture. The best way to achieve such ends was to remove kids from the city and give them an opportunity to grow physically and emotionally in a setting close to nature. Middle- and upper-class parents bought into this movement, not only because they shared these feelings but also because they desired some kind of enriching activity to fill the long school vacation period and, in some cases, to provide themselves with extended relief from the supervision of active, sometimes mischievous, offspring.

Though Paris’s concept of children’s nature has provocative, varying meanings, she also sheds light on the ironies of adult nature. Eager to expose children to the regenerating qualities of the wilderness, camp directors and parents simultaneously strived to shelter campers from that very nature and to cater to the demands of an increasingly commercialized culture. It did not take long for camp directors to substitute cabins for tents, install toilets and showers, offer “modern” attractions such as movies, provide up-to-date medical facilities, and sell consumer products in the “canteen.” (Paris might have said a little bit about camp food in this regard.) Still, the nostalgic quality of camp activities reveal much about how their organizers wished to remember a past and different era. Paris’s discussion of the almost universal American Indian lore that pervaded camps and the almost-as-frequent production of minstrel shows are especially revealing in this regard. She also deals with fascinating details of gender differences.

For campers themselves, these summer retreats had a different–and sometimes oppositional–meaning. Of course there were feelings and experiences of fun and adventure. The memories that children carried back home and the confidence they exhibited when they became return campers were just as important as the skills, pounds, and inches they had acquired. Significantly, Paris uses primary sources from campers themselves to show how camps provided fertile sites for children to cultivate their own alternative culture, the one that they inhabited when away from adults. Young campers learned about sex, how to cuss, how to play practical jokes, how to make friends, and how to deal with emotions such as loneliness and failure (not always successfully), all independent from the supervision of counselors and directors.

Paris makes a convincing case that camps were “the staging grounds for the development and expression of modern American childhood” (278). She does not really explain why summer camps for children seem to have initially been uniquely an American phenomenon, but cross-cultural comparison was not her objective. I do believe, however, that she might have tried to delve a little more deeply into how camps both reinforced and overcame adult-imposed biases. Certainly the Indian themes and minstrel shows, as well as late-night talk in the cabins, bolstered stereotyped images of “others.” But I would submit another option, one derived from personal experience. I was raised in a lower-middle-class, all-white neighborhood and as a child saw black people only when they were janitors and kitchen help. In 1954, I went to Boy Scout camp. One day during free time, my all-white troop went to the baseball field and began hitting and throwing a ball around. Soon, a troop of African American scouts approached, and one of them, an eleven-year-old named Don Roy Moore, asked if we wanted to play a game with them. Tentative and a bit fearful, we agreed. At one point, I got a hit and was standing on second base during a stoppage of play. Don Roy, who was playing second base, came over and started chatting with me. We exchanged comments about mutual interests in school and out, and soon became inseparable friends for the rest of the camp session. Don Roy taught me that people were just people, regardless of race, a lesson that camp facilitated in a way that no counselor could have taught me.

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Howard P. Chudacoff

Brown University

Swift Nature Camp is a traditional USA Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. Our focus is to blend traditional Overnight Summer Camps activities while increasing a child’s appreciation for nature, science and the environment. It great as a Teen Summer Camp or for beginning campers.
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The American business culture: different than almost any other industrialized country

Americans are known to be hard working people, always on the go, working long hours and rushing from one activity to another. While a good work ethic is an admirable characteristic, the down side of our type A personalities is that we end up so stressed out, we end each day in an exhausted state, not knowing if we’re coming or going. Some of us have forgotten how to relax! BTW, plopping on the couch in front of the tube doesn’t count as relaxation. Our doctors warn us of the health problems that may ensue unless we stop driving ourselves so hard. Not many heed this advice and actually take steps to slow down. The principles of American business culture are far too well ingrained. Even our kids pick up on how busy one’s schedule should be.

One element of American business culture may be observed at your very first job interview. Business people don’t like to waste time and they don’t have time to waste anyway. You may wait a few minutes before being called by the interviewer (busily completing the task prior to your interview). Once you shake hands, you sit down and get right down to business. Should your prospective boss be the incorrigible type A personality and you’re not, you might feel downright uncomfortable. You might not even get the job if the interviewer sees you as too laid back!

One element of American business culture may be observed at your very first job interview. Business people don’t like to waste time and they don’t have time to waste anyway. You may wait a few minutes before being called by the interviewer (busily completing the task prior to your interview). Once you shake hands, you sit down and get right down to business. Should your prospective boss be the incorrigible type A personality and you’re not, you might feel downright uncomfortable. You might not even get the job if the interviewer sees you as too laid back!

The purpose of this first meeting is to assess your personality and style. There may not be a single word exchanged about the position. Should you ask or remark on something that relates to the job or work, it is considered pushy and rude! A French businessman feels it’s essential that you be a likable person, one who will fit in to the organization like a family member. You may be invited to lunch, which is simply more of the same. No discussion of business takes place. Once you’ve been accepted, on a personal level, then you may be invited to dinner. That’s when business is discussed. That’s when you may receive an offer.

If you’re going to Japan on business, be prepared for culture shock. Japanese business culture is so very different from American business culture, you’ll need to thoroughly educate yourself on the expected protocol of the business meeting. For example, there a number of rituals which must be performed before you ever sit down. There is the business card presentation ritual. You’ll be embarrassed and lose points and favors if you don’t know what’s happening and what your role in the ritual is. You may be offered foods that you cannot identify, but must eat. If you refuse, no matter how graciously, you’ve delivered a terrible insult, disgraced yourself and probably won’t get the job!

We Americans are so into our American business culture, we just hate to waste time. It’s just the way we are. However, the French get 5 weeks paid vacation each year. Hmm. That’s something to think about.

Charlie Reese likes teaching business and gives psychic readings on his free psychic website weekly.
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All through history people have always placed wagers and bets on sporting events. Betting on the end result of a game, race or event seems to come naturally to many of us. Perhaps it is because we are inherently risk-takers.

In Colonial America wagers were bet on cock fights, horse races, and even hand-to-hand brawls. This was done sometimes as a form of recreation and sometimes as a means of profiting. Anytime a sport was played someone was willing to place a bet. Wagers seem to be a part of American Culture.

Wagering, or betting, as it is now called has only gained in popularity over time. Betting is upwards of $ 50 billion industry a year. It has been estimated that one in every four Americans bets on a sporting event at least once a year. That same group places bets on a regular basis.

With such a staggering portion of the population involved there is no doubt that betting is here to stay. Obviously this must be an enjoyable activity. Research has shown that betting is enjoyed not only by professionals, but by the middle class as well as the guy off the street. Betting seems to be one of the rare things that knows no boundaries, and it permeates every facet of society.

Perhaps there are other reasons for its popularity. In today’s world the economy is unsteady. People are forced to look for non-traditional ways to save, build and invest money. In the past betting on sports was just that; placing a wager based on a hunch. But nowadays sports wagering has truly become sports investing.

Systems have been developed to help one determine when and how to place a wager that will result in a sound investment. This can be a strategy to slowly build your financial wealth.

Since most of us were introduced to sports at an early age we are comfortable with the games and terminology used in sports. This adds to the ease of understanding the strategies behind sports investing. Before understanding the systems and strategies it is necessary to become familiar with the jargon used. Basic terms are listed below:

Action – This refers to the betting activity.

Handicap – In order to level the betting field one team is given a points advantage (a handicap)

Handle – Total amount of money wagered on bets.

Book or Sportsbook – This is an establishment that takes bets. A person that takes bets is a bookie.

Juice – Percentage of all bets taken by the bookie as profit.

Believe it or not, the key to success in sports investing is only partially about how much is known about sports and wagering. A major component is intelligent money management. It is necessary to find an approach that will meet your goals as a sports investor. That will determine how you invest, for how long, and how much you will profit along the way.

Andy Brewbaker writes about a variety of topics that fascinates him.

Andy enjoys and frequents visit: and Enjoy a community about sports and sports investing visit Sports363’s Sports Forum

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The cinema is a good place to watch movies and relax. This is because you watch the movie in a wide screen with sound that can make you easily get lost in the movie scene. The picture and the sound is the most entertaining part of the cinema experience. However, if you can bring this technology home and with lesser expense, this is definitely something you will enjoy.

This is the concept only a few American homes acquire in the past years. Lately late, however, a good number of American homes are starting to be less interested in going out of their abode to watch movies. This is due to the evolution of home theater system.

A simple home theater is easy to set up. All you need is a television set that measure bigger than 27 inches, a DVD player and three speakers. These are the basic components of a home theater. This may already give you the home entertainment you can enjoy with the almost theatrical experience. Why do I say almost, when I am sure you want the perfect feeling of a movie theater. This is because there are other equipments you might add to complete the home theater experience that will ensure a cinematic experience right in your own living room. As mentioned already, you may still enhance the three basic components by adding home entertainment furniture; however, everything is dependent on the budget you set for your home theater. The size of the room is another consideration of the complete package of your home theater.

A neat advice however by home theater experts is that you need to find a good size television set for you home theater set up. A good size does not mean the biggest you can find in the store. A good size television is dependent on the place in your house where you will set up the home theater. Big is not always good for you home entertainment system. It is a recommendation, however, that the television set should not be smaller than 27 inches. This is because the projection on a smaller television might be too inferior for your home theater.

Another recommendation is for you to find speakers that will give you the surround sound from high quality brand of speakers. In addition, you need to be sure that if you do not find the speaker that gives you enough surround sound, you need to be able to return it. There are speakers that sound good in the store but when you put it in a room, it may not sound well enough that will satisfy your requirement. If the store allows replacement, then that is a good deal. In addition, you may need to choose a good quality DVD player. It is however a belief by home theater experts that all DVD players deliver clear and crisp images, although there are those that promise a flicker-free picture, almost all DVD players provide this feature.

Knowing how big the room where you will set up your home theater will be the basis of how big the television needs to be. The size of the room is another consideration for the number of speakers. If the room is somewhat big, you may need more than the basic three speakers. Adding a subwoofer may also do good to achieve the best surround sound if your home theater is place on a huge room.

All these will give you the best home theater experience only a few in the earlier year’s experience. A home theater designer may be of big help in ensuring you will have the best home theater set up that will give you the best possible movie experience right in your own living room.

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