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Posted by admin on May 12, 2016

US Adventure Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

United States of America is one of the places in the world where you can choose your adventure as a tourist. There are 50 states in which you can search for finest escapade spots that you like.

United States of America is more than 3.6 million square miles in land area. This huge-sized nation houses diversified adventure spots that you should not miss. The land profile of U. S. is a good venue for outdoor activities. You can choose a variety of outdoor activities from land to water. Your U. S. travel will surely be memorable with these miscellaneous adventure spots that match your adventure fancy.

Kayaking and boating

You will surely love to do kayaking in some of the great known lakes in U.S. Paddling in Lake Superior will surely be one of the remarkable activity you can do when you’re there. The fascinating view is already a plus when you explore this known lake. You can also enjoy boating and sailing at Chautauqua-Allegheny in New York for a more relaxing outdoor activity.

Back Packing

You can combine hiking and camping when you do your back packing activity in U.S. Mesa Verde National Park which is located at Southwestern Colorado, is known as the only American National Park that protects man-made structures. The “cliff dwellings” is one of its beautiful spots which were constructed by the community who lived around 600-1300 A.D.

Grand Teton Park is another place you can visit for a hike. There are more than 300 species of birds in this area and bird watching is the perfect activity while camping. Yosemite National Park is also one of the favorite spot of back packers. This place is located in California and is very famous for its U-shaped valley. You can do your camping near fascinating falls in the park. Yellowstone National Park and Great Smoky Mountain National Park are also known destinations in U. S.


Spelunking or caving is another outdoor activity you can enjoy in the States. Tennessee is known for having most of the caves in the U. S. There are 8,350 caves found in this place alone. Spelunkers will surely love to explore these thousand caves and spent their summer vacation for this worthwhile activity.

Surfing and wakeboarding

Surfers will surely love the great waves of Hawaii, the smallest state of the U. S. Despite its size, this archipelago is one of the most visited states.. The island life experience will definitely ease out the summer heat as you ride with its island waves with your surf boards. The Southeastern part of the nation is another venue for occasional surfing and you can bring your family along to bask in the sea and the sand. You can also enjoy wakeboarding and ride with the professionals on the waters of Miami. By the way, the dwellers of Miami are considered as the best looking people in the US. How about that?

Cross country biking and skiing

The best site for cross country skiing and biking is the well-known place of Niagara Falls. You can visit the Eirie Canal and the village with your family. Horseback riding is one of the outdoor activities that you can take pleasure in when you visit the New York State. Ice skiing is also of your reach in Squaw Valley, U.S.A. With its 450 inches thick snow, you can be able to enjoy a breath taking ride of its Alps.

People who love the outdoors will never regret it if they visit these amazing adventure spots in the U.S.A. Surely, there are countless of quests and location choices that you can decide on from among the 50 American states. Summer and vacation getaway is the perfect time for you to see the sights and unearth the beautiful sceneries and adventure spots America can offer. For those who love to travel a lot and discover fresh exciting activities in life, United States should be on top of your list.

For more information on California Beaches and National Park Picture Guide please visit our website.
Posted by admin on May 12, 2016

American Furniture Design: Modern Living Room Furniture

Traditional American furniture design is characterized by solid wood in natural shades, with upholstery, furnishings and décor to match. Modern living room furniture tends to be associated with clean lines, whites and bright colors put together to offer a sensation of space with colorful accents intruding as focal points.

That’s the artistic view. Many prefer to describe the modern living room as being bright, airy and interesting with colorful accents. Not much difference, then! In fact, much American furniture design does tend to focus a great deal on natural wood finishes, while UK, Scandinavian (aka IKEA!) and continental European designs appear to be more adventurous, making good use of accent colors and experimental shapes.

Is this really true? Many would believe it to be somewhat unfair to American furniture designers, because they tend to cater for what Americans are seeking. However, how do you know what you want if you are continually exposed to the same old stuff?

Modern Living Room Furniture

In fact, many American homeowners are furnishing their homes with modern living room furniture and turning their back on traditional home furniture designs. This does not necessarily mean that solid wood furniture in its natural color is out, since modern designs can make good use of the natural look of many types of wood, particularly American cherry and birch.

However, if the term ‘modern’ is associated with pure white furniture on bright red or blue carpeting, or brightly colored pieces sitting on pale-colored floors, then not too many American designers tend to go for that type of contrast. Still, when you think on it deeper, this is not ‘modern living room furniture’ design we are discussing here, but ‘home décor’ – and a form of home décor that many believe went out in the 1960s.

So perhaps American furniture designers are correct, although their ‘modern’ upholstered pieces appear to be traditional designs with brightly colored or white upholstery. So what is needed? One answer is simple and obvious – use American ingenuity. Americans are known for their imagination, and there are many American furniture companies that allow you to design your own furniture.

Design Your Own

You design it, and they will make it. You know what? Ordinary American people are doing a great job and are coming up with some fabulous modern living room furniture designs. Leave American furniture design to the ordinary American, and the results can be awesome – so much so that some of these furniture manufacturers have added their clients’ designs to their regular range!

If you find that hard to believe, check out The Custom Shoppe ‘Entertainment’ range of home furniture and visit the ‘Media in Motion’ selection. This will show you some great ideas that have been made to specifications provided by the firm’s customers. If you have some good designs for modern living room furniture for your own home, then you can do the same!

Before deciding that you must have modern furniture in your living room, first consider what aspects of American furniture design appeal to you. If none, then consider designing your own. Maybe you like a particular design but not the color – then paint it. If you don’t think you can do a professional job then take it to your local body shop for spray-painting. Few will refuse if you don’t insist on a quality guarantee – equally few will do a bad job!

American Furniture Design Standards

What is modern living room furniture, and what are the current standards of American furniture design? To answer the second question first, the answer is excellent, although with a tendency to the traditional. In order to answer the question completely, the concept of ‘modern’ living room furniture must first be considered and agreed upon.

Do we mean modern, contemporary, surrealistic or personal preference? In fact, does the term ‘modern’ mean anything at all, other than having been designed in the current era? Many people use the term to refer to designs not conforming to current trends, so perhaps ‘non-conformist’ is a better definition? Nope? Thought not!

The term is generally considered to refer to contrasts in shades rather than colors, so white and red rather than red and blue. Lines are simple, so hold the carving and leave the woodwork plain. Natural wood is fine, but you can paint it in contrasts, such as black and white or bright red and white if you prefer. Use highlighted accent pieces, and keep clear from deep buttoned upholstery with large puffy cushions.

Your ‘modern’ might be completely different to anybody else’s. Now that is a modern concept, and your living room should be furnished and decorated just as you want it to be – not to conform to any acceptable ‘style.’ American furniture design is as eclectic as those that design and make it – which is one reason for modern living room furniture being such as difficult term to define. It is what you want it to be!

If you are interested in modern living room furniture then contemporary American furniture design might be to your liking. If not, you can have your own designs made up by The Custom Shoppe on the Patterson Furniture website.

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